Illuminati Symbolism of Disney’s Gravity Falls “Society of the Blind Eye”

I received some comments about the show Gravity Falls from a Illuminati Roundup article, and I was referred to watch the episode about the Society of the Blind Eye (special thanks to: “I’m_awake_now”). I did watch it, and wow, there was a lot to take in! It appears that Disney is continuing their campaign of pushing Illuminati and occult symbolism into the minds of children at all times.

Gravity Falls Society of the Blind Eye All Seeing Eye

There are claims that Walt Disney himself was a Gnostic magic sorcerer, so it’s fitting that this cartoon is full of symbols that are rich in occult history.


Let’s see what this particular episode had in it…

Gravity Falls magick illuminati Disney WO

First, in the cartoon there was discussion about a song they were listening to, and the one character (“Soos”) said that he would do anything a rapper tells him to, including eat his own pants- which he does after the rap song tells him to do so.

This is akin to the argument I lay out in my hip hop conspiracy book SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC. In it, I detail how the rap industry has all of these Illuminati-occult connections and there is a financial and spiritual interest in persuading people to live up to the lies in the music (e.g. money, power, and respect).


Shortly after that, the main characters confront Old Man McGucket to inquire about his book he wrote that included images of the secret society called the Society of the Blind Eye:

Gravity Falls Society of the Blind Eye Grimoire book

Gravity Falls All Seeing Eye Mark Beast X lightning WO

You’ll notice the Mark of the Beast with the ‘X’ over the eye inside of the book. This is a recurring theme in this cartoon show, and it shouldn’t come as any surprise since they are looking at a book of grimoires and magic incantations. We’ve seen the lightning bolt symbolism along with the All Seeing Eye in multiple examples of pop culture, especially the ones that lure the children in:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Harry Potter lightning bolt


We can tell this symbolism is being done on purpose since there’s also the obvious analogy to the All Seeing Eye of Horus that is in the name of the secret society called The Blind Eye.

There’s also a slew of other imagery in the spell book that you can see, like the skull; as in the Skull and Bones ‘Memento Mori’ which is a concept of reflecting upon one’s mortality (seems appropriate for children; right?!):

Gravity Falls skull ritual magic WO

Here is a more obvious reference- and you’ll see the the alchemical symbols which are popular in the more ancient occultists, as well as the reference to ‘VW’ which is a reference to the fallen angels (see the Kabbalah conspiracy theories article):

Gravity Falls Illuminati symbolism Pyramid Eye Alchemy WO

The secret society is inside of a facility that has ancient Egyptian symbolism, which is important to the Illuminati because the ancient knowledge of Atlantis was believed to have been relayed to occult practitioners for a period of time (like Hermes Trismegistus whom was the embodiment of Hermes and Thoth from Atlantis):

Gravity Falls Society of the Blind Eye Society Egyptian

In Kenneth Anger’s Lucifer Rising you can see how important this topic is; it’s quite confusing but all you need to know is that the extraterrestrials, ancient Egyptians, and the occult are all intertwined (I’ll have to refer you to my first book A GRAND UNIFIED CONSPIRACY THEORY: THE ILLUMINATI, ANCIENT ALIENS, AND POP CULTURE where I lay out the foundations of all conspiracy theory):


Lucifer Rising Kenneth Anger UFO Eyptian

McGucket breaks down and says he went through a terrible trauma and mind control by this group. The main character protagonist says:

What if McGucket learned something he wasn’t supposed to know. And someone, or some thing, messed with his mind?”

You can see that they are laying the argument of “someone messing with his mind” which is standard practice of any MKULTRA mind control victim.

Take a look at this subtle reference to satanism (which closely aligns to many of these occult beliefs- like magick). You can see the number 3 with the image of the six fingers (making a 666 hand):

Gravity Falls Society of the Blind Eye 3 Six 6 hand

The kids find the secret group chanting “Novus Ordo Seclorum” while they are in the middle of a sacrificial ritual:

Gravity Falls Society of the Blind Eye sacrifice

You’ll recognize that Latin phrase because it on the Great Seal- on every US dollar; and it means “New Order of the Ages”:

Great-Seal WO

This is only fitting because the Illuminati seek to bring about this “New World Order” by any means necessary. This is also why you see the secret society with that Mark of the Beast on their hoods:

Gravity Falls Society of the Blind Eye Mark of the Beast X

This group proceeds to wipe the memory of Lazy Susan clean:

Gravity Falls Society of the Blind Eye Lazy Susan All Seeing Eye

The kids get captured, and the society reveals their true identity. True to life, they are regular citizens of the world, but the leader is Blind Ivan who has the Mark of the Beast as well:

Gravity Falls Society of the Blind Eye Mark of Beast X Eye Ivan

They explain the story of their purpose, and that is to erase the minds of the inhabitants of the town of Gravity Falls because there was no way of them to rationalize the supernatural entities that plagued their town.

These supernatural entities were evoked by the secret society through occult rituals, and that explains why Blind Ivan has the Mark of the Beast over his eye. He was able to come into contact with the antichrist and evoke this extraterrestrial entity into their dimension.

This sounds crazy but that is in fact what goes on in many of these ‘Illuminati’ secret societies. They seek to bring demonic spirits into our realm of existence in order to usher in this New Age of mankind. Aleister Crowley, Jack Parsons, L. Ron Hubbard, Kenneth Grant, and many others conducted elaborate rituals in order to make this happen.

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Aleister Crowley Lam entity


This is why you see an obsession with alien life forms in entertainment. Disney is merely starting the children out young with these themes.

Getting back to the show- the next best thing was to simply wipe the mind clean and then the citizens would be “happy and ignorant”. The society views themselves as the people’s heroes- which is how it works in real life. The Illuminati believes they are doing us a ‘favor’ by bringing the demons into our existence.

Gravity Falls Society of the Blind Eye happy and ignorant

The team finds McGucket’s memories and plays them on the television screen, where we find out that he actually built the memory eraser gun used by the Society. We also find out his name is Fiddleford Hadron McGucket- drawing analogies to the Hadron collider of CERN.

CERN Logo 666 colored

We also see an image that flashes by very quickly as the scenes are changing on the show that has the Illuminati triangle over the eye that we see so often in the entertainment industry:

Gravity Falls Society of the Blind Eye All Seeing Eye Triangle


At the end of the show we see that Disney has an interesting modification to Mickey Mouse- notice the lightning bolt on his tail:

Gravity Falls Society of the Blind Eye Disney Lightning tail

This lightning bolt is something I’ve covered in great detail in past posts such as Taylor Swift unveils the Illuminati Mark of the Beast in ‘Style’ music video.

This symbolism of the Illuminati Mark of the Beast is evident throughout this episode with the ‘X’s all over the place- mostly when covering the ‘blind’ eyes and even inverted triangles:

Gravity Falls Society of the Blind Eye inverted triangle Mark of Beast X


You can see how the Illuminati are trying to embed this demonic symbol in all forms of artwork, with the hopes that viewers are apathetic to the symbolism and will dismiss it as ‘crackpot’ conspiracy theory. You can choose to do what they want and live in ignorance, or learn all you can and get with the rest of us…

Thanks for reading- check out my START HERE page where you’ll find a guide to all of the references and resources you need to get started.




Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Great job as usual Isaac. You are really starting to find the through lines and connecting the dots now. Excellent article. Whats crazy is even with all this “evidence” I still have a very hard time convincing people I know about these things. I don’t hang out with morons, sometimes I think their intelligence gets in the way of their reasoning. If that makes sense? I think the problem is their world view is already formed so if you come along and say alternative things they just shut down. Its pathetic. The 1llum1nat1 keep amping up the symbology and people are still “eyes wide shut”

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    • I’m glad I found this page, I don’t let my children watch the Disney ch anymore, because all I had done was watch the intro to gravity falls and I knew straight Away it was full of satanic symbolism. I it very hard trying to let ppl know of all this kind of stuff. I feel different to the rest of the world, from a very young age I was told about the nwo and Illuminati, I have that much knowledge and I am that awaken that I feel as though I’m living amongst zombies. People have no idea what’s going to happen.
      Please have faith in Our Lord Jesus Christ. Pray and never give up. Evil will not win.

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  2. RE the six fingered hand, the Nephilim supposedly had polydactylism, ie extra fingers and toes.

    There is an interesting pop culture reference to polydactylism. In the Hannibal Lecter books, Lecter has a sixth finger on one hand. He also has maroon eyes, a superhuman sense of smell, extraordinary strength and reflexes, is a predatory cannibal and is also described as “Other,” not quite human. That sounds very Nephilim.

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  3. Okay so I know you probably have never done this before, but can you please tell me the symbolism meanings in these TWO K-POP music videos? All the k-pop fans that watched them are saying “These are so beautiful!” “These are just art!” “Why are you illuminati crazies trying to ruin such artistic videos?!”. I would like you to help wake up the sleeping k-pop fans because there are SERIOUS illuminati symbolism going on in the k-pop world!
    The first k-pop music video is G-Dragons “Coup D’etat”.
    The second k-pop music video is Gain’s “Paradise Lost”. Paradise lost is literally satanic but no one believes me.

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    • I suppose I never thought of it that way. Perhaps you could explain why you think Paradise Lost is satanic? The epic tells the story of how Eden was lost in an alternatively poetic way. It’s chock-full of symbolism and there is some questionable dialogue, but I wouldn’t say it’s in the least satanic.

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    • Oh, hold on, did you mean the K-pop vid? If so, I’m sorry, and I suppose you can disregard my comment 🙂

      …and if you haven’t read Paradise lost, it’s an interesting epic that comes highly recommended with this apology!

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    • Let’s spread their secrets. The biggest secret has been, “Vagal stimulation is as effective as LSD”. But, there are many lesser secrets. Gheorghe Rakoczy, better known as St. Germain, used a Cartesian coordinate system to illustrate what is“in”, and what is “formless”. The X axis represents polarities separated. The Y axis represents polarities united and cancelled out. At the arch defined by the diameter from the origin, 0, X to Y = 3.14159265… you have flat timespace. Within this arch going in toward the origin you have timespaces with values less than 3.14159265…By leaving the rigid (ting) orthogonality (chen) of flat timespace matter gets more and more tenuous, a tenuousity indistinguishable from that which is called spirit. Also, along that vector, the mind gets more and more powerful to materialize its visualizations. In flat timespace you have to earn what you get. In, toward the origin a little, an appropriate drawing will get you what you want. 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  4. You should check out Star vs. The Forces of Evil, another Disney show. It has a headless unicorn, characters with hidden eyes, conjuring, a villain who is the embodiment of Moloch, triangle shaped food, etc. Not to mention the titular character is named “Star”. Also when she goes through “puberty” which is circumvented linguistically she transforms into a butterfly creature and becomes extremely libidinous.

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  5. thx lsaac, gud or bad l dont enjoy cartoons thats why l don waste my time watching, l don now whthr am behind

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  6. Wow! Just leave it to Disney!!! I was never crazy about it, even when I was a kid. But have you ever looked into “The Minions” too? I’m not sure whether they are affiliated with WD or not, but it is put out by Illumination Productions. I work part-time in a retail store with large toy section and I kept noticing their popularity along with the stuffed animals, coloring books and movies? I believe that a minion is a demon? Pretty sure, but anyways, I started looking at the plotlines of the film and the toys. Like 4 one thing, it generally states something like, ‘from the dawn of time the minions have always served the vilest of masters…’ It’s pretty blatant, the more you look into it. In one of the comic books, the child is directed to help the minions find their master and in the movie plot, the minions have lost their master and looking for a ‘new one’ now. There is a woman in the movie, which seems to represent the whore of Babylon(I think), Scarlett Overkill is her name and they meet up with her. Some of them even have just one eye and it often states that the minions have to have a master. If I hadn’t seen the one eye on that stuffed animal, I probably wouldn’t even payed any attention at all. But who would’ve thought of such things when it comes to cartoons. It makes me glad I don’t have children these days as I would always be worried 🙁 Thank you for this article. I stay away from Disney and never have been able to understand, why not only so many children are attracted, but the constant adult fascination with Disney

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    • The Minions are illuminati
      the company it came from is illuminati-on entertainment

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    • and it gets worse. There is a LOT of masonic symbolism in the movie as well along with bahomet signs. sure wish they would do an article on this site about it.

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  7. Disney is a bad and good thing mostly bad. At least we know things from gravity falls things we know now are bad. It gives us info on what not to do what things to stay away from and what there weaknesses are or what there strengths are so we can be safe from there evil.

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  8. Hey, I’m not sure if you missed this or if I read through this too fast BUT, for me, when the episode ended, Gruncle Stan was standing in front of a triangle with a circle in the middle, symbolizing the eye. The triangle was REALLY big, and the eye was sucking in all of the items in the room he was standing in. Gruncle Stan then said, “Everyday it’s getting stronger…” And something else that gave off illuminati symbolism.

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    • Update on my last comment: before the episode ended, he said “I don’t care if it’s dangerous, and i don’t care how long it takes. I’m gonna pull this off.” And I think it symbolized Gruncle Stan joining the illuminati.

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      • pretty sure of it b/c he diiid build that machine that opened another dimension :/
        that was suspiciously triangular

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  9. Lol, I’ve never read any of your articles before, so I got to ask: have you watched the episode Dreamscapers? Have you SEEN Bill Cipher? Because that’s a literal, living personification of the all seeing eye right there. By the way, I thought this was hilarious. In case you weren’t aware, Alex Hirsche (the creator of the show) puts all this stuff in here on purpose, simply to mess with conspiracy theorists. So, yes. You’re absolutely right about one thing; the show is FULL of intentional illuminati symbolism. However, there is no malevolent motive behind it- unless you count some minor trolling as an evil plot. If this really was part of some giant conspiracy, he’d be way more subtle about it. I mean, come on. LOOK at Bill Cipher. Just LOOK. How more transparent can you get?

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    • Thank you. That was, what I was thinking all the time and I was wondering if I was the only one.

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  10. I love this article & website. I found this weird religious site the other day. I think the main guy who started it is saying their holy land is a Disney amusement park. I dont know if he works for Disney or not. The site claims anything is possible. He talks about Heman & Batman its crazy // it has a quote from Miley Cyrus too. It looks very illuminati.

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  11. I notice the Disney logo itself has three sixes in it. A backwards one in the D, the dot above the I, and the Y itself show the nature of Disney enterprises.

    I have always felt there was something very wrong about Mickey, even when I was little kid and didn’t know any better.

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  12. What I don’t understand, is WHY these images and messages are being broadcast onto children’s tv shows. Can someone help me to understand the Why?

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    • These Illuminati symbols are being broadcast onto children’s TV shows, because our children are the Way of the Future. The children of the future have been born-in from the 1980’s, staring with The Indigoes (google it), The Crystallines, Diamonds or Rainbow Children.

      These ‘special’ children will be the way of the future. They will help to bring in the true Golden Era, that of light and Cosmic Christ Consciousness.

      The Illuminati know this, and that is why they are trying to corrupt our children, teens. They will be Lightbearers in every avenue, music, politics, art, technology, teachers, healers, mystics and energy holders. The Crystallines do not have to speak, but rather will heal and change hearts with their very sheer, pure essence and Unconditional Love.

      The HPV vaccine is being offered to young girls, supposedly to treat cervical cancer, and it’s contents are suspect in my mind.

      Our Emissaries of Light have arrived and are here in baby, child and adult form, all over the world. They are ready to herald in the Diamond, Rainbow, Golden Era, and will not be deterred.

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  13. Kuk kuk.. FREE TIN FOIL OVER HERE!!

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  14. I Been seeing ad for gravity falls on disney channel for new episode going to air on january 22nd 2016, and i saw flashes of all seeing eye pictures i saw up u already posted, its scary, i thought its one time thing so i researched it, , and i found out its been that way since gravity falls came out, i saw posts since 2012, so whoever going to read this watch january 22sn episode at 10 pm et ,

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  15. My daughter was just watching this show and I peeped the symbolism IMMEDIATELY!!! My God! That’s how I landed here to see what people are saying. Ridiculous.

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  16. First, let me say- this article is completely subjective… So is this comment!
    You’re definitely putting a lot of what YOU believe into the show. Alex Hirsch, the creator of the show, has spoken outright about the masonic and occult symbolism- even to the point of mocking those riled up over it!
    This is a bold show that is definitely different from the network that chose to broadcast it! Disney is a twisted, money-making machine- this isn’t news! But we can’t judge something due to what it’s associated with…
    Gravity Falls is a masterpiece of a show. As someone said above: it’s shining a light on the darkness, rather than trying to spread it…
    The six-fingered book cover actually has a larger meaning (if you cared to watch the rest of the show), and the machine that Grunkle Stan is building is not some sort of shrine for the Illuminati. The many rap and pop songs heard throughout Gravity Falls are mocking mainstream culture- clearly, no regular person would do ANYTHING a rapper tells them to- but there are always those sillier herds :p!
    Adults who see this might get frightened- but in some aspect, it’s like teaching your children about these things at a young age, and in a simple, fun way!
    The best example of how Gravity Falls is combating against today’s mental warfare? The main antagonist is literally the all-seeing eye, fit with a cane and top hat.

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  17. I hope you dont have children john…and if you do and you let them watch this show you disgust me….this is clearly a show easing children into accepting these things and brainwashing them…i cannot beleive shows like this are made…and we allow it blows my mind..where are the parents ohh thats right there damn sheeple…..

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  18. Members may also be interested in The Royal Secret 3 minutes video on YouTube: The Royal Secret Shakespeare the Truth . This shows the direct connection of the Illuminati political and pop culture of today throughout history to the Egyptians and the eye of Horus and what may lay in store for the future generation.

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  19. I was watching Gravity Falls with my daughter (10) and noticed it was Disney. A co-worker and I were just talking about Disney and hidden meanings. I am floored by the blatant illuminati symbols and story line. This does introduce children to the symbols while young. Preparing them for the future? I’m just curious time what it will all mean. If it’s harmful or helpful and why Disney is so involved.

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  20. This… This is a joke, right?

    Are you really thinking that you’ve found some sort of secret Illuminati code in Gravity Falls?

    If you think you’ve found something no one else has, you have clearly only seen the one episode. The main antagonist is LITERALLY A FLOATING EYE OF PROVIDENCE WITH MR. PEANUT ARMS AND A TOP HAT. You haven’t cracked anything, the entire show is a joke about how people like you find everything in nothing, and you fell for it!

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    • Chelshire, all I can say right now is: “I hope and pray that you don’t have any kids and that you never, ever, have any kids.”

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  22. Remember, kids:


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