Isis mobile payment Illuminati symbolism

I’m kind of shocked nobody else has written on this yet, but there is a push for this new Isis mobile payment system. Isis is basically a wallet in/on your mobile phone. Good enough idea, I find it appealing to leave my wallet behind too, but to me it seems to ‘Big Brother-y” and one more step towards the micro-chip population. The trend is definitely going towards smaller and advanced technology as Moore’s Law takes effect. Look down the road a few years and everything we could ever need will be on a small chip to be first placed on a card, and then in our bodies.

How appropriate, the mark of the beast comes about from a combination of laziness and capitalism.

Anyhow, why is Isis Illuminati symbolism? Because these Illuminati types bombard us with symbolism like this on a regular basis. There is an ancient occult understanding and knowledge that we don’t fully grasp; although myself and other conspiracy theorists try to make sense out of it.

Isis was an Egyptian goddess (later Greek and Roman also; as most of the gods were adapted in that manner). She would draw parallels to Mary, mother of Jesus Christ after the pagan gods system was destroyed by Christianity. Note the Saturn worship symbolism (see David Icke’s presentation on Saturn worship) of Isis with the two pillars/towers with the Saturn symbol in between them:


Isis was also associated with the star Sirius (the brightest star in the sky). Sirius is the binary star system (Sirius A and Sirius B) that the Dogon tribe had great knowledge of and claimed the Nommo gods came from. The Dogon tribe were featured on Ancient Aliens because there is no explanation for how they knew there was a companion Sirius B star before modern day astronomers.

In pop culture, alleged Illuminati affiliate Rihanna got a huge Isis tattoo across her chest:

Madonna also had similar symbolism in her Super Bowl performance in 2012:


This Isis mobile payment ordeal is another technological feat that promises to make our lives easier, at the cost of what though? To paraphrase David Icke, you can’t tell the public you want to get from point A to point Z in one jump, you have to take baby steps so they won’t notice.

It is also a component of Icke’s ‘Problem-Reaction-Solution.’

Problem: having to “lug” around an actual wallet (damn this troublesome material that fits into a pocket!).

Reaction: we need something else to keep our cell phones permanently leashed to our hands that will allow us one easy point in which to interact with the rest of the world


Solution: Isis (and later a cashless society where all of our purchases are monitored by an Oligarchy and corporations)

If you don’t think there is a subtle and secretive push for tracking technology, just take a look around. We have GPS tracking on cell phones and RFID tags on everything. IlluminatiAgenda posted about a student at John Jay High School that refused to participate in the RFID tracking (for “attendance tracking”) and got expelled:

The case has been elevated to the federal court.


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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