Illuminati ‘Vow of Silence’ and the entertainment industry


You’ll notice that several artists and actors will hold their finger to their mouth in the ‘Shhh’ motion, or even just cover their mouth at times when taking photos. These people in the entertainment industry also get tattoos along said finger in case your attention wasn’t drawn in enough on what they were gesturing. The world of conspiracy theory claims that these gestures aren’t coincidental (and what isn’t intentional in this crazy realm?), but rather symbolic of the world’s best kept secret; the Illuminati.


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Vow of Silence Rihanna
The theory claims that these artists know about the secret inner workings of this dark world and they use this as leverage to let others know that they are down with the inner sanctum. They are conveying the message that they know to keep quiet, as should you. The concept of MK ULTRA (a legitimate CIA brainwashing program) robotic mind programming goes down this rabbit hole as well. The MONARCH sub-program of MK ULTRA (not so legitimate- but rather something eyewitnesses have claimed to be a part of like Cathy O’Brien) is also evident with the plethora of Monarch butterflies found in similar photo shoots. These artists want others to know that they are involved with these mind control programs and they are quite okay with it.






gaga butterfly illuminati


The master occultist Aleister Crowley had an Illuminati vow of silence, as mentioned in this very in-depth article by HenryMakow:

According to the Beast, a small elite must rule over the masses: “You will observe that I am advocating an aristocratic revolution.  And so I am!” Most of Crowley’s evil doctrines have been kept secret in the past through initiation requirements in satanic lodges.  Crowley emphasized the doctrine of silence, as seen below in full magical garb making the stance and gesture of silence. 

crowley silence


In fact, that same Makow article takes that infamous Crowley concept of ‘do what thou wilt’ further back to the Hellfire Club founded by Dashwood (see my post on Hellfire Caves and Orion Constellation Theory). If you look at the ‘Silent Watcher’ image of Crowley above you can see his right foot facing forward with his left facing to his left; this is supposed to represent a magical stance used in ceremonial magick ceremonies. In Crowley’s Liber O you can see the detail in which he recommends one follow these rituals:

3. The Vibration of God-names. As a further means of identifying the human consciousness with that pure portion of it which man calls by the name of some God, let him act thus:

4. (“a”) Stand with arms outstretched. (“See” illustration.)
(“b”) Breathe in deeply through the nostrils, imagining the name of the God desired entering with the breath.
(“c”) Let that name descend slowly from the lungs to the heart, the solar plexus, the navel, the generative organs, and so to the feet. {17}
(“d”) The moment that it appears to touch the feet, quickly advance the left foot about 12 inches, throw forward the body, and let the hands (drawn back to the side of the eyes) shoot out, so that you are standing in the typical position of the God Horus,[“See” Illustration in Vol. I. No. 1, “Blind Force.”] and at the same time imagine the Name as rushing up and through the body, while you breathe it out through the nostrils with the air which has been till then retained in the lungs. All this must be done with all the force of which you are capable.
(“e”) Then withdraw the left foot, and place the right forefinger upon the lips, so that you are in the characteristic position of the God Harpocrates[“See” Illustration in Vol. I. No. 1, “The Silent Watcher.”]

The axiom “do what thou wilt” was derived from the French playwright Rabelais, who defined a community of individuals who dedicated their lives to personal freedom:

All their life was regulated not by laws, statutes or rules, but according to their free will and pleasure. They rose from bed when they pleased, and drank, ate, worked and slept when the fancy seized them. Nobody woke them; nobody compelled them either to eat or to drink, or to do anything else whatever… In their rules there was only one clause: do what thou wilt. The doctrine of silence was emphasized at the Hellfire Club:  Dashwood definitely created an ancient Egyptian-Graeco-Roman theme for the club. The visitor to Medmenham was welcomed by a statue of Harpocrates, as well as of his female equivalent, the goddess Angerona. They seem to be there to remind the members that they are required to be silent about what goes on inside.

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Vow of Silence Dashwood Hellfire


And if you want to take the vow of silence concept even further back, Makow points out that the Greek god Harpocrates (the Greek god of silence) derives from the Egyptian god Horus- said to be the god of secrecy and concealment (again, tying us into Crowley through his Aeon of Horus; the All Seeing Eye, see my Aleister Crowley and the Entertainment Industry post):

The Egyptians had their own God of Silence:  Haar-Poor-Kraat, a god-form of Horus.  This god-form has always been depicted with the right hand placed toward the mouth with one finger over the lips in a gesture of silence. The Greeks had their own God of Silence as well: Harpocrates, a version of the Egyptian God of Silence.  This god-form was similarly depicted as his Egyptian counterpart, with the right hand placed toward the mouth and one finger over the lips in a gesture of silence.

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Vow of Silence Haar Poor Kraat


This concept of the Aeon of Horus that Crowley believed he was introducing in the early 20th century is pervasive in the entertainment industry, as is evident with the never ending symbolism found in photos of one eye, or the All Seeing Eye. I go into much more colorful detail in my first book A Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory: The Illuminati, Ancient Aliens, and Pop Culture.

And you know that this all ties into Freemasonry:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom freemason masonic shhh finger


In fact, here is a shot of Johnny Depp doing the two fingers to the mouth:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom johnny depp vow of silence


And can also be found at Bohemian Grove, which supposedly has one Christian statue and that is of Saint John of Nepomuk, who was the King of Bohemia (and confessor to the Queen; hence his iconography showing him doing the same pose of silence):


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom st john bohemian shhh finger



Here’s a screenshot online of the supposed statue at Bohemian Grove:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom st john bohemian shhh finger bohemian


Now that we have a working knowledge and undeniable proof that the Illuminati, Aleister Crowley, entertainment industry, Egyptian god Horus, et. al. are all into this concept of a vow of silence, let’s take a look around us and see what imagery we can find (and just to be transparent, I found a slew of images for this post on ExposingTheMatrix, which has several more worth looking at):


First up, let’s take a look at these ‘child-god’ figures (conceptual of the Aeon of Horus where we worship children) from Nickelodeon and Disney where they recruit young stars and brainwash them to unleash the Illuminati symbolism on the most impressionable children of the world.

Here’s Selena Gomez:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Vow of Silence Selena Gomez



Lindsay Lohan:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Vow of Silence Lindsay Lohan



Demi Lovato:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Vow of Silence Demi Lovato



Fifth Harmony:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Fifth Harmony Illuminati Better Together cover vow of silence


Little Mix:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Little Mix vow of silence


Leona Lewis:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Leona Lewis 666 All Seeing Eye Christmas Love



Hannah Montana aka Miley Cyrus:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Vow of Silence Hannah Montana Miley Cyrus



Ol’ babyface Justin Bieber got down with it:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Vow of Silence Justin Bieber


 Ariana Grande keeps a secret:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Ariana Grande Vow of Silence



One Direction does it:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Illuminati One Direction Midnight Memories vow of silence   IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Illuminati One Direction Midnight Memories vow of silence one


Beyond those young stars, we have some of the ‘usual suspects’ that we’ve seen Illuminati symbolism from the rest of the music industry. Lady Gaga giving the vow of silence, the ‘666’ hand gesture, and the All Seeing Eye of Horus:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Vow of Silence Lady Gaga



Your boy Eminem has been vacillating between exposing the Illuminati and serving it for years:



IlluminatWatcherDotCom Eminem Shhh Illuminati vow of silence



Here’s another variation we see with the mouth covered up. This shot is presumably for censorship, but whatever:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Vow of Silence Eminem



Don’t forget Young Weezy Baby:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Lil Wayne vow of silence


Now let’s also be fair, and understand that the rap culture/artists seem to embrace the credo of ‘Stop Snitchin’ which basically is street code for not talking to the police about crimes committed (taken from the Mafia’s ‘Omerta’). Much of the fingers to the mouth stuff we see is in reference to lyrics about not speaking to the fuzz. Example:


IlluminatWatcherDotCom Game Shhh Illuminati vow of silence 2



But what do we make of images such as these where Lil Wayne points to his head as if to say that he’s a dead man if he speaks about the music industry?:


IlluminatWatcherDotCom Lil Wayne Shhh Illuminati vow of silence IlluminatWatcherDotCom Lil Wayne Shhh Illuminati vow of silence 2



Wiz Khalifa:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom wiz khalifa shhh finger



Erykah Badu:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom erykah baduh shhh finger



Here’s one I found from Kanye West in his Bound 2 music video:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Kanye West Bound 2 shhh finger


Kid Ink:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom kid ink vow of silence Illuminati 2


Pharrell and Kendrick Lamar:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Pharrell Kendrick Lamar Vow of Silence


Transitioning over to pop and R&B, we see creepy imagery like the late Aaliyah keeping her mouth shut here:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Vow of Silence Aaliyah


Cher even gets down (even with Moloch hand signs):


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Vow of Silence Cher



Katy Perry (this one is a bit weak, but it’s there):


IlluminatWatcherDotCom Katy Perry Shhh Illuminati vow of silence



Sean Lennon (John Lennon’s son) in Rolling Stone:


Sean Lennon Illuminati Vow of Silence


Ricky Martin makes it look dreamy:


Ricky Martin Vow of Silence Illuminati


The princess of darkness, Rihanna:


IlluminatWatcherDotCom Rihanna Shhh Illuminati vow of silence



The original princess of Illuminati, Madonna:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Vow of Silence Madonna


Gwen Stefani:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom gwen stefani shhh finger



Lily Allen:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Vow of Silence Lily Allen


And don’t forget about the King of Pop, Michael Jackson:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Vow of Silence Michael Jackson


The adorable Cher Lloyd:


Cher Lloyd Shh Illuminati vow of silence tattoo

Florence + The Machines:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom florence shhh finger


Dexter did throughout the series as part of his character’s secrecy:


Dexter Illuminati Vow of Silence


And here’s your boy Johnny Depp:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Vow of Silence Johnny Depp


Speaking of Johnny Depp; he was one of the famous supporters of the West Memphis 3’s Damien Echols (and not to segue too much but William Ramsey is pretty much the occult-WM3 expert and you can check out his information online at

Damien Echols vow of silence Illuminati


Pretty Little Liars:


Pretty Little Liars Vow of Silence Illuminati


The conspiracy-theory-riddled Brittany Murphy:


Brittany Murphy shh vow of silence


I’ll update this post as I find more of these symbolic images, which can be expected because that’s what the entertainment industry does; constant attacks on the subconscious. If you like this kind of thing and are into conspiracy theories and pop culture, check out my book A Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory: The Illuminati, Ancient Aliens, and Pop Culture:




If music is you’re particular interest you can pick up the hip hop and pop music conspiracy book SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC:



Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Um… so at least three of them have the exact same “Shhh…” tattoo?! That’s more than coinkydink I tell you what

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    • A lot of these “Famous women” are men.

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      • Have u noticed no men have Adam’s apple anymore. Low testosterone and shit in our food n water did that. They want men to be woman n vice versa. Or all one sex. The modern day canaanites. These bloodlines who control us are the same ones from the merged sodom and Gomorrah aka canaanites who worshiped Baal n sacrificed kids n raped n ate them. The same as what goes on at bohemian grove today. And now the prophecy’s coming true about the red dragon and Virgo Raptures coming. It’s all real. Google that prophecy. It’s wrote in the heavens as they’d always be there not like a book etc that can be destroyed. Also CERN opening the pit. Opening portals. Satenists run it all

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        • To read this… To know other people know…. To watch these comments and see my brothers and sisters AWOKE!!! I’m in tears…. Let’s tell everyone and wake up humanity!!!! Thank you for your words, I’m in tears of happiness finally so long I’ve waited to read and see others woke!!!!! Yes yes yes we can do this humanity with knowledge and truth we can get us all home.

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  2. Is satanic worship related to e n l I l
    And e n k I?

    As u may know the former has twisted believers minds so that e n k I the one who loves mankind has been called Satan.

    When really e n l I l is the one who is out to destroy humanity.

    Get me?

    Post a Reply
    • Oh I get you. You thought you’d put a pro-Satan message on a site that exposes him.

      News flash! You have a false duality there.

      Both Enlil AND Enki are Satan, the created spirit being that rebelled against the only actual God and set humanity up for misery unless we join God through Jesus Christ.

      We look like lesser 3-D versions of God, so the fallen angel hates us. He has always hated us, and he hates us right now, even his duped followers.

      Whatever name (Enlil, Zeus, Odin, Apollo, Isis, the alleged Sanat Kumara, the mask that is Sophia, etc.) that you would like to call him, he is the same being.

      There is no Sophia goddess, or Bythus and the other Aeons. There IS no “Christ Consciousness”, just like there is no Thor.

      The only way out of the universally legal trap Satan has humanity in, is through YHWH God himself, by making his Son aspect (Jesus/Yeshua) Lord of your life.

      Until that is done, we are automatically under Satan’s power and authority, which he TRICKED away from Adam and Eve.

      Jesus is Lord.

      Read the Bible’s book of Acts, chapter 2, esp. verses 36-42.

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      • good one!! 2 Corinthians 4:4 (3 different versions but they mean the same)

        New International Version
        The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel that displays the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.

        New Living Translation
        Satan, who is the god of this world, has blinded the minds of those who don’t believe. They are unable to see the glorious light of the Good News. They don’t understand this message about the glory of Christ, who is the exact likeness of God.

        English Standard Version
        In their case the god of this world has blinded the minds of the unbelievers, to keep them from seeing the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.

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      • Thanks for that. Im just waking to his voice and in a strange turn of events was awoken by the dupes trying to dupe me.

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      • How do you know the elite didn’t get their hands on the Bible? Why does everyone believe the Bible is flawless when the Elite control everything from the air we breathe to the food we eat.

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      • Love your reply and agree. Jesus is Lord. I’ve heard another explanation of the “Shhh” on the celebrities fingers. If we assign a number to each letter of the alphabet (starting with A as #1), the S is letter 19. If we look up the number 19 in the bible, the word given is slaughter. Then the H is letter #8, and there are 3 of them on their fingers. So we have 888, which in the bible stands for the Salvation of Jesus or Jesus Christ. This makes the tattoos of “Shhh” to mean Slaughter Jesus or Slaughter Christians. This tells us that Satan gave them the life they have to help him accomplish his goals. Romans 836: We are accounted as sheep for the slaughter. Quite sick but I do believe they didn’t coincidentally put that tattoo on their fingers without understanding what it meant. Exposed!

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      • 🙌🏼Amen🙌🏼 shine HIS light into the darkness!

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    • I wonder the same thing about Enki and Enlil. I know it is said that Enki helped create mankind and loves mankind and wants to help us. But at the same time it seems that they were worshipped as Gods by past cultures and many sacrifices and satanic rituals were part of that so its hard to say. It may be possible as well that Enki has evolved spiritually too over the years? Also if the theory about our creation is true then we were originally created as a worker or slave race to help mine gold so to speak so that doesn’t look good for them either…

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  3. If you might have the time you might want to publish as many as 10 or even 20 articles each day. For example words such as there along with their are commonly mistaken inside the context with the sentence.

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  4. The funny thing is they always deny that anyone else came up with the idea for such symbolism they use, always say no it was me who thought of it. So why then do we see artists copying each other spanning decades from their videos and photos, the way they dress, etc?

    They all want to be innovative and lead their own way but I think it is also unrealistic to think they would not copy other artists because people always do this anyway because they are not original or maybe they just think along the same lines. It would also be equally unrealistic to suggest all of them are mrely copying each other and just lying to use about not doing that. Why, we see 3 or more “artists” here with tattoos on their fore finger saying shhh. I would say they get a lot of help with making their videos, designing their clothing and the way they do their styling, so to say they came up with it by themselves is equally a lie. It must be coordinated at some level for this to be so pervasive.

    Aso for them not speaking out or being caught between keeping silent and speaking out, once could jus say they are all programmed to do that and to melt down if they do try to speak out like we see with them OD or like Britney Spears went crazy, that to me is too convenient and tidy. I think if they had a secret to reveal then a few of them could collaborate and come out together and blow this wide open, they would not need to fear anything because the whole world would know they were murdered then, or maybe they just have no courage at all and are weak, many or most people are like that from my expeirence, happy with how things are and not comfortable to do anything different. Why not sacrifice themselves for some truth that could come out? People would not soon forget it and ignore it. People still say Tupac is alive to this day and faked his death, so fans do pay special attention tot heir idols they worship, too much in most cases.

    It is sick to think if they had such a massive secrey and conspiracy these people could expose and do not, simply to protect their own skin. If that is a reality then I really do hate people! These artists/entertainers are only here to serve the elite and deceive the masses, get rich off this, so it seems.

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    • While I will not argue the validity of such an organization, one thing you must realize is that these entertainers are merely puppets. They have no will, nor control of their own. They used to, oh, sure. But that was before they were sold into satan’s industry. You see, these poor things, take, Katy Perry for instance. Katy Perry is MK-ULTRA victim, and a sex kitten. She was probably, as a young girl, put into a cage with a cat, beside cats, and forced to eat the excrement of cats, and drink their urine. The poor girl has probably been probed with cattle prods in places that shall go unmentioned for the sake of decency, and she has probably had to undergo enormous satanic pressure from her handlers and trainers. She has probably been forced to kill someone.
      I do not know for sure, but the poor girl. Katy Perry is not the real Katy Perry. The real Katy Perry is probably locked somewhere away, deep down inside, as a very small, and very scared girl, that was never allowed to be a child, that was taken from her parents, and abused for years, and undergoes abuse simply to keep up her training. This is wrong, this is wrong, this is wrong!
      Do not hate them. While they mislead millions, they do it because they are programmed to. They are puppets that dance suspended on strings of favor, and rumor. And it all hangs upon the public’s favor, as a leaf upon the wind.
      Yes, they have sold their soul.
      Yes, they are misleading millions.
      Yes, they are doing wrong, they promote those who have harmed them.
      Yes, they have been horribly horribly abused.
      And imagine your life..
      Surrounded by cameras, every detail recorded, every secret made known, and twisted, and lies told and rumors spread and haters hating and millions of people either screaming your name out of hate, or out of love, and being required to keep up a front when you are so hurt you could die inside.
      Imagine what that would be like.
      And take a deep breath.
      And thank the God in heaven above that you are not them.

      Post a Reply
      • Thank God indeed – I am only now, on the past few months beginning to appreciate the degree to which what is being discussed here is occurring. The solution to which is pure love and the simplicity of living – take away the consumerism, the extra rubbish and things we assume we need. We need each other, our community, and to appreciate and live at one with what is around us. Love of God and Jesus are able to occur in what is beyond our mortal existence but we have to do what we can to look out for one another. I don’t hate these poor people that have suffered unbelievable atrocities but I do want to help them and everyone – as I believe we all should, if we are able to. I love you guys, let’s bring about the change that we wish to see in this world.

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        • Wonderful idea!! All through the powerful name of Jesus Christ!

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        • Don’t you think it could be- that:
          The celebrities and the Industry KNOWS that Christians understand these Occult things- such as the Symbols, Hand Signs, Tattoos, Clothing, Gestures, and all that? and they are just doing this to make $$$???
          This behavior gets them: Hits on you tube, fuels controversy, and gets them endless attention, articles, interviews, etc.???

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      • Well said. My heart goes out to them as well in this capacity.

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  5. See “lady gaga do what u want (TMZ)” looks like MK Ultra

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  6. This is the dumbest thing I ever read. Who HASN’T made the Shhh gesture in their lifetime??? And as for the “tattoos,” can you say Photoshop?

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    • “This is the dumbest thing I ever read.”

      No, the dumbest things you ever read were the Gnosticism-derived writings of Helena Blavatsky and Aleister Crowley.

      You are plainly just a co-conspirator out to spread doubt over efforts to expose the truth about Satan’s plans and those of his followers. I keep seeing this from you people in different places on the Web.

      How could you have gotten to this page without passing by a good deal of conspiracy exposure that is FAR more involved than this bit about the code of silence?

      Look up Svali on a search engine and see how she exposes the truth about being part of the Illuminati “Family”, as well as how she got away from them alive, with God’s help.

      You can do it too.

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      • They got here in likely the same fashion I did…by a link supplied on another site. Frankly, I agree with them…this article (if you could refer to it as such) is a bit of a stretch.

        What people choose to believe is up to them; but don’t believe Satan is under every bush. There are many evils in this world (seen and unseen), but you will simply go mad if you convince yourself that everything is sinister or part of some conspiracy. While the “shh” gesture has been used by many photographers through the years, it doesn’t always mean the person in the image is part of a global conspiracy – that is insane. Many times photographers use the pose to convey different messages. While it is generally accepted that the gesture refers to keeping a secret, one must know precisely what the hidden message is – and it’s not always a conspiracy.

        As a photographer, I have posed many subjects using the same gesture and if you will observe the background of the image, or other images in the set…you’ll see what the said pose was used for. Sometimes it’s a message to the person viewing the image to be quiet, because something special is taking place. Other times it sends the message to be quiet what the person is witnessing in the photos (as if a request for the person viewing the image to keep the secret). I could go on and on, but I believe the point has been made. You would have to know the photographer and the intention for the pose before you can safely say that your theory is correct. It’s not always good to make a mountain out of a molehill. 😉

        Best of luck to you!

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        • I agree with Pippa’s comment. I’m sure some of these photos and poses are intentional, especially the one’s with the tattoos on their finger, but I think it’s possible a photographer may have directed many of the artists to pose that way and they may have had no idea what the pose can signify. Also sometimes it is used as part of a theme for a show like Pretty Little Liars is all about them keeping secrets in the show so I can see how they would use that pose for marketing of the show. Now whether or not it was intentional that there is also a double meaning to the symbolism by the show’s creators who knows…

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  7. Do a search of Alex Jones and you will find a picture of him with the thumbs up just below his lips for his biography on wikipedia.A print ad for Jesse Venturas’ show conspiracy theory shows him dressed in black with a light in the background and his hands are in the trianglular position just like Jay Z and his mind controlled slave wifey.Please check your calendar as you may have heard about the recent ritual human sacrifice in Ottawa on 10/22 the night of the black moon.Flip back a page of your calendar to September and you will find the night of the black moon happened on the 24th.That day a black mass was held at the UN and a speech was given by Obama as the US military was committing human ritual sacrifice burnt offerings in Syria witch has a border of 911 kilometers with Turkey.The month before in August we saw Robin Williams sacrificed on a supermoon witch made headlines just like the last two incidents in Ottawa and the UN speech.Having also two blood moons this year and Easter happening on 4/20 a full moon as well some may see a pattern here.Lets skip ahead now to December and check for the time and date of the black moon.It happens on the 21st and on a Sunday.Witch means we are having a Black Sabbath on the Winter solstice.This should be making headlines around the world but not a word shall be spoken on any alternative or main stream media outlets.While alternative and MSM are all on the subliminal ebola distraction bandwagon please be careful as you may have contacted a bowl a cereal a bowl a soup or a bowl a rice and may have to isolate yourself for 21 days as to not spread common sense around to your family and friends.The next black moon happens to be on Saturns’ day the 22nd of November witches very significant itself.So if we see international headlines about another ritual human sacrifice better hold on to your hats come 12/21.We may have the makings of a biblical event about to occur right under our noses and all hell could break lose.This is the superbowl of moon phases for the year and the orgy of sacrices may hit a climax hence the distraction of 2012 awhile back.2014 is like the planets aligning for moon phases or a once in a million chance to see comet siding spring orbiting around Mars or ISON around the Sun.Merry Christmas indeed.Devils night is upon us,lets spread the word so somehow we may stop the insanity about to cast on us by these man-witches like the can of secret sauce for mince meat says.Godspeed and Godsmack those devil-worshippers or war shippers as some may say.What say you?

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    • The pose Crowley is making in the “vow of silence” picture is interesting.

      Specifically the positioning of his feet, with the right facing forward and the left on a 90 degree angle.

      In hip hop terms this is known as the “B-Boy Stance” as created by the 5% organization (or “5 Percenters”), if I’m not mistaken.

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      • That stance reminds me of beauty pageants world wide. – Also a common stance of violinists, skaters, fencers….wow, interesting.

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    • This post outta all of them spoke to me the most because your research is were I’m heading I recently was looking up Paul walker because I seriously believe something was fishy but ever since 2011 I been fascinated and interested/ a believer of this stuff. But like I was saying in the beginning once looking up Paul walker I did see the black moon stuff but I’m still having trouble wif further research but you’ve blown my mind wif this. Please help me further my research and knowledge on my email address okay. Thanks

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      • Also there’s the prophecy that’s come true from the bible. Google red dragon Virgo prophecy. The star in the sky two thousand years before Jesus was born when commandments were given then two thousand yes later when Jesus was born The same one followed by wise men It’s in the sky for two years a time that’s y Herod killed all male babies up to two ye old. Is here again but the first time in seven thousand yrs the planets all formation in the said prophecy even the red dragon aka binary is here with it god wrote signs in the heavens as they’d always be there not like in a book or stone that could be destroyed it’s scary honest n now we have the corona iris. Is this what that doctor said on Jesse Ventura that Hilary forewarned about. She said she was told that there was gonna be a plague of some kind let loose intentionally to kill like the Georgia guide stones say to kill third of population. No wonder they’re build these bunkers to hide it out. You know that money paper trail was destroyed in world trade centre. Which was a sacrifice too. We got CERN opening the pit to let evil in. They corrupt kids to tip the balance of good n evil. The Chinese yin n yan symbol even is same there’s gotta be balance. Heard of the yellow peril. I cud go on for weeks

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  8. ammm…ok,but they are do it every thing ….no problem i LOVE they ….

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  9. the amount of connections people make is absurd sometimes, how can you connect that many different ideas and still not have any evidence surely thats proof that you are probably not on the money with this, yes it may look suspicious yes they may be slaughtering children and drinking blood and shagging goats BUT!unless you are witnessing these things first hand, you are in a dark cave called belief, that is being fed by large amounts of pointless information that will not help you survive in any world let alone this one I hope nobody else reads this and goes on a long dark search over the internet for more “ideas” that shall amount to NO proof, clearly if this is what florence is causing you to do then it is working put your focus elsewhere because somebody somewhere actually really does need your time and effort

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    • I have seen some dark evil stuff in my researches on the internet, and the more I find the sicker, and most sophisticated it gets, by the highest. If you don’t see it, you are not seriously looking.

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  10. There’s more in the 4th dimension than only black magick… Also it’s your focus that’s important to go through this dimension!!

    Did you never asked yourself this: “Maybe ‘they’ want us to believe this”. So our focus is on darkness not on light and progression, so they keep us in a state of fear.. And as long as we’re stuck in this 4th dimension we can not succeed the test for the 5th and higher dimensions and will be thrown back in the 3rd dimension of reality and keep us in this matrix.

    In fact look around in your own environment, how many people do you know who bully others, are jealous, greedy, manipulate others.. This is the 4th dimension; a dimension of magic (either black or white and everything in between) but only white/crystal clear magic will bring you up higher. There’s a witch, shaman, occultist, druid, etc. in all of us !

    We won’t see/ recieve Gods miracles unless we pass the test of time and space. And in the end satan is just a puppet too ! Not as scary as you think, it’s only your fear that demonizes/feeds him.. The longer your repeat your research on ‘paranoia’ the longer you’ll be stuck, start see the signs of God instead of the devil because this will go on and on if you don’t choose to change.

    I don’t say this conspiracy theories are bollocks, but if you transform your deep fear for this underworld you give this underworld less of your energy to eat, and the less they have to eat the faster they die and the world will be given back to its creator. It’s good to be awake but don’t keep spilling your energy. Be aware of yourself and your connection to nature and find back natural time instead of mechanical time and space.

    The war is in the forth dimenision, and only visible for us in a 3rd dimension. The war is in each of us. There are spirit guides, animal guidance, (arch)angels, minerals, higher consciousness etc too in this forth dimension, but satan can not get out of this 4th realm, that’s why he does everything to keep ‘his?’ souls trapped. Be gald you’re getting out of the 3rd dimension where you were unconscious of the forces who were ‘puppeteering’ you without knowing!

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    • Amid the din of fear you speak the truth that I know internally. Please tell me where I can follow your social media. We seem few and far between. Need to connect us all in some way other than this solitary trudge.

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  11. Seems like I have to repeat my saying. I don’t like to repeat my EMPHASIS! I think whoever told these victims to use hand signs are MISSING THE POINT! (LAUGHS) According to a photo shot of CHER using “Moloch hand sign.” She made it look like “I Love You” in American Sign Language. Dear Illuminati, Here is the CORRECTION: your hand sign is between the forefinger and pinkie finger. That is a hand sign of “Moloch”. That person is you. My hand sign is “I Love You,” aka American Sign Language. HUGE DIFFERENCE! Cher or whoever need to discontinue using “I LOVE YOU” hand sign because it is not what ASL is about. ASL is not a devil worship, sorry to say! It wasn’t even a part of Heavy Metal or Rock and Roll Songs. THAT MADE ME REALLY MAD! It really shows me that the Illuminati is “uneducated” and “unaware” of Sign Language that deaf people use to express their love towards a friend or a spouse, or a family member.

    Please do not use my hand sign as culture shaming!

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  12. Just want to say agree with most of this but the secret is really CC/alien stuff/Vrill/droning etc. NOT just “them”.

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  13. Hahaha! This is just too fucking absurd. Unbelievable. That part about Katy Perry not being Katy Perry and being prodded and what not… WOW… imagination can REALLY run WILD!
    P.S. I don’t like celebrities, especially the ones in this list.
    P.P.S. Words are the devil’s playthings.

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  14. The secret is that they are all secret transgenders.

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  15. Absolute rubbish. Reading this was a waste of time.

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  16. To Brian, are you trying to have us believe that every single tattooe or shhhhh has been photoshopped? Who has the time to photoshop every single picture that has a shhh tattooe on the index finger? If indeed there is no big secret, why are so many celebs trying so damn hard to indicate they are keeping it and that we should too?

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  17. Did anyone else hear the Fifth trumpet of God Almighty sound when oil wells were lit ablaze during “Operation Desert Storm”?
    During the Gulf War when all the oil wells were lit ablaze I was attacked by a demon on three separate occasions all at night. This is what happened. While I slept a demon flew through my window and attack me. The spirit inside me fought this demon briefly until I awoke. Then it made me take over. I leaped out of bed trying to defend myself. This demon was horrid and spun circles around me thrashing through my soul with its hands, then it left as fast as it came. The demon radiated from the pains associated with the abyss. He was like a coal pulled from the fire, with the pains of the abyss Rev 9, 3. This attack happened on three separate occasions as I have stated. all on separate nights during the time frame when the oil wells had been lit ablaze in the Middle East. The third time it attacked me however was different from the rest. As before the demon attacked me, but this time I had enough since to command it to leave in the name of Jesus Christ. What happened next is even more amazing. After commanding this demon to leave in the name of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit delivered me outside my bedroom into the hallway. The demon followed. We were brought into the presence of the Lord. The Demon stood to my left and grabbing my hand, it placed its tail on top of my left hand. It was the sting of the scorpion and it went like this. It sent waves of fire through my soul Rev 9, 10. The pain was so sever that I couldn’t scream. Unconditionally, I looked straight up and said “Father please help me”. The demon then left.
    This all happened after being seduced into trying transcendental meditation, which caused spiritual bondage to witchcraft / demonic forces. Maybe the spiritual bondage occurred after playing a Ouija board or Tarot cards as a young boy. I’m not quite sure. They appeared at that time just to be games, and were sold in the kids section at stores or at least the Ouija board was. I had a lot of spiritual warfare after participating in these so called “games”. What I am sure of is that prior to being attacked by this demon, I was forced to go through the Illuminati’s esoteric initiation performed through altered states of consciousness / transcendental meditation assisted with witchcraft / demonic forces. Why I say demonic forces is that I believe all witchcraft to be the powers of demons / the Devil. I was forced to go through said esoteric initiation through methods including witchcraft, demonology, and subversive acts of terrorism. The methods of witchcraft included mind control / manipulation, heart palpitations, witchcraft dreams causing sleep depravation, powerful visions, and many other forms. In said ceremony I was instructed to except the worship of one of their many “demonic gods”. They informed me that in excepting one of there gods I accepted them all. One of there gods was the Devil, another they named Jesus, but they appeared to have a demon for every occasion. They informed me through methods of telepathy , that in accepting the worship of one, I accepted them all. What better way to join all religions of the world together under one banner of 666 spiritually enslaving society?
    David Spengler of the United Nations says that all people must go through a esoteric initiation and worship Lucifer to enter the New Age of Enlightenment. Helen Blavatsky calls it a Christ like consciousness, universal mind set. Benjamin Cream states that after said initiation all its members will be able to hear ancient wisdom spoken telepathically at the same moment by ascended Masters. I knew nothing of this group at that time or there Luciferian agenda of a One World Government. Take a guess what method is used for this initiation? I bet you know now. Have you heard of the New Age Movement, or its affiliation with “Free” Masonry? Do you know what a unholy baptism is or the term Kundalini.
    To the best of my knowledge this is the method Satan’s Secret Society uses to distribute the “spiritual mark of the beast”, and cause spiritual captivity Revelation 13, 10. Have you received your spiritual stamp of acceptance? If so, did you take it on the forehead becoming a spiritual slave of evil, or on the right hand a servant of the Devil himself? Does this sound hard to believe? Here are a few scriptures giving in sight. Revelation 13, 10, If anyone is to go into captivity, into captivity they will go . This is spiritual captivity to witchcraft / demonic forces. Naham 3, 4, who enslaved nations by her witchcraft. Revelation 18, 23, By your magic spell all nations were led astray. Hebrews 2:15 states by there fear of death they are held in bondage. Witchcraft / demonic powers are very real. Thank you Jesus for the Holy spirit and your Angels.
    There is a way out, but it has been difficult for me. Revelation 12, 11, Those who overcame, overcame by the blood of the lamb and the “word” of their testimony. They didn’t love their own lives so much as to shrink from death. Hebrews 2, 15, By their fear of death they are held in spiritual captivity / bondage. Satan’s “Secret” Society isn’t very secret anymore! It is like a giant octopus with many tentacles reaching far and wide.
    Here is the rest of the story. Three to four nights later the demon returned in the early am @ about 3am. He wasn’t alone, Satan / Apollyon and the demon’s twin brother was with him. They hovered in the air above the ground, before the olive tree in our back yard. I could see them as the spirit in me manifested them to me! Satan hovered in the middle while the demons were on either side of him. The demon on his left had been thrown into the lake of fire for what he did to me. He radiated like a coal pulled from the fire what seemed to be 15’x15′. He was lit up like a Christmas tree! Graciously yours baptized by fire the witness! Who will believe this testimony? God will be my witness! Located in California. Recommended information Fake truth Movement Exposed 1-12 on you tube. It has insight into who has received the spiritual stamp on there right hand.

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  18. I wish i could poat a pic. I went to the Biltmore Estate today and what do i find?! A brass relief in an ornate wall of wood. The relief was a monk with one finger over his lips.

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  19. I’ve been seeing the ‘shh’ symbolism everywhere too. Especially things on Netflix. It’s so creepy. Wondered what it meant, and now it makes sense. Thanks. Also seen tons of 666 symbolism in corporate logo’s. Kinda sucks being awake when so many sheeple are still blind to all of this going on. :-/

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