IlluminatiWatcher Takes Your Questions- The C.T.A.U.C. Podcast

What’s up everyone?! I’m dropping this episode of the IlluminatiWatcher podcast Conspiracy Theories and Unpopular Culture in order to respond to several questions I’ve received from you all from the various channels in which we connect (pick your poison HERE).

You’ll notice I dropped the numbering to the episodes. Let’s be honest, there’s no point in that anyways and I lose count myself. In fact, I’ll bet there’s a couple out there with the same number…


I discuss my gratitude for the reviews you all left on the iTunes page for the podcast, and the Stitcher page. I linked those pages here so you can go ahead and drop a review if you really like this podcast 🙂

I mention my books a few times (duh- who doesn’t talk about my books?!…), and here are the links to that discount page where you’ll get monster bargains!!!!

Without further delay- here it is…

Listen to “IlluminatiWatcher Takes Your Questions- The C.T.A.U.C. Podcast” on Spreaker.

Or you can catch it on the IlluminatiWatcher YouTube channel:

Thanks for listening




Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Ya i told u its the jooz synogog of satan for last 6k yr. they worship lucifer and revelations whole bible is true. I post alot about them. Its really a war by lucifer his tool on earth the jooz and EVERYBODY ELSE. We r being sifted the wheat and the chaf the wheat and the weeds. The weeds will be cast into the fire. The bible isnt hokey its more reality than everything jooz put out. Aliens r demons thats their next reveal. Only the veiled people will fall for it.

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  2. Isaac:
    If you get the opportunity to watch this film, full of illuminati symbols, blood sacrifice starring Madonna before she became famous.

    Thanks for being open minded and not sensationalist in your videos and respectful towards minorities and not putting religious bs to your watchers….

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