Jay-Z contradicts himself with Illuminati lyrics in ‘Heaven’

Jay-Z is dropping his new album Magna Carta Holy Grail (hit the link HERE for the Illuminati symbolism in the commercial for the album) and one of the tracks is called Heaven. On it, the lyrics address the Illuminati, but he contradicts himself by saying his skill is the reason he is famous; not the Illuminati:

“Conspiracy theorists screaming Illuminati/ They can’t believe this much skill is in the human body/ He’s 6’2 how the (***) he fit in a new Bugatti/Question religion/Question it all/ Question existence/ Until them questions are solved”

So, he tells us he’s not in the Illuminati, yet goes on to say that we need to question religion. Hmm… ok. This supports my argument that the Illuminati is just an organized group of Satan worshippers. I won’t argue that he’s not a phenomenal lyricist, but we all know that doesn’t guarantee “mainstream” success in the music industry (see Immortal Technique, Jedi Mind Tricks, Ill Bill, etc.); selling out on the other hand does.

He goes on:

“Have mercy on a Judas/Angel wings on a ‘ghini/ I’m secular tell the hecklers/Seckle down/ Y’all religion creates division/ Like my Maybach partition and/ (***) is my chauffeur”

“That’s me in the corner/That’s me in the spotlight losing my religion.”

So he tells us he has defied Christ by comparing himself to Judas (sold his soul), then bashes religion by claiming it creates division (which it does to an extent; I’m not going to argue against the plethora of religious zealots that give it a bad name), then he tells us he has lost religion.


Then there is even more religion bashing:

“Tell that preacher he’s a preacher/I’m a (***) prophet (***) a tree of knowledge/ Drink from a gold chalice/ Yo gotta love it I arrive at the pearly gates/I had luggage meaning I had baggage/(***) asking me questions/ I don’t answer to these busters/ Only (***) could judge us (***)”

Ahhhh yes, we have a full-on frontal assault of self idolization from Kanye West, and now Jay-Z. Comparing themselves to God (see Yeezus) and showing us how un-important religion is.


Jay-Z has so much symbolism that suggests he is in fact tied in with the Illuminati, that it’s almost laughable to think that he is able to just brush it off. However, if there’s one thing that I do know from observing politics and the media, if you repeat the lie long enough, everyone will believe it.


UPDATE 11JUL2013: Thanks commenter Wisdom, I looked up the lyrics again and there is an important concept he covers right after he talks about the Illuminati stuff:

Aw fuck it you got me
Question religion, question it all
Question existence until them questions are solved

He does admit Illuminati affiliation (or maybe he’s being sarcastic; which I personally think it is). Then he talks about questioning it all, which is almost a call to investigate further.

Here’s Mark Dice’s take on it, he’s calls Jay-Z fans “jive turkeys” lol:


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. This is one of there little tricks. Destroy all religions so they can bring out new religion, new world order, new currency, new everything. Jayz is nothing but a puppet the higher heads gives him orders and he has to follow all the rules or else death.

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    • true, but i get what he is trying to say. a lot of religions arent what they seem, you should even look up the origin of the word religion deeply not just the surface latin. for example Catholicism = Cat-holic (emphasis on the “cat”)

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    • so yes like i thought, digging his own grave! oh well see ya Hova, NEXT>>>>> Doe or Die, Do not bite THE hand that FEEDS you, be a puppet and do your job, because these lyrics are starting to wake up and question everything They dont want most to ever know! Kudo’s Jigga, at least you did wrong by the souled sold, not is exposing truth! Wow! What is next!highballer

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    • All of U R ignorant af he’s saying he’s God MC like he always does meaning he’s the best
      J Hova (Jehova)
      Arm leg leg arm head (Allah)
      Mic drop

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  2. You left out the lyric after bugatti when hova says “aw f*** it, you got me” He blatantly admits the illuminati accusations are true.

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    • He’s referring to how he brags about being flashy, by saying he has things he really doesn’t. Yet it’s also witty and clever because we ALL know he really can afford it….. Stop being a surface dweller.

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  3. jay-z may be contradicting himself however i feel like organized religion is part of the problem. religion divides people and provides a front for corruption veiled in righteousness. religion as we know it is corrupt. salvation peace nirvana are all things that must be found within. if you cant find god within, what makes any religious person think that you can find god in some book or in some building?

    the more comforting a belief is, the more you owe it to yourself to critically examine that belief.

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  4. Crack smoking crazies??? This dude is a prejudice asshole… I guess all Jay-Z fans i.e. black people are crack smokers

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    • ya and you are fast asleep! Wake up to NWO! You know that youv’e been lied to right?

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    • You have the nerve of calling someone prejudice, when you just “assumed” that his fans are all black people and crack smokers. You’re the “prejudice asshole.”

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    • am a staunt jay z fan…..and one of you called us crack smokers…umebebwa!! shida yako ni nini…..tafadhali dont cross roads…..translate its kiswahili…..msinipandishe

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  5. Funny thing is this guy every one seems to follow has something up his sleeve! This pied piper and sorcerer is very wise like a serpent. He spits about religion and yet he is in one. But, again the masses are fooled by deception. All seems to follow along and not know what true religion is…but only the false that DO divide and cause confusion (which by the way is Satan’s brilliant plan from the start). Instead of educating and truly freeing one’s mind…they follow this crud and satanist as if he pays their bills and leads them on a better path. Which he does not!

    I don’t understand free-thinkers when they truly don’t think for themselves when they listen to these nursery heresy from a so-called grown man that does not care about your soul. We have been played…especially the black community (I’m black BTW). We sell our soul for fools, dumb-down education, fake Mk ultra idols, worthless paper money, food stamps and think the man of sin is Obama…I tell you, woe to America and the earth!

    The real crap is about to hit the fan…and your idol jay whatever, will not be concern about you or your mama!!! He only see’s you guys as a profit which is more religious than any false religion….Comparison: see you go to his church, listen to his sermons, pay his bills and follow his lies! Sounds like satan to me…and then you bash Christianity (The Christianity you see is straight false)! …..but whom am I but someone trying to take your fun away….Ha!

    Wake-up or stay asleep…but these people have an agenda for you and they know how to pimp you…and like a whore you swallow it and want more. Go ahead and say what thou wilt…..I don’t mind the bashing…..but the truth is the truth! But I notice the masses love a lie (hence: HITLER)! Need I say more. Just continue to follow your false prophet! In due time the truth will show it’s ugly face…and his name is Jay…no I mean Satan!

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    • The more you care about informing the world, the more they take it for granted and the last they will want to hear it. But even if your message only hits one single person, who knows how many people they, in turn educated.

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    • YEP soooo true, So many people are FINALLY awakening! Beauiful sight indeed!

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  6. Do you guys understand that there are people called, “atheists” right? Not every single thing that these rappers say is demonism and occult. You overlook everything. The dude is saying stop being force fed religion, think about it for yourself. He makes a good point. If you let everyone force feed you stuff, then you no longer have the ability to think for yourself. The illuminati is a load of crap as I look into a bunch of this you guys post. By writing about these songs and saying how “iluminati” everyone is, you only encourage them more and actually do a pretty good job of marketing for him. Listen to the songs for what they are worth, songs.

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  7. HOLY SHIT!!!! He threw a triangle in one of his videos! Triangles = pyramids which must mean illuminati!! OH MY GOSHHHH. He has one eye showing!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT THE ALL SEEING EYE!!!! By God we are all done for….

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  8. I use to believe in this whole Illuminati thing but then started thinking of how much it just stinks of fear and has obvious christian undertones.

    Wouldn’t surprise me at all if a preacher started the whole ‘everyone in the music industry who uses symbolism is part of the ‘Illuminati’

    So in ancient times when symbolism was more widely known, everyone was in the Illuminati then.

    Music has been put to symbolism and lyrics exploring the same old age themes for a millennium. Is anybody who has ever taken part in creating music and drawing symbols part of some cult?

    Like anything it seems very easy to stand on the outside pointing fingers and making up stories. You can link anything to anything with google in this day and age.

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  9. Just going to say you guys are jack arse’s and are creating histeria over a fake cult to bring fame to your name people wouldn’t want anything to do with you otherwise, your doing the exact same as the ‘illuminati’ you are trying to condition people in to your way of thinking by calling them idiots, you take everything in the view that there is an illuminati as Jay said question it all, stop having such bind faith.

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  10. Man people will do and say anything for money, ratings ect, even you. Nobody follows jayz, kanye or no other joker more than the media. And who owns the media “white people”. So stop being dumb and inconsistent. And by the way Obama could have been a Chinese candidate we still would have voted for him because don’t relate to well with lying ass republicans pushing hidden agendas. BTW, didn’t Bush admit to being apart of some secret society????

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  11. only people in the U.S are stupid enough to to believe in illuminati. I am Iraqi Syriac Orthodox. People use jay-z in the way they want to, they use his lyrics in the way they want to. The who aw fuck it you got me line was talking about his Buggati. He said “he’s 6’2” how the fu*k did he fit in the new Bugatti, aw fu*k it you got me” because Beyoncé bought him a Buggati and he could’t fit in it properly. Do something good with your lives and find a way to get American politicians that funded the Taliban and crap like that in prison.

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  12. All bullshit…I rated jay z for years..purchased all hes albums…I now regret this! Illuminati want my mind soul and my body..Lol what a crock off shit.. Sell out! These artists are spreading bullshit to sell albums..simple as! They are going to hell

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  13. First line (Arm,Leg,Leg,Arm,Head) if we take the first letter of each word, it reads ALLAH

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