Incredible New Prometheus Images

More viral stuff being released through These images features the ship the characters traverse the galaxy in; the USCSS Prometheus and the medical technology featured in the film; the Med Pod 720i.


USCSS Prometheus:


Perceptive Weyland Investors found a mention in the Weyland Corporation’s Investor Information of “Cosmic Call 2”, a radio message sent from Earth in 2003. When the text from Call 2 was used as a password, this image was discovered on Weyland Corporation servers.


Weyland Investors who dialed **WEYLAND heard a reference to Eridu, an ancient city highly relevant to the Prometheus Project. Through diligent research, these Investors determined that entering Eridu’s current name, “tell abu shahrain,” granted access to this image

Weyland Industries is proud to introduce its latest advancement in medical science with the addition of the Weyland Med Pod 720i! This expensive piece of hardware comes equipped with the latest in medical science technology. The features of the Med Pod 720i include an Airtight Operating Shield, Comfortable Limb Restraints, a Laser Scalpel, Computer Controlled Robotic Surgical Arms, Liquid Spray Anesthetic and Vital Signs Sensors all mounted on an Adjustable Titanium Base!


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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