James Franco’s Illuminati Symbolism

Given the recent coverage and controversy of actor James Franco, I decided to take a revisit of the symbolism and performances he has given us over the past few years to further investigate if there are any connections to be had with the Illuminati…

Daddy’s “Love in the Old Days”

I was exploring his connections to the realm of the occult clear back in 2013 when he had a band called ‘Daddy’ and they released a video with a ton of Illuminati symbolism. The symbolism reveals an occult belief system in ceremonial magick.


I postulated that Franco’s time at Yale suggests that he’s affiliated with the Skull & Bones somehow, since he was reported to be dating a girl in the Wolf’s Head secret society. All those secret societies are allegedly Illuminati affiliated, just different masks on the same demon.

There’s also a link from James Franco to Charles Manson when you see who’s involved with this Love in the Old Days video by Franco’s “Daddy” band.

The video starts with the theme of the candle and flame, which is the Illuminati symbol meaning the “illuminated” ones. Lucifer was the light-bearer, so the Luciferian rituals are sure to include the flame throughout:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom James Franco Daddy 1


There’s also the classic black and white checkered Freemasonry temple floor in the video too; symbolized as “Moses Pavement” which represents the occult concept of duality:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom James Franco Daddy 1_5



Like we’ve seen in a slew of other videos in 2012-2013 (Kesha’s “C’mon“, Miley Cyrus “Decisions“, Kreayshawn’s “Go Hard“, and Lil Wayne’s “My Homies Still” to name a few), there are numerous shots of these pagan animal heads and costumes. It’s most likely a reference to the occult worship of anthropomorphic beings like the ancient Egyptians used to do (as seen on their glyphs). These images are also utilized in satanic rituals to symbolize that man is just an animal- one of the commandments in the Satanic Bible.

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom James Franco Daddy 2

The owl also represents Minerva- as seen at Bohemian Grove


There are shots and flashes of odd occult things, like crosses, zodiacs (just like in Christina Aguilera’s “Your Body” video), numerology, etc.


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom James Franco Daddy 3

The Rosy Cross


Here’s a pattern of a two-dimensional dodecahedron (a 12 sided 3-D polygon), which has occult values in that the 12 sides relate to the 12 signs of the zodiac. The dodecahedron is symbolic of the universe with the sun at the center in these occult circles.


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom James Franco Daddy 4


This particular symbol/sigil shows the Wiccan elements of fire, air, water, earth and spirit.

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom James Franco Daddy 5


Here’s a Theremin instrument which is played by keeping your hands in proximity to the loop, which has a strong occult history through its use by Led Zeppelin (note that Jimmy Page bought the Boleskine House that Aleister Crowley once performed rituals to bring evil spirits back from the dead in). From Wikipedia:

While The Beach Boys’ “Good Vibrations” features an instrument that sounds much like a Theremin, in fact the sound is made by an instrument called the Tannerin. Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin used a variation of the theremin (minus the loop) during performances of “Whole Lotta Love” and “No Quarter” throughout the performance history of Led Zeppelin, an extended multi-instrumental solo featuring theremin and bowed guitar in 1977, as well as the soundtrack for Death Wish II released in 1982. Brian Jones of The Rolling Stones also used the instrument on the group’s 1967 albums “Between the Buttons” and “Their Satanic Majesties Request”

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom James Franco Daddy 9


If you listen to they lyrics of the song you can hear that they’re talking about falling in love like how they did in the old days, which is talking about ancient rituals and pagan worship. There are actually subliminal flashes of Aleister Crowley embedded during the ceremony in case you had any doubts:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom James Franco Daddy 6


A skull can be seen in the ritual; which refers to the Chamber of Reflection which is a Freemasonic idea for reflecting upon ones own death (which could also be tied into the Yale Skull and Bones ideas of Franco):

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom James Franco Daddy 7


Charles Manson and Kenneth Anger

The guy playing the priest in this music video is Kenneth Anger, who has a history steeped in the realm of occult entertainment.

Kenneth Anger is at the bottom left


Kenneth Anger with LUCIFER tattoo

One of Anger’s films was called Lucifer Rising from the ’70s included an actor and musician named Bobby Beausoleil, who you might recall being affiliated with the Manson family. Beausoleil murdered Gary Hinman and wrote “Political Piggy” on the wall with Hinman’s blood. He did this on orders from Manson (arguably, but basically that’s what happened).


Beasusoleil was also in a band that was featured in Anger’s works called The Magick Powerhouse of Oz.

Sounds oddly similar to the “Great and Powerful Oz” that Franco portrayed in Disney’s film.

Not even six degrees of separation between Charles Manson and James Franco now…

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom James Franco Daddy 0

And yet another odd peculiarity is that Franco was going to star and direct in a film called Beautiful People that was about hair stylist Jay Sebring. This biopic included the murder of Sebring by the Manson family when they broke into the Tate residence at 10050 Cielo Drive and proceeded to slay in an abhorrent fashion.

Add to that the occult basis of Wizard of Oz and author Frank L. Baum’s ties to the Theosophical Society, and it’s clear there are darker forces involved here.

Aleister Crowley Public Ritual

Franco was also part of an Aleister Crowley ritual that took place in Los Angeles with Kenneth Anger and Noot Seear (from Twilight: New Moon):

In conjunction with the current exhibition For the Martian Chronicles, L&M Arts is pleased to present The Bartzabel Working, a performance by filmmaker and artist Brian Butler. Based on a ceremonial evocation of the spirit of Mars, first written and performed in London in 1910 by the famed British occultist Aleister Crowley, the ritual later became part of Los Angeles history in 1946 when Jet Propulsion Laboratory rocket scientist and Crowley protégé Jack Parsons conducted his own version of this rite, with the intention of placing a martial curse on a pre-Scientology L. Ron Hubbard.

For his reinterpretation of this historical performance, Butler will conjure Bartzabel, the spirit of Mars, evoking the site that was once home to the late sci-fi author Ray Bradbury and currently comprises L&M Arts. The ritual will have Butler as Chief Magus, leading a cast drawn from his upcoming feature film King Death and featuring Henry Hopper as Assistant Magus, Noot Seear as Magus Adjuvant, and James Franco as Material Basis, the vessel though which the spirit of Mars manifests.



Kenneth Anger, James Franco, and Brian Butler

Here’s Noot Seear from Twilight:

Noot Seear Illuminati



James Franco Occult Symbolism

Here are some random shots of James Franco giving us more familiar symbolism of the occult…


All Seeing Eye


All Seeing Eye


666 hand


Skulls- similar to Chamber of Reflection discussion earlier


Mano Cornuto


Illuminati Vow of Silence


Mano Cornuto (Moloch Horns)


All Seeing Eye (*bottom left)



Baphomet Franco

VICE published an “interview” that Franco conducted upon himself. He approached it from the perspective of a male version of himself talking to the female version of himself.

I bring this up because the roles of gender and sex come into play as a blurry area between equal rights and occult doctrine.

In terms of occultism; they believe in a perfected form of being that encompasses male and female aspects merged as one. It is best represented as the Baphomet- a male goat with breasts.

The Baphomet: As Above So Below


Furthermore; in the interview, there was a brief “conversation” about the trouble he could find himself in for talking to underage girls. From i-D:

BJ: And? Why am I culpable for that? I don’t even check my DMs anymore.
GJ: Yeah, we know why… because young ladies go on there and try to meet you.

BJ: Yup. There are no age restrictions for contacting me. But I don’t contact them back.
GJ: Anymore.

BJ: Look, I never talked to anyone that was legally underage.
GJ: Okay, anyway, that’s not even my point. I’m addressing an imbalance of power. Men in your position have women offering themselves in the hopes that they will get somewhere professionally, or socially.

BJ: Okay, but don’t be fooled, there are plenty of powerful women who take advantage of their power to mess around with men in lower positions.
GJ: I’m sure it’s a fraction of the number of men that do it, simply because the number of women in power positions is a fraction of the number of men in such positions.

Franco also portrayed Allen Ginsberg in the movie Howl which is curious since Ginsberg was not only a counter-culture figure, but also a supporter of NAMBLA- the North American Man Boy Love Association (which is exactly what it sounds like).

Of course, let’s not lay claim to any sort of impropriety with Franco simply because he portrayed a certain person in a film.

Nor should we claim he has any sort of sexual improprieties simply because he dressed in drag or conducts photo shoots with Terry Richardson (a photographer who’s notorious for risqué behavior).





In Conclusion

I don’t know that James Franco is “affiliated” with the Illuminati, or if he’s acted inappropriately with females (or even males for that matter).

do know that he has a lot of symbolism that suggests he’s part of the movement by the “Illuminati” to indoctrinate the masses with occult ideas. This is precisely why I cover these sort of topics.

I want everyone to be aware of the hidden messages and symbols that are placed into our entertainment. The celebrities are treated much like gods and when they recreate a symbol they could very well be tapping into a source of energy or archetype that connects into a higher calling…


My most recent goes into these topics and how they connect into the bigger picture: The Dark Path that is available NOW on Gumroad (*author-signed paperbacks in limited quantities), Amazon, iTunes and Audible (author-narrated audiobook)!


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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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