Jay Weidner & Jeff Rense discuss Sandy Hook shootings

Kubrick film expert, Jay Weidner and talk show host Jeff Rense talk about the Sandy Hook shootings. Weidner discusses this ‘actor’ theory a little bit. Weidner has an experience in the film industry so he has a little bit of background in this. Weidner believes that Robbie Parker faked the grieving and really did go into character when the cameras switch on. He also talks about Gene Rosen and Victoria Soto. Weidner asserts his belief in this theory, that people died and this really did happen, but there’s more to it than the official story. There is a tie-in to the Archon plot (the Gnostic shape shifters that Weidner talks about in other interviews).

As a side note; Weidner talks about Jesse Ventura’s CIA experience and how he won’t go on Jesse’s show because of what he did to David Icke.



Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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