Illuminati symbolism on Madonna’s ‘MDNA’ album cover

The high priestess of Illuminati symbolism is without a doubt Madonna, and she didn’t disappoint with the release of her latest work, which is an album and DVD release of concert material from her MDNA tour. It’s got the one, all seeing eye, indicative of the Aeon of Horus that Crowley ushered in when he channeled the Egyptian god Horus in Egypt:

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And even more interesting; a story about a stalker of Madonna’s on DVD called Luv for Keeps:

Go inside the mind of an obsessed, love crazed, infamous
stalker Robert Dewey Hoskins, the Convicted Madonna Stalker.

Robert Dewey Hoskins swore he and the famous pop singer/icon Madonna
were married. According to Hoskins, he & Madonna secretly wed in
Aspen, Colorado in 1995. Hoskins says he never stalked the star, and
the shooting was all a misunderstanding. He wants the world to hear
his side of the story. Unfortunately, Hoskins has a delusional
disorder called Erotomania, where he has to be in love with someone of
a higher social status. We will show you exclusive interviews, home
videos, and a memoir he began writing about his life.

Theorist Freeman Fly was on GnosticWarrior’s podcast and said that the reason Madonna is pushing her name name as ‘MDNA’ is because the removal of vowels (I’m assuming ‘A’ doesn’t count?… Freeman’s an expert on the occult so I’m sure there’s a reason) is symbolic of the ancient Hebrew and Kabbalah. He also talks about Miley Cyrus and Aleister Crowley (both subjects that I’ve covered as well and it’s good to see I was close to the mark since we’re saying similar things):


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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