Janelle Monáe and the Illuminati Symbolism of “Dirty Computer”

Janelle Monáe released her “emotion picture” for her new Dirty Computer album and it was chocked full of Illuminati symbolism that suggests references to the occult doctrine of the esoteric groups that run our entertainment behind closed doors. Read along and learn about the hidden meanings behind this work and the overall Illuminati agenda of implanting symbols for the Luciferian agenda…

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Janelle Monáe and the “Dirty Computer”

To be honest, the only thing I knew about this singer before watching her extended music video was the references she had made to the Metropolis film by Fritz Lang. She used this 1927 film as motivation for her first studio albums which is quite curious because of my analysis of Metropolis and its critical importance to the history of Illuminati film history.


This film had an interesting plot line that involved concepts of artificial intelligence, dystopian future of Babylon, and the elitist agenda of rebuilding the Tower of Babel. Many artists have been emulating the android female named False Maria as a subtle tip of the hat to this agenda. Janelle Monáe played her part with her second album called The ArchAndroid:


Lady Gaga as False Maria the Whore of Babylon in “Metropolis”


Beyonce as False Maria


Whitney Houston as the False Maria goddess


This album was actually a second part to her first one; a conceptual album called Metropolis: Suite I (The Chase) that was based on the film!

Monáe said that a Metropolis’ slogan inspired her, which puts her in company with Madonna who also used it in her Express Yourself video (directed by David Fincher):


TheStar did a write-up on Monáe and said:


“Born to lower class parents in Kansas City (and a father whose drug addiction forced Monáe to grow up strong and silent), the artist found solace in the dreamy fictions of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis and The Wizard of Oz.

This is quite curious because The Wizard of Oz is also a film related to many Illuminati theories because it’s alleged to be a piece shown to children who are subjected to traumatic mind control experimentation via MKULTRA subprograms.

(*Note also that TheStar article refers to her as a “starchild” as well- indicative to the Crowley-Occult offspring ideas which we’ll touch on later)

Monáe’s most recent work is called Dirty Computer and she referred to it as “a homage to women and the spectrum of sexual identities.” (*note that Prince was working with her before he died mysteriously and some of her songs are VERY similar to his work, which makes for a good listen).

The “emotion picture” is about the individuality of the android played by Monáe (named Jane 57821) as she navigates a future world run by emotionless androids.

Of course, the themes hidden underneath the surface run rampant with Illuminati ideas and symbols, so let’s get into them…



Reconciling the Opposites

The concept of reconciling the opposites occurs many times in works of occult entertainment. My latest book called The Dark Path goes into the details of this concept, but the basic overview is that it represents the SOLVE and COAGULA of the Baphomet; meaning it is the separating and joining of opposites to create something new. It is magick in the sense of creating something out of nothing.

The Baphomet: As Above So Below


The lengthy video starts out by IMMEDIATELY referencing an occult work called The Holy Mountain by Alejandro Jodorowsky. We’re shown Monae as the “alchemist” who joins the white and black together- the concept of reconciling opposites.


The Alchemist of The Holy Mountain is understood by those “in the know”…


We also saw Marilyn Manson emulate The Alchemist in Born Villain (directed by Shia LaBeouf):


Later in Dirty Computer we see Monae dressed in black and white (like the “Moses Pavement” floors of all Freemason lodges) while being dressed as a man:


She is dressed as a man to once again make reference to the Baphomet and reconciling opposites. There seems to be an interest in removing genders and incorporating one new type of entity into our world. I’ve studied this concept and it seems that the “Illuminati” don’t have an interest in promoting LGBTQ rights as much as they have a desire to bring about a new entity (some would call this the “starchild”).

In Rolling Stone she took it a step further into pansexuality:

“Being a queer black woman in America—someone who has been in relationships with both men and women—I consider myself to be a free-ass motherfucker.” She said that she had originally identified as bisexual, but later “read about pansexuality and was like, ‘Oh, these are things that I identify with too.'”

Again, this doesn’t mean people can’t be into whatever gender or sexuality they identify with, but it instead opens the door to the new form of reconciled opposites (note that Deadpool is another figure of pop culture known for his pansexuality).


Monáe takes it one more step to drive the point home with various outfits on the video that suggest the important principle of duality with the black and white imagery.


Alchemical Processes: Birthing the Starchild

When speaking about the reconciliation of opposites we have to consider the desired outcome: birthing the starchild.

Monáe seems to be paving the way for this idea with the film, which shows us various symbols that subtlety push this idea. Symbols like the peace sign which actually hold power in calling upon a beast from the Abyss known as Typhon or Nodens:


The underworld is dominated by the “V” which is the sign for Nodens- the creature one must outwit to cross the “Abyss” and traverse the Tree of Life (as I explain in the Illuminati Mark of the Beast post. It’s not so surprising to the see the “V” symbol in the aforementioned Metropolis film that inspired Monáe:


She has a sequence of the mother archetype which shows the opening of the womb and birthing of the new entity:


The “Great Cosmic Mother” is a pagan concept which suggests there is a mother goddess entity which we see many times when there is an archetype of the mother goddesses such as Semiramis, which will find its way into Monae’s film which I’ll discuss soon…


There is a theme in the film of a tattoo which shows us Jesus Christ on the Cross; only He has breasts which again reiterates the mother goddess symbolism:


Upon closer examination we can see the head of this breasted-Jesus has a television on it (surely a commentary on entertainment- quite ironic to the point that perhaps they consider it a warning). OR maybe it’s a representation of the cube- a symbol of Saturn:


Decoding Illuminati Symbolism: Saturn and the Black Cube


The symbol of the goddess shows up when we see the dove fly across the screen since the dove represents Semiramis or Columbia- different iterations of the goddess theme. It’s even more curious that she is wearing a black triangle inside of a circle- a symbol employed by magicians to channel entities such as gods and goddesses into our dimension.


Should the reader be skeptical of this idea, look no further than the name of the scene which calls it “Black Girl Magic Dancers”:



Luciferian Enlightenment

We also see religious themes in this film beyond the goddess concepts. We see Monae as the new Jesus Christ in the Last Supper scene:


She’s not the first to do this; many other entertainers have been emulating God on their videos as well:

Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble” video


Beyonce as Jesus


Another subtle Luciferian theme could be considered when we see the other main character in the story who is played by Tessa Thompson; the actress from Westworld; a TV series I’ve provided a detailed analysis on for its Luciferian ideals.


Westworld had many themes of enlightenment through Luciferian concepts, showing us the Beelzebub “fly” opening up the all seeing eye of the characters:


It’s of no coincidence to see the same “fly” inspiration in Monae’s Dirty Computer film as it crawls on the apple- the symbol of Lucifer in the Garden of Eden (*I know this is an argument we could hash out- check out my appearance on Freeman’s “Free Zone” for more on that).


Furthermore, Westworld’s main character of enlightenment is Dolores, played by Evan Rachel Wood who also appeared in Marilyn Manson’s video bathing in blood:


A major theme of Dirty Computer are the people called “Torches” who “help” people acclimate to their new environment. The torch is the symbol of the light bearer Lucifer and that is why the “Illuminati” are called the illuminated ones and why the Statue of Liberty is holding one as the goddess of our “New Atlantis.”

What’s curious about Dirty Computer is the last song title “Americans” which talks about fallen angels and other references to the American experience.

Putting all these together we can see how they want us to understand that the “Torches” are there to bring you from “darkness to the light” which is what we see in the final scene.



Conclusion: Embracing the Other

Monae seems to be intrigued by these occult concepts. Reading through interviews with her we can confirm this.

In the Standard.UK she talks about the “Other”; a concept I’ve covered in my books as the veiled language for antinomianism.

“I speak about androids because I think the android represents the new ‘Other’. You can compare it to being a lesbian or being a gay man or being a black woman… what I want is for people who feel oppressed or feel like the ‘Other’ to connect with the music and to feel like, ‘She represents who I am.'”

MTV wrote about Monae’s work with the android themes from her first Metropolis concept albums:

“Cindi is an android and I love speaking about the android because they are the new “other”. People are afraid of the other and I believe we’re going to live in a world with androids because of technology and the way it advances. The first album she was running because she had fallen in love with a human and she was being disassembled for that.”

“This time around we’re talking about The Arch Android the chosen one, the neyo [sic] of The Matrix or the Archangel from the Bible. She (Cindy) finds out that she is indeed the one and is the mediator between the haves and have not. She’s the one who can get rid of all the discrimination within the android community. It deals with self realisation as she realises that she is that.”

It seems that Monae may be on the good side of this argument when we find out that her android character is dismantled (punished) for having love for another human. This would be comforting because it means this is a warning film against the path they want us to go down.

It would also be alarming because it makes me wonder if the symbols were implanted into her film without her understanding. In fact, they show us Monae in the bathtub inside of an All Seeing Eye, and based on my research on the bathtub, this is the symbol for sacrificing the goddess

Bathtubs as portals for goddess sacrifice (e.g. Whitney Houston)


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