Isaac Weishaupt Interview on Mark Devlin’s “GOOD VIBRATIONS” Podcast

I’ve got another great moment in history as I was given the privilege of appearing on Mark Devlin’s Good Vibrations podcast. Mark Devlin is a DJ from the UK that explores all sorts of conspiracy theories regarding the music industry, and you can guess where we started taking this particular show…

Ironically, in April 2013 I made a post about Mark Devlin’s show where he interviewed David Icke (you can still find this post HERE; it’s back in the day when I was pretty new to blogging and not so hot at it). I find it rather cool and synchronistic that I get to be on his show just two years later- almost to the day!


Mark Devlin’s got a website where you can find a lot more of his information (like his recent speaking event at Free Your Mind 3 and his three hours on John B. Wells’ show), along with more of his podcast interviews with the likes of Neil Sanders, Mark Passio, Jay Weidner, David Icke, etc.) on the Good Vibrations podcast feed.

He’s also got some conscious music for you’d like on his The Sound of Freedom show– so go check that out as well if you’re tired of hearing about guns/drugs/thuggin/etc. and want something with a bit more substance.

Here’s what we cover in my interview:

The Hidden Hand driving the manipulation of the hip-hop scene comes back under the spotlight this time round, as we’re joined by Issac Weishaupt, proprietor of the website, and author of the books ‘A Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory’ and and ‘Sacrifice: Magic Behind The Mic’.
Subjects covered include: the systematic degradation of hip-hop culture, the satanic agenda of the corporate music industry, the channelling of demonic entities through music artists, alter-egos and alternative personalities, mind control in the entertainment business, inititation rituals and sex magick events, the nature of contracts and blood oaths that artists commit to in exchange for fame and fortune, and the ever-present influence of Alesteir Crowley.

You can catch this episode on Mark Devlin’s Good Vibrations SoundCloud page, or stream it on this embedded feed:


Let me know what you think below on the comments and check out my START HERE page for more resources! You can also pick up the books we’re discussing (SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC and A GRAND UNIFIED CONSPIRACY THEORY) on the show at my bundled products page.




Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. That was an interesting show. The fact that John Lennon was murdered in front of the building he lived in and “Rosemary’s Baby” was filmed in should be a clear indication of dark ritual.

    New York is a ritual name and adds to 666 in English gematria. New Mexico adds to the same. The city is full of ritual has been highlighted with the 01 Sept 2001 event. The georgia guidestones are not 666 statute miles from the lucifer room at the UN by accident.

    The “911” code has been used over time, and you will find in your research that the dark ptb go back to the same source as the ancient egyptians. The egyptian New Year is 11 Sept. The pentagon’s groundbreaking ceremony was 11 Sept 1941.

    The RCC created the Gregorian (grigori) calendar in 1582. 2012, the end of the Mayan calendar, is 430 years later just like the amount of time the Jews were enslaved in egypt. The mortal enemy of the RCC, England, adopted their calendar in a Hegelian dialectic move in 1752 and time jumped forwards 11 days. Now add the year from the missing 0 year.

    My calculations show the birth of Christ on 31 Aug in what should have been 00AD. If you go back 9 months from that then the Immaculate Conception would have been right when the Christian Era started on 01 Jan 00AD.

    Try to celebrate the 2000th birthday of Christ if the 1 year 11 day jump takes place. It is 11 Sept 2001.

    The 911 numbers and method is a clear dark ritual and the multigenerational use similar to the babylonian source code number of 216 and 666 convicts the users and their desire to serve darkness in some capacity which generally involves a reward in this cursed matrix. From 01 Jan 1492 to 12 Oct 1492 which is the fake discovery of the New (actually Old) World is 9 months and 11 days. 1492 was the same year that the rosslyn chapel was finished which has corn stonework on it which was indigineous only to the Americas at the time.

    The creators of rosslyn chapel had ties to the baphomet process which is worshipping the beast. Their effort is the antithesis of Christ which is to bring the antichrist into flesh and create a new world order which is of the fallen angel realm. The “666” is a time code and is easily proved. The babylonian system of time and geographical measurement is still used and sexagesimal in concept. In other words the 60 seconds, 60 minutes and 24 hours components of the day all reduce to 6 in simple numerology and make 666. Matrix is man cut to ma and tri-X. X is the 24th letter of the alphabet and XXX = 666.

    The X flag flies over Scotland and the symbol of the first son of rebellion and originator of dark masonry, nimrod, used the “X” as his symbol. He was deified as a sungod at his death. His birthday is 25 Dec and the Romans used a week long celebration known as the Saturnalia festival that ended on his birthday and was known as ‘sol invictus” or sun worship day. Revelation tells you there are 8 babylonian kings of which the final one is apollyon or apollo (son sun god of zeus). Christmas is now known as “X”mas and the true Sabbath was changed to “Sun”day. The inception year of the “911” code was a ritual 33 years (life of Christ) in 1968 before the event. It was created in 1968 in a state that the “X” flag flies over. In reverse it says “I am abala” which is Heaven in a curse. The fallen third implement kabala (ka – egyptian for soul) to pull the powers of the Heavens down through 88 pyramids (represent 88 constellations) built during the time true precessional north was in the sign of Draco from 6627BC to 33AD (David Flynn’s work). When the age ended, Christ defeated it in his death and resurrection. The total time period was 6660 years which is represented by the phallus of aton (Washington Monument) 6660 inches tall and in lust separates Mary (Maryland) from Virginity (Virginia) to create the antichrist from the whore of babylon (the unfit bride). DC forms a diamond in the rough and the birthing process is shown with the Washington Monument being cast into the pisces vesica. The Potomac River is a manifestation of the Mesopotamia and the port city of Alexandria is nearby to honor Alexandria, egypt. Annapolis means city of Anna. Anna is the mother of Mary.

    Many entertainers use the X and cover the right eye because the coming antichrist will be blinded in the right and have the right arm withered per Zechariah 11’s fulfillment. Hollywood is not 666 statute miles from Dulce, New Mexico by accident.

    There is a lot more. We should talk sometime.

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    • Very interesting take on it.

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    • Fascinating, thank you for sharing.

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  2. You use the word “got” and ” ‘s got” a LOT….I like your site, but this makes it very hard to read.

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    • Wouldst thou find it more preferable were the good gentleman to eschew modern language linguistics for that which represents the archaic?

      Sorry, I just see that what he’s trying to do is provide a sympathetic and liberal take on some hardcore themes and the transportation method of the message is less important than the fact that the message is being delivered.

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  3. With all the theories, hypothesis devil worshipping, sacrifices, magic, Killings death. No matter what humans, fallen angels, Devils, minions, and what people think about them, will come to nothing when we finally face the God Almighty creator of all things. We no nothing of war except for the horrific wars humans experience in this world so how can we understand the war that’s out there in the universe. What people think that the war in the universe is going to be the same war we have here in this world. The same methods the same strategies, or the same weaponry. Every thought we think now will be thrown out the window, so what ever mind games, manipulations, sh*t been spoken behin music, Sh*t been implied behind movies . There’s more important things to worry about then that like this world WILL have to fight for existence and not allow extinction. I don’t put an name to God as he has said he has many names, I don’t think he or she never met God. Only ones who get sucked in by the subliminal messaging are the sheep and weak minded people who want to be in the in crowd thrive to be somebody then be happy on being a nobody.

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    • The only way to convict the dark powers that be is to identify their signatures and trace it back to the root source. When you cross that threshold, conspiracy theory becomes conspiracy fact. The spirits that will prevail over Jerusalem during the great tribulation are of egypt and sodom according to Revelation. Darkness works in reverse; so, the method would encompass the entire world before the regressive total destructive process is implemented on a worldwide scale. It is no coincidence that the 90th degree of egyptian masonry is the “rite of memphis”. Memphis, TN is on 90 WLon and exactly 33 degrees west of that is the center of bohemian grove.

      The octopus has many arms and they are all controlled by their boss, satan/lucifer.

      One of the most visible is skull and bones. They don’t want it to be that way, but it is. They walk against the Christian Church and its formation. The number 322 and the georgia guidestones convict them and anything associated with it.

      Christ died and was resurrected on the 3rd day. He spent 40 days on earth. He ascended into Heaven and 10 days later the Holy Spirit came upon 120 disciples in the Upper Room and the true church age was started. The whole process is 53 days.

      The darkside knows that and the effort is to unravel, reverse, and tear apart that which is sacred. From the birthdate of Israel on 14 May in reverse to 22 Mar is 53 days. The process is for the total destruction of all that is Christian back to its formation and the institution of a luciferian new world order that has its headquarters in the sun worship city of astana (satana) kazakhstan (kazakh and satan) on 51 degrees 10 minutes NLat which is a sacrificial line that Stonehenge is on. Chernobyl and Dresden among other places share this line. Another line is created from Stonehenge to the Pyramid of the Sun near Mexico City on which all the false flags, Hurricane Katrina and the Georgia Guidestones are near on the east coast.

      The dedication date of the GGs is the skull and bones date of 22Mar 1980. The “53” is used throughout history. A skull and bones member, alonzo stagg, started the NFL and now 53 players dress out for gameday. There are 53 member nations in the Commonwealth of Nations. The Love Bug “Herbie” is number 53. Most trailers on tractors and trailers going up and down the highways are emblazoned with “53”.

      If you go from the crucifixion date of Christ on 03 Apr 33AD exactly 666,000 days in the future, you land on 11 Sept 1856. In that year, skull and bones charter member, Russell, incorporated his foundation and Tesla was born. Tesla made the comment (paraphrased) that if you understand the magnificence of 3,6 and 9 then you have the keys to the universe. The math that I have uncovered backs this claim up.

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      • Bigbadwolf81….what do you know of Bill Cooper?

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        • I read his material in the early 90s. He was a catalyst for modern day conspiracy.

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      • Very interesting indeed. Thank you.

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    • Hi Christine- I believe I responded on Facebook to this, but thanks for hitting me up on both channels!

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    • This is very 3D dualistic, ego/mind centred. Those who live from 5D (and higher), know that duality is an illusion. Ultimately, we are all one, all part of the same Divine Spark and all connected to Divine Life. The roles we ‘play’ as separate entties (including galactic wars) are important in 3D (of course), but the secret is to live life from the Higher Dimensions, where time and space is an illusion (4D) and moving into manifesting/creation (5D). Yes, I know (more than most) of the evilness and cruelty in the world. Those who have turned to the ‘dark side’ and live their lives purely from Mind, Ego, Logic. ‘Us against them’.

      Just a thought.

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    • I will also add that items such as Symbols and thought forms only have the meaning given to them. Occult (by itself) is NOT good or bad.

      Live from the heart, from love, connect to the Oneness of Source, see the world (matrix) for the illusion it is, have awareness. That is the key.

      And when living from the Heart/Soul (rather than the Mind/Ego), one naturally has great love for ALL living creatures, including the trees and all forms. And unconditional love for the self comes first, and naturally this extends to love and acceptance of all.

      Now this doesn’t mean that evilness is not evil. Evil is simply (by definition, the lack of love and compassion). Which is what Sociopaths and Narcissists are. They are non-love, and therefore evil.

      So by saying that duality is an illusion, I am not discounting that those who intentionally harm others are not evil. Yes they are.

      But there is an understanding of the bigger picture, that ultimately these types have killed their true self (love, empathy and compassion). Ultimately, all is Love, and all is Divine.

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    of satan
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  5. 711 is a reflective code that goes to the Christ vs. antichrist fight which is at the core of this. From Christ’ crucifixion day on 03 Apr 33AD to the the dedication date of the georgia guidestones on 22 Mar 1980 (322 is the skull and bones number) is 711,117 days.

    Christ died and was resurrected on the 3rd day. He spent 40 days on earth. He then ascended into Heaven and 10 days later the Holy Spirit came upon 120 disciples in the Upper Room and the Church was started at the first Holy Pentecost. That is a 53 day process which is the same time period as the traditional Jewish grain harvest starting with barley and ending with wheat on the 53rd day.

    From the crucifixion day on 03 Apr 33AD to May 26 is 53 days.
    The Gregorian calendar eliminated the “0” year by dark design. If you go from the 53rd day to the birth of Israel on 14 May 1948 the same 711,117 day interval exist.

    The luciferian skull and bones organization walks against the Christian Church. Reversal is ritual to them. Live to evil and lived to devil are indicative of the intent. If you go in reverse 53 days from the birth of Israel on 14 May then you arrive on 22 Mar. This is impossible math to be by coincidence.

    53 is a ritual number. 53 players suit up for NFL teams. The NFL was started by skull and bones member, alonzo stagg. Most transfer trucks have “53” emblazoned on the side of the trailer. There are 53 member nations in the Commonwealth of Nations.

    The first year was eliminated by design from the Gregorian calendar. In 1752 on 02 Sept the mortal enemy of the RCC adopted the calendar and the next day was 14 Sept 1752. 11 days went missing forever. Yet another ritual. The mortal enemy of the RCC adopting their calendar. Imagine that…

    My research points to a birthday of Christ on what should have been 31 Aug 00AD. The 9 month gestation period would take you to the very beginning of the Christian Era on 01 Jan 00AD. If 1 year and 11 days go missing then the new date for the 2000th birthday of Christ is 11 Sept 2001. Imagine that….

    The Pentagon had its groundbreaking ceremonies on 11 Sept 1941 60 years to the day before it is hit. The egyptian new year is 11 Sept.

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    • Thank you. I had noticed “Live” to “Evil” and “Lived” to “Evil” before, but never really understood what it meant.

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