Illuminati & vow of silence symbolism by Fifth Harmony girl-group

Fifth Harmony is an all-girl group that placed third in the second season of X-Factor. They’ve since signed with Simon Cowell for a record deal and they’ve been giving us Illuminati symbolism ever since. Let’s pause to take a look at the symbolism behind X-Factor itself, because that is the foundation from which this group started. Conspiracy theorist Freeman Fly exposed the symbolism behind the FOX entertainment group, as I point out in my post about the Illuminati symbolism behind the X-Men Days of Future film:

Conspiracy theorist ‘Freeman‘ has been dropping knowledge on the occult symbolism found behind the network name ‘FX’ because in numerology it corresponds with ’66′. You get this because ‘F’ is the sixth letter of the alphabet, and ‘X’ is the 24 letter (2+4=6). I suppose you could argue that numerology involves continually breaking down until you get to one number, so 6+6=12, 1+2=3, but I’m not an expert on numerology. Interestingly enough, Freeman also points out that ‘FOX’ is ’666′ (using the same numerology logic). The ‘O’ with the ‘X’ is important in that it symbolizes ’66′ and this same piece of symbolism is found all over the place.

Freeman believes that ’66′ is the number for a portal for the evil entities and asserts that you can find symbolism for this all over the place in corporate logos

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Xmen

x 66

os x

The latest influence that gives us the combination of F’s and X’s is the transition of the FX channel’s name to “FXX” which falls in line with FOX with the same numerology of ‘666’:



Notice that the letters form an inverted triangle (a black triangle at that), which is more symbolism for “The Beast.” Here’s Russell Brand doing the ‘X’ with the ‘O’ around it on his FX show Brand X:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Russell Brand X

Also, notice the correlation between the new ‘FXX’ logo and Exxon, in how the ‘X’s cross:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom exxon illuminati

It is so similar that Exxon sued FXX over it. They’re both in the same rotten family but it goes to show you they are all greedy.

The other typical Illuminati-corporation affiliation is with Disney:

Radio Disney announced that Fifth Harmony would be the first artists featured on a reformatted version of The Next Big Thing, a program that chronicles an artist’s journey from being discovered to becoming music’s “next big thing”; with each segment appearing on the Disney Channel, Radio Disney,, and on social media, as well as live Radio Disney events in local markets

So anyways, let’s get on with Fifth Harmony. First up, take a look at some of the classic Illuminati symbolism in their X-Factor performance. They gave us the All Seeing Eye of Horus that the initiated have come to know as the symbolism for the Age of Child Worship that Aleister Crowley gave us:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Fifth Harmony Illuminati one all seeing eye

In that same performance there were servers who wore Monarch butterfly wings; which gives us the MK ULTRA brainwashing symbolism for Project MONARCH (the sub-program of the CIA operation of MK ULTRA):

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Fifth Harmony Illuminati MONARCH

The musicians love that butterfly:


Here’s the entire video that a Youtuber posted with the same information pointed out:

Let’s move on to the cover of their first album, Better Together:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Fifth Harmony Illuminati Better Together cover vow of silence

Take a look at the girl with the finger over her lips, giving us the symbolism of the Illuminati ‘vow of silence.’ I have an entire post dedicated to this Illuminati vow of silence as well:


The theory claims that these artists know about the secret inner workings of this dark world and they use this as leverage to let others know that they are down with the inner sanctum. They are conveying the message that they know to keep quiet, as should you.

The concept of MK ULTRA (a legitimate CIA brainwashing program) robotic mind programming goes down this rabbit hole as well. The MONARCH sub-program of MK ULTRA (not so legitimate- but rather something eyewitnesses have claimed to be a part of like Cathy O’Brien) is also evident with the plethora of Monarch butterflies found in similar photo shoots.

And all of this ties back into the MONARCH programming and Aleister Crowley:

According to the Beast, a small elite must rule over the masses: “You will observe that I am advocating an aristocratic revolution.  And so I am!” Most of Crowley’s evil doctrines have been kept secret in the past through initiation requirements in satanic lodges.  Crowley emphasized the doctrine of silence, as seen below in full magical garb making the stance and gesture of silence.

crowley silence

Here she is in that same performance on X-Factor from above doing it again (the lyrics went: “Cover your eyes so you can keep a secret“):

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Fifth Harmony Illuminati one all seeing eye vow of silence

Here is an image of the girl on the far left doing it, (and the girl on the far right is doing the rockstar horns of Moloch, AKA Mano Cornuto):

Fifth Harmony

More vow of silence:

Fifth Harmony

Here’s an All Seeing Eye again:

Fox's "The X Factor" Season Finale - Night 2

And finally, more Moloch horns:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Fifth Harmony Illuminati vow of silence Moloch 3

UPDATE 11JUL2014: They released a video called BO$$ that has the Vow of Silence in it. There is a sequence where they each individually do it and then a group shot of all of them doing it:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Fifth Harmony BOSS Vow of Silence

Keep an eye open (no pun intended) for more Illuminati symbolism in the future…


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Interesting. I did not know that. And if you did not see, in the, “Make Your Mark” Poster, the Mickey Mouse symbol at the top left it actually made out of 3 6’s. Coincidence?

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  2. I loved them on X Factor … that is until I saw them perform that Alice In Wonderland theme for Ellie Goulding’s Anything Can Happen. The song itself just sounds like Ellie’s telling someone to keep ipwhatever is happening on the hush hush. Nt to mention that the video has her and some Native American looking guy in a car crash, along with lots of floating bubbles, blood, angel wings; I really have no idea what to think of that video.
    I’m seventeen years old, and I watched The second season of X Factor because One Direction was discovered on the UK version of the show. I used to be obsessed with them, glad to say that I’m not anymore. I have morals when it comes to people that blatantly do The Symbols. The same goes for Little Mix, Cher Lloyd, Demi. Lovato, Austin Mahone, Ariana Grande (the demon stuff really creeped me out), Justin Beiber, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, etc.

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    • I like ffth harmony. They are awesome. What they are doing has nothing to do with the illuminati. In the video boss when all of them put their fingers over their lips it was because the lyrics was going like this”shut your mouth, boy I think you know who run this house”. And all the ilumanati signs you Gus are mentioning a lot of artist do it, they were just starting in the business and they were teenagers, what do you think they would do? The things they do is meant to be a pose not some ilumanati thing. By the way when they sing “anything could happen by ellie goulding” they were trying to give the message that anything could happen, it was not meant to be and illuminati symbol. They also weren’t in charge of eir performances. This performance to me was just pure fun. I don’t see anything wrong with it.

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      • Worshipping Satan is no excuse no matter the age. Get real and stop making excuses and you get it together. They have and had a choice like everyone else

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      • According to this information ,
        Every singer in this world is considered to be illuminati …
        First,Ally making an illuminati sign , chill man ! Take a look at the lyrics ! They were just doing whats in there ..
        Secondly, the vow of silence thing is not convincing ,,,, i keep doing this in every selfie so does that mean that i am an illuminati member!? Plus if they stick to these signs then why arent they showing them in every single picture!!????(they have like hundreds of thousands of pictures)!!??? And if they were really part of the illuminati they would have won the xfactor ,,, not by leaving third …
        On the other hand , I think that fifth harmony’s camila cabello is tending to be an illuminati member for several reasons ,,, the strongest evidence is that she is doing the devils worshipping sign in most of her pics ….
        As you ever wondered why is she going to solo career while the rest of the members of the group not ! Are they controlled by some kind of a contract with platinum records ?! Why is she treated differently ?
        I also wanted to add , The xfactor is a show , and it does contain illuminati symbols .
        At the end , you cannot link the show to them by confirming their illuminati membership!

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        • Just because someone worships the devil doesn’t automatically make them an illuminati puppet. They are not illuminati, they are illuminati pawn.

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  3. Nothing new, just another MK UKLTRA slaves

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  4. I’m sorry, but I have been in the music industry for almost 17 yrs now. I’m a God fearing, Church Going, Devout Christian. I have never been to any secret meetings, never been sworn to secrecy, and never been approached by any “secret organization, satanic cult, or evil empire” destine to control the globe through the forces of entertainment. I’ve achieved success in this industry through hard work, a passion for what I do, and natural God given talent. I implore you to have the guts to go out there, day in and day out, put yourself in front of millions of people and provide the smiles that these artist do. Touch someone’s heart with just a lyric, a melody, or creative work. See what the Bible did teach is that the devil is a deceiver, liar, a fabricator of truths, and that seems to be what I have read. Oh, how I pray for you to find some happiness that doesn’t involve taring down others to make yourself feel better. The odd thing about all these kinds of posts, is that you never give up your name, you never step into the forefront to be recognized as the one that took down the big bad machine, or is it because you can’t really find tangible evidence to support your cause? The fact that you keep quoting Crowley’s work, means that you’ve read it. So we know where your information comes from. I’m Just Saying…

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    • I would believe that if you do gospel and believing it then will take some research work and a number of backwards playing to be sure for the fact u are right he is a deceiver but also if your talent isn’t better than Beyonce then u too have things u are hiding. Just cause he quotes Crowley doesn’t mean that’s all he is going by. Maybe he has done his homework on a lot of you and if you made it because of hard work and talent then what makes u better than Rihanna or Beyonce. What’s your name and album title and let us research you to make that choice ourselves for the fact they are very talented, but where has they talent got them besides caught up in the lime life of worshipping wrong because they love the money and lifestyle. Once again since u been in the game for 17 years state your facts to be researched..Have a blessed day

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  5. uhm…,yeah, they get fun in wht thy’r doin’ bt i swear 1day thy’ll regret wht thy did…(the name ov living God be lifted’up all time) anyw.

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  6. i’m glad that i’m not intrested’in that!. and i knw my living & powerful GOD loves me.tnx lord

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  7. Its interesting to see how these girls pan out. Of course, Simon, a head puppet see a possible 5 mk-ultra slaves like Britney Spears when she started.

    I think even more so, especially if they become good girls gone bad, then one will know, they succumb to the industry.

    Hopefully not, they seem a good group of girls who would be better off be a youtube sensation, especially, Camilla Cabello.

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  8. P.s. I think alot, its their management that tells what to do, say or wear, etc.

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    • Exactly so ur little theory is only a coinsodience (I can’t spell) they are doing normal things so quit twisting them into devil stuff they are good just look at how Christian Ally is!!! They all are Christian and wouldn’t do tht don’t let ur dumb theory convince u there amazing and I hope y’all can see that 🙂

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  9. WOW fifth harmony are angles with god given talents that they have had scence
    Day 1. Not bc Satan gave them what they have NOO god did so anyone who thinks they are well sorry but your crazy there absolutely amazing 🙂

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  10. Obviously your failing to miss the point here. Also I exposed MK-Ultra in Hunger Games Movie the women was wearing a complete monarch butterfly dress movies like Butterfly Effect also absolute proof. The point is the X factor is called that for many reasons but one that should be apparent is PLANET X, And you thought X stood for extreme. Ask yourself this what is so extreme about singing a song…It’s the Reptilians I say and their followers.

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  11. Thoughtful analysis ! I was fascinated by the information – Does anyone know if my assistant could possibly acquire a sample a form document to fill in ?

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  12. Wow this is so stupid the hand gestures they are doing everyone does its called posing for the camera you need to chill out plus they are always talking about god and how amazing he is just bc they happened to be on a show that “is illuminati” doesn’t mean they are

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