IlluminatiWatcher interview with KMOD’s ‘Big Mad Morning Show’ on the Illuminati and David Icke

UPDATE: I’ve got the audio from my interview on the Big Mad Morning Show’s Conspiracy Theory Thursday mashed up against some images that go along with the material. The quality is a little grainier than I would like, but I threw it together fairly quickly. I’ve also got a short glimpse of some of the ideas that I’ll be discussing in my new book with the working title of ‘A Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory: Linking the Illuminati, Aliens, and Pop Culture‘ near the end of the video:


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Yours truly will be on the radio tomorrow (Thursday, May 2nd, 2013) for an interview on Tulsa, Oklahoma’s KMOD radio station Big Mad Morning Show. They do a segment called ‘Conspiracy Theory Thursday’ and I’ll be talking about material from my new book including Illuminati influence in the entertainment industry (music, film, predictive programming, etc.) and David Icke’s theories on the moon matrix, reptilian shape shifters, and Saturn worship.

The book is in its final editing stages, I’m not sure when it’ll be finished, hopefully within a month or so but I’ll post updates on this website as it unfolds. It’s an exploration of a grand unification conspiracy theory to connect all of the dots the best I can. I’m trying to cut out all of the hyper-paranoia and boil down the overall conspiracy to its most basic essence. Needless to say it’s taking a lot of work to get it done, you’ll notice I’ve been making fewer posts than normal in an effort to get it out ASAP.

Here’s the links to the radio show, you can listen online while it’s happening or show up later for the mp3/podcast download. I’ll be sure to post the audio as soon as I get a hold of it:



And here is the BMMS youtube channel where you can watch some folks snorting condoms and getting their nipples shocked:

Here’s one of the show’s clips and there are also more including the unbelievable condom snorting champ:


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Great job on this. Looking forward to your book.

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