IlluminatiWatcher’s Best Conspiracy Theories of 2012

2012 was a crazy year for conspiracy theories (no puns intended), with some several far reaching ideas that were covered on and elsewhere. Here’s a brief rundown of the cream of the crop, with links embedded for further images, videos, and explanations:

Hurricane Sandy- accusations of HAARP’s influence to create a hurricane in order to knock down the eastern side of the United States during the election campaign ran all over the internet. Ultimately I think this one was debunked since Barack Obama won the election (if you’re trying to get rid of Democratic votes by shutting down the Northeast, then it apparently didn’t work so well).

2012 Presidential election– Mitt Romney’s elitist background and Barack Obama’s own documentary about his evil plan to take over the world were all concerns as the November elections came and went. There are actually several Obama documentaries, including Alex Jones and that 2016 documentary about Obama in the theaters. Another ‘conspiracy theory’ was the fudged unemployment numbers and fake optimism of the US economy. All of that was just mud raking, which both parties were guilty of; no conspiracy there.

Sandy Hook shootings– Several children and adults lost their lives due to a crazed guy with assault weapons. The theories behind it include MK Ultra brainwashing, Israeli death squads, and gun control advocates. Ke$ha’s hit song ‘Die Young’ was pulled from the radio stations, and she would tweet that she was “forced to sing” those lyrics. Combine that with the ‘Sandy Hook’ town seen on the Batman Dark Knight Rises film and the author of the Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins, living in Sandy Hook, it’s no wonder the theories are all over the net.


Aurora, Colorado shootings- Several people were shot and murdered by a grad school student during the premiere of the Batman Dark Knight Rises film. The town’s name is seen in the film on a building top and MK Ultra suggestions were also made about this instance. The Lil Wayne and Big Sean ‘My Homies Still’ video were prominently covered on and featured a vast amount of disturbing similarities to the shootings.

Gun Control- The mass shootings that occurred in 2012 (Aurora, Sandy Hook, Sikh Temple, etc) were supposedly all baby steps in the agenda to create more gun control laws. President Obama has gone before the public to announce that they will put forward some reforms for gun control, but we haven’t seen anything yet. Conspiracy theorists (especially Alex Jones) have been trying to say that Obama’s agenda from day one is to push to get rid of guns, although I have a hard time believing that. 2013 will definitely take a harder look at this polarizing issue.


End of the world– December 21st, 2012 was supposed to be the end of the world and people went ballistic. One man even said he was going to jump from a sacred cliff as a sacrifice to save the planet as he went through a portal (well, technically he never said he’d commit suicide, he just said he’d look for the portal; which didn’t happen). There are/were a variety of reasons for the end of the world, including the end of the Mayan calendar, pole flips, Planet X, and others, but it turns out that it’s not time yet.


Kony 2012- This viral video showed us the paramilitary leader who abducted kids and forced them to fight in his wars. Some later said that the documentary was somewhat fake and was used to take people’s money through its bazillion Facebook views. The creator of the film was later filmed on a city sidewalk completely naked and masturbating (and caught on video), but that wasn’t covered so much in the news as the Kony viral video was.

NDAA and Indefinite Detention– The 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) included verbage that said the US military could incarcerate American citizens without the Constitutional provisions. The NDAA was technically signed on New Years Eve of 2011, but it didn’t hit the news until 2012.

London Olympics Alien Invasion– The internet was full of theories on the Illuminati’s plan to unleash a false flag alien invasion during the London Olympics. We didn’t get that, but we sure got an overload of Illuminati symbolism.


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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