Is Young Thug in the Gay Illuminati?…

Hello and welcome back to! Today we’re looking at something I’ve been following for years- the occult and hip hop…

There’s a rapper named Young Thug that is very popular and he’s caused quite the stir for his style preferences that are definitely more than just “metrosexual.” He’s shattered the mold of what we expect from our gangsta rappers by giving us a more feminine side while rapping about the typical subjects we’ve heard from rappers of the same genre.


Let’s take a look at what all the fuss is and I’ll demonstrate some of the hidden Illuminati and occult symbols I’ve seen in his multitude of music videos…

Video Now Up!

First, let’s go through the basics of Illuminati symbolism. First we see Young Thug providing the witch hex of Mano Cornuto, aka the rock and roll horns (see my article on this subject called Decoding Illuminati Symbolism: Moloch, Owls, and the Horns of Satan for MUCH more):

Young Thug Fingernails 2 Bs Moloch Mano Cornuto


In the video for Check we see the 666 hands in the background (very subtle, I had to watch this video a few times before I saw it):

Young Thug Check 666 hand


There is even deeper occult knowledge if you consider the symbolism of the occult bathtub which we see in his video for 2 B’s:

Young Thug 2 Bs Bathtub Twins


The bathtub has been discussed on IlluminatiWatcher many times in the past (unfortunately- with examples like Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina), and it seems to keep popping in areas with Illuminati involvement:

Tupac 2pac bathtub mark of the beast X WO


One other symbol worth looking at is the symbol of the Mark of the Beast; the “X” and “O” which we see in his video for 2 B’s as well on the wall:

Young Thug 2 Bs Mark of Beast X


Another oddity is the alleged attempted murder of one of Young Thug’s supposed rap idols- Lil Wayne. A man named Jimmy Winfrey was found guilty of taking part in a shooting at Lil Wayne’s tour bus. From Eurweb:

Despite Cash Money Records CEO Bryan “Birdman” Williams and rapper Young Thug being named as Winfrey’s associates, Winfrey is the only one to face charges for the shooting, which occurred on April 26.

Winfrey’s sentencing comes months after the shooting, which took place months after Lil Wayne’s split and beef with Cash Money, his longtime label, went public. As a result, the “A Milli” rhymesayer sued Cash Money for $51 million in January.

As it stands, Birdman denied any involvement in the shooting, which accounted for no injuries by anyone.

In July, prosecutors claimed in the State of Georgia’s indictment against Winfrey that the Young Thug associate opened fire on Lil Wayne’s tour buses and then attempted to hide the Camaro he was driving at the time. The indictment goes on to mention an Instagram video Young Thug posted five days before the shooting which appeared to threaten Lil Wayne and shows Winfrey and weapons.

Rolling Stone notes that Winfrey is seen in the video for Young Thug’s song “Hafltime” toting an assault rifle that was similar to the weapon used in the tour bus shooting. Following the shooting, Winfrey placed a call to a cell phone owned by Birdman.

I watched the video called Halftime; and sure enough, there is Winfrey holding a cell phone and assault rifle:

Young Thug Winfrey Halftime Gun


It appears that something is afoul in these rap labels of Birdman and Lil Wayne…

Now we can get into why most of you came here; to discuss Thug’s sexuality.


If you’re not familiar with Young Thug; he’s NOTORIOUS for wearing women’s clothing…

Young Thug Check Hooters shirt


…and wearing nail polish:

Young Thug 2 Bs Fingernails


Young Thug fingernail polish Instagram


…and lipstick:

Young Thug lipstick


…and dresses:

Young Thug dress


…and even “accidentally” showing gay pron playing in the background of a video he posted on Twitter:

Young Thug gay pron on Twitter


He even goes as far as to call his male friends his “babes” and “lovers.”

But his fiancee (at the time of this writing), Jerrika Karlae, talked directly about his sexuality on an interview with VladTV:

“Thug is not gay. Trust me. He’s not gay at all. Even if he do put up stuff we laugh at it.”

I’d like to examine it a bit deeper and prove that he’s had a couple of instances that suggest he’s deeper into the occult-homosexual beliefs than one would put on. You have to look beyond the skirts and dresses and see some of the other messages he’s put in his videos.

In Thug’s video for 2 B’s you can see he utilizes the black and white dichotomy with the two women who have blonde and black hair:

Young Thugs 2 Bs Black White duality Gemini twins


The way this fits in could be the twin pillars of Boaz and Jachin which has Young Thug rising between the two as the perfected form of mankind (*notice that the black hair is on the left; blonde on the right, making Young Thug the High Priestess of the occult):

High Priestess Tarot card black white pillars boaz jachin

Young Thug demonstrates the balance of two opposing forces: male and female. He is the first gangsta rapper to show us a feminine side and I believe this was coordinated and done on purpose. He is the initiate showing us the balance of ancient Egyptian deities such as Isis and Hathor with the crescent moon atop the head, rising between the two pillars, as is evident with the alchemical symbols that feature similar symbolism on his jacket:

Young Thug alchemy jacket

He is in the place of mystery- as the pillars denoted when they were in front of the entrance to Solomon’s Temple. He’s been initiated and pursuing the enlightened form of mankind.

If you have doubts as to his ties with occult interests in sexuality you could consider his one (and only) person he follows on Instagram: Caitlyn Jenner:

Postgender conspiracy - Bruce Jenner and Laverne Cox


I actually talked about this exact duality-occult symbolism of black and white in an article called Bruce Jenner: An Illuminati Androgynous Puppet?:

He got these ideas from many other occult beliefs that the world is full of duality (e.g. the black and white checkered floors found in all Freemason lodges). In Aleister Crowley and Western Esotericism the authors wrote the following about this subject:

The notion of human beings as originally whole and androgynous is a persistent motif of occult and magical traditions. Esoteric teachings refer to a race of such beings who, like the biblical Adam and Eve, existed in the world prior to a tragic fall. Modern magical practice recognized the occult significance of masculine/feminine complementarity, and the quest for psychic androgyny is one reading of the alchemists’ project that advanced members of the Golden Dawn would have understood. Crowley was certainly aware that androgyny had an occult pedigree, and it came to have a particular magical significance for him.

Of course all of this is conjecture and full of “allegedly,” but he’s definitely implying that he’s not gay in the sense that he is attracted to other men, but rather into it for “OTHER” reasons (listen to the first minute of audio- he tells us he’s not into that “fruity” stuff- so what gives?…):

In all honesty I love that we’ve got a gangsta rapper who can embrace feminine attributes and proceed to give zero f*cks about it. The rap genre is so tired and played out with violent drug dealing gangsters that it needs someone like Thug to shake it up a bit.

However, it appears that it might be another play by the Illuminati to campaign for the transhumanism and perfected form of mankind with the androgynous atmosphere presented by occultists of yesteryear.

Or maybe it’s just a publicity stunt to sell records- who knows. If that’s the case I think I might’ve just sold a couple more Young Thug albums…

I know the casual reader may be FULL of questions on how all of this fits together with talk of magicians, rappers, and hermaphrodites. If you want to truly understand why all of this is happening, you have to pick up the ONLY book that explains the occult symbolism that is pervasive in hip hop- SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC


Thanks for reading!

-Isaac Weishaupt




Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. am juma am wak bet am not got money

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  2. That leopard print nail polish = cat programming

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  3. Rap and hip-hop fields are filled with closeted homosexual individuals. Just ask P. Diddy or 50 Cent….

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  4. Shades of Dennis Rodman. Jaden Smith’s hero?

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  5. Hey please look at the new panic at the disco video “emperor’s new clothes”. seems satanic and perhaps linking Babylonian gods

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  6. I don’t know if anyone else noticed, but the picture of the 666 hand sign in the background really resembles an owl head as well…

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  7. To keep an eye on:
    *Have you seen miley’s brother instagram?
    *have you seen the new Alice through the looking glass? (Mas~onery symbols)
    *new movie spectre (about mexican deaths day)
    *illuminati symbolism and connections in some christian music (hill•song united) should I keep going?

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  8. Hey Isaac,

    Didn’t see an email link for you to contact, but thought you’d appreciate the new Missy Elliott video:

    I would have never caught on to some of the symbols and actions in this video without having read your site. Pretty interesting!

    A little checkerboard floor, some arm “X” crossed in front of the face, a couple of manu carnutos, an all-seeing eye haircut, people as puppets, an an “OK” hand signal when she says she has an “ace in the hole.”


    Anyway, just thought I would pass it along.

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    • Thanks KC1- I’m on it! I was hooked when I saw the jersey with the number 93… Stand by for post analysis LOL…

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    • Pharrell literally names Hermes Trismegistus in this song… WTF is for real haha- good find KC1

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      • lol Yes, indeed. Pretty crazy stuff. I Googled the Hermes guy and my jaw dropped. Anyway, thanks for the education. It’s quite strange to actually see all this stuff. I have to say it’s definitely changed my opinion of popular music!

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    • I LOVEEEEEE Missy Elliot! LOL Always bad ass dancing & those puppets hilarious!!! LOLLLL

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  9. Oh young thug definitely gets on his knees & bends over for rappers, agents, & creep old men in the industry. Its all over his face & his comments.

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  10. Look.. The guy is one of those undercover low down brothers, whose been on his knees and had his face in the pillow with his butt in the air for years, and if he’s a rising star in the rap game?.. Then every pedophile in the entertainment industry ,including the so called old gay rappers like Dr. Dre, LL Cool Jay, and Jay Z line up to get a piece of the young thug!

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