Is Beyonce in the Illuminati?… An Investigation of Occult Symbolism

Hello and welcome back to! Most of you are familiar with my thoughts on the music industry and its capabilities to influence the minds of the masses- but today I’d like to focus in on one person in particular. She’s clearly the most popular female entertainer; and according to Forbes she is also the most powerful.

In 2014 she topped Forbes’ Celebrity 100 list which ranks the celebrities according to the power they wield. This is instrumental in telling us how the game is played because Forbes is correct in stating that these celebrities have power at their grasp. Between the social media follows, public appearances, shows, and features; Beyonce has the power to transform the entire world through pop culture influence.


Beyonce ft Blue Ivy Blue Water

Beyonce has an empire of branding with perfumes, concerts, corporate sponsorships in Pepsi and H&M clothing, and of course; the right family connections with rapper mogul husband Jay-Z.

The shrewd observer should want to see what direction this powerful celebrity seeks to take our world, because believe it or not, people WILL FOLLOW.

So lies the question at hand: Is Beyonce in the Illuminati?…

Come along as we peer into the darkness that is the “occult” and learn about the theories surrounding this shadowy elite who secretly run the world behind the scenes in an attempt to sway the evolution of consciousness…


Who Are the Illuminati?…

Many of you have heard this from me in the past- but I’ll briefly explain to those of you that are new. When people talk about the “Illuminati” they aren’t speaking about the Bavarian group that was founded by Adam Weishaupt in 1776 (*I am of no relation- “Isaac Weishaupt” is a pseudonym). Instead, we are talking more about an intangible theory. The idea is that there is a group of powerful individuals who believe in a world unseen to most of us. They believe in a different history of our world that most of us are unaware.

They believe they are destined for much greater things and they intend to use their power to wield influence and push us down a certain path. In their defense, they seem to think they are helping us by pushing society through the “evolution of consciousness.” This is where things get fuzzy because this path could consist of several potential things; from Satanism to Luciferianism, Transhumanism to Deification; it’s all possible.

When I say that there is a spiritual battle going on behind the scenes- I truly believe it. When you consider the overwhelming amount of evidence that supports an idea of an “Illuminati” group, it’s hard to deny what is laid out in front of us. As much as people don’t want to believe it, there is a coordinated effort to move us from a world of organized religion to a world of individual Luciferian thought where Satan is somehow a savior of humanity who is capable of giving us the enlightenment used in order to allow us to become gods; or in Beyonce’s case- “Beezus”…

Beyonce Haunted Star of Ishtar Semiramis


In the beginning…

Beyonce’s journey started as many celebrities’ did- as a child entertainer. Growing up in Houston, Texas, she pursued a career in entertainment and was placed in the appropriate schools in order to make that happen; starting in elementary school. Her father seemed to support her wishes and helped her pursue this career path (or maybe forced her into it, ala Michael Jackson style, depending on who you listen to).

In 1998 her musical group, Destiny’s Child (a name derived from Biblical inspiration), provided the breakthrough necessary to make Beyonce a household name. Eventually she proved herself the “chosen one” and disbanded from Destiny’s Child in order to pursue a solo career.

Jay-Z gave her a path by performing a collaboration on his “03 Bonnie and Clyde” track which would also be featured on her 2002 debut album Dangerously in Love.


Since then she’s grown in power and persuasion to become the megastar that is Beyonce. She is arguably the most powerful female in the entire world and I hope to convince you to consider that there may be more than meets the eye to her presence in pop culture…


Classic Illuminati Symbols: All Seeing Eye, 666, and Triangle of Manifestation

Many of you are very familiar with the symbols that denote Illuminati symbolism. This is the low lying fruit that I hope will convince you to consider the rest of the evidence I’ll be laying out in this article.

I’ve detailed these in excruciating detail in my Decoding Illuminati Symbolism series in which you’ll find all of the background and justifications for why there is an agenda to push the All Seeing Eye, 666 hand, and Triangle of Manifestation into the consciousness of the world.

Here we will see the overwhelming amount of symbolism that Beyonce has been giving us for 16+ years. While on the surface it may seem that the symbols are coincidental; you must understand there is a meaning behind each one and they are released in repetition in order to reinforce the message.

First we’ll examine some of the All Seeing Eye symbolism of Beyonce. The purpose of the All Seeing Eye goes back to the ancient mystery schools which taught about the existence of a guiding force and god that watches over us. Many celebrities show this in order to convey to others that they are part of the “Illuminati” group that have the occult knowledge.

All Seeing Eye necklace from "Freakum Dress" video

All Seeing Eye necklace from “Freakum Dress” video


All Seeing Eye from "Haunted" video

All Seeing Eye from “Haunted” video


All Seeing Eye from "Haunted" video

All Seeing Eye from “Haunted” video


All Seeing Eye from "Kitty Kat" video

All Seeing Eye from “Kitty Kat” video


All Seeing Eye from "Haunted" video

All Seeing Eye from “Haunted” video


All Seeing Eye from Beyonce's "Rocket" video

All Seeing Eye from Beyonce’s “Rocket” video


Beyonce "Yours and Mine" All Seeing Eye

Beyonce “Yours and Mine” All Seeing Eye


All Seeing Eye from "7/11" video

All Seeing Eye from “7/11” video


All Seeing Eye from "Drunk in Love" video

All Seeing Eye from “Drunk in Love” video


Here we see her covering up her right eye- which exposes the left eye. The left eye is the symbol of feminine power as it is the moon eye, which is why we see Beyonce as the symbol of female empowerment.

Beyonce All Seeing Eye social media

From "Diva" trailer

Beyonce’s left eye from “Diva” trailer


Beyonce's left eye from "Upgrade U"

Beyonce’s left eye from “Upgrade U”


Another symbol is that of the Illuminati Vow of Silence. We see this when artists are aware of the secrets and take a vow to keep it a secret. Again, this is occult in nature and it goes back to occultists such as Aleister Crowley and Harpocrates of the ancient world.

Vow of Silence from "Flawless" video

Vow of Silence from “Flawless” video


The triangle is a symbol used to show us the power of ritual magick. This is another belief reinforced by Aleister Crowley when he pushed the ritual magick that many occultists adhere to. We saw Jay-Z first do this in a pose that he claimed was the Roc diamond- implying the power of his “Rocafella” rap label. However, in most shots you’ll notice it looks far more like a triangle which conveys the power of the magician to manifest something into reality.

If you think about it; what do you hear Beyonce and Jay-Z talk about in their music?… Manifesting their wealth and power. At the same time we see them both pushing this particular symbol of power into the subconscious of the fans- suggesting there may be some power in this magick ritual (whether it is black or white magick is another argument reserved for later).

You’ll also notice they push a double-symbol when they post the triangle over the All Seeing Eye…

Beyonce Jay-Z Roc Diamond Triangle All Seeing Eye

Beyonce Jay-Z Roc Diamond Triangle Concert

Beyonce concert roc diamond triangle

From "Deja Vu" video

From “Deja Vu” video


From "Flawless" video

From “Flawless” video


From "Rocket" video: Number 3 and triangle earrings both support Gematria of 3- the power of creation

From “Rocket” video: Number 3 and triangle earrings both support Gematria of 3- the power of creation


Beyonce makes triangle gesture in "Drunk in Love" video

Beyonce makes triangle gesture in “Drunk in Love” video


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Beyonce Water Roc Diamond Hand Triangle


From "Video Phone" video

From “Video Phone” video


Beyonce's infamous 2013 Super Bowl Halftime performance- the largest witnessing of her Triangle of Manifestation

Beyonce’s infamous 2013 Super Bowl Halftime performance- the largest witnessing of her Triangle of Manifestation


The symbol of the 666 hand could be the oddest piece of Illuminati symbolism out there. It denotes a couple of things; including the idea that it represents the “womb of the Illuminati” based on the Hindu mudra of the “yoni” or vagina. This symbol of goddess/female power is used by many celebrities; even Jay-Z as you’ll see here shortly…

One more note; you’ll hear from others that the hand gesture means multiple things- but rarely is the story the same. For instance, some claim Beyonce does it to reference her home town of Houston, but sometimes she does it to reference other areas like New Orleans. The list goes on and on for what people claim it means but the stories NEVER add up and they ALWAYS change for no apparent reason.

Again- you’ll see this symbol juxtaposed against the All Seeing Eye as well, indicating a double meaning.

Beyonce 666 Hands award show

From "Feeling Myself" video

From “Feeling Myself” video when Beyonce is talking about Houston


From Lady Gaga's "Telephone" video as they dance around a diner full of corpses

From Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” video as they dance around a diner full of corpses


Lady Gaga's "Telephone" video has Gaga with the 666 and they have the black and white duality

Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” video has Gaga with the 666 and they have the black and white duality


Lady Gaga does the 666 multiple times in the video as well

Lady Gaga does the 666 multiple times in the video as well


Lady Gaga ft Beyonce 666 hand

Lady Gaga ft Beyonce 666 hand bailout

In Beyonce's "Video Phone" video ft. Lady Gaga we see it when she speaks about New Orleans; NOT Texas

In Beyonce’s “Video Phone” video ft. Lady Gaga we see it when she speaks about New Orleans; NOT Houston


From Beyonce's "Flawless" live video when she speaks about Bombay- NOT Texas

From Beyonce’s “Flawless” live video when she speaks about Bombay- NOT Houston


From "Flawless" video when she references Houston

From “Flawless” video when she references Houston


From "Upgrade U" video ft Jay-Z

From “Upgrade U” video ft Jay-Z


From "Freakum Dress" video

From “Freakum Dress” video


From "Crazy in Love" video when Jay-Z references the Roc

From “Crazy in Love” video when Jay-Z references the Roc


From "Deja Vu" video ft. Jay-Z he does the 666 hand

From “Deja Vu” video ft. Jay-Z he does the 666 hand


From "Diva" video

From “Diva” video


From CR Magazine photo shoot

From CR Magazine photo shoot


After her controversial HELTER SKELTER performance at Super Bowl 2016

After her controversial HELTER SKELTER performance at Super Bowl 2016


From "Formation" video

From “Formation” video


From "Formation" video

From “Formation” video


From Coldplay "Hymn for the Weekend" video

From Coldplay “Hymn for the Weekend” video


From "Drunk in Love" video

From “Drunk in Love” video


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom 666 Beyonce WO

Beyonce and Jay-Z's "On the Run" tour

Beyonce and Jay-Z’s “On the Run” tour with Jay-Z giving the Mano Cornuto witch hex


From the Grammys

From the Grammys



MKULTRA Mind Control

There exists a theory that mind control is a tool used by the Illuminati to control people- particularly entertainers. This stems from the actual CIA MKULTRA mind control experiments conducted from the 1950s-1970s, allegedly a continuation of the Nazi scientist experiments brought over in the Operation PAPERCLIP of the World War II timeframe. Several theories have branched off this basis because many of the documents have since been destroyed. One thing we do know is that the MKULTRA program was an umbrella structure with various sub-projects underneath it.

Certain symbols are used to convey the particular programming that a person is subjected to. One such program is the Project MONARCH which forced trauma based mind control upon its victims that subsequently created alter egos through the fracturing of the mind.

Beyonce Project MONARCH butterfly over the All Seeing Eye

Beyonce’s Project MONARCH butterfly over the All Seeing Eye


Project MONARCH also has the symbol of the bird cage which also represents the fractured alters of the mind. We see this in her Partition video as well:

Beyonce Partition bird in cage

Another symbol used to imply mind control is that of the mask. What this represents is the persona that all people show to others. In psychology there is a theory that we all have layers of ourselves that expand all the way to the outermost one– the persona. This persona is what others see and what we shape our behavior to look like. We all do this to an extent, it’s like putting your best foot forward. There’s nothing particularly wrong with it; but the symbol for it is the mask which says the person on the outside is indeed nothing like what is on the inside.

Beyonce's Persona Mask from "Partition"

Beyonce’s Persona Mask from “Partition”


Beyonce seems to be rather fond of showing us masks- which makes me believe there may be more going on behind the scenes of what we can discern…

Beyonce's "Yonce" Alter Ego with mask

Beyonce’s “Yonce” Alter Ego with mask


Beyonce ft Drake Mine Mask 2

Beyonce ft Drake “Mine” video



Beyonce with mask for Interview magazine that featured other alleged mind control victims Shia LaBeouf and FKA Twigs


Going further into the psyche and past the persona, we have the ego. Ironically enough, there is a song and video for Beyonce’s hit song Ego that features Kanye West; another celebrity known for his   self deification- a concept we’ll see more about later on in this article with Beyonce’s “Beezus” alter…


Even deeper into the mind we can find the shadow. This is the realm that contains the deepest and darkest aspects of humanity. In consideration of the Kabbalah Tree of Life there exists a hidden realm known as the Qlippoth. This is the representation of the shadow self in terms of the Tree of Life. In this realm the Qlippoth consists of fallen angels- akin to the embodiment of evil.

On her Self-Title Part 3 video she says she made 80 songs for her self-titled album, yet only 14 show up on the album. That leave exactly 66 songs remaining- which is the number of fallen angels on the dark side to the Kabbalah Tree of Life; where the shadow realm resides…

Carl Jung embrace shadow side Tree of Life Qlippoth


Another theory to consider is that some mind control victims are subjected to sexual abuse. This is sometimes represented by the Playboy bunny ears which we see in Beyonce’s Pretty Hurts video:

Beyonce Pretty Hurts Playboy bunny



Beyonce as the sex kitten- another symbol of mind control


The mirror represents the reflection of the soul that isn’t there, but is also used to implement the various alters into the victim. Fritz Springmeier literally wrote the book on the mind control process and he supports this by claiming these victims start out as children with an open canvas that the handlers can use to program the various alter egos.

Again, I’ll reference my hip hop book SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC where I spoke about the trauma Michael Jackson was exposed to:

Another example of possible manipulation evidence is when he said he hated his own reflection to the point that he covered mirrors in his house with sheets, which is indicative of mind control. That is because theorist Fritz Springmeier asserts that there are ‘mirror’ programs in which the Illuminati subject their victims to in order to hypnotize and give an experience of interdimensional travel (since they believe in inversions and this idea that there are reversals of the ‘normal’ world).

Beyonce's "Irreplaceable" video

Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable” video


Beyonce's "Yours and Mine" video

Beyonce’s “Yours and Mine” video


Another idea of the reflection to consider is the Hermetic axiom of “As Above So Below.” Not only do witches subscribe to this belief; but other occultists as well. The idea is that we are connected to the cosmos and this connected can be manipulated to cause the universe to do your will. Vice versa, the universe can steer your will. It’s a reflection of the cosmos with the material and that may be why we see it in Beyonce’s Partition video…

Beyonce Haunted As Above So Below


…as well as her Upgrade U video with Jay-Z:

Beyonce ft Jay-Z Upgrade U As Above So Below

Along that same vein of mind control handling we also know that mannequins represent the blank mind of the sex slave, which is why we see Beyonce destroying them in her Diva video:

Beyonce Diva Mannequins

Beyonce Diva Mannequins 2

Some claim that this is a veiled threat against her alleged handler- husband Jay-Z. While this seems a bit absurd, I included a section in my hip hop occult book regarding it, particularly with the controversial allegations of their daughter Blue Ivy:

Jay-Z married Beyoncé and some claim this was an Illuminati arranged marriage. Even wilder claims are made about their baby, Blue Ivy; with some saying she was a modern day version of Rosemary’s Baby. I’ve already covered some of the occult connection between Jay-Z and color of blue, so perhaps there is some traction to the theory (although I’ll admit it’s pretty far out there).

An idea that supports the occult agenda is that Jay-Z and Beyoncé announced the birth of their first child, Blue Ivy, at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards; a show known for containing ritualistic performances, like Nicki Minaj exorcising demons and various other forms of symbolism rituals. The pregnancy announcement was in the Guinness World Records for ‘most tweets per second recorded for a single event’ on Twitter, indicating a focus of energy on this event.

Infamous footage of Beyonce acting strange at basketball game

Infamous footage of Beyonce acting “strange” at basketball game

High level mind control victims are employed to be Presidential MONARCH sex slaves (*again– “allegedly”). These slaves are supposedly marked with the symbol of gems, with the higher degree initiates given the diamond as their symbol- particularly when they’re placed inside the mouth.

Beyonce's Diamond Sex Slave Status

Beyonce’s ‘Diamond’ sex slave status from “Upgrade U” ft. “handler” Jay-Z


Charli XCX- Diamond status

Charli XCX- Diamond status


Britney Spears- Diamond status

Britney Spears- Diamond status


The presidential programming of Beyonce is further supported by the fact that Beyonce and Jay-Z are friends with President Obama- often with performances and appearances at the inaugurations and ball.

Back in 2013, Beyonce and Jay-Z went on a honeymoon trip to Cuba- a country where there was a strict embargo and nobody from the USA was allowed to visit. Jay-Z and Beyonce were given a special clearance by the Department of the Treasury to make the trip, on the terms of a licensed program for “educational exchange.” Obviously, a wedding anniversary trip is not the same as an “educational exchange” so who are they fooling? This is a public display of dominance and elitists at its finest. These two can go anywhere in the world they want, so that leads me to believe there’s more going on here than what is on the surface.

Jay-Z Beyonce Cuba trip

In fact, after this trip, Jay-Z released a song called “Open Letter” that seemed to allude to the idea that President Obama gave him special permission:

You gettin’ too much bread, they try to jam you
Boy from the hood but got White House clearance

Obama said “chill, you gonna get me impeached”
But you don’t need this shit anyway
Chill with me on the beach

Then White House Press Secretary Jay Carney actually had to respond to a question pertaining to this and he stated:

“I am absolutely saying that the White house from the President on down had nothing to do with anybody’s travel to Cuba that is something that Treasury handles.”

So it seems that at the bare minimum Beyonce has a connection to the most powerful person in the entire world- the President of the United States. This is cause for concern because it is not the first time we’ve seen a celebrity tied into the White House who also gave us symbolism of mind control symbolism…

Marilyn Monroe diamond programming



…and you’ll learn much more than I’ve been able to squeeze into this online post about Beyonce.

Find out how her 2016 Super Bowl performance could be part of the HELTER SKELTER race war that Charles Manson tried to initiate. You’ll also find out why the lyrics to her song Formation addressed the exact secret occult group that we’ve been discussing:

Y’all haters corny with that Illuminati mess

There’s much more to this thing and this ebook project fills in all of the gaps. You’ll see dozens more images (*with many more music video screen shots) and information behind the conspiracies that surround Beyonce and even her husband, Jay-Z.

  • the Deification agenda- making Beyonce a goddess (Beezus)
  • Columbus worship, Isis, Kali, and the evocation of these entities by Beyonce

 “I felt something else come into me.” –Beyoncé, BET Presents

Explore the theories of spiritual contact and the alter egos these celebrities take on in occult fashion:

  • Beyonce’s Baphomet
  • Duality and merging the opposites

I have someone else that takes over when it’s time for me to work. When I’m on stage, this alter ego that I’ve created that kind of protects me and who I really am.”

“Sasha Fierce is done. I killed her. I don’t need Sasha Fierce anymore because I’ve grown and now I’m able to merge the two.”

Learn about the Integrated Ascended Masters of Theosophy and how I AM Sasha Fierce was Beyonce’s revelation of the method.

Beyonce IAM Sasha Fierce Tour Baphomet

We explore the reasons Beyonce doesn’t want her sister Solange to get involved with the Illuminati and consider the infamous elevator fight between her and Jay-Z…

Beyonce Solange Jay-Z Elevator fight footage


More theories are examined as we take a look at the following:

  • Age of Aquarius and the water carrier symbolism
  • Transhumanism predictive programming
  • Aleister Crowley’s Aeon of Horus and manifesting the occult Will
  • Allegations of stealing lyrics

Is Beyonce a slave to the Brotherhood of Saturn? Is the cube trapping her in the clutches of the Illuminati?…

Beyonce on the Saturn cube in "Suga Mama" video

Beyonce on the Saturn cube in “Suga Mama” video


I’m more powerful than my mind can even digest and understand

– GQ 2013 Beyonce interview


Now available on the IlluminatiWatcher Gumroad store:

Beyonce Cover Medium v1


*If you’d rather pick it up on Amazon, I’ve got it published on the Kindle store as well:



Former YouTube creator (10M+ views before being BANNED), website publisher of and top 5% Amazon author of THE DARK PATH; Isaac Weishaupt has been on the leading edge of conspiracy theories surrounding the elusive “Illuminati” and its infiltration of the entertainment industry. Using examples of familiar pop culture and works of entertainment, Isaac has been speaking and writing about the occult from a unique perspective that seeks to understand the big agenda while helping others along the way.

Isaac hosts the “Conspiracy Theories and Unpopular Culture” podcast (supported by the IW Patreons) as well as being the monthly Illuminati expert on BLACKOUT Radio. He has been a featured guest on Dave Navarro’s “Dark Matter Radio,” Richard C. Hoagland’s “Other Side of Midnight”, SIRIUS/XM’s The All Out Show, The HigherSide Chats, Freeman Fly’s “The Free Zone”, Mark Devlin’s “Good Vibrations”, VICE, COMPLEX magazine, The Atlantic and many more radio shows and podcasts. His fresh perspective and openly admitted imperfections promotes the rational approach to exploring these taboo subjects and conspiracy theories.

Follow Isaac on Instagram: @IsaacWeishaupt, Twitter: @IlluminatiEyes, Facebook: @IlluminatiWatcher, or sign up for the free email newsletter!






Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. I’d like to add more notes on symbolism in the “7/11” picture. The dancer on the left is in a white top with long hair & kitten ears; the dancer on the right is in a black top with short hair and her top appears back to front.

    And I saw this the other day, after reading it my head was spinning with symbolism overload!

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  2. No, she isnt one of them, but one of their tools like many showbizzers and so on….

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  3. I read this article on Harry Styles and the accompanying photos were very telling.

    I would suggest a ritual has taken place. Harry’s hair and eyes are in a right state, and his face and body language reveal he’s under the influence of something (MK Ultra?).

    The photo of Harry with Ringo Starr and friends is creepy. The guy on the left has a ghoulish grin and psycho-killer eyes, the other three show the devil sign (six…six…six…!), and they are all in black except one woman wearing a red dress. Poor, wee Harry.

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  4. Whilst I don’t really subscribe to the Illuminati theory, it’s clear that Beyonce, Jay Z and many influential artists in LA have been sold on all that crazy occult symbolism. The whole thing can be traced right back to Kenneth Anger, Ayn Rand and Anton LaVey (if not well before). It has been a massive part of counter-culture and popular-culture since the late 1950s – especially in LA. She’s basically paying lipservice to Charlie Manson’s Helter Skelter race-war fantasy (although Manson was just as influenced by the Black Power eschatology Malcolm X and Elijah Mohammed according to the website below).

    Just before he died, the chief prosecutor in the case Victor Bugliosi said that Manson was more popular now than he ever was.

    You might recall that the Manson family wrote ‘Rise’ on the wall in blood. Panther symbols were found all over the place.

    Is it just a coincidence that Beyonce named her perfume she endorsed, ‘Rise’?

    There are some other titbits in the notes on this page:

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  5. I Don’t know if you watch Lip Sinc Battle (mind my spelling), but you should check out the episode with the Tatums.

    Channing Tatum dressed up like Beyonce and performed Run the World. Towards the end, Beyonce herself comes out and does a little cameo.

    The freaky thing was the crowd reaction. People were jumping up and down, crying and becoming hysterical. The crowd needed a good few minutes to calm down. It was a “Beatlemania”.

    The really freaky part is that Channing Tatum actually bows down to worship her and she stands erect like an idol receiving his worship.

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