Illuminati symbolism in Pharrell Williams’ “Marilyn Monroe” music video


Pharrell has been splashing the entertainment industry ever since his ultra-rise to stardom when he collaborated with Daft Punk’s transhuman robots to perform Get Lucky. He’s been in the game a lot longer than that (see Lapdance if you want to hear some of his good stuff that isn’t so poppy). Let’s take a look at what we can find on his latest video Marilyn Monroe.

First off, just the title alone tips me off we’re in for Illuminati symbolism. Marilyn was a prominent figure in Illuminati setups and sacrifices, and her name gets dropped all over the place in the universe of conspiracy theory. Some claim that Marilyn Monroe was the first MK ULTRA victim, a program used by the CIA to perform mind control experiments and brainwash people. VigilantCitizen wrote up a great article on this subject, and goes through all of the aspects of this:


Through trauma and psychological programming, Monroe a became high level puppet of the shadow elite, even became JFK’s Presidential Model.

When Monroe’s programming lost its effect and she started to break down, some argue that she was “thrown off the freedom train”, an MK ULTRA term for designating slaves that are killed when they are not useful (and potentially dangerous) to their handlers.

Monroe’s involvement with the occult includes some accusations that she had an affair with Anton Lavey (founder of the Church of Satan). Interestingly enough, Manson Family murderer Susan Atkins was associated with Lavey, supposedly being paid to perform during a ritual, but in an interview with Lavey he claims it wasn’t quite like that. From ChurchofSatan:

I know they’re aware of what they’re doing because Susan Atkins (one of the Manson family) supposedly wrote a book in which I am blamed for her whole dilemma in getting involved with Charlie and everything else because of her previous association with me, which was a fluke in the first place because she happened to be a topless dancer in a place that I was doing a witches’ review

Fritz Springmeier wrote more about Marilyn with allegations about her involvement in the brainwash program in his book The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave:

In January, 1995, this co-author’s newsletter From A Follower of Christ had a feature
article on Marilyn Monroe. Monarch mind-controlled slaves like Loretta Lynn and
Marilyn Monroe lived tightly controlled lives, and were not allowed to drive
automobiles. The one exception is that Loretta has been allowed to drive her car around
the ranch. The following is some excerpts from the co-author’s January ‘95 newsletter
because it gives a good example of how Marilyn Monroe, a mind-controlled slave had
her life very tightly controlled.

…On a day in October, 1957, a woman named Lena Pepitone was hired to take care of
Marilyn Monroe. In 1979, she published her memories of the time she was the primary
person taking care of Marilyn Monroe. I personally think that Lena Pepitone was clean,
and didn’t know what she was dealing with. She describes in detail her life with
Marilyn Monroe.

The inside story of life with Marilyn is nothing like people might imagine. Lena’s book
is such a clear description of how life with a Monarch slave can be–that I decided to
use her book as the basis of some articles. Marilyn Monroe was an orphan, and during
her infancy the Illuminati/CIA programmed her to be a Monarch slave. Before
becoming an actress, while she was still a stripper, she spent time with the founder of
the Church of Satan Anton LaVey.

Victims of LaVey have pointed him out as a mind-control programmer. At that time,
Marilyn was going by several names including Mona. When they made her a star,
Marilyn lived on the 13th floor, in 13E at Sutton Place, NY – the world of the rich and
famous. That is where Lena came to help her. However, Marilyn’s existence was not
that of a rich person, but was more like that of an inmate. Marilyn was allowed to have
no personal life, outside of the dictates of her programmers and her masters. The
programmers and users bore down so hard on controlling Marilyn that they repeatedly
came close to driving her insane.

The following format the words in italic are direct
quotes from Lena Pepitone’s book which is entitled Marilyn Monroe Confidential An
Intimate Personal Account, NY: Simon & Schuster, 1979.

· p.16- “Floor-to-ceiling mirrors were everywhere. Even the dining alcove at
the rear of the living room had a table with a mirrored top. All these mirrors
didn ‘t cheer things up.”

In programming Monarch slaves, mirrors are used a great deal. Within the Monarch
slave’s mind, countless mirror images are made. The slave sees thousands of mirrors
everywhere in their mind. Because Marilyn was so stripped of any personal identity,
she decorated her house as her mind looked on the inside–full of mirrors. Although
other Monarchs may have some desires to decorate with mirrors, Marilyn is the most
extreme case I know of filling one’s house full of mirrors.

· p.25– “Marilyn ‘s bedroom was definitely not a queen ‘s chamber… There
were no paintings in the cramped, square room, only mirrors.

To get back to the topic at hand (Pharrell), let’s look at the video symbolism.

First we see that he’s equating Marilyn Monroe with the Illuminati moon goddess:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Pharrell Marilyn Monroe Illuminati moon goddess

This is covered elsewhere on my site because we see it so often. Acts like Selena Gomez are subtle hails to the moon goddess (Selena=Selene=Moon goddess), and we’ve seen her moon goddess symbolism come through in the music video for Slow Down (see the Selena Gomez Illuminati symbolism post for more on that) that shows similar scenes to Princess Diana’s death (Diana=Moon goddess). I’ve got tons more on this triple goddess symbolism in my post about Occult & Illuminati holiday traditions:

This ritual pattern is all revolved around astrology and Paganism. The Semiramis (or any goddess who represents Semiramis) is believed to go through the same cycles of life over and over. She is believed to be three different forms, referred to as the “Triple Goddess.” These three forms are: fertility goddess, aka the Maiden; the Earth Mother, aka the Mother; and the old lady, aka the Crone. These forms are believed to be based on the phases of the moon, which is why we get concepts such as the “moon” goddess.

Here we see the moon goddess hidden inside of the moon; perhaps a nod to the David Icke moon matrix theory of the hollow moon being a spaceship for Archons/Illuminati beings:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Pharrell Marilyn Monroe Illuminati moon


Going with that David Icke moon matrix theme; here we also see some Saturn Worship symbolism when Pharrell is dancing on top of a three dimensional/flattened cube:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Pharrell Marilyn Monroe Illuminati cube


The Saturn stuff is covered in my Saturn Worship: A Beginner’s Guide post as well, although it’s truncated because I’ve put more of the material in my book (you’ll see the links for it on the Saturn Worship article).

Another shot we see with Kelly Osbourne (Ozzy’s daughter) is Pharrell being infected by Cupid’s arrow, which on the surface appears like it’s just saying he’s in love…

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Pharrell Marilyn Monroe Illuminati arrow Tammuz

…but the occult/holiday traditions post goes into further detail about Valentine’s Day and the arrows of Tammuz/Cupid:


The holiday was originally set to honor Semiramis, Tammuz, and Nimrod (the first family of the occult). There was some relabeling of names along the way, including Semiramis transferring to Venus-the fertility moon goddess. The son, Tammuz, was identified as Cupid, and Nimrod (considered the father figure of this family) was relabeled as Jupiter (the Roman version of Zeus). Tammuz, aka Cupid, was known for shooting arrows at the heart, which was considered the seed for all emotions in the body at one time. The tradition of giving flowers and candy comes from the occult practice during this celebration when worshippers would bring spring flowers, candies, etc. to the temple for the spring goddess (Semiramis) who had been hibernating and is now beginning to awake.

We recently saw this symbolism in Lady Gaga’s G.U.Y. Illuminati symbolism post as well:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Lady Gaga GUY Illuminati Tammuz arrow


Here’s a weird image that shows the All Seeing Eye, covered in Decoding Illuminati Symbolism: The All Seeing Eye and 666 Hand Gesture:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Pharrell Marilyn Monroe Illuminati All Seeing Eye


Ironically, that same post shows Pharrell doing the All Seeing Eye as well:

Pharrell illuminati eye


We proceed to go through the video and it doesn’t take long before we notice that ‘666’ hand gesture I point out in that same article, Decoding Illuminati Symbolism: The All Seeing Eye and 666 Hand Gesture:

Chapter 24 of Texe Marrs’ Codex Magica book goes into detail about this controversial symbol. He says the ‘OK’ sign has the ‘O’ which is symbol for the sun, while it also symbolizes the female genitalia. In tantric yoga this gesture shows spiritual and physical ecstasy. I already showed how Aleister Crowley was into yoga in my post devoted to his magick trance on the entertainment industry:

Getting back to Crowley, his interest in the occult and magick continued and he proceeded in seemingly innocuous activities such as yoga and Tantra. These activities are practiced by celebrities and are viewed as some kind of New Age, peaceful actions; but their roots are more evil than that. Even though yoga is good for clearing the mind, it pushes an anti-Christian concept of finding God within you, which abandons Christian teachings of following the true Creator and glorifies the person themselves. The Tantric practices are another form of sex magick, which is simply a ritual. These themes will come up again, since Crowley was able to push this agenda of promoting the importance of “self” over religion.

The three extended fingers are claimed to represent the connection to the divine, or the feminine triple goddess. The Satan worshipers are believed to think the three fingers show the unholy trinity between the horned god (aka Moloch, or Ba’al), the goddess (aka Semiramis or Whore of Babylon),  and their offspring: the Antichrist. The Satan worshipers would view the circle as the symbol for their sun deity; Lucifer, or the illuminated one. They call this the symbol of the Divine King, and make reference to it on the dollar bill with the Latin phrase ‘Annuit Coeptis’, which means ‘He approves our undertaking.’ 


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Pharrell Marilyn Monroe Illuminati 666 hand


In case you thought Pharrell wouldn’t get mixed up in that, check him out at the end of the video, letting us know he’s affiliated into the Satanic gang:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Pharrell Marilyn Monroe Illuminati 666 Hand


Lastly we see Pharrell doing the Freemason ‘Sign of Preservation’ with his finger pointing upward:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Pharrell Marilyn Monroe Illuminati Freemason stance



On FanaticForJesus they have an image drawn up with the Freemasons doing this as well:


Freemason Sign of Preservation

As much as it breaks my heart, I posted about Lana Del Rey doing this symbol in her Born to Die Illuminati symbolism:

IlluminatiWatcherdotCom lana del ray


I’ve got more on the Saturn Worship/MK ULTRA/Moon Matrix/Princess Diana etc. in my book A Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory: The Illuminati, Ancient Aliens, and Pop Culture:


Here’s the video for Pharrell’s Marilyn Monroe:


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. You missed the most obvious of it all.

    It’s so big that you didn’t see it.

    There’s a subliminal message in the video, regarding 9/11.

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      • Let me add you on skype, we can chat about it.

        I’m more than surprised that nobody is talking about it on the internet.

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        • What about us? Give us a clue, something!

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  2. I have been wondering about this for a while – what are the motives for them to publicly announce their allegiance to BAPHOMET/Illuminati/Bilderberg Group/Moloch? Wouldn’t it be better if they kept it quiet and manipulated people through other means, such as currency manipulation?

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  3. I’m not a religious zealot & I don’t attend a church but im just a regular person who has a personal relationship with God & I try to live my life in a good way. Because of this, I felt a positive message in Pharell’s Freedom song, showing that if I’m seeking goodness; when I read between the lines, I find goodness. So, I was looking for further good thoughts on his lyrics & I ended up on this page…Its my opinion, that I don’t believe that any of your theories are true for these reasons… To start with, Pharell was the Only one, on The Voice who was really not afraid to acknowledge & praise God & help to encourage & further the career of a young gospel singer! Watching from my living room, I gave him kudos for that! I was surprised & impressed because it’s my observation that in this generation, people are so concerned with protecting the feelings of non-believers that their good intentions have taken it to the extreme & nowadays people are not only ostracized if they don’t protect the Freedom of people’s differences or life choices but with exception to the choice to let people know they believe in God (employees at certain stores not allowed to say Merry Christmas…despite the stores selling products which represent that celebration)…Instead, some public figures seem uncomfortable mentioning God at all because people are focused on all freedoms except religious freedoms! Carrie Underwood sings songs about God & all over the news is how controversial that is. So many people of this generation have turned speaking of God & religious beliefs into a form of discrimination against diversity & in their effort to protect diversity, they have caused people to believe that if you speak of God, you could be offending non-believers So I was happy to see someone in the public eye who reminded everyone; letting people know that believing in God is not an offensive act because it’s about goodness & faith just as, for example; vegans don’t believe the same as hunters believe but it is acceptable to proclaim oneself as a vegan without regard to offending those who still believe in the practices of our ancestors who were hunters AND gatherers ..I feel that you are seeking out devil things yourselves & that’s what you are find …One reason I feel this way is because my reason for looking up the meaning in Pharell’s song, Freedom is because I felt he was saying that we all know where we came from…God & he left us the sun…Let there be light & I also felt like he was saying that Freedom is in our minds & is a choice that we can all make, even if oppressed, in a life that you didn’t choose like poverty or sweat shop labor, you can always look to God because he is inside & therefore no form of oppression can take away that choice of freedom to pray for better…I felt that he was showing some sad states of the world & reminding us that remembering God is the answer to Freedom for us all…so then I happened on your page > curiosity about Marilyn Monroe & Illuminati, which I had understood was a secret society behind our nation which was founded on “In God we trust” & instead I end up reading about terrible things…You reached into a good message & pulled evil out if it so I’m just pointing out that maybe your mind is dwelling on things that aren’t nice & not Pharell’s. Just my opinion

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    • There are different gods for people, how can you be sure Pharrell’s isn’t on the side of the Dark One? My intuition tells me he’s not with the one who is good and holy.

      I don’t hate the man and hope he finds his way out!

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      • U can tell especially ith the transhumanism movement…(Ex. N.E.R.D… no one ever really dies, the clones etc) which is going against God, which means he’s worshipping something else. Also realize their definition of “goodness” is the opposite. That’s why ppls are being so easily manipulated.

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    • God= Godriel (El) =God= Satan. Ancient Hebrew. Try saying proper real name Yehowah!
      Freedom= “Do as thy wilt”= Satanic man to self govern forget your Father Creators Laws!
      Lord= Ba’al= Demon

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  4. Yet this guy professes to be a Christian…then again so does Dubya, LOL. That means little to me anymore, let’s see the fruit!

    I hope he day sees the LIGHT again….if he ever did.

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    • I just want to point out that most of us are not wise about duality and the dynamics of two diff dualities. We all need to be aware of the FACT that there are two lights – positive (God as in Jesus Christ) and the other light – the evil false light that is God as in Lucifer – the King of the Sun/ Sun King, etc…which is the occult’s twisted play of truth in reverse. They take good and make it evil and take evil and make it appear good. Even their play on words like ‘King of the Sun’ is a mockery of the real God – which is God, the trilogy of God, Father and Holy Spirit which is also all embodied in the physical man God came here to the earth for 33 yrs to become – the man Jesus – so in that, he is the King of the Son – ‘son’ w/ an ‘o’ b/c he is one in the same, the father and the son in this trilogy entity.

      What does Lucifer do in rebellion to retaliate against the one who threw him out of heaven? He takes the words and twists them to fit his evil agenda for world domination and uses the ‘sun’ to be the King of!

      People do not understand language these days as we are so lazy and dumbed down by cell phone texting but we don’t know ancient text – that is in itself my point – see how the two words ‘text’ are homonyms w/ very diff meanings? And that is why we get so confused by all of this. If you look into puns like son vs sun and go deeper into the history of ancient text – both the bible and occult books – you will be then set free w/ proper perspectives. The language barriers cause all of this confusion and we need to better understand the dualiity of words – antonyms from synonyms – b/c we often think of it as the opposite when it’s the same or we think it’s the same when it’s the opposite.
      Go to a local school and take night classes to brush up on your language and vocab skills and study the ancient text books and you will be enligihtened beyond your wildest dreams. Meanwhile, stop judging others for their discoveries – so Illuminati Watcher guy sees the evil b/c there is hidden evil in this stuff and the other commenter sees the good too – yes, there is good in it too. The breakdown here no one seems to get is that we must understand duality – where does the evil show up and the good begin and vise versa? The evil elite throws us truth mixed in w/ lies and it’s up to us to be woke enough and clever enough to sort out the weeds from the flowers. WE MUST STOP over-generalizing with broad strokes and monoliths b/c it’s way more complicate and layered than that. Think in NUANCE not SEANCE. I mean that ironically and metaphorcially of course – seance in that we are always being put under spells and socially engineered and conditioned to believe what they tell us – instead of thinking for ourselves and being our own researchers and ‘intuitive detective’.

      it takes one part God-voice intuition and one part intellecutal research facts to understand the concept of duality. Please stop going back and forth w/ all the ‘it must be my way and not yours’…you’re both right and if you look more clearly at the ‘devil in the details’, you will begin to see the deeper hidden truth.

      Truth is like rat poison: 98% of it is good food for rats but it only takes 2% to kill the rat! It’s not a matter of you’re right or I’m right – it’s a matter of how much percentage lies on the evil side and how much lies on the truth/ purity side.

      Until you can grasp that, you are just proving to be divided like the elite want us to be – they can’t conquer us until they finish dividing us – stop playing into their hands and become humbled to others’ insights and opinions.

      Post a Reply


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