Illuminati Symbolism of the 2016 Rio Olympics Opening Ceremony Ritual

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Today we’ll take a look at one of the largest energy inducing events with the 2016 Rio Olympics and the pagan ritual of the opening ceremony…


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I’ve uploaded a video of this analysis with even more images- check it out:


Origins of the Pagan Olympic games

First, let’s consider the history of what it is we’re watching- Olympic games originally intended to satisfy the pagan Greek god of Zeus. This included ritual sacrifices to honor this god; similar to what is conducted at Bohemian Grove’s Cremation of Care ceremony by the elites that attend…

Bohemian Grove Cremation of Care ceremony to the Owl God of Minerva

Bohemian Grove Cremation of Care ceremony to the Owl God of Minerva

This concept is crucial when you consider the overall agenda of the “Illuminati”. When you research this history of this amalgamated groups of occultists you’ll find that pagan worship of extraterrestrial deities is of the utmost importance; and all symbols are used to divert energy to these gods and goddesses.

I briefly covered this concept in my 1st book; A Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory: The Illuminati, Ancient Aliens, and Pop Culture:

The Olympic flame torch relay was a tradition started by none other than the occult obsessed Nazis and Dr. Joseph Goebbels in the 1936 games. The process begins with a lighting of the torch at Olympia, Greece and then goes through some Pagan rituals where virgins at the Temple 93 of Hera light the torch with the sun. The flame then lights up at the games and viewers from around the world focus their attention and devote their energies to it. This is where the Saturn worship comes into play when our energy flows where attention goes; to the flame and ultimately, Saturn. 

When we witnessed the ritual that is the Olympic torch ceremony at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games; we  in fact saw the focusing of energy towards this flame as the masses were hypnotized by its trance…

2016 Rio Olympics torch flame


The Peace Sign: Summoning Typhon

Another symbol we saw in full force during the opening ceremony was that of the peace sign. Many people would consider this a symbol of group consciousness and togetherness, but it is quite possibly something far more sinister…

2016 Rio Olympics Typhon peace sign 2

In terms of occultism, the peace sign has been used to represent a few ideas, one of which coincides perfectly with the energy devotion to the pagan gods (as well as mention of Hitler); as I discussed in my article on the Hidden Illuminati symbolism in Monster Energy drinks and Peace Tea:

On the Biblical based website GotQuestions, there is further detailing of what basis there is for these sinister theories behind Gerald Holtom’s Peace/CND symbol:

The downward V has been linked to the mystic character for ”Aum,” a sacred word to the Hindu. Saying “Aum” over and over supposedly awakens the power of Brahma at the base of the spine. Germanic tribes that used it claimed the sign, or “rune,” to have eerie, mystical properties. It is said that it was used by sorcerers in pagan ceremonies. 

The Saracens in A.D. 711 used this symbol to alternately represent a broken cross, a raven’s claw, or a witch’s foot, all presumably satanic symbols. Under the reign of Roman Emperor Nero, infamous for his brutal persecution of Christians and Jews, this symbol was prominently used to represent a broken cross or broken Jew. 

Nero crucified the Apostle Peter upside down, and the horrific event resembled the downward-pointing fork. It was thereafter called the Neronic cross. 

With the Third Reich steeped in the occult, Hitler’s 3rd Panzer Division used this same symbol from 1941 to 1945. The symbol in Germany is called atodesruneor death rune. It often appeared on death notices. It is also found on some of the tombstones of the notorious SS soldiers. 

For Bertrand Russell, a supporter of communism, the symbol meant not only communism but also peace without God. Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan, used the downward-pointing fork as the background for his altar. The Book of Signs, written by Rudolph Koch, indicates that the downward-pointing fork means “the death of man,” and, with the circle around it meaning “total,” the entire symbol means “the total death of all people.”

Holtom never professed to have any knowledge of any historical use of this symbol. However, it is certain that Bertrand Russell was well aware of the satanic and anti-Christian roots of the symbol. He chose it accordingly.

So it seems that the downward peace sign is meant to convey the inverted cross (the satanic perversion of the Holy Cross). How curious that they utilized this EXACT orientation at the opening ceremony during the climate change portion of the show:

2016 Rio Olympics Typhon peace sign rune 3

Another idea is that the peace sign represents a summoning of the AntiChrist beast from the Abyss: Typhon. I discussed this in the Decoding Illuminati Symbolism: The Mark of the Beast “X” article:


The Hierophant card in the Crowley deck of Tarot cards is the fifth card; also referred to as “V”. It is supposed to represent the authority in which a person makes confessions (as in secret society confessions where initiates reveal their most inner secrets). Freeman asserts that the card depicts the Hierophant as a hermaphrodite with male and female body parts, and I’ve also read that the name comes from the combination of hermaphrodite and elephant. You’ll also notice that he is using the “V” hand sign with the index and middle fingers:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Hierophant card

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Hierophant card

This is the same “V” we saw the allied forces use to show “victory” after WWII, and Freeman says that Winston Churchill actually met with Aleister Crowley and learned that the “V” sign calls upon Typhon and was the only force that could battle the Nazi solar powers. Strangely true is the fact that Churchill had an entire campaign that boasted the “V for Victory” logo, and it’s also rumored that Crowley was a temporary member of the British MI5 program and he was the one that told Churchill the magick powers of the hand gesture, which would make sense because it was originally used as a sign of insult.

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Winston Churchill V mark of beast WO

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Crowley V mark of beast


In the 2016 opening ceremony we also see the what could be the actual representation of the beast Typhon when the figures form a shadowy apparition:

2016 Rio Olympics Typhon shadow

Another thing we see is the peace sign formed with the hand on the stage in front of what appears to be the All Seeing Eye:

2016 Rio Olympics Typhon peace sign

Finally, we also saw something that may support the idea of dark sorcery at hand during this mass ritual. Gisele Bündchen was shown to “emerge from the dark” and “casts a spell” as put it:

2016 Rio Olympics Giselle spell

Could it be that the opening ceremony was a mass ritual experience used to send energy to the occult beast of the Abyss? If you believe the peace sign represents this entity; then perhaps it was so…


Saturn Worship: The Cube

Another key concept of the mass ritual of the Olympic Games is Saturn Worship. As I’ve explained in the past, this is symbolized as the cube (typically the black cube). So when we saw this cube shape prominently featured in the ceremony it made me wonder if they weren’t harnessing energy towards this ancient pagan god of Kronos; or perhaps it was just mere coincide- I don’t want to become hyper paranoid about some symbols so let yourself come to your own conclusions.

Recall that we already touched on this idea above with the reference to my 1st book; A Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory: The Illuminati, Ancient Aliens, and Pop Culture:

 The flame then lights up at the games and viewers from around the world focus their attention and devote their energies to it. This is where the Saturn worship comes into play when our energy flows where attention goes; to the flame and ultimately, Saturn. 

We saw people building walls with cubes (although I’m not sure what other shape they could’ve used to build a wall with?…)

2016 Rio Olympics saturn cube wall build

Later on, we witness more cubes with a lit up stage and theatrics from various dancers. Again, this may or may not be of concern, I’m just pointing it out since I previously mentioned the Saturn-worship links to the pagan Games.

2016 Rio Olympics saturn cube

More cubes are found; this time with the Call of Typhon close by…

2016 Rio Olympics Typhon peace sign 2

Finally, when the athletes are introduced to us you can see the cubes with what appears to be the All Seeing Eye in the background:

2016 Rio Olympics All Seeing Eye final


Global Warming Agenda

This is where my line of paranoia stops due to the scientific facts surrounding climate change. Similar to how I believe my article will be sent out to the world and received by your eyes; science in fact says that climate change IS happening and it’s partially exacerbated by mankind.

That being said, many theorists are skeptical of the climate change concept, and I can sympathize for their stance. The Illuminati have infiltrated all levels of government and business so it’s not SO absurd to think there is an agenda to push climate change. I personally believe in it, but let’s consider the other side of the argument.

During the opening ceremony we saw a section that warned of impending climate change doom; furthermore we saw a potentially ominous triangle in the background:

2016 Rio Olympics climate change triangle

The triangle is a symbol that is associated with warnings, but it is also utilized by Illuminati occultists as I detailed in Decoding Illuminati Symbolism: Triangles, Pyramids and the Sun.

Aleister Crowley triangle hat


If there was something to consider with this climate change conspiracy; I’d say it’s part of the Mother Gaia worship. In terms of paganism, the occultists adhere to the principles of worshipping the triple goddess. This goddess has three forms- one of which is Mother Earth (or Gaia). This spiritual embodiment of Earth is worshipped by pagans, which is one thing the climate change believers share in common.

One more thing to consider from this climate change thought: if you’re a religious person it seems that it is only fitting that one should respect the planet that God gave us. As the next few years go by, we should learn more about the climate change theory and make a decision to preserve this beautiful gift that we live in.

I will personally keep an open mind on the theories of climate change, but like I’ve said already; I’ve seen enough evidence to believe in it thus far (see PBS’s Earth: The Operator’s Manual for the climate change science that proves it to be true).

Finally, we saw the end of the climate change sequence with the inverted peace sign. Again, this is the satanic Law of Reversals with the summoning of Typhon from the depths of the Abyss…

2016 Rio Olympics Typhon peace sign rune 3


In Conclusion

Hitler’s legacy of pagan worship seems to continue every time we witness these opening ceremonies. Some believe it to be an overarching conspiracy; while others keep their heads buried in the sand. Sadly, this is precisely what keeps the Illuminati machine going.

Please spread awareness of the symbolism and occult agenda of the “Illuminati” however you see fit. Having the discussion with family and friends and having a grassroots movement seems to be the most effective plan of attack.

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Thanks for reading!






Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Thank yu so much for sharing these Historical knowledge because alot of these people’s now and days dont feed for the knowledge but for only money and the fame .. But knowledge is the first key to knowing where we come from and who is who and what is what you know but i thank you again i enjoy reading these news letters 💯

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  2. That was crass. It is only a ceremony/show and nothing else. Quite delusional.

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    • Hey Shirley . Crass? Lmfao go back to sleep zombie

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  3. Google “Gisele peace sign”. Results are interesting once one is aware of the occult implications of said gesture. She’s been flashing this sign for years. How much of a coincidence is that? The occult symbolism at the 2016 opening ceremony might not be so in-your-face as it was in London for example, but it’s certainly there.

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  4. Hey Isaac good job as always. However the hand sign on the tarot looks to me like the sign of ” benediction” not the v

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  5. While what you say could have some credence, I somehow think that the 2016 Opening Ceremony had more Christian elements in it more than previous ones. While the London Olympics had a very simple moving rendering of “Abide with me” The 2016 Olympic ceremony opened with the iconic statue of Christ the Redeemer, and included from time to time throughout the ceremony. I also think that the stadium chosen for the main events to be by accident, it is under the symbolic watchful Christ.

    There were several references throughout the ceremony that “God is Good” I don’t think that there is any need to over analyse and ask “Which God?” is deemed good.

    Brazil is predominantly a Roman Catholic Christian country. While arguments can be given as to how Christian is Roman Catholicism, the hearts of many of the people of Brazil are Christian, and that is what matters more than the dominating denomination.

    While Brazil is a Christian country, I can’t write this without acknowledging the broad sexual morality that Brazil also has associated with it.But that can be said of most, especially western countries.

    While there may have been Illuminati symbolism in the ceremony. I believe that vocal support of God and the numerous inclusions of the statue of Christ the Redeemer were positive and unashamed. And I felt that it was good that some individuals professed to the whole world in that ceremony that “God is Good.”

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    • Previous post I said “I also think that the stadium chosen for the main events to be by accident, it is under the symbolic watchful Christ.” I should have said “I also think that the stadium chosen for the main events was not chosen by accident, it is under the symbolic watchful Christ.

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  6. Give thanks for shedding light on this massive ritual of magnetic appeal, to be informed on spells cast by symbols is key to uncovering a corrupt agenda of the fallen.The interpretation of the inverted peace sign is unclear. Considering that the peace sign has been introduced for the last 58 years upsidedown,how does flipping give it the same meaning? The true meaning of protection, the tree of life, or celebrating life by raising your arms in praise are all encoded in the upward pointed peace sign according to the insight I have come to.Introducing the peace sign in its positive position along side the false peace hand sign is a classic deceptive satanic programing. A lie mixed with truth

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  7. Interesting, thanks Isaac.

    It may be worth continuing your research into Kenneth Grant’s Typhonian Trilogies. To yield further fruit, look to Vendanta to find the true centre at the heart of K.G.’s writings.

    The Perfume of Silence is a wonderful book, in this regard!

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  8. Great article and vid! Couple of things I noticed…

    The green peace symbol: looks like DNA strands involved with it. Engineering?

    The hand with the peace sign: Scaly green with red nails. Draconian/Satanic?

    The dancers running to Typhon: Hunched over. Animalistic/demonic/devolved?

    Images in the boxes: Always fractured and incomplete.

    The flame box: Slick chrome witches cauldron.

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  9. I gotta say, your articles are really good!

    When you talk about climate change, are you referring to HAARP ? I am reading some stuff online about it, seems like there is something happening…

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  10. He states that the use of global warming symbols which he argues is a creation by the Illuminati and the all-seeing eye shows that the Olympics is an Illuminati sponsored event.

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  11. Good analysis. However, I disagree about the inverted Peace sign. It is the sign as it is commonly employed that is associated with the “broken Jew” and Nero. I actually believe our allies in the Global South, who have suffered greatly at the hands of the Cabal, have placed it right (apparently even the inventor of the Peace sign in modern times came to learn of its dark symbolism and tried to turn it upside down, as they had it in Rio). This way it is more connected to the Tree of Life (especially with the leaves they added) which symbolizes rebirth. The sign appeared after a beautiful poem calling out the elites for destroying our world and encouraging the planting of seeds where they have deforested the lungs of our planet, the Amazon rainforest. I was inspired!

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  12. I think illuminati symbol is all about destroying human to make them controlable energy is part of the war decrease ur energy until u cant dissagre with them u are thier puppet u cant even go work In the morning or u cant make mindfull decision its all about money and power they use symbol coz they know its effect in people .
    u see here the victory sign the hand is green (not human) and the fingers is not fully up its loose I dont thinj its victory sign its tottaly the opposite like some one is making fun off you

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