Is Lady Gaga in the Illuminati?… Revealing the Hidden Method & Symbolism of the Occult

Hello and welcome back! Today I’d like to take a deeper look into a topic I’ve covered for years here on This celebrity started out as a musician but worked her way towards becoming an actress, fashion mogul, and social advocate.

Over the last several years, her use of occult symbols has left me to wonder what her motivation is, and today we’ll take a look…


Is Lady Gaga in the Illuminati?…



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Origins: The Lina Morgana Conspiracy

Before Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta became “Lady Gaga” (which is a wicca witchcraft name with “Lady” referring to the belief in a supreme goddess) with the release of 2008’s The Fame, she worked with a woman named Lina Morgana.


This rising star was a model, actress, and musician and was on the fast track to stardom with a record contract on Sony when Lady Gaga started working with her. They worked on a song called Wunderland together and allegedly had several more songs recorded after this.


On October 4th, 2008, Lina Morgana was found dead after falling from a 10 story hotel in Staten Island. There aren’t any clear stories as to what happened to Morgana, nor are there any significant investigations into her mysterious death. Many conspiracy theorists claim that Lady Gaga helped take Morgana out as a blood sacrifice in exchange for fame…

When you research the music industry you’ll find an uncanny blend of occultism, blood sacrifices, and pacts with the Devil; so this idea isn’t so preposterous. I say this because I researched and wrote an entire book on the subject called SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC.

Besides the exact same trajectory of stardom (musician, actress, and fashion interests); Morgana and Gaga shared very similar imagery which supports this idea of Gaga somehow harvesting Morgana’s soul for her own stardom:

Lady Gaga and Lina Morgana in the Occult Bathtub

Lady Gaga and Lina Morgana and the Occult Bathtub


Lady Gaga and Lina Morgana as the Scarlet Whore of Babylon

Lady Gaga and Lina Morgana as the Scarlet Whore of Babylon

Lina’s mother allegedly said that her daughter’s soul was trapped by Lady Gaga- suggesting some kind of witchcraft or satanic ritual:

“Lady Gaga is holding Lina’s soul, and I want her soul to be free.” –

Another oddity is that one day prior to Lina’s death she played a role on the pilot episode of Celebrity Ghost Stories as a younger version of Gina Gershon.


IMDB screenshot of Celebrity Ghost Stories with Lina Morgana playing Gina Gershon


If you watch that episode (S1E1, Oct. 25th, 2008) you’ll learn that her story revolves around a building Gershon stayed in at college that was referred to as the “Haunted Hotel” where many people died; particularly by suicide.


In 2015’s American Horror Story: Hotel, you’ll find an episode with a character named Sally that is killed by sending her out of the window and falling to her death. Oddly enough, the show stars Lady Gaga as The Countess- a vampire with a model boyfriend, which eerily echoes Lina Morgana’s story since she had a turbulent relationship with a male model before her passing.



In Lady Gaga’s video for Paparazzi we see her with a male model who pushes her off a building as well:


Lina Morgana’s mother also had some interesting comments about Lady Gaga, which we’ll expand upon further when we explore Lady Gaga’s “dark side” later on in this analysis. From

“[Gaga] talks about having a dark and tragic life, but she had everything she wanted in the world. She went to [the same] high school as Nicky Hilton; her parents were rich. But Lina did have a tough life.”- Yana Morgana

When you research the history of Lady Gaga, you’ll find that she shares something in common with Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Google’s co-founder Sergey Brin: they’ve all been recruited through “gifted” children schools.

They were all “recruited” through the Center for Talented Youth at Johns Hopkins University and the Duke Talent Identification Program. Both are opportunities for young talents to test into and obtain “training” that will help them pursue their natural abilities.

Could it be that Lady Gaga was groomed since her youth to be a pawn of the Illuminati and entertainment industry? Did she conduct the ritual of the blood sacrifice on Lina Morgana in order to fulfill the satanic pact needed to become famous?

How long before the next person signs up to become the Illuminati puppet that will fill Lady Gaga’s shoes?…


Lady Gaga “Paparazzi” screenshot tells it all…


Symbolism of the High Profile Ritual

Lady Gaga is regularly utilized to spread the symbolism that we’ve all become familiar with. For example, we see her showing us the 666 and All Seeing Eye symbolism on a frequent basis.

Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce in Telephone video where she repeats the same symbols of the 666 hand and All Seeing Eye multiple times:

Lady Gaga ft Beyonce 666 hand

Lady Gaga ft Beyonce 666 hand bailout

Lady Gaga does the 666 multiple times in the video as well

Lady Gaga ft Beyonce All Seeing Eye Gaga


The same symbol as well as the Illuminati Vow of Silence in her other artwork:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Vow of Silence Lady Gaga


…and of course the high profile performances we’ve all seen:

Lady Gaga on SNL

Lady Gaga on SNL


Lady Gaga at the VMAs

Lady Gaga at the VMAs


Lady Gaga at Super Bowl L as the Scarlet Whore of Babylon

Lady Gaga at Super Bowl 50 as the Scarlet Whore of Babylon


Fame Perfume: Blood and Semen

In 2012 Lady Gaga released a fragrance called Fame. This fragrance was another component of contagion magic in that the people who used it believed they were aligning themselves to the likeness of Lady Gaga. This is standard practice in the industry because we see celebrity endorsements on all types of products; but this one in particular was much different…

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Lady Gaga Fame Perfume 3

Lady Gaga’s Fame commercial: mocking Christ with the Spear of Destiny wound


When you study the usage of ceremonial magick by occultists such as Aleister Crowley, you’ll find that they use bodily fluids in a manner that further empowers the practitioner. I talked about this in the hip hop conspiracy book SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC:

Crowley believed that you could use excrement (feces), blood and semen in order to draw these demon spirits closer to you. Strangely enough, Lady Gaga released a perfume called Fame that was described as having these attributes. As mentioned earlier, Gaga said the following:

“(Blood and semen) is in the perfume, but it doesn’t smell like it. You just get sort of the after feeling of sex from the semen and the blood is sort of primal. And the blood was taken from my own blood sample, so it’s like a sense of having me on your skin.”

So it seems that Lady Gaga may have been dabbling in the dark arts for her fragrance line. If you consider her later art works, this should be of no surprise…


The Abramovic Method

Lady Gaga did an avant garde performance art with an artist named Abramovic as the point of inspiration. She employed Abramovic’s “Method” which is interpreted as “the artist’s will.” If this sounds familiar it is because of Aleister Crowley’s experimentation with the mind and the “Will” of the practitioner. He famously dictated “Do What Thou Wilt” as a phrase to express that one should pursue whatever it is the universe wants the person to be doing.

Of course, Crowley took it many steps further and expanded the limitations on mind and body; similar to Abramovic and Lady Gaga:

Abramović’s work explores the relationship between performer and audience, the limits of the body, and the possibilities of the mind.

You’ll find that Gaga’s “will” led her to be depicted with the horns of Moloch:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Lady Gaga Illuminati

Or perhaps she is evoking the spirit of Pan- who roams the forest with his own horns:

Pan Moloch Horns Devil Satan

Applause: The Blackening

The music video for Applause shows us the symbolism of an initiate to the ways of alchemy. She was depicted as a black bird which is the first stage in the process of alchemy. The practitioner transitions through the four colors: black, white, yellow, and red. These are symbolized as birds, with the first one being a raven or crow, and the final one being a red phoenix; rising the from the ashes as an evolved being.

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Lady Gaga Applause Illuminati 7


Lady Gaga as the black bird- more alchemical symbolism

Lady Gaga as the black bird in Applause- more alchemical symbolism


Lady Gaga in Applause: Showing the wisdom of the All Seeing Eye

Lady Gaga in Applause: Showing the wisdom of the All Seeing Eye


She also performed Applause on Good Morning America in which she showed us symbolism from Wizard of Oz. This is important because Cathy O’Brien asserts that this tale is used to condition others to find a blur between reality and fantasy. O’Brien wrote about her experience as an MKULTRA mind control slave in Trance: Formation of America, and she highlights the usage of Disney films and Wizard of Oz in order to convey the idea of “As Above, So Below” to the youth.

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Lady gaga 666 Illuminati 3

It should also be noted that Frank Baum wrote Wizard of Oz and was a follower of Helena Blavatsky’s Theosophy, which was learned through her book The Secret Doctrine.

He was in agreement with the Theosophical belief that man on Earth was only one step on a great ladder that passed through many states of consciousness, through many universes, to a final state of Enlightenment.

This belief system was instrumental in relaying occult beliefs and was followed by the occult members of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi party; as well as the inspiration for the launching of the New Age movement.


Lady Gaga: Evoking the Goddess

The name of “Lady” Gaga is derived from Wicca with the belief that there is a supreme god and goddess in the world of witchcraft. The goddess is named “Lady” and that is one reason why I say Lady Gaga is aligning herself to the goddess frequency. She was also depicted as the witchcraft Triple Goddess of maiden, mother and crone in magazine:



Triple-Goddess-statue WO


Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP album showed us Gaga’s likeness to the goddess- most particularly Venus.


The chopped up image in the background is Sandro Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus painting which depicts the goddess Venus emerging from the sea as a fully grown woman. This idea of worshipping a goddess is a common theme in all Illuminati-occult traditions, including the Greek Aphrodite, Babylonian Ishtar, Egyptian Isis, and the Sumerian Semiramis.

Lady Gaga attempts to induce the goddess of Aphrodite and Venus

Lady Gaga attempts to induce the goddess of Aphrodite and Venus


This particular goddess Venus is also referred to as Lucifer, or the light bearer. Looking beyond that you can see the importance of the light-bearer with a group like the Illuminati (the “enlightened ones”). You’ll notice on the album cover there is a pentagram, which is not present on The Birth of Venus. The pentagram symbolizes Venus and the Morning Star of Lucifer due to the path of the star in the sky forming five points on the pentagram.


We can also see in the image that she is birthing an egg; which is yet another reference to Illuminati goddess symbolism. We get this particular idea from that of the holiday of Easter (or ‘Eostre’) in which the goddess Semiramis came down to Earth in an egg (as described in my Occult & Illuminati Holidays article):

The holiday known as Easter is typically a time spent by Christians to reflect on the resurrection of Jesus Christ. However, there is an occult meaning attached to it that needs explored. It revolves around the Goddess Ostara (aka Babylonian goddess Ishtar, aka Eostre, aka the moon goddess, aka Semiramis, aka Egyptian goddess Isis, aka Greek Aphrodite, aka Roman Venus). Ostara/Eostre is the old English spelling and origin for the name of Easter. In Pagan history, human sacrifices occur on the first Sunday after the first new moon, after Ostara/Eostre. It celebrates the return of Semiramis in her reincarnated form of Spring Goddess, Eostre. This is part of the revolving phases of the Triple Goddess of the female deity, mentioned earlier.

Easter Eggs

The Easter egg is a Babylonian legend that claims the goddess Ishtar (aka Semiramis) fell from heaven in an egg. The Easter (Eostre) egg hunt is based from the tradition of looking for Ishtar and finding her. This would allow her to be reborn and bestow blessings on the person. Semiramis/Ishtar is the goddess of fertility because of this rebirth/egg legend.

A song on ARTPOP called G.U.Y. had a music video that was quite interesting in that we saw symbolism of the goddess and MKULTRA mind control.

Lady Gaga G.U.Y.: MKULTRA Project MONARCH

Lady Gaga G.U.Y.: MKULTRA Project MONARCH


Lady Gaga G.U.Y.: MKULTRA mind control

Lady Gaga G.U.Y.: MKULTRA mind control


It started out with her depicted as the fallen angel- Lucifer (again- we already spoke of the Venus symbolism on the album cover):


She then goes to the Neptune Pool at the famous Hearst Castle in California. The pool was built as an  actual Roman Temple- complete with the goddess symbolism of the Star of Ishtar:


We’ve seen the Star of Ishtar in Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut which is a film I covered in my Kubrick film analysis of The Shining, A Clockwork Orange, 2001: A Space Odyssey and of course, Eyes Wide Shut in KUBRICK’S CODE:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom-Eyes-Wide-Shut-Szandor-star WO

Star of Ishtar at Ziegler’s house party


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom-Eyes-Wide-Shut-Rainbow-tree-and-star-20 WO

Star of Ishtar in the Rainbow Fashions store


So why is Lady Gaga evoking the goddess?…

Occultist Kenneth Anger explained this in The Magical Revival where he reveals one of the reasons why we see goddess/Venus symbolism. The occultists believe that sexual magic was used for spiritual attainment, and has been followed by the people of ancient Egypt by the Draconian Cult. Orgasms can occur in various body centers, including the center seed of consciousness at the crown of the head (the Sahasrarachakra). This chakra point is also related to death (considered the “ultimate” orgasm), aka the “Great Going.” The ‘Goer’ is the designation for the highest gods in Egyptian and Indian mythology, with its symbol being the ankh. The ankh is the symbol for orgasm, as is the goddess of love, Venus, who is used sexually to transcend consciousness. The occult types (e.g. Gnostics) believe that the dove is the symbolic bird for Venus, and this is where we get the Columbus worship because ‘Colomba’ means ‘dove’ in Latin.

In 2015 she participated in an “Emotion Revolution” in which she told us that she found ways of dealing with anxieties by performing many of the common place eastern religion practices that Crowley and Grant utilized as well:

Gaga tells us that she practices various techniques to deal with her anxieties and depression like ayurvadic medicine, meditation, mantra, even “prays sometimes.” These can all have deep occult meanings to them if you consider their roots. The left hand path of the ancient Indian religion of Hinduism suggests that contact was made with deities in order to learn of the ayurvadic medicines. Meditation is used to make contact with these same supernatural entities. The same goes for the mantra.

Why would she be doing all of this? I believe it is part of an initiation type routine. At the Grammys in 2016 she showed herself inside of a cube which is symbolism of Saturn. This symbolizes the blackening of the alchemist but it also references the Brotherhood of Saturn.

Lady Gaga Intel Cube Saturn 2

This magical order was similar to the other occult groups, whether it be New Age, Freemasonry or Thelema; they all revolve around the idea of mastery of occult knowledge (e.g. axioms like “As above, so below” which emphasize the duality aspects of man and world) in order to advance and evolve one’s self in a series of steps and rituals.

The Brotherhood of Saturn incorporates 33 steps to achieve the full spectrum of enlightenment, similar to Scottish Rite of Freemasonry who also incorporates 33 degrees. The end of the path for a member of the Brotherhood of Saturn is self-deification, an important concept in Thelema and seen in the realm of music with musicians making themselves god-like (e.g. Kanye West = Yeezus, Jay-Z = Hova, Beyonce = Beysus, etc.).

So it seems that Lady Gaga may be channeling spirits in an attempt to advance into a further enlightened state of occultism. She is to become the next goddess in a list of growing musicians that are confused and being used as puppets by the Illuminati…


The Deception of Making Contact

The more that I research, the more that I find out the occultists are seeking to make contact with extraterrestrial entities. They are doing this for a variety of reasons, but the truth is that they need to sell the masses on the idea of extraterrestrial life.

In 2015, Lady Gaga was supposed to ride the Virgin Galactic spaceship into zero gravity. From

Mother Monster seemed to confirm the news, tweeting on Wednesday, “GagaInSpace2015.”

The plan is for Gaga to sing at Zero G Colony, a three-day high-tech music festival at Spaceport America in New Mexico, the world’s first commercial spaceport. On the third day of the event, Gaga will take off on board a Virgin Galactic spaceship. had a similar publicity stunt with his Reach to the Skies song transmitting from Mars:

“This is about inspiring young people to lead a life without limits placed on their potential and to pursue collaboration between humanity and technology.” –

Gaga’s outer space performance was cancelled when a test flight of Virgin Galactic crashed on Oct. 31st, 2014 and killed one of its pilots (*note the date of the pagan sacrifice night of Samhain). She also cancelled plans to get married in space as well.

It appears that they want to desperately make contact with the aliens in order to fulfill the desires of the original voyagers of the cosmos: NASA.

Jack Parsons was one of the founding fathers of space travel, but most are unaware that he was a high level occultist that was attempting to inhabit the area of the universal consciousness. He believed he made contact with the other dimension and that he was now the “Antichrist” that was to help bring out Aleister Crowley’s Aeon of Horus and destroy Christianity.

Jack Parsons

Jack Parsons


Famed Nazi scientist Wernher von Braun came to America on Operation Paperclip and he was an avid follower of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky (the first Ancient Astronaut theorist). Surely he was exposed to the occultism of Hitler and the Nazi party; perhaps during the experiment where they used the Vril Society to channel extraterrestrial entities in an attempt to learn the secrets of space travel…

Maria Orsic Nazi Channeling


Aleister Crowley believed that E.T.s were an advanced race and we needed to make contact in order to evolve as a species:

My observation of the Universe convinces me that there are beings of intelligence and power of a far higher quality than anything we can conceive of as human; that they are not necessarily based on the cerebral and nervous structures that we know; and that the one and only chance for mankind to advance as a whole is for individuals to make contact with such Beings. – Aleister Crowley, Magick Without Tears

So it seems that not only do the “Illuminati” seek to channel the spirits of the ancient pagan goddesses; but they want to connect with a much darker and more insidious concept: the demonic aliens. We’re being conditioned through entertainment and science to believe in extraterrestrial life, and I believe this is due to the deception of Satan. The occultists from many years ago sought the destruction of Christianity, and they are using science in conjunction with entertainment to make it a reality.

The demons are merely using these channels for their own purposes and I believe Lady Gaga is one of their victims. In fact, she had a video for Do What You Want that was directed by alleged sexual handler Terry Richardson in which she is impregnated through rape. The lyrics suggest she has been subjected to MKULTRA type mind control:


If you also consider the similarity between the song’s title and Aleister Crowley’s famous axiom of Do What Thou Wilt, you can see there are more links to the occult.

Gaga Do What U Want Illuminati Symbolism Rape

Could it be that Lady Gaga is being used by the Illuminati channel demonic aliens? The symptoms suggest it may be so:

Once joined with the abductee’s neural pathways, the alien essentially has free rein to do what he wants. The abductee is no longer in control of his own thoughts. The aliens can exercise absolute power over the minds and bodies of the abductees. They can make the abductees think, feel, visualize, or do anything the aliens want.” – David Jacobs, The Threat. p 54

She went on Howard Stern in 2013 where she admitted to hearing voices, which she jokes about being an alien before telling him she can’t turn it off and it is a chaotic state of being…

Lady Gaga also had a very strange video at Coachella where we could see connections to alien lifeforms and HR Giger-esque contact:


The Dark Side

Dabbling with the dark side takes its toll on the practitioner, as is evident by the many celebrities that lose their mind after partaking in this. Alex Jones claimed that Lady Gaga has been terrorized by demons and I believe it is due to these channeling of spirits and exploring the dark side too often:

“Lady Gaga has to have bodyguards around her at night because she’s so terrorized by demons and ghosts and screaming and yelling and flopping around…” -Alex Jones’ Infowars, 4-22-2016

In 2012 it was reported that Lady Gaga was seeking help with a recurring nightmare about the Devil:

“I have this recurring dream where there’s a phantom in my home and he takes me into a room where there’s a blonde girl with ropes tied to her limbs pulling her apart. I told Deepak the dream was so terrifying I thought somehow that a devil force was trying to take hold of me.”

Unfortunately, she looked for help from New Age star Deepak Chopra who had this advice for her:

“[Deepak] laughed and told me that I should learn to embrace my own insanity. I told him, ‘The Devil is trying to take me, Deepak. I’m a good girl!’” Chopra’s reply? “Don’t worry.”

That doesn’t surprise me since Deepak Chopra is part of the New Age agenda that is merely a repackaging of Helena Blavatsky’s Theosophy and its pursuit to destroy Christianity.

She also wanted to learn how to levitate from Deepak:

“I want to go into a coma and levitate. I am a very spiritual person. Deepak is the most influential person in my life. His message is a true inspiration. He helps me to reach inside my spirituality and we take it to the next level.”

This is part of the belief that man has latent powers from within that can be tapped into. In Theosophical guru Helena Blavatsky’s Collected Writings:

The objects of the Society are various. It influences its fellows to acquire an intimate knowledge of natural law, especially its occult manifestations. As the highest development, physically and spiritually, on earth, of the Creative Cause, man should aim to solve the mystery of his being. He is the procreator of his species, physically, and having inherited the nature of the unknown but palpable Cause of his own creation, must possess in his inner, psychical self, this creative power in lesser degree. He should, therefore, study to develop his latent powers, and inform himself respecting the laws of magnetism, electricity and all other forms of force, whether of the seen or unseen universes.

This is precisely why we’re seeing the obsession with supernatural abilities in today’s entertainment. It’s all part of the big occult agenda. Blavatsky believed that man could harness the powers of magnetism and use it to levitate- similar to the repulsion of like polarities.

In 2014 Lady Gaga recited a poem at the Louvre which I referred to as a “satanic prayer.” In this reading she seems to be exploring a dark side; maybe even satanic:

Lady gaga louvre art

The next year in 2015, Lady Gaga was a lead role on the cast of American Horror Story: Hotel. Lady Gaga (The Countess) tells us that “every man has a shadow side they must feed” and this is precisely how the occult thinks. They use aspects of duality to explore the darkest side of themselves in order to find the light.


Lady Gaga addressed this to Entertainment Weekly:

Gaga told EW that AHS signaled a return for her to “the art of darkness.”

“It will inform me from this day forward, everyday more and more.”

The Nihilist philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once said:

Who wishes to be creative must first destroy and smash accepted values.

And here we find Lady Gaga’s precise M.O. is to destroy and smash accepted values. She even referenced this concept when speaking about the guru named Osho:

“…the creativity is the greatest way of rebellion.“- Lady Gaga on Osho

Could it be that she is referencing the most infamous rebel of them all?… Lucifer is the archetype of rebellion and he fell from the heavens to become Satan. Occultists seek desperately to tap into their dark side which is arguably where evil resides. This only satisfies the dark overlord who reigns over this material world and seeks to lure us into his trappings…



Like I mentioned earlier, these celebrities seem to be indoctrinated by occult teachings of expanding their creativity by exploring their dark sides. This causes mental breakdowns and would explain why we have to witness this same “story” of the rise and fall of our celebrities so often.

Recently Lady Gaga told the Mirror that she was traumatized by her initial experiences with fame:

Singer Lady Gaga reveals she is still taking medication after feeling “traumatised” by her career’s sudden takeoff. 

After releasing her last pop album in 2013, she admitted suffering a period of depression that left her feeling “exhausted – like I was dying”.

“When my career took off, I don’t remember anything at all. It’s like I’m traumatised. I needed time to recalibrate my soul.”

Could it be that Lady Gaga had to “recalibrate her soul” because she was part of the Illuminati blood sacrifice of Lina Morgana?

Is Lady Gaga being used by the Illuminati to channel entities?

Is the archetype of the goddess and the Devil being used to create her music?…

All of these questions beg for an answer and I believe we’ll find one in due time. For now, if I was to answer the question of “Is Lady Gaga in the Illuminati?” I’d have to say yes. She may not realize it, but she is being used to explore the boundaries of reality which only leads one into the darkest realm possible…

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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Please write about the kpop groups:BTS ( Bangtan Boys) and EXO. Please Issac. This article made me realise a lot. I never knew that Venus and Lucifer could be the same being.
    Also, I wondered something. Illuminati seeks to establish one government with all people underneath it. Could they want to establish a single language too in the form of English language? I mean the British spread the language through their rule. And it is of utmost importance to learn English but why?

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    • *Isaac.
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      • Personally, I think that English language being taught throughout the world is a way to break cultural boundaries. The best way to ensure a one-world government is to make sure that almost everyone in the world follows the same ideology. Breaking cultures and blending religions into one would be a big part of the Luciferian conspiracy.

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  2. Hey there! Just wanted to say that was an extremely well-thought out article and was all around incredible. I wanted to add one additional thing that wasn’t touched on, something perhaps minute one would think except due to the situational parameters which I feel make this a really REALLY big deal. Now, you touched on the model bf used in the Paparazzi vid, which strangely coincides with the Lina Morgana mirror, but the even creepier connection comes with the fact that Alexander Skaarsgard was used. He being depicted as the leader of the entire race of vampires in HBO’s “True Blood” seems insanely tell-tell if I may say given Gaga’s personification of a vampire countess in American Horror Story. There is an even darker spin that has personally hit me pretty hard now after having read this article and watched your YouTube video. It brings about yet another connection close to me that most will never know and one that most will never care about nor pay attention to the factual connections this case has to me. I’ll briefly touch on this part of my wild, tragic horrific, invigorating and unbelievably unexplainable story (I’ll divulge the entire thing at some point or at least to people that care to listen or that may need additional guidance or a helpful hand or handbook to assist them in getting through this mess), and this connection comes with Lady Gaga playing her role in American Horror Story. I actually knew about Gaga’s role before the release of anything to anyone else…and I had items of her clothing, scripted parts from the show and I silently made arrangements to assist in accommodating and stylizing her character while I was working on my actual projects I had for work. I’m not a designer/stylist/wardrobe department at all, so why did I know this and why was I involved at all? Well, my ex-gf, the gf that was perfect for me & the one that loved me just as much as I loved her but freakishly had her emotions turned off of me over night like a switch being flipped off as she went into a zombified state specific to her feelings about us, amnesiac for all things relating to our relationship as she defamed my name all over town, the gf that left me on Christmas night for heaven’s sake (the obvious Christian celebration for the birth of Christ). This gf was the one, so I thought, but she was also the one that designed Gaga’s vampire glove, the elaborate one seen in the ringing of the bell promo for that season “Hotel”, she also made her Lou bouttins red soles become the silver bottomed ones she wore in the series, as well as, numerous other caviats given that my gf at the time was the stylist for American Horror Story’s commercial spots! I could on and on about this, but let’s just say this all came after she was magically invited to the original American Horror Story by a man named Alexander in which she was to cheat on me by taking my trust for granted, who knows if she did or didn’t because that doesn’t even matter to me nor does her denial of doing anything while there, the point is it’s a little weird. Then she ends up styling Gaga for the promo like a month later. I even helped her call around for a professional that specializes in glove making and the one I found and spoke with was actually named Bird, which even gets creepier given the bird depictions of Gaga as well. At this point, my whole life flipped upside down when all of this began being inflicted on my life. I’ll end by saying this…and I don’t mean this to sound cocky or conceited because it is by no means that…I am an extremely intelligent, medically trained with specific emphasis in child neuropsychology as well as countless hours in the OR becoming educated with neurosurgical practices, street smart as well as book smart, non-paranoid, highly intuitive and well rounded person with nothing remotely pointing toward any psychological disorders to be the seen as the reason for any of this…the only reasons being the endless connections I’ve highlighted all over different aspects of my life that are evidential of this exact practice of occultism being the culprit. Even those that didn’t believe me, even some that turned their back on me, have now seen just as a several of the others have seen, this in full force destroying my life and attempting over and over to bring abandonment and isolation upon me, as I’ve been fortunate enough to fight it off enough to stay afloat in hopes to once again rise up and this time hopefully aid in bringing extra attention to this terrible society if not an entire close to this crap altogether. Thank you again for your article and I truly hope to keep in touch with you and perhaps contribute to your endeavor in any way that I can. And I promise I can be a very good asset if you’d like additional accounts because I have A LOT of insider knowledge due to personal experience and people need to be more aware.

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    • Were you once a practicing occultist and now trying to escape? Bc you seem to be eluding this this…

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  3. Wow so sorry to hear your situation. It’s all coincidental and just shows what the industry is really like.

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  4. Born and raised in Ontario – 40 miles away, twice between 69′ and 71′, I went to some Hollyweird shingding and to this day I still remember how weird the atmosphere felt. I didn’t like it.

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  5. Issac, Actually this is a very good analysis of yours about Lady Gaga. I am surprised though, how you missed out on her interview with a few students at YALE. That tells us about her in a different light as well. She has been through something and the Illuminati is trying to keep her from talking anything more than what she did at this interview. Otherwise, they would have to do a KANYE WEST on her too! Have you noticed that both of these ladies, i.e. Madonna and Lady Gaga are in reality not at all “Attractive?” At least Nicole Kidman was attractive. Why is it that the Illuminati doesn’t make Julia Roberts like beauty the “It” Woman? Again, about Marina Abromovic, it is a dicey thin line. In all probability she is just some nut case artist and has nothing to do with Satanic Rituals etc. But, who knows? Anyway, good article. God bless you.

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  6. You are funny. You really believe this? Seems to me you have been radicalised by rubbish articles and silly internet rumours. I now really like gaga. Was never a fan but gave her a chance. She creates characters and don’t take everything so seriously. She is actually a very decent human being unlike the large number of people in this world. Don’t believe everything you read. When it actually come out of her mouth I will believe it. But it won’t. (Be kind)

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