Jay-Z admits he’s in the NEW Illuminati on The Van Jones Show

It’s been a busy week in the world of Illuminati and hip hop crossovers! Seeing as how January 28th is the Grammys; perhaps there is a sudden focus of energy on all things occult?…

Last night Van Jones debuted his first episode of The Van Jones Show on CNN. While most took the distraction-bait of the Twitter feud between Jay-Z and Donald Trump that ensued; there was something quite a bit obvious nobody addressed…


Video now up!

You can listen to the actual question here:



Popping the Question

Van Jones concluded the interview with the obvious question (that somebody else supposedly wanted to ask Jay-Z):

VJ: One of the guys said, just make sure to ask him: “Is he in the Illuminati?” And I said, No I’m not going to ask that, but are you?…

JZ: I’m in that new Illuminati!

Obviously this could’ve been a joke, but given the numerous times this question comes up for Jay-Z, I found it very curious…

Symbolism of the Ritual

It should be noted that there were symbols of the occult surrounding Jay-Z’s interview.

For example, right after the question was asked about the Illuminati, the camera pans over an image of Jay-Z holding up the Mano Cornuto witch hex:


During the question itself, they show the Roc Diamond (or triangle of manifestation) that Jay-Z is best known for:

Jay-Z and the “New” Illuminati

I’ve covered Jay-Z and his Illuminati symbolism ad nauseum in the past (including an entire book on the subject); so I won’t retread that same ground.


Instead, I’d like to zoom out a bit and leave the reader with a thought on the new age of this “new” Illuminati.

From all my research on the aims of the occult and the “Illuminati” it seems there is a plan to instill a new religion for the masses. This new religion focuses on magick and the will of the practitioner. When we see Jay-Z and Beyonce push the symbol of the triangle of manifestation we can see there is clear understanding of this “law of attraction.”



Obviously I don’t know if Jay-Z is in the Illuminati, but he most certainly has found success in the world of entertainment. This realm has great powers to influence the masses and I believe firmly that they are using it to conduct mass hypnosis.


The final end game is to push us into new world; or Crowley’s Aeon of Horus- a time of magical expression.

The fact that Jay-Z can openly admit to this membership in public indicates there are no serious drawbacks or consequences to pursuing this occult line of thought.


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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  2. you should watch the movie American Satan!! Its straight out Illuminati propaganda

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