J.J. Abrams and the ‘Almost Human’ 666 agenda

J.J. Abrams has a new show that is popping up on the conspiracy theory radars due to its predictive programming, dystopic future, and various other transhuman conspiracy theories. However, the most interesting article (and plausible) that I’ve read relates to J.J. Abrams, the CIA, and Satanic symbolism.

Here is a snippet from the larger article (with more images and explanation) from FreemanTV:


J.J. Abrams is Jewish and recognizes the Hebrew connotation of VVV as 666. In Alias, a rogue intelligence agency known as The Alliance of Twelve is an enemy of the United States and a rival to the CIA. Sydney Bristow (Jennifer Garner) is enlisted in one of the Alliance of Twelve’s terrorist cells known as SD-6. The covert operation is concealed as a company known as Credit Dauphine. Their corporate logo is VVV or in Hebrew, 666.
You will see this VVV/666 symbolism in almost every frame of Almost Human and I still haven’t learned the reason the police force in 2048 uses VVV as their logo.


The reason I think Freeman’s article is the most relevant is because of the invasion of the entertainment industry by the Intel groups such as the CIA (as in George Orwell’s Animal Farm-anti-Soviet propaganda operation). In fact, just recently the Hollywood producer for big films such as Fight Club, Pretty Woman, and Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Arnon Milchan came out as an Israeli covert agent.

Here’s USAToday:

In an interview Monday with Israel’s popular show Uvda, Milchan detailed his real-life, cloak-and-dagger work on numerous operations, including the purchase of technology needed to operate nuclear weapons.

“I did it for my country and I’m proud of it,” Milchan said.

You can see that the article talks about how he’s not to first to make such a bold claim. Other Hollywood stars such as Chuck Barris (The Gong Show and the Newlywed Game) claimed he was an American CIA assassin. That is what the film Confessions of a Dangerous Mind is based on.

So hit that link for FreemanTV and read more on the ‘666’ agenda behind J.J. Abrams Almost Human show.




Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Nice site redesign! I watched the Abrams-directed Star Trek Into Darkness over the holiday weekend, and found it to be stunningly occult. It starts on Nibiru, AKA Planet X, supposed home planet of Lucifer in the alien conspiracy theory thread. The planet is colored in unsettling red tones like you would expcet Hell to be, and impish character Spock is shown in the underworld of an active volcano. Nephilim Superman Khan returns – out of all possible Star Trek plotlines to revisit, they go for the genetically engineered rogue supersoldier one, with false flag black ops, a creepy Eugenics War backstory, revivifying vampire-like blood, a Klingon homeworld named after Satanic Titan Kronos, a shadow government and military complex hidden below the legit Federation and Starfleet and peopled with private security, and 9-11 visual references. And most tellingly, the number of cryogenically frozen followers Khan has is stressed – 72, which in some versions of the Fall mythos is the exact number of angels who chose to follow Lucifer in his rebellion. It’s also the number of demons in the Goetia, the Lesser Key of Solomon. The original Star Trek episode had 72 total people who had survived out of a banishment of 80, but the new movie lines up more with the occult numbers. Some people think the classic Star Trek was NWO’y, but this new reboot certainly seems to be.

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  2. The Cop androids numbers, 3 digits, when summed up and dived by three they give 666. e.g. 657, 297, 927. These numbers show on the bot’s uniform in episode 1&2.


    I aint blaming the numbers, just saying…

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    • the average of thosethree numbers is 627

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  3. Abrams is evil and now a Billionaire following his “visionary” The Force Awakens release–the biggest cash-grab con-game flick in the history of Hollywood!

    Jewish conspiracy are Real and Abrams is behind them.

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  4. alienchrist.com/articles/PDFs/JenniferGarnerTriedToMurderBenAfleck.pdf jennifer garner is really a man. also jennifer garner had to eat lots of shit and have sex with everyone to get in the position it is in. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrnt5xUPVK4 jennifer garner is a big man just look at this one of many videos out there.

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