Illuminati Symbolism of Nick Jonas’ “Voodoo” Music Video

Nick Jonas is one of many entertainers who’ve traversed up the ranks from childhood into the glitz and glamour of celebrity-dom as an adult. He had his roots in Disney, which should alert many of the astute conspiracy theorists since Disney has many ties to allegations of mind control and “Illuminati grooming” (see THE STAR WARS CONSPIRACY for more on Disney and the big Agenda).

Nick had his start in the band aptly named The Jonas Brothers (you can guess who else was in the group). They started out as a Christian type band, but it seems that the entertainment industry sunk their teeth into them and turned at least one of them out (*note that another brother; Joe Jonas, started DNCE- the band who sings “Cake by the Ocean”).


I wouldn’t label Nick Jonas a “bad boy” in any sense; but he seems to be flirting with the idea. We’ve seen this in the past with people like Katy Perry that started out with gospel roots but eventually “sold their soul” to make it big (*those are literally her words).

In Nick Jonas’ latest video called Voodoo we see him walking the streets of New Orleans whilst singing about a girl that had him ensnared in her “voodoo.” The symbols that flash would typically go unnoticed but I saw a few I’d like to mention.

First, we can’t seem to watch one piece of entertainment without that ubiquitous All Seeing Eye:



You’ve already read my article on the history of the All Seeing Eye so we don’t want to beat a dead horse with this.

Moving on, we start to see images that are a bit more esoteric. For instance, the Ouroboros makes a disguised appearance:





This is mentioned in Alice in Rocky Horrorland in the section about Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist:

The Alchemists use it as a principle to overcome challenges. The infamous iconography of the Ouroboros shows the alchemical principle in action of transforming oneself in never ending improvement, rebirth, and evolution- all of which our protagonist go through in the novel (*it should also be noted that one of the versions of The Alchemist has this exact symbol on the cover).

Next we can see a cross with three horizontal lines:



This is referred to by as the Freemason 33rd degree Crusader’s Cross which can be seen with the three horizontal lines that extend- fitting nicely into the hexagram (another symbol utilized as a sigil to control demons by King Solomon):



This is also referenced as the Cross of Baphomet- used by Aleister Crowley (which technically has 11 crosses):



A symbol that holds deep meaning can be seen if you pause the video at the right time:



This symbol of the serpent climbing up the cross is very important to occultists- namely Gnostics. They believe that the serpent (or worm) is the holder of all knowledge. This is of course a reference to the serpent in the Garden of Eden which Christians identify as Satan, or Lucifer.

It also makes sense to see the “As Above, So Below” symbol on the bottom right which is more familiarly known as the Freemason compass and square.


Finally, we see a symbol that I’ve warned of in the past:



This symbol, of course, is the Mark of the Beast.

This symbol is the “X” inside of the “O” which is alleged to be the sign that calls upon the Antichrist from the depths. To see Nick Jonas utilizing this symbol just proves to me that he’s being subjected to the indoctrination necessary to become famous in the entertainment industry…


Thanks for reading and be sure to check out the IlluminatiWatcher SHOP page if you want to go deeper into all of these odd and esoteric subjects! My latest work covers some of the Disney aspects as well as a film series you’re ALL familiar with:  THE STAR WARS CONSPIRACY



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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. SMH….kind of worried about those Jonas boys. Can’t remember if dad is a preacher but we all know life is tough for those PKs. No excuse though, if you once knew the truth and then do some stuff like this you’re in danger of the eternal Lake of Fire.

    Is it worth it, Nick?

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    • Lake of fire, dear, really? Oh, sweetie….

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      • If you don’t believe it that’s your prerogative, Sweetie!

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        Jesus spoke clearly and plainly about the existence of Eternal hell fire. And BTW Jesus was God the second person of the trinity. So he’s a pretty big deal and a reliable source of information Id say .

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  2. It’s a unique and valuable service you’re providing. Thanks Isaac, keep up the good work – SG

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  3. The message in the video is revealing that Sun is the Antichrist, who is here on Earth now and is revealing His Coming Appearance to The Suns Of Sun. So Amazing. Hurry Sun AKA Antichrist, and reveal the truth about The Suns Of Sun And Earth.

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  4. these symbols of voodoo are called “vevês”, they represent spirits “loas”, the serpent symbol is Damballah-Wedo (sky deity and creator of life), there are different voodoo traditions depending on the country (not only Haitian voodoo)

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