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Hello and welcome back to; your home for decoding conspiracy theories and symbolism in entertainment! I originally created this article and video during the infancy of the IlluminatiWatcher project. I’d like to remind the reader that I’ve got the entire Kubrick’s Code analysis that also includes a 3+ hour decoding video with actual clips available HERE.

Without a doubt, Stanley Kubrick’s film, ‘The Shining’ is steeped in mystery and has sprouted numerous conspiracy theories. There is even a documentary called Room 237 based on all of the conspiracy theories surrounding the film. I decided I should go through the film and present some of my own ideas, while pointing out others in the process.


At the beginning of the film, Kubrick shot a yellow Volkswagen Beetle cruising up the mountainside. This contradicts Stephen King’s book, in which the Beetle is red. Some might dismiss this as an error, but Kubrick was an obsessive film maker (and genius; especially at chess), notorious for repeating shots and takes until the final product was exactly to his liking. If something shows up in his films, it is meant to be there. Could the Beetle be yellow to contrast with the mountainside? Perhaps, but like I mentioned above, I’ll point out as much as possible to familiarize everyone reading this.



The Overlook Hotel in the film is actually the Timberline Lodge in Oregon, not the original Stanley Hotel in Colorado, in which Stephen King was inspired to write the novel. The interior shots were filmed on a set in Britain, but there were a few exteriors taken of the Timberline Lodge. King later went on to film a mini-series at the actual Stanley Hotel (and on an unrelated note, so did the film Dumb and Dumber).



There are several shots of Native American architecture in the film, and the hotel is littered with Native American décor. The plot line is that the hotel is built on an Indian burial ground, and Kubrick must’ve been trying to emphasize the point. One theory is that the film is built around exploring the early American settlers’ exploitation and killing of the Native Americans. There will be another shot later in the film too.



Jay Weidner claims there is a lot of sexual reference in the film. He says at this point in the movie when Jack is shaking property manager Stuart Ullman’s hand, it appears that Ullman has an erection due to the precise location of the paper file on his desk. There’s some more on this later also.



Weidner also points out the overabundance of the use of red, white and blue in the film. This must be to play on the American theme some more. No matter what theory you believe, it’s quite obvious there is a message and it is in regards to the U.S.A.




Stuart Ullman (who Weidner points out looks just like JFK), has an American flag on his desk, his suit is red, white and blue, and there is also a bald eagle (it’s behind his head in this shot).



Here is a shot where you can see the eagle in the window. Notice the amount of stuff on the desk. This will come up again later.



Now I’d like to get into the real nitty gritty on the conspiracy theories surrounding the film. Jay Weidner is most famous for making the hypothesis that the film is about Kubrick’s expose of how he actually helped film the ‘fake’ moon landings of Apollo 11. Kubrick was filming 2001: A Space Odyssey concurrently at the same time he was filming the fake moon landings. There is a ton of information out there about this, but to keep things brief, that’s the basic tenet to the theory. Here is an image where you can see what appears to be a shuttle or rocket on the refrigerator. I believe I’m the first one to spot this, I haven’t heard or seen this elsewhere.



Here is another shot of Danny wearing red, white and blue. He wears a combination of red, white and/or blue throughout the entire film. The ENTIRE film. Notice that these stars are upside down, like pentagrams found in the occult and Satanism.


In this shot, Danny is laying on a teddy bear. The bear is a symbol from other Kubrick films. Some say it is symbolic of the Soviet Union during the Cold War. You can see it in the other films, like right at the end of Eyes Wide Shut when Cruise and Kidman are walking through the toy store.




Danny wearing blue and red.



Weidner asserts that Jack is looking at a Playgirl magazine in this scene, and at first I didn’t believe it because it looks like a woman on the cover, but after you zoom in on it, you can most definitely see it is:




Commenter Lex gave us a good image of the cover; and astoundingly enough there is an article in this particular issue about ‘sleeping with children’. There is more to come on that situation with Jack and Danny later on. Was Kubrick foreshadowing?

Illuminati WatcherDotCom The Shining Playgirl Cover

Here Danny is wasting time while Jack and Wendy get a tour of the hotel. I noticed the American flag is actually reversed in orientation. It is supposed to have the union (stars) to the flag’s upper right-which corresponds to the viewer’s upper left corner. Did Kubrick have the flag reversed on purpose? This could be more of an attempt to convey to the viewer that something is not quite right with America, and if they did in fact hire him to film the fake moon landings then this could be so. The next scene in the Gold Room, Jack reunites with Danny and asks if he’s got tired of “bombing the universe.” This doesn’t make sense in this context at all, because Danny was just shooting darts in the room where the US flag is being displayed backwards. I propose that Kubrick was mocking the U.S.A. and their “bombing of the universe” and held an anti-war stance. His film Full Metal Jacket appears to be an anti-war film also, and Dr. Strangelove most definitely showed the perils of war.



Something else that I noticed (and I think this might be an original too; which is difficult since there are already a million theories out there) was the visual assault of ladders found in the scenes where the Torrances are getting a tour of the hotel. This could also support Weidner’s Apollo 11 theory. It requires a leap of faith in the idea that NASA has roots in Freemasonry. Ladders in Freemasonry are symbolic of progression from the lower ranks to the upper echelons of the secret society.



The Gold Room has two ladders-the one is hard to see but it’s in the left side of the frame, towards the back.




Where is this ladder even reaching to?




Here you can see the Native American on the can of Calumet baking powder (and it’s elsewhere in the film), further taking the Native American genocide theory in the film. Another part of the film worth bringing up at this point is when Jack is talking to the ghost bartender and says, “White man’s burden,” which is a term for the white man’s ‘need’ to imperialize and improve the lives of others; similar to what happened to the Native Americans.



Bob commented and mentioned that during the filming of The Shining the incident known as the cult of Jonestown was occurring. Even though the cult killed themselves by drinking FlavorAid, the term ‘drink the KoolAid’ has been prevalent since. This term means to just take things at face value; as you’re told. Perhaps another Kubrick mark of defiance…

More red, white and blue.




The typewriter is a German Adler. ‘Adler’ mean ‘Eagle’ in German. In the novel, Jack is using an Underwood typewriter. This is one of the arguments for The Shining being a film about the Holocaust. Kubrick himself was Jewish, and married Christiane Harlan, who was the niece of German filmmaker Veit Harlan. Veit Harlan was recruited by Nazi Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels as the leading propaganda director.



Commenter; Lex, mentions that the German symbolism of the Eagle (seen on Nazi regalia) is played out elsewhere in this film. That includes on Jack’s shirt:


Illuminati WatcherDotCom The Shining Eagle Adler Shirt Jack

Lex also gave us a juxtaposition of two scenes that are eerily similar:

Illuminati WatcherDotCom The Shining Holocaust


You can see that Lex has quite an argument compiled on a page she created, so check that out as well.

There is also argument on the number 42 which appears throughout the film. Danny wears a shirt with it, Wendy swings the bat 42 times at Jack, and the Nazi Final Solution began in 1942. Wendy and Danny are also watching ‘Summer of ’42” on the television. Also, 2 x 3 x 7=42. And 42 is the “answer to everything” in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. That film has a scene with the Twin Towers (a feature of Saturn Worship). Is it a coincidence? (*Commenter Lex also points out that there are exactly 42 vehicles at the Overlook in the first scene of the film; adding to the ’42’ mystique). Or is there some kind of occult knowledge held by Kubrick?:




Here is a good article with much more on the Holocaust theory: I’d also like to contribute the idea that 42 comes with a much deeper, esoteric-occult meaning with the gematria of the Kabbalah with the ancient Egyptian basis of the 42 Negative Confessions of Maat. From Wiki:

The doctrine of Maat is represented in the declarations to Rekhti-merti-f-ent-Maat and the 42 Negative Confessions listed in the Papyrus of Ani. The following are taken from public domain translations made by E. A. Wallis Budge in the early part of the 20th century; more recent translations may differ in the light of modern scholarship.

42 Negative Confessions (Papyrus of Ani)


  1. I have not committed sin.


  • I have not committed robbery with violence.



  • I have not stolen.



  • I have not slain men and women.



  • I have not stolen grain.



  • I have not purloined offerings.



  • I have not stolen the property of the gods.



  • I have not uttered lies.



  • I have not carried away food.



  • I have not uttered curses….


Of course I stopped at 10 because you get the point. It proceeds through all 42; and raises the question of the influence on the 10 Commandments. Could both the ancient Hebrews and Egyptians have been communicating to the same God but with two similar yet different messages? More Native American symbolism; Jack is violently throwing the ball against the Native American décor on the wall.



Here is some over Native American symbolism. Danny and Wendy are racing to the maze and she says “Loser has to keep America clean.” Why would she say that? Because there was a ‘Keep America Beautiful’ public service announcement that released in 1971 with the iconic crying Indian.



Here Jack throws the ball down the hall and it disappears, only to show up later…



Lots of red, white and blue.



This color motif also runs in with the infamous Grady-ghost twins of the film (when Danny sees them dead in the hall they’re wearing white and blue and covered in red blood). Besides the Gemini-twins aspect (Gemini-Grady name change maybe?…) commenter Lex points out that Kubrick actually spent some time studying a photographer named Diane Arbus who was known for taking photos of ‘freaks’. You’ll notice the twins also represent the red, white and blue, but also look for the inversion of smiles compared to the original Arbus twins (a subtle reference to inversion of Satanists or perhaps duality with Freemasons):


Illuminati WatcherDotCom The Shining Twins Gemini

Another aspect of colors includes Lex’s idea that there is a theme of ‘morgue’ green throughout the film (she supplied all of these images so you can thank her). Take a look:

First we see it in Danny’s bathroom; perhaps where Jack started abusing Danny:

Illuminati WatcherDotCom The Shining Green Bathroom

Then we see it in the infamous room 237 (which we’ll re-explore a little later). It’s on the carpet which has phallus/vagina patterns all over:

Illuminati WatcherDotCom The Shining Carpet phallus

And here is a bathroom full of duplicitous symbolism:

Illuminati WatcherDotCom The Shining Gemini Duplicity

Going back to the Grady twins theory; perhaps Kubrick made them identical twins because he was referencing the NASA Gemini program, which was used to prepare for the Apollo program (all of that would support Weidner’s theories on Kubrick filming the fake moon landing).

Illuminati WatcherDotCom The Shining NASA Gemini


The classic room number 237. In the novel the room number was 217, but rumor has it that Kubrick changed it to 237 so that people at the hotel wouldn’t be afraid to stay in 217 (I’m guessing there’s no room 237 in reality). Weidner says that the 237 corresponds to 237,000,000 miles that it takes to get from Earth to the Moon. Thanks to commenter mercury; the gematria/numerology could shed some light on this since 2x3x7=42, tying us back into the 42 we mentioned just a couple of paragraphs above here.



Don’t forget; red, white and blue.



Remember that shot from the beginning where we see the clutter all over the hotel manager Stuart Ullman’s desk? Take a look at the desk again. He managed to leave the US flag and eagle on the window sill.



More flags.



That all seeing, one eye; more Freemasonry symbolism.



Red. White. Blue.



Here’s the uncomfortable creepy part that I’d rather not discuss… Weidner claims Jack has deviant child abuse desires. When Wendy talks about the physical abuse, we are to think it is sexual in nature; not physical. If that is the case, this scene can be viewed from a totally different context. Super creepy. But if that is what’s going on, it could be sort of like David Icke’s theories where these Illuminati types are into the pre-pubescent hormones because that is what the reptilian shape shifters feed off of for sustenance. That’s a rough one to take in, but it’s out there. If you look at the Playgirl cover with the story of the incest sex abuse and lump in the fact that Danny appears to be suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder (a common trait of victims of mind control; particularly Project MONARCH); it all seems to add up. Here’s commenter/Watcher Lex’s take on it:

Also, Danny collapses in the bathroom and loses time after talking to Tony in the bathroom. In the Stephen King novel Tony is seen as a hallucination or vision of an older boy standing in the distance, but in “The Shining” Danny’s demeanor changes, his voice changes and he “becomes” Tony. Is Kubrick suggesting he has dissociative identity disorder (previously called multiple personality disorder?). Apparently sexual abuse early in life is one of the biggest causes for dissociative identity disorder. (I haven’t heard other people talk about Danny as having DID, so please be gentle with me). He collapses and “blackouts” are also common with DID. Another question is… if Danny has “alters” (DID/MPD alters) is Tony his ONLY alter? Could the twin girls be alters of Danny’s? Yes, Grady really did bring his daughters up to the Overlook, and yes Danny may be psychic, but they weren’t twins and many people have commented that the girls might represent Wendy. “Come and play with us forever… and ever… and ever…” Is that a reference to dissociation?

Illuminati WatcherDotCom The Shining Dissociative Identity mind control

Lex went further to provide images from the start of the film that includes the materials Wendy is reading on her coffee table:

Illuminati WatcherDotCom The Shining Dissociative Identity Wendy Article 1

Illuminati WatcherDotCom The Shining Dissociative Identity Wendy Article

Lex posits that this may have a deeper meaning; one in which Wendy is avoiding giving Danny the help he needs:

In 1978 Susan Sontag wrote Illness as Metaphor, a classic work described by Newsweek as “one of the most liberating books of its time.” A cancer patient herself when she was writing the book, Sontag shows how the metaphors and myths surrounding certain illnesses, especially cancer, add greatly to the suffering of patients and often inhibit them from seeking proper treatment. By demystifying the fantasies surrounding cancer, Sontag shows cancer for what it is — just a disease. Cancer, she argues, is not a curse, not a punishment, certainly not an embarrassment and, it is highly curable, if good treatment is followed.”

Could the Susan Sontag article be in regards to Wendy needing to address what is happening with Danny and quit living in denial about what Jack is doing to their son? I think so. It is implied Wendy knows what is going on, but doesn’t want to think about it. For instance, there is a goofy doll hanging in Danny’s bedroom, and Wendy is dressed similarly.

Illuminati WatcherDotCom The Shining Dissociative Identity Wendy doll


I go further into this with a post about Kubrick, Nicholson, Polanski, & Illuminati child abuse.



Here’s where that ball that disappears shows up again. This is the pivotal scene where Danny is playing on what Weidner asserts is a launch pad for Apollo 11.



Danny stands up and ‘launches’ the Apollo 11 into ‘space’ and travels down the hall to room 237 (remember, 237,000 mile journey from Earth to the Moon). This is where the awful secrets are kept, similar to how Kubrick had to keep the Illuminati secrets from the masses.



The tag says “Room No. 237,” which Weidner tells us could be rearranged to only two words; “Moon” and “Room.” Thus, Danny travels to the “Moon Room.”



In this same room, Jack is tempted by a beautiful woman who he begins to make out with. When he looks in the mirror, he notices that the woman is in fact not all she seems. Almost all of the ghosts in the house are revealed through the use of mirrors.



The Volkswagen Beetle we see here is red and is crushed under the tractor trailer. The Beetle in King’s novel was red, so this could be viewed as a hostile move on Kubrick’s part. Why he did it, I’m not sure, because King was initially excited that Kubrick was making a film about his novel. King submitted a screenplay to Kubrick, which he actually turned down, so perhaps at this point some words were exchanged and prompted this scene.



This creepy scene where Wendy finds that Jack has been simply typing the same phrase over and over is supposed to be another shout out to the Apollo 11 ordeal. Weidner says that the ‘All’ is actually ‘A11’ which is obviously Apollo 11.



Jack throwin’ up the ‘666’ at Wendy before he tells her he’s going to bash her brains in.



Jack axes down Dick Halloran on the same spot that he throws that ball down the hall and it later reappears at Danny’s feet.



Classic scene from the film where Wendy starts to see all of the supernatural horrors inside of the hotel. Here we see the bear (remember the bear from earlier, and also in the other Kubrick films), and he’s have some deviant sex with one of the elitist party goers.



Commenter Lex was generous enough to provide a decent thought on Germany and the bear; tying the Bush family in with the Nazis and the bear (read the comment at the bottom). Here’s an image Lex put together and provided a link to:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Shining Bear Politican George Bush


The final shot of the film shows Jack as what appears to be the manager of the hotel from the July 4th, 1921 ball. In the novel, Jack aspires to become the manager, and in the film it seems that he was always the manager. Although in the film Grady tells Jack, “You’ve always been the caretaker.” My main argument for the film is that Kubrick would be trying to expose the elites who he must’ve met while setting up the Apollo moon landing filming. The hotel manager tells the family that presidents and movie stars have stayed there. Wendy asks, “Royalty?” and the manager replies with “All the best people.” That is a pretty smug statement to make that royalty, presidents, and movie stars are the “best” people, unless Stuart was being sarcastic in some way. Take a look at the stance Jack is in, you’ll notice he’s in the stance of the Baphomet, a classic occult pose. This is also the pose in George Washington’s statue, which is yet another nod to the idea of an American secret Illuminati control group. Also, notice the piece of paper in his right hand, what could that be?





UPDATE: Not even one day after publishing this analysis, the Overlook Hotel released the original image in which Kubrick placed Jack’s head, and it appears that it is not a Baphomet stance at all. The original photo shows the man with arms in a similar manner.



If you watch the film you can concoct a variety of theories and you’ll be able to re-watch it from a new perspective, which makes it even more exciting. I’ve seen the film at least ten times, probably closer to 20 and I’m still finding new things each time.

I’ve got a comprehensive e-book and 3+hour documentary video that compiled several of Kubrick film analysis’ (A Clockwork Orange, The Shining, Eyes Wide Shut AND the exclusive 2001: A Space Odyssey) into a downloadable PDF & video project I called KUBRICK’S CODE. Check it out here:

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Thanks for reading (and watching)!


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  1. you can make “room no.” into moron too, just saying

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      • Also could be morn or norm or mono lol

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          • Or Morono, like my Italian buddy Pete.

    • your analysis is simply outstanding! it has much deepened my understanding on Kubrick’s movies!

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      • It’s not his. Much of this BS comes from the movie Room 237.

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    • How did you miss the connection between the giant cans of Tang and space travel?

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      • absolutely the Tang jumped out in that picture after the multiple references made to the moon landing and Apollo 11. It was the drink of astronauts in that time period (or advertised as such).

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        • Orangutan Mascot

          Space Chimps

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    • Is nobody mentioning Jack selling his soul to the devil (Lloyd the bar man) for his earthly desires, as long as he forsakes what is dear to him then he will be provided for hence it doesn’t concern him whom may be providing his drinks

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      • The front of the Jack’s PlayGirl magazine DID include, “The selling of…David Soul”

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  2. 42 is a reference number for Lucifer. You can see it in a lot of movies and initials. DB (4th letter and 2nd letter), David Bowie is an example of someone with those initials. I’m sure it has other significance but the basic one is that it references Lucifer.

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  3. July 4 = 7+4 = 11
    1921 = 1 92 1

    The outer 1s represent Apollo 11. 1 1. the 92. Add those two together. 9+2 = 11.

    The date July 4, 1921 was three hidden clues to Apollo 11. The Danny wearing Apollo 11 was a not-so-subtle reference to Apollo 11. Fascinating. I don’t think they landed on the moon.

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    • They certainly didn’t do it the way that was presented to the world on television, at least.

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  4. Kubrick was a genius at chess? i beg to differ. The guy devoted his life to film making. When did he have time for competitive chess? I heard that he would play chess with some of his staff, (and even his actors) but this is recreational chess not tournament chess. Did he have a rating/ranking? Any info you have on this(that’s valid) would be appreciated!

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    • Regarding how good a chess player Kubrick was, he said this in an interview:

      “First of all, even the greatest International Grandmasters, however deeply they analyse a position, can seldom see to the end of the game. So their decision about each move is partly based on intuition. I was a pretty good chess-player but, of course, not in that class. Before I had anything better to do (making movies) I played in chess tournaments at the Marshall and Manhattan Chess Clubs in New York, and for money in parks and elsewhere.”


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  5. Perhaps it’s been mentioned elsewhere but, in the frame where you point out the rocket on the refrigerator, notice the all-seeing eye on the cereal box peering out from what could represent a temple with a pyramid formed by the dishwashing detergent bottles.

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  6. I agree with a lot of individual claims toward symbolism. I’d like to enhance the apollo not moon landing angle. I’ve noticed the many displays of photos in the hotel are arranged in rows and columns. When Jack is bouncing the ball against the Indian mural, the indians look like rockets taking off and too me, the rows and columns of photos look like the banks of video screens you’d expect to find in NASAs control room.

    In the ranger station scene the plaque on the wall has a tree between the letters US. Let that tree be a rocket.

    RE: stacks of 7up pallets in the hallway. 6 pallets x 7 = 42

    Lots of double LL names that re-enforce the number 11. Ullman LLoyd Halloran Apollo

    The boy starts out in Evil Knevil style red white and blue with #42… so.. young, innocent, proud to be an American. his patriot colors get progressively obscured, red white and blue become mostly red.

    The scene with the nurse bothers me. Yes i see the art on the left, and how Wendy’s colors match one of three icons. I also see that the boy doesn’t look properly covered, and the nurse’s arm seems to dominate him. is this nurse friend or foe?

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  7. I have a theory. I think the Overlook Hotel the way Kubrick portrayed it is the Qliphoth, the dark side in the kabbalah. That idea hit me like a ton of bricks when I was watching the documentary Room 237 not long ago and they showed the opening scene where the VW is driving on the mountain road. It was this shot of the lake and the island that gave me the idea:

    The Qliphoth is accessed by a gate in the Abyss, the primordial lake or ocean, and it’s supposed to be a mirror image of the “real” world on this side. The way the water reflects the mountains and sky and the deeply creepy music (called The Day of Wrath) made me think that passing that lake meant the family was descending into Da’ath, the gate in the Abyss. The fact that they are driving a VW could fit, since some conspiracy theorists think that the VW is actually three vav Hebrew letters that represent 666, and it’s got a Nazi connection since the car was developed in Germany in the 1930s and 40s. The Nazis are said by some to be the descendants of the tribe of Dan, the Canaanites who rejected Yahweh, kept worshipping dark Near Eastern gods like Moloch, and were involved with the Watchers and the Nephilim – the Watchers supposedly came down to Earth at Mount Hermon in Canaanite territory. The Holocaust and Native American genocide symbolism in the film might be trying to send a message that both crimes were perpretrated by the same people. The way the hotel seems conscious and malevolent and starts interacting with the family also seems very Qliphotic to me, since the Qliphoth are both stations on the tree of death and demonic entities. The separate rooms of the hotel could be Qliphotic sephirot and so could the maze. The Qliphoth are demons that play tricks on the mind, scattering consciousness and poisoning it, which certainly is a description of what happens to Jack.

    The Maat reference is really interesting. In Thelema there is supposedly a future aeon to follow the Aeon of Horus that will be dedicated to the Goddess Maat, who judges mens’ souls, which ties into the Day of Wrath music neatly. The tree of life/tree of death is supposed to be a map of the world after the Fall, which will be healed on Judgement Day. Kenneth Grant went on about Maat a lot and Lady Gaga has some imagery that seems to reference her.

    I don’t necessarily think Stephen King intended all of this but I could be wrong. I definitely think Kubrick knew a whole lot about kabbalah and esotericism and could very well have meant what I think he meant. Incidentally, the Hopi Rainbow painting in the room where Jack’s writing table is set up is very similar to more than one of the NWO Denver Airport paintings:

    And the VW could mean something else, too – in kabbalistic Merkabah mysticism, supposedly you can create a lightbody of your own energy in which to travel around the sephirot. The merkaba vehicle is a 3 dimensional hexagram, a six pointed star. I suppose there could be a Qliphotic version, too, for exploring the dark side.

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    • You might’ve nailed it with that Qlipoth/Dark Side/Reflection symbolism at the beginning. Tying that in with Freeman’s VW Qlipoth stuff; it seems pretty solid. I’ll have to dig in on it and update the post. Thanks

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      • It makes sense, doesn’t it? Da’ath is the gateway that leads outside of normal reality, and that family has definitely stepped outside of the normal world. Maybe even the hotel name has a coded meaning – the Qliphoth are supposed to work on the unconscious mind, the part of reality that consciousness ‘overlooks.’ I think maybe the Apollo references might be Qliphotic, too – all of the light and solar gods sometimes seem to be used as occult code for Lucifer. And the space travel/lunar references fit symbolically, too. One aspect of the Qliphoth is symbolically everything that is “Outside” or “Other Side.” That includes the Underworld or Hell, alternate universes, the deepest ocean, outer space and the unconscious mind. And in the classical model of the world that informs kabbalah and other emanationist worldviews like Neo-Platonism, God is the center of creation and everything else is in concentric circles that loop further and further away from the divine presence. The rings are associated with the astronomical bodies that were visible to the naked eye in the ancient world, like the sun, moon and planets, and the area considered furthest away from God was called the sub-lunary realm – that which falls under the orbit of the moon, ie, Earth and whatever realms are below it. The moon shot references could have something to do with this, and NASA is supposedly full of Nazis due to the importation of the German rocket research into the US space program via Project Paperclip. I do recommend reading that Thomas Carlsson Qabalah book that I mentioned in a comment on another post, it really provides a lot of insight to the Qliphoth. This page is also helpful, written with a Hasidic Jewish perspective rather than an occult one:

        (Kelipot is the Greek spelling of Qliphoth.)

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    • You can also see a poster in one of the rooms which is distinctly labelled MONARCH.

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    • This is excellent! I need to study the Qliphoth (how is that pronounced)? Also, quick note for Illuminati Wather: Lex is short for Alexandra, not Alexander. 🙂 I’m a she, not a he. 🙂 If we could track down Lisa and Louise Burns, maybe we could interview them?

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  8. i should rephrase
    *** 2×3=6×7= 42

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  9. Hi, I have a few things I’d like to point out about The Shining. I could be looking too hard for things, but I would like to share anyway. If these have been discussed elsewhere, my apologies. Okay, as people have pointed out, Kubrick has a lot of native american symbolism in The Shining- the Americans slaughtering the American Indians. That genocide. But Also the holocaust- the germans slaughtering the jews. So the eagle in this film has a double meaning- it represents both the Americans and the Nazis (Eagle was also their symbol). The next bit, here, is my own- the bear, however, was the symbol of Berlin, the capital of Nazi activity. I think it represents the Nazis in this film, also, and the horrors of the holocaust, also, but I think the bear ALSO has a double meaning (doubles, the number 2 and mirrors repeat a lot so I think the same symbol or animal in The Shining often does represent two things). The bear I think represents Berlin, but I think, when it is seen next to Danny it also represents strength and power, because according to many Native Americans, the Bear is a symbol of strength and power (and Danny is strong in surviving his father- I believe he is cast symbolically many times as both a jewish child and also a native american child, and Wendy seems to be cast as a native american woman- fro instance, she hits Jack at the top of the stairs that look like a south american incan or mayan pyramid with a baseball bat- the bat being a pretty potent symbol of American life- she has long black hair, often tied back, and her slippers at one point look very Native American “Indian”, almost like moccasins). Also, the colours of the bear- they are golden or white (there is a polar bear rug in the room Jack is typing, which we see briefly)-white bears, golden bears (white people with blond hair? Aryans?) They aren’t dark bears, aren’t black bears. What else… okay, yeah, the famous scene with the man at the (who bears a striking resemblance to George Bush Sr.- and if Kubrick was “in the know” he might have known who the future presidents were, or it could also be a comment on the Bushes and the Nazis being linked- as the Bushes were linked to the Nazis- they are in “bed” together, the bear performing fellatio on the man that looks like a Bush, again, a very golden (aryan) bear- and of course, gold is one of the three colours in the German flag (gold, red and black). Danny is a being chased through the maze and double-backs his tracks, which is apparently an old “Indian” hunting trick, and he is strong, so he represents the bear. I think that is the double meaning of the bear in this movie, more than the soviets, the link to Berlin and Berlin being ground zero for the Nazis.

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    • Some more about The Shining I think I have “seen” (and not read elsewhere)- the maze might have a bull reference, as others have said… but also, subliminally, believe the Nazi’s swastika looks maze-like and when we look at Jack looking down at huge maze, I think it triggers swastika-like images in our subconscious (I need to look at the maze more carefully to see if there are more obvious swastikas in it). I think on a very basic level, though, the maze represents the swastika and the maze of confusion (it also, for me, symbolically makes me think of people walking in long lines, not knowing where those lines are going… will you get out of the maze? Or will get “trapped” along the maze- for instance, in a gas chamber?) I’d also like to point out something else I haven’t seen else, and that is that the skiing poster with the word MONARCH on it which is mentioned in ROOM 237- well- the theory in the documentary is that the word monarch relates to kings and queens (“all the best people” Ullman calls them) but I believe the meaning is much more obvious. The Nazis started what later became known as MKUltra- that is, mind-control experiments using LSD, electroshock, forced repetition and sleep deprivation. One of the projects that branched off from MKultra is called Project Monarch (essentially, brainwashing people in power, like celebrities, to say and do certain things to influence the public). I 100% believe that MONARCH on the poster is a direct reference to Project Monarch (which Kubrick would have been in a position to know about, because of his status as such a powerful director). I even found an image, a still, from The Shining online with what appears to be a butterfly in the image (fr what reason? A symbol of Project Monarch, where the butterfly is used?) Look at this photo:

      Okay, you can see the eagle on his shirt… but what I noticed is on the door, on the right of the photo, there appears to be a blue butterfly! (Or am I nuts?) One of the projects associated with project Monarch is project bluebird- and the butterfly is blue! (I have many more things I have seen in The Shining that I honestly haven’t seen elsewhere, I am sort of obsessed, please keep the comments kind, I may very well be wrong)

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      • It’s me again. Okay, another thing I have noticed is the scene where Jack is holding Danny, the creepy scene which might point towards sexual abuse… well, the bathroom door is open. Kubrick was obsessive, everything had meaning. Bathrooms are generally where we do private things, and where our genitals are exposed (either through bathing or using the toilet). Generally we keep the door shut, and if not shut, not wide open. Here the door is wide open and paired directly with Jack holding Danny (in a somewhat creepy manner- and look how rigid and uncomfortable Danny looks). Subconsciously, we’ll pair bathroom activities with Jack’s cradling of Danny, and the toilet with this scene. Kubrick could have very easily closed the bathroom door here, but he left it WIDE OPEN on purpose. We’re seeing something “private”, or something that hints at something “private”. That is my take on why the bathroom door is open. (on a lesser note, sexual abuse or rumours of sexual abuse are often associated with cults and also with project MONARCH programming, because sexual abuse triggers dissociative and hypnotic states in the victims and it is easy to implant beliefs and commands in people who are dissociative- some of the symbols said to be associated with project monarch are dolls (represent “alters”), mannequins (represent a human being that is dissociative and cut off from his or her body), butterfly symbol (as in the monarch butterfly) and I have even heard some say that Mickey Mouse is associated with project MONARCH brainwashing (at the end of Full Metal Jacket, the troops are singing the Mickey Mouse song in the midst of a fire-filled war scene- indicating that they have been brainwashed to fight?) Danny is wearing a sweater with Mickey Mouse on it in the scene in which Jack sits him on his lap and plays with his hair.

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      • fuckin shit i all need to move out of your parents basement and get a fucking life. holy shit.

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        • Scott, I have been living on my own since before I was a legal adult. Everybody has hobbies. Personally I find organized sports, shopping for fun, golf and many other popular hobbies boring and a waste of time, but I don’t go to those sites and troll people who like to do those things. To each his own. You’re obviously not interested in analyzing movies. Now… why should we care what your opinion is?

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          • I truly find all this fascinating! I have been an avid fan of The Shining since I was a teen. Now in my mid 40’s I still don’t understand it fully nor will I ever but I’ve enjoyed reading all these posts.

          • Good for you, Lex!

      • The placement of the Monarch poster has to be deliberate because it is supposed to be for the Monarch Mountain ski resort but the Overlook hotel is supposed to be in Estes Park. Monarch Mountain (located in south-central Colorado) is hundreds of miles away from Estes Park and there are many other ski resorts that are much closer. Kubrick must have heard that there was a ski resort called Monarch in Colorado and used a poster for it to send the message.

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    • I think the scene of the bear orally pleasing the old guy in the tuxedo is telling. I think the bear does represent Berlin and the nazis. As the bear is pleasing the elite, I see kubrick saying the nazi regime was nothing more than a slave to the elite, doing what the elite wanted.

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  10. Okay, I pointed out above how here: on the right on the door you can see a blue butterfly on the door, but also, I want to show some other things I saw in this scene. Okay, on the left, right above Jack’s head, is a design on the headboard or some sort of metal clasp, but to me it looks a lot like a human man figure- chest, small head, legs hanging down and arms. Do you guys see? It looks naked, so it could be putting that in our subconscious mind, but could it also be suggesting at a very deep level that Jack is being influenced by that “little devil” that sits on one’s shoulder (seen in the old school cartoons- devil in one shoulder, angel on the other)? It definitely looks like a little person to me, and the subconscious mind would catch it, but consciously we probably wouldn’t. Also, the laundry- in the clear plastic bag, you have red laundry on top, then white, then blue (navy, almost unable to be seen, right at the bottom). 😀 What do you think of the blue butterfly (represents project MONARCH I believe) or the vague man shape above Jack’s shoulder in this photo/scene? Thank you.

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  11. One more thing about the little man seen here: It would be on his left shoulder (left meaning sinister, associated with the devil). It only appears to be his right at first glance because we’re looking at a mirror image. That is a vague naked man shape on the left of the photo, you guys see it? On the head board? Some sort of brass clasp, I think, but very fast, fuzzily, it looks like a little man?

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    • Thanks for all of the comments; I’m gonna find time to sit down and take a look at what you’ve got here…

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  12. pioneer/Manifest Destiny reference I haven’t seen mentioned before:

    When Jack is having his first drink with the bartender, he mentions “The White Man’s Burden”, but then he also says something about being “on the wagon for five months”. This not only alludes to his sobriety, but I think this is a reference to Westward expansion as the typical journey on the Oregon Trail lasted 4-5 months.

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  13. It is not a Bear. Its a dog-costume. Fail 😉

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    • No, it is a bear costume. Dogs are not symbols for anything in The Shining. Bears repeatedly are. Stanley Kubrick doesn’t do things for no reason. It is definitely a bear.

      Many people who study The Shining all agree it is a bear costume. It has rounded ears like a bear (dogs don’t have ears like that) and a bear’s face. You can read these other analyses of the man in the bear costume.

      You might think it is a dog because there was a man in a dog suit in the novel by Stephen King. However, Stanley Kubrick didn’t follow the novel closely. He changed the hedge animals to a maze, he made the girls into twins (even in the movie they are not supposed to be twins, but he used twins to represent them), he changed the color of the Torrance’s VW beetle and inverted a lot of things. It is not unreasonable to assume he also changed the man in a dog costume into a man in a bear costume to keep with the other symbolism in the movie. If you assume it is a dog costume just because the man in the book was wearing a dog costume, you have to deny that Kubrick made absolutely no effort to keep the movie true to the book and is only superficially a nod to Stephen King’s novel.

      It is also possible that Kubrick chose a “dog costume” that could easily be confused for a bear, also, in keeping with the two-faced theme. It isn’t obvious to most viewers that it is meant to be a dog costume. All you have to do is google “guy in bear suit” + “The Shining” and you’ll see that many, many people think it to be a bear. Kubrick was intelligent, and that scene only lasts for a second. If he wanted to suggest a dog, he could have picked a costume which was *obviously* a dog and didn’t have the rounded ears or the bear-like nose. The costume he chose is ambiguous. Possibly because he was giving a sarcastic nod to Stephen King while keeping with his bear theme.

      Winnie the Pooh is found 2 times in The Shining. There are two main shots of Danny with his bear pillow. The bearskin rug is shot from two main angles (overhead and quick flash). Et cetera.

      Even making the bear pass for a dog keeps with the rule of twos.

      1) It’s a man who is not a bear. 2) And it’s a man who is not a bear.

      In scenario one, the man is not a bear, because it is a man dressed up in a bear costume.

      In scenario two, the man is not a bear because he is not dressed up in a bear costume, but in an ambiguous dog costume.

      You must also have noticed how presidential that man who is not in a mask looks. He looks like one of the Bushes. In fact, could this be a nod to the fact that Prescott Bush helped Hitler rise to power? If you assume the man in the suit is in a bear suit and that the golden bear represents Berlin, then could it be an allusion to the Bush connection to the Nazis?

      The movie itself is a “double”- a superficial nod to King’s novel and a much different story about the Native American holocaust, the Shoah, etc…

      So on one level you could argue it is a dog suit, and at the same time you could argue that it is a bear suit and that is why it is such an ambiguous suit.

      The man without a mask looks an awful lot like George Bush Senior, both the age and facial features but also the hair. He looks like George Bush Senior around the time Bush Senior was elected from president. Now, if you believe Kubrick was “in the know” of the elites and that presidents are chosen ahead of time, he would know George Bush Senior would win the elections.

      I made this little image to more clearly explain some of my theories.


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      • Wouldn’t the man in the bear costume next to the H.W. Bush lookalike be referring to Russia (then the Soviet Union)? The “Russian Bear” is a much more widely-known symbol than the “Berlin Bear” – I’d never heard of the latter until today. And the supposed fall of the Soviet Union happened during H.W. Bush’s presidency.

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        • That is interesting- but if it is a reference to the Russian bear, it would imply that Kubrick knew about events long before they happened- which is possible, but even creepier. 🙂

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      • I really aprctpiaee free, succinct, reliable data like this.

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  14. This may be something or not I don’t know. but did anyone notice the kool aid containers in the store room shot and in the kitchen shot? Ok this film came out in 1980 which means it probably went into production sometime in 1979 or maybe even 1978 I’m not sure but anyone around at that time like myself remembers the Jonestown massacre, it was huge news at the time. So no doubt the film was made after this horrible event took place, I believe it was November of 1978 when the massacre took place. So with that said the kool aid containers could have significance in the film because the victims of that event drank poison laden kool aid. Now in recent years the phrase ‘drinking the kool aid’ has become a metaphor for going along with the crowd, or believing things that aren’t true, or doing stupid things that other people are doing without thinking or verifying things for yourself etc. So the kool aid containers are in two shots in the film, the store room and the kitchen. Alright so we know the possible significance of the kool aid so how might that be being used to relay a message, well if were talking about the moon landing being faked it could be for that, in the kitchen and in the store room. Let me explain, in the kitchen shot we can see the rocket picture on the refrigerator as has already been pointed out, there’s the rocket and there’s the kool aid right above the picture or post card, meaning that people were deceived in thinking we went to the moon as indicated by the kool aid. Ok now the store room shot pretty much the same basically driving the message home in the film and even adding more clues. Let me explain, did everyone see the tang containers next to the kool aid?? ok what is the significance of the tang??….well maybe nothing but I’m going to reveal my age here a little bit. If you were a kid in the 1960s or early seventies as I was, you know that ”TANG” was used by the astronauts, all the kids knew that the astronauts took tang into space if you were around at that time. So now we’ve got kool aid and tang together. So we know what the kool aid means, and we know what the tang means, and did anyone notice that the two tang containers together formed a word?? yep ” Angan” what does that word mean? I have no idea but I did g00gle so to speak and came up with this,%20mimpi,%20berangan-angan So maybe there is something to all this…maybe not you decide.

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    • Good catch, however, the Jonestown incident used Flavor Aid (a common misconception). I’m sure Kubrick would’ve used Flavor Aid packages in the film. Interesting idea though, maybe something worth keeping in the back of the mind for the next time going through the film…

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    • Awesome theory Bob! Kubrick was obsessive and a genius… I bet you’re right. Even if Flavor Aid was used in Jonestown, most people thought it was Koolaid so the Koolaid as a symbol f mindless conformity still works. 🙂 The phrase “he/she drank the kool-aid” still exists, regardless of whether or not Koolaid was the actual powdered drink crystal of “choice” (haha, the irony) at Jonestown. 🙂

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  15. I just wanted to add something that I forgot to mention in my post above about the possible fake moon landing symbolism, in the movie. So there’s the r0cket, kool aid, tang thing going on, referring to a possible tie in with the Jonestown thing. Now this was no small event, over 900 people were killed including a U.S. c0ngressman. So another thing that may connect the Jonestown event to this symbolicaly is that the place the jonestown massacre/mass suicide took place which is in Guaina in south America, and French Guaina is where the EU launches its r0ckets into space, now I don’t know how long they have been doing that there or if there is a conscious symbolic connection I think it might be a stretch but it’s kinda interesting never the less.

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  16. I made another image, showing how the meat in the storage room looks a bit like pale, naked bodies (another holocaust reference) if you squint your eyes. Any meat in boxes or any writing on the plastic or darker cuts of meat would have ruined the effect. What do you guys think… I made another image for you, Illuminati watcher… I will make more. I never read this anywhere else, as far as I know this is “my” catch (others may have seen it but I haven’t read this theory before) https:

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    • It looks like he modeled the shot after that image. Thank you for sharing that.

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  17. I spent hours writing an extremely detailed note on The Shining on my facebook page. Illuminati watcher, if you would like me to make you any more images (for instance, compile all the obvious doubles in the movies representing the “twins”- and the twins themselves represent two-facedness, duplicity… some have also suggested they represent “alters” in a loose association to MK ultra and Monarch programming and MPD/DID. I found a blue butterfly hidden within the shining (monarchs and blue butterflies are often used as symbols for MONARCH programming)- there is also the obvious monarch posters and I get into the sexual abuse theme in the movie, too. Anyway, here, you are free to read and share, guys.

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    • Wow, good stuff everyone! Lex- I posted that image of the twins, great catch! I put a link to your FB post about it above (let me know if you want me to take it down). Keep up the good work!

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  18. Dear Illuminati Watcher… Here is the cover of the Play Girl Jack was reading. Notice the nod to sexual abuse of Danny on the cover? “Incest: Why parents sleep with their children”

    Also, I would like to comment on a particular shade of green in the Shining, that I don’t see a lot of people comment on. It is what I call “morgue” green. It is associated with deviant sex acts kept secret from society.

    It is the colour of bathroom Jack goes into in Room 237 (also notice how the bathroom has doubles of everything- representing duplicity- the mask we show to the world and our true self?)…

    A very similar shade of green is in the carpet in room 237 (notice also how the carpet has a vague sexual theme- phallic looking shapes inside of vaginal type shapes?)

    That same shade of green is also found in the Torrance’s bathroom at the beginning of the movie “hidden” behind a gauzy curtain (Jack makes an attempt to hide his abuse of Danny?) It’s a very specific choice on Kubrick’s part…

    That same bit of green from the bathroom is also present when the doctor has her hands over Danny (sort of a dominating type position- he fainted so why are his pants off? She has both her hands over him, essentially “trapping” him on the bed… symbolic of abuse? Also notice the rubber ducky in Danny’s bedroom and the morgue-green “games” on his shelf. Rubber Duckies are toys children play with in the bathtub when they are naked… so why is it in his bedroom? And many sexual abusers refer to what they do as “games” (let’s play a secret game” etc)… I haven’t noticed anyone talk about the morgue green games on Danny’s shelf before and in general people don’t bring up how the green “hidden” in the Torrance bathroom is nearly identical to the green in the bathroom in room 237.

    Also, Danny collapses in the bathroom and loses time after talking to Tony in the bathroom. In the Stephen King novel Tony is seen as a hallucination or vision of an older boy standing in the distance, but in “The Shining” Danny’s demeanor changes, his voice changes and he “becomes” Tony. Is Kubrick suggesting he has dissociative identity disorder (previously called multiple personality disorder?). Apparently sexual abuse early in life is one of the biggest causes for dissociative identity disorder. (I haven’t heard other people talk about Danny as having DID, so please be gentle with me). He collapses and “blackouts” are also common with DID. Another question is… if Danny has “alters” (DID/MPD alters) is Tony his ONLY alter? Could the twin girls be alters of Danny’s? Yes, Grady really did bring his daughters up to the Overlook, and yes Danny may be psychic, but they weren’t twins and many people have commented that the girls might represent Wendy. “Come and play with us forever… and ever… and ever…” Is that a reference to dissociation?

    Just a theory I have regarding the “play with us” line, Danny’s black out in the bathroom (if he is being sexually abused than dissociating in a place where it happens would make sense), his “personality changes” when he becomes Tony (later on when he says “Danny’s not here, Mrs. Torrance” it seems pretty obvious to me that Kubrick is suggesting Danny has what was then called multiple personality disorder, as children who don’t have that disorder don’t suddenly “go away” in response to sudden stress… this is a pre-existing condition Danny has….) What do you think? When Danny says “Danny’s not here, Mrs. Torrance” Wendy shakes him and says “Danny wake up! Right now!” and “Tony” replies in his creaky voice “Danny can’t wake up, Mrs. Torrance.” This suggests strongly to me that has has dissociated and the alter, Tony, is in control. He is not playing around and he is not sleep-talking. “Danny” is not there any longer.

    Also, not sure if you have this on your page about Roman Polanski and child abuse, etc…
    But on the table in the living room, when Wendy is talking to the doctor? There is a copy of “Illness as metaphor” by Susan Sontag. I am including some more informatio about it below (copying and pasting). Here are photos:

    In 1978 Susan Sontag wrote Illness as Metaphor, a classic work described by Newsweek as “one of the most liberating books of its time.” A cancer patient herself when she was writing the book, Sontag shows how the metaphors and myths surrounding certain illnesses, especially cancer, add greatly to the suffering of patients and often inhibit them from seeking proper treatment. By demystifying the fantasies surrounding cancer, Sontag shows cancer for what it is — just a disease. Cancer, she argues, is not a curse, not a punishment, certainly not an embarrassment and, it is highly curable, if good treatment is followed.”

    Could the Susan Sontag article be in regards to Wendy needing to address what is happening with Danny and quit living in denial about what Jack is doing to their son? I think so. It is implied Wendy knows what is going on, but doesn’t want to think about it. For instance, there is a goofy doll hanging in Danny’s bedroom, and Wendy is dressed similarly.

    I made this image for you Illuminati watcher:

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    • Wow! That was a lot; thank you. I posted each item where I saw fit and gave you credit in there (and was sure to call you a ‘her’ and not a ‘him’ this time-lol). Same goes for that other image you provided about the Holocaust imagery. Thanks again Lex.

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  19. Hey, the newspaper Wendy is reading are red blue n’ White!!

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  20. Point is there was never a holocaust, so stop beating around the bush with that.

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  21. I am almost laughing out loud at gthis article.
    God you are so pathetic. At least That vigilant citizen idiot tries to be convincing. lol
    But anythign to sell your books eh?

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      • It’s much easier to uneanstdrd when you put it that way!

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      • 27.12.2012 at 07:04Third Flower…My wife and i are actually now delighted that Albert could execute his scientific studies as a result of the concepts he had through your website. It’s now and again perplexing to just often be giving freely actions which lots of people might have bee…

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  22. Notes:

    In keeping with the theme of sexual abuse and mind control, the ‘MONARCH’ poster is in the “Game Room” (sexual abuse reference) where Danny is throwing darts (sexual symbolism) and missing terribly, because he is too small to hit the target.

    While the film was made rather early to symbolize the first Bush Presidency, that particular Bush was Director of the CIA some years before he became President. The bear costume symbolism as reference to Berlin/Nazis makes more sense when you consider the connections between the OSS, CIA and programs like Operation Paperclip and MK Ultra, which all connect through the Nazis, to Project Monarch.

    In the first shot of Wendy and Danny in the film, in which he asks her about going to the hotel, she is reading ‘Catcher in the Rye,’ traditionally connected with MK Ultra – and her copy has a specific page dogeared BEFORE she sets it down, as though Kubrick wanted to be sure Shelley Duvall always opened it to that page, no matter how many takes they did.

    “Come play with us, Wendy – forever and ever and ever…” Is this not a reference to, if not a quote from, Barrie’s ‘Peter Pan’? Probably another reference to child sexual abuse.

    And maybe its a bit of a stretch, but in keeping with the abuse theme, the scene where Halloran is left alone with Danny and plys him with his favorite ice cream always felt a bit creepy, this adult stranger seductively forging a relationship with a little boy he’s just met – then later, when he comes back in a rescue attempt (because he’s ‘psychically’ felt a call from his little friend), Jack immediately axes him in the chest, which did not happen in the book. Was Jack being depicted as a jealous lover?

    The curious thing is that there are clearly three distinct and seemingly separate themes – Project Monarch (which I believe are part and parcel of the Nazi/Holocaust symbolism), Native Americana and Apollo 11 running through this film – the trolls who doubt that hidden meaning is imbedded in this movie are simply too ignorant and dense to see what’s right in front of them. Stanley Kubrick was an obsessive artist, every tiny detail of his films was intentional – he spent hours picking just the right color for the lettering in the opening credits, for gods’ sakes (listen to the DVD commentaries). You don’t do that unless it MEANS something. All the interiors of the Hotel in the film were built to scale on a sound stage in England, so every detail of set construction and decoration is INTENTIONAL, not just some bit of junk that happened to be lying around before the cameras got there. Every toy, every prop, every fabric design, every costume, every sink and toilet and fixture and ladder in the background – all placed there for a specific reason. And the inventor of the Steadycam camera, used almost exclusively for this film, goes on at length about how finicky Kubrick was about the exact placement of the cross hairs in the viewfinder in positioning every scene meticulously, and shooting take after take after take, until he got exactly the shot he was after – which by the way, was never explained to the actors or crew. Most directors shoot three to five takes of a scene and move on – Kubrick did as many as 40 or more for EVERY SCENE. Of course, when you’re crafting deep symbolism into every shot and you can’t tell your cast what it is, you just have to keep nudging them with your direction until they get it right by accident. Stanley Kubrick’s films don’t have that slightly stilted, stylized look and feel by accident. He’s not just telling High School dramas to entertain morons – he’s creating art that’s meant to be studied and analyzed to be fully understood, and hiding it inside films that will also entertain and distract morons. If you think The Shining is just a horror film – you’re one of the morons.

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    • Don’t mind the trolls special ed. Trolls need to troll. It is their hobby. Just ignore them. People with more than a handful of neurons can figure out what Kubrick as up to.

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      • Lex, you’ve done some amazing research and put a great deal of thought and effort. Plus your attitude toward trolls is admirable.
        I’ve enjoyed reading the original article and input from others and will delve into this myself… not having seen the movie since it’s original release. (Scared me too much at the time, but I’m older and braver now!)

        Thank you!

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    • @special ed’s comment. In an interview with Shelley Duvall she said the scene with Jack and the baseball bat too 127 “takes” until Kubrick gave it the thumbs up! 4-5 takes sounds normal, but 127 is extreme! no wonder it took forever to film it. The rest of your comments seem spot on!

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    • It’s a tiny thing, but I thought of Peter Pan too! When Wendy is walking backwards up the stairs, swinging her bat at Jack, he says, “Wendy… Darling…” which is the full name of the protagonist in Barrie’s play. (I don’t think it’s particularly meaningful, but made me smile.)

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  23. Having recently watched “Paper Moon” again (starring Ryan O’Neal, with whom Kubrick had just worked, and Tatum O’Neal, who visited the set of “Barry Lyndon”), I was struck by a conversation Tatum has with the black maid working with Madeline Kahn. “In my neighborhood, when a man comes home and catches another man in bed with his wife, he just goes out to the wood pile and gets his double-blade ax and chops them both up into little pieces. Folks say they come up just kindling wood.” The two girls are plotting to have Ryan’s character catch girlfriend Madeline Kahn with another man in her hotel room. Her room number? 237.

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  24. Wow! I remember watching that movie as a kid and it always was a creepy movie and I always thought that there was more to it than seemed. I’ve been looking into Stanley Kubrick too lately and watching some more of his work. These days I’ve kinda lost interest in watching movies(at least for entertainment) I do watch them ‘for learning’ solely. The last one I had watched was “Hide and Seek” and that movie has monarch mind control all over it! I’ll have to watch “The Shining” again though when I have some time as this is very revealing. I had never noticed Jack giving the 6 sign. But regarding Danny and his alter, that was a movie I first thought of regarding using mind control

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  25. 42. In the shot with the Kool Aid and Tang and the Calumet, with there relative ties to being made to swallow the belief that the moon landings were real and the associate with the native american burial ground, there are also cans of something called S & W.

    S is the 19th letter of the alphabet and W is the 23rd letter of the alphabet. If you add the two together you get 42, which as explained by others is a number associated with the devil or Osiris.

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    • Whoa, nice find! It is literally S and W, or S + W. I think that 2*3*7=42 was also intended, because in the conversation between Danny and Mr. Halloran they always say “two three seven” and not two thirty-seven. Replacing numbers with variables, it’s literally BCG=42.

      The company is S&W Fine Foods. Other Ss and Ws include the secretary Susie and (Bill, or William) Watson. Watson says the word “fine” more than once in his few lines. Also, it’s possible that the name Susan Robertson (mentioned in the newscast while Wendy was opening a can of something) is a reference to those characters. Wendy is of course another W, and Torrance ends with an S sound.

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      • Pay particular attention to what’s being said and done around the radio during the interview in Ullman’s office, in the lobby when Jack is reading the Playgirl, and in the kitchen when the news is on the TV.

        Back to the name (Su__zie) Sus__an Roberts__on: Elizabeth Ann Roberts is the youngest playmate of the month in the history of Playboy. She was16 years old when featured in the January 1958 issue, and Playboy ran into some legal issues because of that. There is a picture of her kneeling next to a radio, in a room that looks eerily similar to Ullman’s office. It isn’t too racy but I’d prefer not to link to it nevertheless.

        Here is her wikipedia page:

        There is more with the office and Wendy. Follow the white rabbit, as the saying goes.

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  26. Interesting analysis of the 1980 film, “The Shining.” When you mention the topic of “red, white and blue,” I find it intriguing that those very colors are, too, the ‘present’ day colors of Russia in the Russian flag (i.e., white, blue and red – is it?). That is, post-Soviet Union Russia. Very interesting indeed. More of that “duality” tension (like the Masonic black-white tension it brings in opposites). In this case, the interchangeability and opposites of both the U.S.A. and the U.S.S.R. (i.e., capitalism and communism) and the colors of “red, white and blue” (i.e., U.S.A. and post-U.S.S.R. – ?!). I find the timing of Kubrick’s film could not be more prophetic as it was released not too long before the real (to public knowledge, anyway) collapse of the former Soviet Union in the latter part of the ’80s, but yet enough time before so that Kubrick provided those hints in this film seeing the foreshadows of things to come all the while revealing his “own” colors, if you will. Hmm, interesting indeed. Kubrick – watchman, soothsayer, other or all of the above? That is the question indeed. Good stuff!

    While I am on the subject of “red, white and blue” (and exactly in that order — at least from left to right from this angle/perspective anyway, if you will, as you take a look at the link below). When you view the following link…stop it exactly at the 7:00 minute mark and what you will see coming out/from a volcano (!) is very interesting. Hmm, always UFOs and volcanoes. Fascinating video otherwise. Here is the link:

    — Eric

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  27. Greetings from Carolina! I’m bored to death at work so I decided to browse your blog on my iphone during lunch break. I love the info you provide here and can’t wait to take a look when I get home. I’m shocked at how quick your blog loaded on my cell phone .. I’m not even using WIFI, just 3G .. Anyways, good blog!

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  28. I may be late to the ballgame here but did anybody notice the embossed “twin towers” behind the ladder in the Gold Room? It kind of jumped out at me…

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  29. The distance to the moon is roughly 237,000 not 237,000,000. Kubric also worked at the Military Motion Picture Squadron which was where they produced propaganda films. It was Located in Los Angeles between 1947 and 1969.

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  30. Interesting how no one is really mentioning the connection that Hallorans character had with the boy! He is the only one that showed true compassion and sympathy for him. Could be being black American he understood what abuse the child was going through and they shared the same power. Which is why Jacks character killed him off so fast. His character was initially white in the book, why did he choose a black actor to play him? Just had to mention it since everyone keeps saying Kubrick does things for a reason. 😉

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  31. Stuart Ullman…eliminate the ‘u’and ‘t’ in stuart leaves you with Star and take away the ‘ull’in Ullman. Starman. Kennedy wanted to win the moon race. On the front cover of the Playgirl issue there’s ‘Starsky’. Star and Sky. The stars on the bread package. Now there’s the Moonwalkers movie Landing movie with Ron Perlman and Rupert Grint…It makes you wonder doesn’t it? People are so quick scoff at the what they don’t have any knowledge or awareness of…but that’s the whole point of it isn’t it?

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    • That is interesting, but the name Stuart Ullman was given to the character in the Stephen King novel, and King didn’t have a code like Kubrick. Still, very weird synchronicity. Didn’t catch that one! 🙂

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  32. I watched the 1970’s horror film Susperia online yesterday. It is a foreign film about witches, and one thing I noticed was the director’s careful use of split/distinct colors, particularly red and green. In the scene with the balloons outside the Overlook ballroom, most of the colored balloons have a mate or two, except the red balloon. It was mentioned about the distinct colors of red, white, and blue; green also is common. Jack has an all green tie; Danny’s photo is reflected in the bathroom mirror with a green object. By the way, Danny’s reflection in the bathroom mirror does not appear proportional in size relative to the angle in which it is reflected relative to the camera; perhaps it is a substitution.

    There was mention about the Apollo program. I wonder if there could be any overlay coincidences between the video of the Shining and the moon landing.

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  33. I think something huge is missing here. What about the reflections that are shown throughout the entire movie? Not only the reflections in mirrors but also the changing of the scenarios: when Danny is playing in the corridor with the cars, the pattern is pointing in one direction and the next scene they are pointing the opposite direction; also the lobby is reverted as some point only to return to its original arrangement in the next scene. What about the redrum scene or the reflection of the woman of the room 237? And even one of the dialogues between Jack and Wendy are filmed using mirrors.
    Mirrors and reflections are constantly used and it may symbolize the duality of reality vs fantasy.

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  34. There is no red color in the film… none whatsoever, none AT ALL. You’re either color blind for real (I mean it) or you’re purposefully calling orange, yellow, beige, brown, peach, and tan shades “red” because otherwise the fact of the complete absence of red would punch so many huge holes in your theories they would in large part essentially cease to exist. If you DO have color sighting problems of some kind I forgive you (again, really); otherwise, may I remind you of your own statements acknowledging Kubrick’s insistence on attention to detail. In other words, if Kubrick wanted lots of RED in the film, that’s what we’d see—lots of RED—not lots of orange, yellow, beige, brown, peach, and tan… which are there incidentally (for the younger readers) only because fucking EVERYTHING was those putrid colors in the 70s, along with puke green. I should know, it’s the decade in which I grew up. Even the BLUE you mention is almost entirely absent in the film, if you ask 100 people to name the top few of colors they remember from the movie NOT ONE will say blue, any idiot can see that. The movie looks like the 1970s, that’s it, that’s all, so solly cholly (⇐confused? say it out loud).

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    • The guy above is an I idiot. He should be hung by his no doubt sub-standard testicles.

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    • No, the guy above is God. His testicles should be dipped in pure gold and everyone in the universe should be required to file past them once a day and marvel at their sheer size Godlike beauty.

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  35. hi, just a quick one, i havnt noticed anyone else mention this about mickey mouse on dannys jumper. well there is a supposed quote by the nazis that says “Mickey Mouse is the most miserable ideal ever revealed… Healthy emotions tell every independent young man and every honorable youth that the dirty and filth-covered vermin, the greatest bacteria carrier in the animal kingdom, cannot be the ideal type of animal… Away with the Jewish brutalization of the people! Down with Mickey Mouse! Wear the Swastika cross!”. this ties in with the holocaust theory. however i do believe disney himself was accused of agreeing with nazi views or something along those lines so who knows. just a little more information anyway, thanks.

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  36. in fact theres quite a few references to disney isnt there. jack is the big bad wolf who recites the little pigs quote. the mickey mouse jumper. wendy looking like goofy. theres also one of the seven dwarfs on dannys door at home.

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  37. Good stack of opinions here!

    Not sure if this was mentioned before but when the doctor has a conversation with Wendy after examining Danny, Wendy states that Jack has not been drinking for the past 5 months, following the arm accident with Danny. Then in the hotel, when Jack talks to the bartender, he mentions he has not been drinking for past 5 months (which s now more like 6 months since they have been more than a month at the hotel already) and then he makes a statement that he has done something bad to Danny 3 YEARS ago! I think there must be some indication of the abuse made to Danny. Doctor also asked if the appearance of ‘Tony’ has been in line with them moving in and Wendy confirms it was not. Not sure if this has started prior to arm accident 5 months before – would need to check that part of the movie again.

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  38. Most of the content listed here @ Illuminatiwatcher (including the comments), were covered and posted by myself, long before this thread existed.

    Feel free to pretend that this is an original post, there is not one reference to any of my (plagiarised) work. Funny that. Do you make sales based on this kind of intellectual thievery?

    One is reminded of Newton’s quote about giants and their shoulders.

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    • I’ve never plagiarized anything in my life. That makes me sad that you think I would steal from you– your website looks like a good one, I feel like we should be on the same team. Email me at and let’s talk about this. -Isaac

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      • Is this the link you’re referring to?
        That’s actually a great article– but I did not steal any of your content. You and I came to the same conclusions (e.g. Nicholson’s Baphomet). There are a lot of items on your site that I don’t even talk about on mine (or in KUBRICK’S CODE). I would’ve actually loved to include your analysis in both (with citations). You actually have a lot more information on some of the concepts; which I find intriguing. Kudos on that. I’m sorry that you felt that I plagiarized your content but I promise you I did not. -Isaac

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        • You, sir, are a true gentleman!

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        • Horselover Phat shut down his blog. Wow. What arrogance to think he was only one capable of his conclusions and will allow only 99 others to bask in his solitary genius. Just, wow.

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          • Yea, I’m not sure what happened??… I did a bit of analysis on the comments and Horselover was apparently on here showing love back in 2014 a couple of times and then this. Bums me out to piss off another theorist out there cuz that site is actually really good! Ah well, can’t keep everyone happy I suppose. 🙂

          • OOhhh sh*t, I see what you’re saying. It’s shut down ENTIRELY. That is unfortunate, I wonder what prompted that?

  39. I commented on another thread that on the Playgirl cover the top headline is The Selling of (Starsky and Hutch’s David) SOUL.

    Selling of the Soul?

    Right in yer face!

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  40. Interesting read.I’ve seen quite a few documentaries about The Shining and Stanley Kubrick in particular.Most of his movies seem to be subliminal in nature with a deeper meaning referring to the occult.From what i have understood is that the shining is actually a confession of Kubrick that he filmed and directed the fake moon landings.I mean people were already suspecting it and in the film you see Danny with an apollo 11 sweater on.I think it can’t be more obvious.I don’t understand how the moon landings are related to the child abuse though but after seeing a doc about Eyes Wide Shut i am not really surprised that perhaps the people he surrounded himself with were into that kind of stuff.What you did not notice or failed to mention is that on the picture where danny is playing with his toy cars.The carpet Danny is playing on has a pattern of a tesseract or hypercube(saturn’s cube?)
    A minor detail but i though it was worth mentioning.

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  41. Liked the page, but unsure about some things…

    First, my take on the VW was that Ted Bundy had one. Kind of an unusual car. I’ve only known one person who had one of that vintage. I thought the crash with the red one was telling them “go back, whIle you still can!” It being red stands out in the snow, unlike yellow. Plus, it ties in with blood.

    “Morgue green” isn’t the green used in hospital or institutionall settings at all. It matches the shade of edamame beans, the one you refer to is more like “avocado” seen on appliances of the 70’s, I feel. Please note, whatever a paint card shows you has hundreds of shades in between those colors, particularly with white and black. My grandmother’s had that soybean green in her bathroom as long as I can remember, probably was new in the mid-70’s. Not sure there’s a whole lot of symbolism, although some colors photograph more interesting than others.

    Flavorade was probably cheaper than Kool-ade. There might have been product placement ($$$) to use one over the other. People did think it was Kool-aid. It was cherry or strawberry flavor, which is also red, like blood, of course. Strange item to have in a very high-end hotel, where I’m guessing there aren’t many kids.

    I also noted the reference to lamb as Halloran tells them about the food inventory. “Leading lambs to slaughter??” Also ties in with the showers (gas chambers?).

    Red and green together are very jarring, particularly on film. Note Freddie Kruger’s sweater is red and green in “Nightmare on Elm Street.” I seem to recall something about the combo that literally, visually jars the brain??

    Note: cheating on your wife with a ghoul looks like a great idea (notice, zero resisance) until you look at yourself in the mirror.

    The costume was a dog in the book, with lots of the guy making him jump through hoops and act like a dog so the guy will continue to have sex with him. So the end result is the same. Although, he doesn’t look pathetic like the dog in the book.

    Note: instruments used to be scary are drums and shakers, about as ancient as you’re going to find.

    In reality, the maze was a severe fire hazard. It wouldn’t take much to have set the thing on fire and ended up with phosgene gas, used in the war?

    Notice the guy in the photo on Nicholson’s right. He’s got a noisemaker that looks phallic. No one else has one, or anything similar out of hundreds of people. Many people also have their eyes closed, not looking at the camera, or are flat-out blurred out of existence in the back. Even if they’re very drunk, this is unusual in photos. You’ll see drunk eyes, but not so many people not looking at the camera.

    Incidentally, a GM and a caretaker are NOT the same thing in a hotel. And the woman was a doctor, not a nurse, of course.

    Ted Bundy was caught in 75, the Shining (book) was out in 1977.

    I also don’t recall the phrase “drinking the Kool-ade” anywhere around the time of Jonestown massacre. Not til much later. And many people were forced at gunpoint, or shot, please don’t forget. They killed the babies and children first and played on the mother’s grief. For great acting by Gene Jones playing Jim Jones, watch The Sacrament, and you’ll want to watch the docs and hear the entire last video, complete with evil sounds at the end.

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  42. Ullman, the director of the hotel is involved in the satanic plot, when in the interview he tells Jack the gruesome 1970 incident with Grady, while he tells Jack, he is barely holding back his laughter and has a hand covering the other hand that shows the sign of OK (with the thumb up). The hotel is not not a haunted house, the Evil must be invoked (call it), the Hotel is the house of Evil, it is designed so that between Evil In it, invoking it with rituals. The devil, I think Baal or Moloch-Baal, arrives with the storm, always the demons have been associated with the elements, air earth, fire, in this case is related to the air and the most propitious moment to call it is in Winter. Once invoked (with the mantra of the la machine to write “Dull boy” … or best “Baal boy”). Baal, according to tradition, was a (evil) God who required human sacrifices (especially children) and all forms of perversion, which is the blood falling to tons down the aisle, the blood spilled there over many years

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  43. Could be even more to the 237 number than this. See Dostoyevsky, The Demons:
    “Man is unhappy because he doesn’t know he’s happy; only because of that. It’s everything, everything, Whoever learns will at once immediately become happy, that same moment…
    “And when did you find out that you were so happy?”
    “Last week, on Tuesday, no, Wednesday, because it was Wednesday by then, in the night.”
    “And what was the occasion?”
    “I don’t remember, just so; I was pacing the room…it makes no difference. I stopped my clock, it was two thirty-seven.”
    “As an emblem that time should stop?”
    Kirillov did not reply.
    “They’re not good,” he suddenly began again, “because they don’t know they’re good. When they find out, they won’t violate the girl. They must find out that they’re good, then they’ll all become good at once, all, to a man.
    “Well, you did find out, so you must be good?”
    “I am good.”
    “With that I agree, incidentally,” Stavrogin muttered frowningly.
    “He who teaches that all are good, will end the world.”
    “He who taught it was crucified.”
    “He will come, and his name is the man-god.”
    “The God-man?”
    “The man-god–that’s the whole difference.”

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  44. In the scene where Danny is being checked over by the Doctor, the eyes of the bear next to him seem to be indicating a rare eye condition called coloboma. I have heard (Youtube) that Kubrick had the bear’s eyes specially modified just as he had the stars on Danny’s shirt altered to point down.
    The scene starts black-screen with the doctor saying ” Now hold your eyes still so I can see.” Then we see the doctor examining his eyes very closely while Danny lies exposed holding his groin. This perhaps draws our attention to the eyes.
    Coloboma is connected with the Pizza-gate scandal:( as all the babies that James Alefantis displays on his leaked posts seem to have this incredibly rare condition. The abducted child Madeleine McCann had this condition.
    Also the suspected pedo-band Heavy Breathing who are also connected to Pizza-gate display flash-frames of eyes with this condition in their music videos.

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  45. Nicholson makes a number of hand signs while threatening Wendy going up the stairs. Of course he makes the 666 OK sign when he says “…a single minutes thought” but shortly after he makes the sign of the fig (thumb thrust through fist between index & second finger) when he says the word “Contract” maybe alluding to Kubrick’s “fake moon landing” contract. Also at the top of the stairs when he says “Wendy, darling, light of my life..” he is pointing 1 finger up (sign of the creator) on the word “Wendy” then goes straight into the devil horns for the rest of the phrase.
    The staircase itself looks symbolic as, from front view, the approach steps form a topless pyramid (symbolising the unfinished work) with the main stairs behind rising up to a large light (symbolising the stages of elevation towards enlightenment) Indeed when Wendy reaches the top of the stairs, when fending off Jack with the bat, the light on the ceiling behind her head forms a perfect crown or halo.

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  46. This has probably been acknowledged but rarely stated – on the Monarch picture (referencing MK Ultra program) in the games room, the Sun is emerging around the skier’s head symbolizing illumination. Also the skis (though not individually visible) could represent Boaz & Jachin pillars (dualism). The skier could even have goats legs & tail.

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    • There is an actual ski resort in southern Colorado called Monarch Mountain and that is where the poster is from. However, based on hotel that inspired Stephen King, the Overlook Hotel is hundreds of miles away in the northern part of the state. So the hotel would not logically advertise a resort so far away when it has so many more ski resorts in the area. This is evidence that Kubrick placed the poster there on purpose. But I wouldn’t look to deeply at the symbolism of the skis since it looks like a real poster made by the Monarch Mountain resort and not by Kubrick himself. That doesn’t mean that the name Monarch isn’t important on its own.

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  47. Outstanding insight !!

    What i cannot find, is the explanation of the missing shower head (roughly 1hr14mins in the film. The lady exists the shower, and in the next frame with Jack it is missing.

    Is their any reason for this, what what Kubrick telling us ??

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  48. Further to my stairs thing: When Wendy reaches the top of the stairs she is crowned by the ceiling light behind her head and is given divine aid (landing 2 lucky shots on the trot with the bat) to overcome her opponent & when the camera looks down at the fallen Jack from Wendy’s POV the descending stairs form yet another topless pyramid on top of which he is laying………..maybe.

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  49. Possible V.W. Beetle symbolism in The Shining: In ancient Egypt & since in secret lore teachings the Beetle (Scarab or Dung Beetle) was much revered as a symbol of rebirth & regeneration as the young would seem to emerge from the ground after hatching in & then eating the dung ball in which the egg was laid in a burrow.
    But also, as the adult beetles roll balls of dung around with their forelegs, the Sun god Ra took the form of the Scarab as Khepri to roll the sun on it’s journey through the sky every day then he would turn red (or set – coincidentally[!] the name of Ra’s night time counterpart) & die to await rebirth the following dawn.
    Of course the Greek version of Sun god Ra is Apollo (as in A.11 moon landing) so I think the V.W. Beetle is yellow (or golden), and not red like in the original story, to further depict the Scarab beetle as the high Sun.
    Also when we see the yellow Beetle at the start of the film the sun is high, the family are regenerated with the prospect of a new beginning & the film is in it’s virile, optimistic youth.
    Later when trying to rescue them, the chef Halloran (lots of names with double l’s as in Apollo, 11, the symbol for Gemini [the twins in the film] , masonic pillars etc.) sees another V.W. Beetle, this time red, crushed under a truck in the dark. It is night time, the beetle or Sun has set or turned red & died to await rebirth at dawn. It is now the realm of Set, the god of darkness, hostility & evil. The film story also moves into this phase at that point.

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  50. At 6:40 Grab Shot of Window & Invert.. Red, White & Blue Subliminal For Ya… Also, Looks To Be Triangular Eyes As Well.

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  51. Another reversed USA flag on the outside of the plane that Hallorann takes.

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  52. The Tang(official drink of the astronauts) alongside the Kool-Aid in the storage room should not be overlooked!

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    • For a brief period of time, Isaac had been exposed on the comments section-of plagiarism. It was a valid claim by a gal on fb who had this post-almost identically-re-posted. Your photo is shrouded in darkness and secrecy, yet you simply seek to sell books Isaac. On topics you know very little about.

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    • Thanks. I knew the Tang meant something.

      Also interesting to note is that the later DVD versions of the movie edit out the scene in which the doctor checks on Danny and then talks to Wendy. I watched my copy the other night…it’s not there. And from what I remember of the original, it’s the only scene that’s been edited out.

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  53. Family of Adam Weishaupt? Or is it just your nickname used on the internet?

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  54. ALL A list directors world wide are SPOOKs working assigned projects.

    Kubrick was there, in 1960, to get the SEX HEX of the public working
    with ‘LOLITA’.

    Understand, in 2018, NABOKOV himself has been outed as a SPOOK.

    ‘STRANGELOVE’ was an in your face send up of the nuke terror HOAX.

    ‘2001’ was a send up and inside joke on the NASA space travel hoax
    and the evolution HOAX

    ‘SHINING’ further reinforced the SEX HEX but with a rarely noticed
    touch of the FTM issue.

    ( it has now come to light that INTEL has –overwhelmingly– ‘replaced’
    our ‘male’ demographic with in utero subverted FTMs.

    Further, ‘SHINING’ was alluding to the subversion and demoralization
    of AMERICA by the forces of inter–generational USURY.

    Things the ‘daring’ KUBRICK never dared touch ?

    RED CHINA handover TREASON.


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  55. I think the Marlboro package near he typewriter – German Adler (‘Eagle’) – symbolises K.K.K.

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  56. This is a small, possibly insignificant observation. It seems to me, in the beginning of the movie the camera is tracking with the VW as it winds along the road. Then the camera veers off the road. As if to show at the very beginning that this Family is about to or has just veered-off.

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