Illuminati Symbolism of Britney Spears & Tinashe’s “Slumber Party”

The latest video by Britney Spears shows us many of the symbols we’ve explored here in the past on I’d like to run through them and provide some links for those of you that aren’t familiar with the ideas and concepts so you can learn more and start to find these symbols as well.

Some could say that we’re looking too deep into things; which may be the case. However, given Britney’s history of MKULTRA type mind control, I’m going to think otherwise. If you consider her history and the infamous meltdown she had in which she shaved her head and told others that she was “tired of people plugging things into her,” you could see why there are concerns here.


Some claim that when she was in rehab (after shaving her head) that she wrote “666” on the side of her head and screamed that she was the Antichrist.


All of these things add up and contribute to the theory that there are mind control handlers in the music industry that abuse and control these artists for various purposes. The investigation continues to try and understand the occult and the reasons they are channeling spirits through these artists (with my most comprehensive explanation available in SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC).

Slumber Party: The Video

Getting into the recent video by Britney, we see many of the symbols and images that have raised suspicions and cause for concern in the past…



Scarlet Woman and the Orgy Ritual

The video shows us Britney Spears going to a mansion with an orgiastic type party. The occult flavor to be considered here is that the sexual orgy is intended to bring the practitioner closer to the realm of the gods by lowering the person’s consciousness to the point that the divine consumes it. This is referred to as the Dionysian approach which utilizes drumming, rhythm, and dance to connect with the gods.

It’s fitting to see Britney arrive in a red outfit- suggesting she is the Scarlet Woman that occultist Aleister Crowley desired to use for his sexual magick gratifications:




Not that I’m calling Britney a “whore,” but this concept came from the Book of Revelations and the Whore of Babylon bringing about the Antichrist. Jack Parsons believed he and L. Ron Hubbard could bring this Whore of Babylon about through ritual magick (which was the event believed to open a portal that brought the UFOs of Roswell in since their “Babylon Workings” occurred in 1947 as well).

Whore of Babylon Apocalypse


The Full Moon

We also see curious timing of this “Slumber Party” when they arrive with the full moon:



We saw this in my analysis of True Detective Season 2 with its sexual ritualistic Illuminati party as well:

In the sixth episode we see the house orgy parties that the elites attend with drugged up prostitutes. This is eerily similar to the current allegations against Bill Cosby and Hugh Hefner; with the evidence pointing to the idea that conspiracy theorists may have been right this whole time when they claim that the Playboy Mansion is a place where all sorts of occult debauchery goes down…

True Detective Mansion orgy party


To me, this suggests that Britney may be partaking in a drug fueled Illuminati sex party; especially since True Detective’s party occurred at a mansion on a full moon as well:


True Detective Full Moon episode 6


The All Seeing Eye

We are able to see the importance of the men’s role in this video when they depict them all with the All Seeing Eye symbolism:




Luciferian Lightning

Finally, we see the lightning crash around Britney as she thrashes about the mansion.



I’ve covered this concept of linking Lucifer to the lightning in many videos and books (like the one about Rocky Horror Picture Show) in the past; like Taylor Swift in Style:

IlluminatiwatcherDotCom Taylor Swift Style Mark of the Beast X lightning


In Conclusion

Britney has been showing us symbolism like this for a long time now, but it appears Tinashe is being included in this. I saw this a few years ago with her album entitled Aquarius which ties in nicely with the theory I presented on hip hop and the Illuminati in SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC.



Another consideration is the lyrics from this song which support that idea of “Project Crazy Bitch” (see Freeman Fly and Jamie Hanshaw’s Weird Stuff book). In this idea, we’re being shown women that are completely crazy and it is something to be proud of. The women are victims of the mind control and traumatization of programs like MKULTRA and others:

Put on our music that makes us go f*cking crazy, oh
(Go crazy, yeah) Go crazy, oh
Like a slumber party (a slumber party)
Like a slumber party (I go crazy for you)

All in all, this video may be one that exposes pieces of the agenda that these celebrities are trying to show us as a cry for help. Or perhaps their handlers who make these videos are using to show others that these girls have been subjected to awful treatment such as these theories have been describing.

It’s up to you to make that decision, but when we see mental breakdowns from seemingly normal people who get in too deep with Hollywood and the entertainment machine, it begs the question of how this all happens…

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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. What a complete stretch of bs. .. its more closer to the writer adapting his/her ideas of illuminati to things in this video

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    • I disagree.

      First go and read the books of Revelations and Daniel in the Bible to get a better understanding of the “whore of Babylon” and the “Scarlet Woman” because Crowley took these symbols and inverted them to suit his own perverse agenda.

      Secondly, go to research the texts of ancient civilisations such as the Greeks, Romans and Indians and understand the true meaning behind the use of sex as a tool of enlightenment. Crowley did it and came up with his sex-magick theory.

      Thirdly, research ritualistic, symbolic and elemental magic and we will understand the use of colour, stances and symbols.

      Fourthly, research Charles Manson, Hitler and other cult leaders and you will understand the use of symbols in mind control and the power of suggestion.

      Then come back and read this article and you will have a better understanding.

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  2. Katy B had the same themes in her video 5 AM. She is taken to a mansion by a driver. When she enters she is given a drink(laced with drugs). It’s an Eyes Wide Shut sex party. People wear masks. I’m really tired of the same story that they keep telling. Cher Lloyd’s With Ur Love as well. Masquerade. Doing spells and stealing souls. There’s only so many ways you can say it. We have to turn our attention away from these celebrities because they aren’t doing us any good.

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    • Yes Zi. Focus on goodness in and from 2017.

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