Illuminati symbolism of Making a Murderer

Hello and welcome back to! Today I’ll be providing a brief post about a couple of ideas swirling around this crazy brain of mine regarding the gripping documentary Making a Murderer.

If you haven’t seen the doc yet I will try not to spoil it for you, but if you truly want to go into the documentary with NO prior knowledge than I’d skip this next “Making a Murderer” section…



Making a Murderer

The Netflix 10-part series was filmed over the course of 10+ years and details the fascinating (and sad) tale of a man named Steven Avery who was wrongfully charged with the rape of a Manitowoc County woman and had to serve 18 years before being released when DNA evidence exonerated him.

The celebration of his release was short lived when he was arrested only a couple years later for the alleged murder of Teresa Halbach- which is what this entire documentary series is about.

Like all documentaries, they are selling a particular angle, so a small amount of bias is to be expected. For example, when you research into Steven Avery’s past you’ll find out that he’s no angel. It appears that he’s done time for animal cruelty when he killed a cat by burning it alive in a fire, which I find intolerable and disgusting. He was also charged with assaulting the the wife of a Manitowoc County sheriff’s deputy (which may be what got him into the framing situation of the murder in 2005 of Teresa Halbach…).

Even though he allegedly killed an animal and beat on a woman, that absolutely doesn’t mean it’s okay to frame him for murder- especially from the trusted authorities. The documentary walks you through the various details around this case while supporting an argument for the problems our justice system faces.

Like I said before- I won’t spoil anything for you, but your jaw will drop MULTIPLE times in this series as you hear some of the details surrounding this case…


Illuminati Symbolism 

Here’s what you came for– the “Illuminati” symbolism behind this gripping documentary.

First off- let’s look at the notion of Illuminati rituals. The Illuminati is a hidden group that allegedly went underground at some period of time. They possess esoteric knowledge handed down from extraterrestrials, pagan deities, or ancient knowledge bestowed through verbal traditions. Some of these members practice ceremonial magick or enter into altered states to contact other worldly entities in order to receive more secret “occult” knowledge.

Part of the practices of the Illuminati are to slowly reveal this information to the public in their pursuit of the “evolution of consciousness.” It’s not given out in an overt manner; but rather a covert manner. They implant messages and themes in works of art and entertainment in order to speak to the subconscious of the viewer. This is why certain films like Star Wars are so popular- they talk to our subconscious about tales of ancient knowledge that supposedly exist in the “collective unconscious” that Carl Jung spoke of.

Star Wars the Force Awakens posters All Seeing Eye Illuminati


So here we have a story that has particular dates of concern…

Did you know that Steven Avery was released from his wrongful imprisonment on September 11th, 2003? The ’11’ is a number of critical importance because it represents pursuit of enlightenment. The number 11 is the value of the twin pillars of the Cabalistic Tree of Life with the middle pillar being the path that one can take the shortcut to Keter- the “crowning” point where the initiate is truly enlightened into a god-like status:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Tree of Life Kabbalah Twin Pillars Boaz Jachin

This 11 twin pillar symbolism is supposedly why the 9/11 attacks happened when they did. They brought down the twin pillars/towers (which are the gateways to the unknown that all initiates must pass before learning the esoteric values- just like at Solomon’s Temple or at the entrance to Freemason Temples).

To replace the twin towers, they’re erecting a singular pillar that is called the “One World Trade Tower”- obviously the next phase in the One World Order:

One World Tower twin towers

The twin pillars finds it way on many esoteric subjects- like The Priestess of the Tarot deck that displays the duality of opposites while she sits in the middle- showing us the perfected form of embracing both sides of the spectrum (more on this in about two paragraphs…):

High Priestess Tarot card black white pillars boaz jachin

Teresa Halbach went missing (and assumed to have been murdered) on October 31st, 2005- also a date of Illuminati sacrifice. The rituals of blood sacrifice must coincide with certain dates that have more importance with the occult. This one landed on the date of the pagan ritual of Samhain; a concept I detail in the Illuminati & Occult Holidays post:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Occult Holiday Halloween

Finally, we can’t get through a piece of entertainment without the ubiquitous All Seeing Eye of Horus:

Making A Murderer All Seeing Eye Steven Avery

Just like in HBO’s The Jynx; we see the ancient symbol of the All Seeing Eye employed to show us the calling card of the Illuminati and their involvement.

Robert Durst Illuminati The Jinx All Seeing Eye WO


I find it also curious that The Jynx was a similar project- a documentary series about a man who was involved with a murder of a woman. In this one though; Robert Durst is portrayed as the man who committed the murder and got away with it. Meanwhile in Making a Murderer, Avery is portrayed as an innocent man who did not murder the woman of interest.

Could it be an Illuminati play on duality like I mentioned in The Priestess card of the Tarot? Are these opposite principles with a Hegelian dialectic step in the middle to go forward? Perhaps it has to do with the sacrifice of the goddess?…

Robert Durst Illuminati The Jinx Lucifer light Seeing Eye WO

In Conclusion

This case is similar to the West Memphis 3 murders where there are potentially areas of Illuminati and occult involvement. The documentaries are gaining massive traction and have TONS of people signing petitions to look into this further.

My personal feelings are that we should obviously prevent more innocents from being wrongfully imprisoned. It is obvious that there was some form of manipulation involved in Steven Avery’s case so it definitely needs another look. Just as in the West Memphis 3 case- I’d have to take the side of assumption of innocence. I’d rather have a potential murderer walking free if the police can’t do their jobs properly (*only if there isn’t a good argument against him/her) than the imprisonment of an innocent man. America was not founded with this kind of mentality of false imprisonment- it explicitly says so in the Constitution and Bill of Rights multiple times. We are one of a few places where the accused gets a fair shot at defending themselves and I want it to stay that way.

Sadly, there isn’t much online about the victim, Teresa Halbach; which is another unspoken crime here. Her memory is caught in between various groups that haven’t considered how her friends and family feel. This is a byproduct of the “if it bleeds, it leads” problem we’re facing as a society. I’m not judging, because I’m right there with everyone chomping at the bit to watch this type of thing. The reason I mention it is because we’re ALL subjected to puppet masters and being led down the SAME PATH.

The only way we can make a positive change is to become aware and try to avoid feeding the darkness. I often have to peer into the Abyss in order to learn more about the ways of the Illuminati, but I feel that it is something I’ve always been drawn to. Let’s continue to explore and try to decode the great cypher that is the “Illuminati”…

Thanks for reading! Be sure to check out my IlluminatiWatcher book store for more in-depth discussion of the many facets of the big Agenda.



-Isaac Weishaupt




Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. We came to similar conclusions, you and I: that it’s better to let a guilty man go free than it is to convict an innocent.

    The presumption that, within the American court system, one is “innocent until proven guilty” is sadly misguided. (Andrew Napolitano’s thoughts about this are freely available on YouTube.). However, if one truly believes this maxim (and I do), then it’s NOT up to the defendant to prove his innocence, but up to the prosecution to prove his guilt. In this case, guilt was determined not by a jury but by law enforcement.

    The fact that Brendan Dassey’s own attorney assisted the prosecution team should have earned him a new trial; that it didn’t raises real red flags. It is unthinkable that the single “confession” made by this kid was enough to put two people in prison for the rest of their lives.

    But I keep going back to the question: why this story now? Clearly, the Powers That Be want to tear down the people’s confidence in Law Enforcement, while arming that same LE to its teeth; why might this be? You’re right: we’re being led down a particular path…and we’re all following along like sheep.

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    • Well said my friend. Perhaps they’re gearing up both extremes of the opposing forces (e.g. civilians vs. police) and egging on the anger. This is the theme of my Manson project with the Helter Skelter race war predictions as well…

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  2. Hateful 8, the new Tarantino film, also prominently uses the one eye, with Jennifer Jason Leigh sporting a black eye. I haven’t seen it yet, but I have my suspicions about the title, 8 is one of the numbers of the qliphoth in the dark occult kabbalah. One interpretation of the kabbalistic tree of life is as a diagram of the universe after the Fall of man, when the bottom seven sephirot supposedly shifted down, opening up a further rift between man and divine reality: the Abyss and below that the qliphoth, additional sephirot broken by the Fall.

    The pillars Boaz and Jachin in the temple of Solomon and the tarot card also respond to the ancient solar mythology of the dual sun god, the waxing and waning sun of the two halves of the year. Boaz is the young summer sun and Jachin is the dying winter sun, also associated with the underworld / qliphoth. The pillars also correspond to the Tree of Life (Boaz) and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (Jachin).

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    • Hateful 8 was one of the best movies of the year. I am not certain if there have been many occult symbols in any of his works, sure dusk til dawn seen the death of a priest. But he did build up his faith again and died a martyr as I recall.
      Just did a search and found no overt signs and and any conceptual symbols are crackpot theories.he does have a photo at some festival with the horn hand very intentionally. I’m sure at this point he is aware of the line he has to tow or at least appear to be on board with the people who finance his grinders.

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      • One could argue that Tarantino’s whole oeuvre is possibly part of a larger agenda to mainstream and normalize extreme violence and depravity through the media. Pulp Fiction was shocking when it came out, and now that aesthetic is so pervasive that even soda commercials are “Tarantino-esque.” Google “Quentin Tarantino Illuminati.”

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  3. Great question about why now…I’d like to add, Why NetFlix and not on one of those basic cable channels that already regularly features crime-related stuff?

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  4. I HAVE A QUESTION on your takes. ON. “Ted Gunderson”. ? He is a former FBI member that litterly tells all like the brave man he is but he also goes into GREAT detail about how the illuminati and the government are in alliance???

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    • I thought Ted Gunderson had passed away.

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      • Ted died in 2011. I believe every word he said too.

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  5. Could this series be an MK ultra type of project trying to get us to hate and distrust authority and promote aggression toward the powers that be?

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  6. Isaac this is in my netflix Q! Great article..Really interesting stuff

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  7. Does anyone else feel like the victim’s brother seems like a crisis actor? Just a lot of that feel to it. I hate to say it because if this situation is true then my heart does go out to those affected. But in this day and age you never know what’s reality and what’s staged, and that’s very sad.

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    • This was my feeling as well. Like is this family even a real family? If so, of course it’s tragic for them. But if not, either they owe this guy big time who is innocent or this WHOLE ENTIRE STORY is fabricated. It’s like watching “Best in Show.”

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    • Omg… yes I don’t believe she is dead. Something much deeper is.going on. I feel like we the viewers are being played. Nothing is 100% facts. Look at her picture standing in front of the car. It looks staged, most of her pics have her in a black jacket, but different red burgundy shirt. I mean no real info on her, or her family. Also who are the Averys they own so much land and have a road named after them? Idk

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  8. Any one noticed the masonic handshakes between the prosecution team, in the media room also? There’s also the all seeing eye in every media press conference on the mics. Interesting stuff

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  9. The Illuminatti is all up in this one.
    I strongly believe that there are enclaves of Illuminati towns that are populated by Illuminatti descendants/Bloodline that are used for experimentation, testing, torture, sacrifice whatever is needed by the higher ups of the Illuminatti.
    Could be that Steve Avery might be a reptilian incarnate in a human body being punished for crimes in another life. Or his family may have displeased the Illuminatti in some way, maybe a “rogue” family broken away from the nest, and they are being punished for it. They kept referring to the Averys as different. What makes them different? They are a hard working middle American blonde, blue eyed, family with a small business like many other Mid Western families. Yet over and over they are referred to as “different”. Different to whom? The reasons for their “difference” seem weak and reaching at best. The Averys may or may not know of what I suspect is a bloodline heritage, but those families always speak in code so it is hard to tell if they are aware of their bloodline. There is a lot of faction and friction and jockeying for power among bloodline families so The Illuminatti is not one big family unit with the same goals as many believe.(I suspect if they were united the human race would be even in more trouble than it already is) Even Steven’s own female Cousin played a part in his soiled reputation in his earlier conviction of rape. An early photo of the Cousin seems to have slit pupils as well.
    Once I heard that Steve Avery had killed a cat in such a horrific manner, red flags went up, as this wreaked of burned animal sacrifice ritual, and right away I suspected illuminatti connections. Avery may have been under entity possesion as some Bloodline are, or just displaying Reptilian/ Shifter tendencies when this horrible cruelty took place. To be honest this heinous act of animal cruelty doesnt make me feel wholly sympathetic to Avery, but of course I feel he was being unfairly treated and framed, certainly for the rape for which he was sentenced for 18 years.
    It is possible that Avery may have alters or conditioning through MK Ultra that causes dissassociation and he may have very separate personalities. His Nephew may suffer from the same affliction as the whole family would be subjected to this conditioning. Maybe he did not murder Teresa, but perhaps his alter did.
    There are comments too about the Halbach family where people suspect that there is something fake about them. I thought that right away as well. Even a family photo seems odd or contrived in some way. This might be because they are all a part of this enclave of Bloodline families. If they are inded MK ultra conditioned families as most Bloodline families are they would seem robotic or as if they were “acting” to the general rest of us. Teresa Halbach talks on video about dying and it seems odd that such a happy young woman who enjoyed her life and work so much would be thinking so much, much less documenting an obituary like speech about her own death. It’s almost like some pre programming/conditioning for one who is expecting to be a sacrifice.
    Have only watched 3 episodes so far and will be watching out for more signs of what I suspect to be at the very least a town that is used by the Illuminatti for whatever reason that may be.

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  10. Isaac didn’t even pay attention to the Series. what an idiot

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