2018 Grammys: Illuminati Symbolism and Hidden Messages of the White Rose

Video now up! (*although it’s not a good one- I still couldn’t speak after my tonsillectomy!)



This year’s Grammys took place in New York City at the Madison Square Garden. Naturally, it would have themes of New York City, so when the show started out with a focus on the Statue of Liberty I don’t think many people thought twice. However…


2018 Grammys Set

…the Statue of Liberty is a reference to the occult goddess of Semiramis.


Which is why we’ve seen so many artists portray this goddess entity of pagan times (*note that both Miley Cyrus and Rihanna performed at the 2018 Grammys):

Miley Cyrus as Semiramis


Rihanna as Semiramis


The worship of ancient entities allegedly continues to this day in the inner circles of “Illuminati” members. They hold true to the pagan roots that seek to ask the gods and goddesses for their favors to cause actual change in our world. Through ritual magick and occult rituals they can make this new world order a reality…

Kendrick Lamar performed and Dave Chappelle dropped two lines about how dangerous it is to be an honest black man in America (surely a reference to my theory about his Bird Revelation that went viral…).


Next we saw Lady Gaga as the fallen angel playing the piano. Lucifer is claimed to have the ability to create music so perhaps this is a reference to their figure of worship (on top of a black sun eclipse no less).


She also portrayed the fallen angel in her GUY video several years ago:


The show gave a brief (and odd) shout out to Jay-Z for an award he one the night prior- which makes me wonder if that was part of the “new Illuminati” disclosure from his time on Van Jones.

U2 performed on the Hudson River in front of the Statue of Semiramis to further emphasize her importance.

The All Seeing Eye watches over

Another theme we saw throughout the night was the wearing of the white rose. This was supposed to be the latest in the #MeToo movement, but I found it curious since I had just written an article on the latest Migos album Culture II and its use of the occult white rose:

The white rose was used by the House of York in the “War of the Roses” (with red roses used by the House of Lancaster). The rose used in the Rosy Cross is believed to be the true symbol of the ancient mysteries. The “Rosy Cross” is utilized by many esoteric groups of magick practitioners due to its occult nature.

The five petaled rose is also akin to the pentagram, which ties us into goddess worship of Venus (and eventually Lucifer). The goddess is worshipped due to the powers of sex magick.

In Kenneth Anger’s The Magical Revival he reveals one of the reasons why we see goddess and Venus symbolism. The occultists believe that sexual magic was used for spiritual attainment, and has been followed by the people of ancient Egypt in the Draconian Cult.

Orgasms can occur in various body centers, including the center seed of consciousness at the crown of the head (the Sahasrarachakra). This chakra point is also related to death (considered the ultimate orgasm), aka the “Great Going.” The ‘Goer’ is the designation for the highest gods in Egyptian and Indian mythology, with its symbol being the ankh. The ankh is the symbol for orgasm, as is the goddess of love, Venus, who is used sexually to transcend consciousness.

The occult types (such as the Gnostics) believe that the dove is the symbolic bird for Venus, and this is possibly why we’re seeing the white doves merged with the white roses on the album cover.

The twin pillars also represent the entrance to a place of mystical energies- just like the twin pillars of Boaz and Jachin at the entrance to Freemason temples.


So it seems there may be a symbolic connection to the sex magick practices of the occult and the white rose. Obviously the #MeToo movement is trying to expose the sexual abuse within the entertainment industry; but could it be there is a secret message within the message that suggests they’ll keep doing it?…

I find it possible since we’re referring to the power of sex magick with the goddess archetype and Semiramis was on center stage tonight…



Finally, I noticed they kept pushing the prominence of the artist SZA on the show. Her video with Travis Scott appeared multiple times, and that is important because it shows us the MKULTRA Project MONARCH symbolism of the butterfly. It represents the fractured mind that results from the abuse of handlers.


Travis Scott has been on my radar for quite some time now, so I’m not surprised to see him on this video.

Travis Scott and the All Seeing Eye


SZA was also a performer that gave us Pythagorean geometry (the original ancient mystery school) which included the triangle inside of the circle- a shape used for channeling spirits.


In the end, we had another night of hidden messages. Messages on messages, as it were. What did you think? I personally think they’ve tamed down the “darkness” of their symbolism because it went a bit too far (ex: Nicki Minaj’s “exorcism”).

I was actually planning on seeing Cardi B conduct a lot of symbolism but was surprised that she barely made an appearance!

The next high profile ritual will be at the Super Bowl on February 4th, so get ready for that…


If you’re new to this field of research, I’ve got a comprehensive book that gives citations to ACTUAL OCCULT doctrine to support these ideas!

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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. I didn’t watch the grammy until the end, but seems those awards had a “slow down” on simbolism… maybe the focus it’s the Super Bowl (larger audience?)

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  2. How did you miss and not mention the extremely blatant Illuminati eye tattooed on Kesha’s palm, which she showed off very prominently and obviously during her performance? (https://pmcvariety.files.wordpress.com/2018/01/kesha-grammys-performance.jpg) Of course, right below it was a tattoo of a cross…

    That revelation about the Statue of Liberty being modeled after Semiramis took me by surprise. For anyone else who is also trying to find any sources online detailing Semiramis as a goddess (and also her connection to the Statue of Liberty), I recommend this page: https://missionignition.net/lynda/semiramis.php . Took me a while to find something, anything, that explored this idea. Looks like Isaac got it right, and based on what this page says, the significance goes much further. The page offers some pretty revelatory insights regarding other things too, and explains the symbolism of the dove, and how perfectly it relates to Semiramis.

    As for Lady Gaga’s performance, you should have included the end part where Lady Gaga actually lays back against the fallen angel’s wings, thus clearly equating its attachment to her specifically, making the metaphor even more accurate? (https://hips.hearstapps.com/hmg-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/images/hbz-gaga-wings-index-2-1517186730.jpg)

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  3. You missed the 60 60 60 images meant to be 60 year anniversary, but The three 60’s in a row on both sides stands out to be 666.

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  4. At this point, I would understand if GOD just wiped out the entire planet, both inside and out, with a Fire so high and so hot that it would move the other planets in each of their respective orbits around the Sun. Burn this world and all of us upon it and withn it’s underground to nanoscopic ashes, reduced to just ‘Dust in the Solar Wind’! Implode the Earth into sheer nothingness. There is not enough on this world left untouched by the Darkness and the Pure Evil to justify any attempt to salvage even one man. Burn the World, Burn the Evil. Leave not one molecule kept in momento.

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    • Slow down and take ur meds!

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      • This is me ON MY MEDS; You don’t want to know what I am like IF I am OFF of them, which is rare I must tell you! I am just passionate about mankind’s blatant corruption and evident sin. I feel there is nothing salvagable in the human species any longer. We choose to be ignorant on everything around us about this world.

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  5. It’s kind of amazing how all this occult stuff is still not being taken more seriously by the sheeple (no offense) considering how blatant all this stuff has gotten. Talk about being brainwashed.

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    • Exactly!

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  6. Of course somebody brought their kid.

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