Is Bruno Mars in the Illuminati?… Yes.

A lot of people get confused by these posts I make about the celebs and entertainers. They think that I’m saying these people are in the Illuminati. Or perhaps that I’m claiming they worship Satan. None of these are true (for the most part). I’m merely saying that if there is an Illuminati (who I’ve proven to worship Satan), then they are controlling/handling these artists. The reason why I say this is because of all the symbolism I find in their music videos.

I beg of you not to condemn these people, hate them, or even repeat the claims. My original intention of this site is to explore ideas; just because I’m saying Bruno Mars is in the Illuminati that doesn’t make it so. I’m exploring the theory and pointing out stuff that I see. If there is ever a smoking gun, crystal clear evidence of Illuminati or satanic membership; TRUST ME- I’LL MAKE IT VERY CLEAR!


That being said, I believe we see enough symbolism from Bruno Mars to assume that he is in fact doing the work of this shadowy Illuminati group. Like all of the other artists, he is not to blame. The system is set up against these people and they are led down a path that forces them to do what they do. Some of them break free, others break down, and others start to enjoy it. Let’s just hope all of this is paranoid delusion…

Bruno Mars (whose real name is actually Peter Hernandez; half Puerto Rican, half Jewish; you know how conspiracy theorists love to bring the Jewish label into the mix) has been tagged with the label of “Illuminati” for various reasons. Most of them are silly and unsubstantiated, like claiming he killed his mother as a blood sacrifice (even if you wanted to entertain this idea; she didn’t even die on an occult ritual day).

Some of the stuff that does point to Illuminati affiliation would be his role on The Cleveland Show where they had an episode called Menace II Society and it featured other Illuminati affiliated rappers like Nicki Minaj and In fact, the storyline of the show was that they were members of a rap Illuminati group that controlled the music industry. We all know that the rappers have very limited control and are at the mercy of their masters to do their bidding, but the point is still there.

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Cleveland Show Illuminati Bruno Mars


The Cleveland Show was on FOX who I already pointed out in my post about the Kabbalah conspiracy theories & Illuminati symbolism in pop culture as a devilish channel:

The concept of the Kabbalah and the demons within the Qliphoth are further explained by theorist Freeman Fly in his book Weird Stuff: Operation Culture Creation. He goes into detail on how the entertainment industry and even politicians are take part of this ritual of invoking the fallen angels through the extensive use of the number 66. Freeman asserts that there are 66 fallen angels in the Qliphoth, and we see the Hebrew numerology play that out as the English combinations of ‘F’s, ‘O’s, and ‘X’s:

‘F’= ‘6’

‘O’ = ‘15’ = ‘1+5’ = ‘6’.

‘X’ = ‘24’ = ‘2+4’ = ‘6’.

Why do you think the Republican party’s logo is an elephant with inverted pentagrams all over it?:


Republican Elephant


In fact we do see Bruno showing us his devotion to 666 through multiple hand gestures he slides into his music videos. For instance here’s one that is very blatant at the beginning of Just the Way You Are:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Bruno Mars Just The Way You Are 666 hand


And here’s another one that occurs in Grenade that the camera zooms in on as we see his hand purposefully go from its resting position to the ‘666’ position:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Bruno Mars Grenade 666 hand


His lyrical content also seems to imply something might be off the norm, with songs called Locked Out of Heaven (implying he’s literally locked out of Heaven due to his Satanic ways; when in reality it’s a song about sex magick).

Here’s a girl in the video holding the pose that emphasizes the one eye; or the All Seeing Eye of Horus (an Aleister Crowley reference to the Age of Horus that we are currently experiencing; held important to the occult- hence the reason we see it all of the time which I explain in SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC):

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Bruno Mars Locked Out of Heaven All Seeing Eye


And in the same video we see the horns of Moloch or Ba’al with the man’s hand gesture:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Bruno Mars Locked Out of Heaven horns hand


Moloch/Ba’al is an ancient occult reference to a deity of sacrifice that has since went more ‘underground’:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Occult Holiday Moloch


We also see more common images of the All Seeing Eye in more of his videos like Just the Way You Are where they camera pauses on this image:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Bruno Mars Just The Way You Are All Seeing Eye


And also one of the poses in Lazy Song shows the All Seeing Eye emphasis as well:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Bruno Mars Lazy Song All Seeing Eye


And in that same video we see him ‘adjusting’ the camera at the beginning and also in the middle and he’s making the shape of the triangle/pyramid of manifestation over his eye (again; check out SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC for more on the pyramid of manifestation from the likes of Jay-Z and others):

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Bruno Mars Lazy Song Triangle Pyramid


In the same video we see the people are stacked like a pyramid:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Bruno Mars Lazy Song Pyramid


The conspiracy theorists claim that Locked Out of Heaven’s theme is that he’s a devil worshipper but the lyrics suggest even more detail than that. To me they are overtly about sex (which will tie back into devil worship anyways):

‘Cause your sex takes me to paradise
Yeah, your sex takes me to paradise
And it shows, yeah, yeah, yeah

You bring me to my knees, you make me testify
You can make a sinner change his ways
Open up your gates ’cause I can’t wait to see the light
And right there is where I wanna stay

Sex is one of the main themes in most everything, with lust and sex being in the forefront. Of course, you could argue that sex is a theme because that’s all part of the human experience, and really who are we kidding when sex sells itself it just begs to be in music videos and song lyrics.

The occult types (and Illuminati) believe that there is a sacred magical order in this world and they perform rituals that can often involve sex. For Bruno Mars to juxtapose sex and Heaven is a bit odd and sinister if you think about it (and he does more questionable bashing on Christianity in his song Other Side as I mention later).

The sex magick is occult stuff goes back into “The Beast” Aleister Crowley and his trance on the entertainment industry which in turn gets bestowed upon all of us who view and participate in the ritual. The Illuminati need us to be willing participants in their rituals in order for them to receive the dark energies they are looking for, so if they can get us to think on their level it’s always to their benefit.

He also participated in Lil Wayne’s video for Mirror which showed us Lil Wayne being crucified as a version of Christ, which is part of the Illuminati agenda in mocking the religion, as pointed out in The Magical Revival by occultist Kenneth Grant:

Crowley Magick Christian Symbols

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Lil Wayne Bruno Mars Freemason Ladder


He also did a collaboration with Damian Marley called Liquor Store Blues where he does the 666 hand with one of his eyes closed:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Bruno Mars Liquor Store 666 eye


Mars’ squeaky clean image was left intact by the Illuminati even though he also wrote the Cee-Lo Green song Fuck You, which managed to find its way onto the Top 40 even though it’s an awful song with even worse lyrics.

He also maintained his image after being arrested in 2010 for cocaine possession (a felony) and he didn’t even get any jail time, and the charges were DISMISSED. Who do you think worked that deal out for him?

The icing on the cake for lyrics goes to the first album’s single Other Side, which talks about how he’s trying to pull someone over to the dark side of the Illuminati affiliation. The term ‘Other Side’ is one that the occult are privy to and I mention this further in the Kabbalah link provided above:

When broaching the concept of evil, some of the Kabbalah teachings display it through a shadow Sephirot and call it the “Other Side.” It is also referred to as the “evil twin,” and this “Other Side” is represented by evil spirits known as the Qliphoth. The Hermetic Qabalah actually tries to make contact with the Qliphoth spirits as part of the self-realization process (unlike the Jewish Kabbalah).

Some of these evil demons are eerily similar to the Illuminati symbolism we see from the entertainment industry on a regular basis, leading me to believe that the Illuminati are part of this magic ritual trying to contact the dark forces of the Qliphoth.

…And there are the remaining demons that all correspond to the Tree of Life to fill out the shadow “Other Side” of God’s good attributes. These demons were studied by many of the ‘forefathers’ of the occult and dark arts including Aleister Crowley (Liber 777) and Anton LaVey (the Satanic Bible). Is it a surprise that rock group Aerosmith had a hit called The Other Side with dark lyrics…

As far as Bruno’s lyrics go; he even goes as far as to say “This ain’t Narnia” when talking about the place he is in. Narnia is from the C.S. Lewis book series, and he was one of the most famous Christian authors of all time (who died on Nov. 22, 1963- same day as JFK), so I can’t help but think this is another subtle bash on Christianity.

Here he is doing the 666 hand gesture again in the video for Other Side:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Bruno Mars Other Side 666 hand


And take a look at the black triangle on the drum set in the same video. The triangle is a symbol for manifestation in magic, with principles of three dimensions emphasized by the three sides:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Bruno Mars Other Side Triangle


At the end of the video the camera pans around and shows an All Seeing Eye over the top of what I’m guessing is Bruno as a child. Very creepy that the Illuminati would put their symbol of the Watchers over top of the image of the young boy, but that is par for the course in an organization that is into child abuse and ritual sacrifice (e.g. Bohemian Grove Cremation of Care ceremony):

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Bruno Mars Other Side All Seeing Eye


Take a look at what he is saying in the lyrics for Other Side:

We would live forever
Who could ask for more
You could die if you wanted
But baby what for

It’s better if you don’t understand
And you won’t know what it’s like
Until you try

If they say life’s a dream
Call this insomnia
Cause this ain’t Wonderland
It damn sure ain’t Narnia
And once you cross the line
You can’t change your mind
Yeah I’m a monster
But I’m no Frankenstein
And quite frankly
I’ve been feeling insane in between my eyes
I really can’t explain what I feel inside
If you knew what I was you’s would run and hide
Many have tried to go into the night
Cross over the line and come back alive
But that’s the price we payin’ when we living on the other side

It’s better if you don’t understand
It’s better if you don’t understand

The song insists on telling us “It’s better if you don’t understand” meaning that once you take a bite of that forbidden fruit and partake of the darkness on the Illuminati side of the house you’ll forever regret it. He says:

Many have tried to go into the night
Cross over the line and come back alive
But that’s the price we payin’ when we living on the other side

These lyrics support this whole idea that the musicians get inducted into fame through contractual agreements for their soul. They go ‘into the night’ which is signing on with the Illuminati and then try to ‘come back alive’ and warn us about it, but it comes with a cost. The musicians go through an Illuminati Vow of Silence which is evident with the abundant number of images showing us secrecy:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Vow of Silence Michael Jackson

IlluminatWatcherDotCom Rihanna Shhh Illuminati vow of silence

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Vow of Silence Madonna


In Bruno Mars’ popular song Uptown Funk (actually it’s Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars), you can briefly see the Illuminati Mark of the Beast in the background, fusing the X with O and evoking the evil deity of Isis from the depths:

Bruno Mars Illuminati Mark of Beast X O Uptown Funk


Eminem, Britney Spears, Bob Dylan; they’ve all signed on with this deal and tried to break the programming. You can see evidence of that with Eminem’s Rain Man obsession, Britney shaving her head, and Bob Dylan going on television to tell us that he can’t get out of the deal he made with the devil (see that Rain Man link; it has a video for the Music Industry Exposed that has it on there).

So that sums up the case for determining if Bruno Mars is in the Illuminati. Of course, he’s not welcome inside the Illuminati, but he’s definitely being handled by them through his symbolism, gestures, and lyrics. He is just another pop “icon” that is being pushed through the system and infiltrating into your subconscious. In fact I can’t get that Uptown Funk song out of my head now after watching the video. Dammmmmmit…

Thanks for reading and be sure to comment below and let me know what you think (I read every single comment- I assure you). Be sure to sign up for the free email newsletter as well for the latest inside scoop on pop culture symbolism and conspiracy theories.








Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. I honestly don’t think fox news is illuminati. But anything is possible.

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    • Hi Destiny; please see the post. I just updated it to show the Republican party elephant which is riddled with inverted pentagrams. I find it odd that they had to be inverted?… Fox is the mouthpiece for the Republican right-wing so I think there’s something to be said for that. Thanks for visiting the site and commenting so much; I read every one of them.

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      • Oh no…I liked Bruno Mars. But I totally agree with you and I didn’t want to see it that way but the Locked out of Heaven song does seem to be about sex magick. So sad.

        People stay away from this kind of people that worship the devil. Love God, the creator of all things visible and invisible.

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        • I think that Bruno Mars is really gonna be locked out of heaven when he dies im not negative but he is.

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      • Only read about three of your posts. They sound stupid. How do you know so much about the illumine by the way? In that case you’re in it as well 🙄 Stupid ass mf

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        • If you don’t believe in Illuminati conspiracy theories, why are you reading the articles? I’ve done extensive research on this, and I found things that gave me insomnia in the beginning. This shit is real and it’s really creepy.

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          • Poor ignorant they lives we sleep

      • Actually I watch America’s Newsroom and Bill Hemmer often makes the 666 symbol with his hand and at the last second of most shows he is on he gives the V symbol when he says goodbye. There is a YouTube video when he goes on the show Outnumbered to discuss a religion special he was working on and he does it on there too. Could all be coincidental, but it happens so frequently it gets to me.

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    • HAH. Yeah they are. they are disney, abc, and just everything, take a look on youtube. just have to look in the right places.

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      • Yeah, BTW the Illuminati went so far as to etch their name into a triangular piece of cheese for that one Taco Bell commercial. It was front & center…yet that guy says we’re all stupid for what we’re into!
        Bruno Mars one time worked with Duran Duran too.
        Illuminati Watcher did a whole episode on them.
        I think some of their extra symbolism was made up though.
        John Taylor’s was just personal.

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    • 3 x Pentagram on the Elephant (memory) = 555 – the (not so) secret 666. 555 comes from the captivity of Israel by Assyria. They still “owe” them for that – ‘they’ keep loooooong accounts that accrue much interest…

      FOX is 666 in Pythagorean gematria – it is also so stilted it beggars belief, but then we have 57 varieties, enough to please every taste…it is a little more obvious in Britain who is and who is not pushing the party line…they get knighthoods…or social acceptance after years of service…the patsies and players get thrown to the jackals…and Sir Stiff Rigid, who’d have thought that he was a boy buggering Zionist change agent pushing the CZ message? But if you ever took the time to line up his songs with his supposed morals, the conflict was quite apparent – he was pushing “sanctified” satanism and sex, snake oil, and the Xians fell for it hook line and thinker…

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      • Ian, sir, you are the man. Great comment.

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    • Agreed. My only problem with people saying 666 is achieved through that have signal is that it can also be an Om. I’m a practicing yogi and I make my fingers like that all the time for OM. 👌🏼🕉

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  2. WOW! Bruno et tu? He’s been saying on this side of the Pond he was NOT with the Illuminati. He refused to deal with them and his music is geared against them. But after reading this, sorry Bruno, you’re one of the gang and you did try to hide it.

    As for his mother, I think she was a blood sacrifice because look at how his career has shot up and his fame is on fire. He’s going to be the Halftime Show for the Super Bowl this year. How do you get that???

    Oh well . . . another one bites the dust . . .

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    • And Kanye West’s mom, too. 🙁

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      • I dunno, I think its normal for people to die, if im not mistaken everyone does it at some point, I’d honestly be more freaked out if they found away to keep their mom’s alive forever. Think about it

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        • Read somewhere he admitted to it. Don’t know for sure. I pray not.

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    • I think his mom was a blood sacrifice too. Some people care more about money and greed than what is really important, so sad. I have a friend in the Rap Circuit that knows Bruno Mars.

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      • I thought Bruno is Filipino bcuz I work for his uncle.

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    • I would have agreed with you earlier tonight, but the problem is this: Bruno Mars’ mother died in 2013. He’d already been famous for three years, leading me to believe that wasn’t the reason his fame shot up. However, I am not ruling out that the elite killed her to keep him quiet. Perhaps he was getting antsy after his first album and had to be reminded of his place.

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  3. Hi,

    You guys have a religious background?

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    • Why do you need to know?

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  4. If you can’t get his ancestry right, then I doubt you did the rest of your research well.

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  5. what!!!!!!!? I was just listening to the lazy song. I loved it. if people just accept jesus as their lord and savior the world would be better especially the father who created them

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  6. Bruno’s not in illuminati. All the gestures you showed are incomplete. Bruno’s got a creative mind for writing lyrics. if i had to write lyrics I’d had wrote them in the same manner. i guarantee that he don’t even know anything about 666. y’all are over thinking it… Now y’all will think that illuminati is also controlling me but dears I’m a Muslim n i can’t get controll by some weak powers of satan…

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    • i am so sry for ya dude!
      You cant Even Think About Truth

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      • I have heard Bruno Mars is in the Illuminati and that he turned, and now I read this. I adore his talent. I Love to listen to him. Constantly, but as for the Satan worshiping??? I do not want to programmed by subconscious. Whatever the case, Is this why I like him so much???? He goes thru my mind …. so I listen. I need to know …. Is he Or not? As they mentioned.. his mom did die and he is very famous. I am scared. Do You know is he in or not?

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          • I wonder why people are much pain in the ass about illuminati if they are not why can’t you guys such about Jesus? People are just meant to be stupid.

        • Don’t be afraid – you can tell the “influencers” by their words, their ways and their fruit. Study the words of is songs – they are dark and or deeply sensual – the rhythms are intoxicating and seductive – the results are confusion and fear. But for what it is worth, a lot more people were sucked in by Sir Stiff Rigid and The Beastles than by Bruno or Jayzee or Beyonce…and as the other correspondent observed, they are entertainers – and most entertainers are True-bad-doors who open your mind to sensual, then demonic activity. But do not fear, it is the devil’s MO to keep you in fear and out of Love, and the Circe’s trump card is hell, to keep you in bondage to fear, so you become like a game of pong between what you perceive as being good or evil. But you need to think and live outside of the Square you are constrained to function within. The Ill-loo-men-arty are not to be feared. They are pussies when it comes to their “power” in comparison to Jesus. They specialize in illusion while Jesus deals with reality, and the reality is for them, their days are numbered by God, not by any Masonic Esoteric formula.

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    • please we have to know and be alert of who we are and where we stand in this world. brono mars is illuminati. that i know though his sign nothing.can escape in one form or another it will show his real identity.

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    • Your moslim you don’t believe in jesus like I’m a christian Bruno Mars is illuminati if your not praising Jezus your praising the devil there is no inbetween your relegion is a lie sorry

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      • Your religion is a lie. Would god condemn millions of people to hell because they never heard of jesus and therefore didn’t worship him? I like jesus and think that his message of humility and love is fantastic but the bible was written hundreds of years after he died and therefore is like a gigantic game of telephone. Condemning people because they don’t believe the exact same thing as you even though their intent is good sounds more like a feature of satan to me.

        PS to the original author, isis is not an evil deity. Did you assume that just because it’s not Christian? Are all Hindus satan worshipers? Gtfo with your ignorant hate.

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        • No hatred intended. Hinduism seeks to channel other worldly entities, and nobody knows what these entities are exactly. Could it be demons? Angels? I have no idea. Why take the gamble? And I’m not saying Isis is an evil entity. Just an Egyptian deity that seems to be miraculously worshipped to this day by non-Egyptians. Don’t you wonder that? Must be nice to live so blissful.

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        • It wasn’t written hundreds of years afterwards. That is a misrepresentation. The Tanakh is ancient and was available during the age of Jesus. The Gospel narratives were difficult to date until about 6 years ago due to the dating methods, so they used the passage in Mark to state post-70 CE. However, in the last 10 years there have been plates discovered in 2005, studied and peer reviewed that point to the Matthew account and that places it at 32-60 CE, contemporary to the life of Jesus. There is also the pollen dating of the GoM fragment which is at 36 CE.

          As for what you said given that there is no definitive position on “Hell” since the words used were representative of many things that were not the Dante version you are probably correct on the technical standpoint and on the logical standpoint no loving God would condemn people to a place of fire for eternity just for things done in a single human lifetime. This is all middle ages conceptualization of the texts that we hold onto today.

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        • Totally agree. And even if they do know, surely everyone’s path is different and we should all be free to choose what resonates and what we believe? Not believe this OR ELSE!!

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      • actually muslims do believe in jesus we just dont believe he was crucified we believe god saveed him

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    • How could u be that sure about him no one can we sure every single part of our life is illuminati& we won’t even if u R reading this comment believe me that’s not lie totally true I am also muslim and I’m proud of it & really try to wake people up & pray that our imam come& wake every body up……

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    • If you are controlled by radical Islam you are controlled by Satan
      Allah is Satan, definitely not a loving God
      Wake up!!!

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    • There are even more symbols in his videos and really everywhere you look all over the world are their symbols. But I cant tell you what or where they are but there everywhere . on most anything some right there in your face some hidden in plain sight

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    • Satan’s got the Music Industry by the shorthairs.

      And since Prince died a mysterious death on April 23, 2016, nothing and no one can be above the Illuminati. They have tentacles like an octopus!

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  7. it really makes me sick when I see people love and support non Christians and the illuminati I hate the illuminati they are not good people they do not support good things and they do bad things and people support and love the illuminati and it makes me seriously mad people really need to wake up it is not funny supporting the illuminati members and they love songs that are bad that and people like NM katy perry ariana grande and miley cyrus really make me sick and people who sing about drugs and more make me sick seriously it is not cool I don’t love or support things like this it is not cool because I love god and Jesus and I am a Christian and always will be I am tired of people supporting artists and loving artists who are in the illuminati or anything like that I completely hate it it makes me sick. I really hate people like this and I really hate the illuminati. but I love my enemies.

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  8. Very interesting article. I have recently started looking into the Illuminati and the music industry. I do enjoy Bruno’s music so I specifically checked out sites discussing whether he was affiliated with the Illuminati or not. You bring up some interesting points. I believe he wrote the song “Other Side” for the Twilight Saga where Bella has to choose whether to join Edward the vampire on the other side. For what it’s worth. I also noticed in the Treasure video that Bruno’s partner Phillip Lawrence makes the zip your lip motion as if to keep quiet or to keep some secret. It’s very fast and you need to really pay attention to see it. Thanks for sharing.

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    • By the way, his father is half Puerto Rican and half Jewish (from Hungary and the Ukraine) while his mother was Filipino.

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  9. I was just watching the Uptown Funk music video and noticed that Bruno Mars did the 666 sign with his hand within the first 30 seconds of the video which really shocked me. Such a shame since he is so talented and I really liked him…

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  10. mars is of course is being manipulated by the dark satanists! Otherwise he wouldn’t be getting the repetitive exposure on the different medias. It’s not rocket science!

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    • Yes because there’s no way he could just be good at what he chose as his profession. ???

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  11. Maybe he’s not really Illuminati but is pretending to be, to be cool and sell more records and get publicity as people talk about ‘is he, isn’t he?’

    He doesn’t look as if he knows very much.

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  12. People, search about your jesus and stop bugging on things you dont follow

    mxm you’re boring you know

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  13. Love your work Isaac. One question about this article. It seems to be leaking Christianity all over the place. Usually religion is not at your forefront.

    Sorry Christians, Christianity is one of their ‘The Other Sides’. There have been 23 different saviors born during the same time, with three wise men or kings who were resurrected three days after their death. Look it up. Jesus is a recurring savior to keep the masses in check.

    The beings that control the idiots here on planet earth live on energy. Which we give them all the time. How often do you say ‘Oh God’? When your upset, when your happy, hell even when we orgasim. People please stop giving power to things you or I don’t completely understand.

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  14. Maybe the title should be, is the person under illuminati control,as we all are in some way.As for the alphabet another way to encode letters to numbers is make three columns out of the alphabet.The 1st two would go from 1-9 and the 3rd from 1-8 because there are only 26 letters or two sets of 13.After making three vertical columns of the alphabet this way you will find the word fox spelled out.Order 66 goes way back to when the daze of the weak were scheduled.Ask yourself what is the 6th day of the week and the 6th planet in the solar system.Is there a coincidence I think so.Is there any correlation between Saturday and Saturn?Good to learn something new everyday… As for the number 13 that will be discussed in another thread.

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    • There’s a reason why the 6th day and the 6th planet have similar names, the start with Sat which means 6. There’s nothing evil about it, the devil has many names, one of them being Satan, given because of the reference to 6, this does not make everything to do with 6 evil though. But then again I’m currently 24, and you know, 2+4=6 so I am evil right now and I’m just trying to steer you away from the truth.

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      • Go check the height of the door you walk through everyday or look at a Home Depot flyer you will find it is 80 inches tall which equals 6..66 feet in height.Slavemasters like tagging their slaves they just hate when you find out they truly are devil worshippers.They have to curse us or cast a spell if you wish.Black magic plain and simple.It took exactly 80 months to construct the original trade towers in NYC just like your door it equals 6.66 years instead of feet.

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  15. Good greef, you spend so much time and energy disecting movies, magazines, music, etc, researching people’s backgrounds, watching everything that happens in their lives, and researching all this satanic symbolism and stuff, have u seen the ads on this site? Wtf?? I am also a christian, and I am a good person, I watch movies, flip through the occasional magazine, listen to the radio and watch TV like the majority of people on earth, however I chose to spend my free time with my family, and with God, my kids go to church with us, I teach them about good morals and to love everyone, I teach them to pray and not to judge one another, I believe that most religions are true, if you look at the basic morals and principals, the foundations, they are all basically good, but if you gonna go spend hours looking into crap and trying to find the correlation between every single innocent hand gesture etc, and evil then I feel so sorry for you, life the life the creator gave you. I mean I watch a music video and find it entertaining for a few minutes and move on with my day, you watch it over and over, paying immense attention to detail, to the point where you know lyrics off by heart and can see the images in your head when you close your eyes, that’s unhealthy, rather focus that intense energy on good. If these things are real, don’t you think you’re giving them exactly what they want? More exposure, more downloads, more money, more power, you’re making people who would not have bothered listening to certain stuff now go search for it, buy it, or illegally download it, and obsess over it. Well done.

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    • Some people learn differently. I had to explore the dark to understand why the light is the right place to go. This is for others who were fooled like I was.

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      • Okay, good point. But I still feel it’s all a little overboard, some of the stuff you point out as possible signs of being in the illuminati are just innocent normal everyday human gestures, eg. The part where Bruno Mars taps the drum, where you say it’s 666, but how else would you have positioned his hand to tap the drum. There are music videos that have definite satanic stuff in It, but this ain’t it, imo. But each to their own.

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        • Perhaps- but it’s so common it’s hard to dismiss. I’ve read M.H. Marefat’s responses and I agree with a lot that is being said there. It’s appears that the Devil has deceived us in many ways. In SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC I talk about Francis Bacon’s strategy of tricking us through entertainment and this appears to be so. The Devil is also depicted as a showman…

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    • Mr.Alex we must take it into consideration that mostly children and younger people are the major viewers and followers of these singers, celebrities, etc… . Isn’t it neccessary to inform them of what they are seeing? That people they are in love with are completely against God, Jesus and their religion? Shouldn’t we expose this waged war of rich Satanists, the Dreadful Few, against religion and keep our youth and even young children uninformed, exposed to Satanism believes 24/7?

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  16. Sorry I was so angry and forgot to thank you for your great website

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  17. i don’t think Bruno mars is illuminati i need more proof

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  18. the lazy song wasn’t any proof to me i want you to show me the list of illuminati

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  19. well i am in a cafe and my time is almost up

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  21. I know I’m late to this but I’d like to offer evidence that Bruno’s mother was a sacrifice. She died on June 1, 2013 or Sivan 23, 5773 in the Hebrew calendar. That’s 3m/23d in the Biblical calendar. Go to and type 323 in the search box and see who comes up first. In the Hebrew civil calendar, it’s the 9m/23d and considering all the recent focus on 923 and/or 239, I’d say there is a Luciferian connotation to this.

    Line up these deaths with the Hebrew calendars and they suddenly become events beyond coincidence. Enjoy the website and thanks.

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  22. Hi Issac,

    I couldn’t help but notice the similarities between Madonna’s eye makeup in the ‘Vow of Silence’ picture above and the Eye of Horus… Do you see it too, or is it just me?
    Thanks for all the great posts by the way! I could spend all day reading the website. 😛


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  23. Hey Isaac, I’m just now reading this article you wrote back in 2014.
    Many of your observations parallel my thoughts about him.
    I only became aware of him when somehow I happened to watch his early song TREASURE.
    When I look at his latest video UPTOWN FUNK he looks like a totally different person. He seems to GROW TALL especially when he’s on stage, his nose, hair and teeth are all different compared to his early days. True we all mature and with maturity sometimes our features do change…but there is something uncanny about his slimness and long lean legs in UPTOWN FUNK. Also I really don’t want to feed into the conspiracy theory of his mother’s death being a sacrifice, but it’s another uncanny thing how he shot into fame so quickly after she died. At first he impressed me as being an INCARNATION of MICHAEL JACKSON…who died in 2009…Bruno’s star rose in that same year. Well Isaac, thanks for the insight, but I really like him and truly hope he’s not Illuminati and hope he stays true and honest to himself. Peace and blessings, Angel ?

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  24. I feel bad for all celebs who are forced to join illuminati. Who knows? Maybe bruno is forced to do this

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  25. I was very suspect about uptown funk and Bruno mars
    such sadness
    selling souls for earthly things
    Guys worship God
    also that video
    the page was not found

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  26. Also Fox is pretty satanic
    they have changed there outlook
    and damn triangles are EVERYWHERE in commercials and shows
    Its sad

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  27. I honestly loved reading your facts and thoughts regarding this topic. I Will be reading more 🙂

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  28. Sorry, but this false information is sad. Bruno is all about the music, his whole family is. I’ve known his family and his best friend for quite some time. He has no interest in the illuminati, political agenda’s, nothing but music. He can’t work technology well, but can write songs, choreograph and entertain since he’s been doing it his whole life just like his parents, aunt and uncles. His family is very close. They quote scriptures from the bible and he always wears a cross around his neck.

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    • I know Bruno since he was born, I know his Dad Peter the 2nd since we were kids.
      Bruno is not into Illuminati or satan worship, was one of the nicest kids you would want to know I also am a musician and know his Uncles and his mother Bernie God bless her soul taken from us too early! He is half Puerto Rican, half Jewish on His fathers side as I knew his grandmother from Brooklyn as was his dad since we were young in Hawaii, His mother was Filipino. Whole family both side very talented entertainers!
      I still often talk on the phone with his Dad Peter and it is about old times and the Bible, Doo Wop etc.. and things that are happening prophetically! So the idea that Bruno is into satan is not true by any stretch! Just to set the record straight!

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  29. Well that may be true but you can’t worship the devil and God at the same time. Jesus even said that even the devil believes in God. The problem with Bruno Mars music is that it is insidious. I mean that by saying it sounds good and very upbeat but the lyrics are about lust, sexual immorality, greed, etc. The devil is a liar and like the bible says the devil portrays himself as an angel of light.

    If Bruno is a christian then he wouldn’t be going against God’s Word. God is Holy and He does not go against Himself. I could quote scripture all day long but the proof that you love God and are saved is that you would repent of your sins and the Holy Spirit lives in you. Yes, we are humans and sin every day but a conscious sin to rebel against God when you know the truth is quite a telling sign.

    Can God go against Himself where on one hand you are guided by the Holy Spirit but at the same time lead millions of people by seducing them by your lyrics?

    Words are empowering. I’m not saying that Bruno is not saved that is God’s job but the like the Good Lord said “You will know them by their fruit.” Remember it is the devil’s job to lead people astray and God is Light. I look at Bruno’s music this way, pretty on the outside but inside is a sepulchre (like it says in the bible).

    Bruno has a lot of responsibility since he is a public figure but if you say you love God and then by your actions you mislead people then I feel sorry for him m when he stands before the Holy God.

    Everything in Bruno’s songs do not glorify God but it is the opposite. Drugs, immorality, drunkeness, making a mockery of marriage and the list goes on. He is also pretty blasphemous in a lot of his songs. Take the word “Hallelujah”. Hallelujah is a word reserved for God alone. Bruno uses that word in the context of sexual immorality and that is why I have come to the conclusion that he is pretty on the outside but his lyrics are unholy.

    I went to a concert of his and I walked out. There was something not quite right. He seduced the audience to the point of whipping them into a frenzy and I found it quite alarming. Remember the devil offered Jesus all the riches and fame in the kingdom if Jesus fell down and worshipped him. The bottom line of my post is this: A lot of songs Bruno Mars sings about is an abomination to the Lord but the people are seduced by how “good” the music sounds. Lucifer was the music leader in heaven when he was cast out.

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  30. i still don’t think that bruno mars is in illumanati ,because in most of his videos he wears a plus in his neck.

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  31. Why nobody noticed bruno mars is looking and moving like an alien ? Somes grey evil alien trying looking like humanoid to get control and famous. This is no wonder why he say in lyric song he is a monster inside of himself. There is another reason why he know he is locked out of the paradise as many others kind of illuminati who workship for the devil.

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  32. what about today his song today my life begins? i think that’s when he joined Illuminati, based on the lyrics. Can you explain it to us? i know a lot about Illuminati but i want to learn more 🙂 God Bless

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  33. Wow what can I say. I do like Bruno Mars and think he is greatly talented and one of my favorite pop stars! But like you have pointed out, he is thrown into this Illuminati deception. I’m sure over 50% or more of people really know what his lyrics mean and what they are really pointing to. Once again like many of the great and best artists, he is tainted with this illuminati agenda. It makes me even more sick to discover and realise this.

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  34. can someone tell me y the illuminati is bad cuz i still dont understand wat they do that is plz tell me🤷‍♀️😕 i rlly wanna know i coz i know they r bad but y

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  35. Dylan? Really? That interview is more like a deal he made with God or Jesus not the devil! Plus he has made many overt Christian records and sings Christian songs at his concerts still! And he recorded a Christmas album. Pretty weak argument and when you go too far you ruin possible truths that you do speak.

    Pull it together and tighten the rigging there pal. peace

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  36. Tell me again, why?, is Isis an evil entity?

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  37. Interesting post. I always thought there was something ‘spooky’ about his mom’s ‘sudden’ passing. Was he even famous until after she passed away?

    Anyway good stuff to read here. If the rappers and singers do all this to be not invited inside the illuminati then it must be straight hell to pay to get INside.


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