Illuminati symbolism in Nicki Minaj ‘Only’ video ft. Drake, Lil Wayne & Chris Brown


All of the Watcher community out there has seen enough of my Illuminati symbolism music video breakdowns that I believe you’ll be able to see the things I saw on the Nicki Minaj video for Only. I’ll post the images I saw and you all comment below on what the the symbolism is. Just to mix things up a bit.

Here’s the video if you want further references




IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Only Minaj Drake All Seeing eye




IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Only Minaj Drake Chris Brown boaz jachin pillars



IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Only Minaj Drake butterfly mkultra



IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Only Minaj Drake horns



IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Only Minaj Drake beats



IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Only Minaj Drake Moloch horns



Comment your ideas below, I believe all of you are well trained Jedi masters in symbolism so let’s hear what you think…

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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. oh no! quick! take a screen shot of drake doing a hand gesture. it MUST be intentional…

    dude u need a life. spend all day with a microscope trying to find anything that could resemble illuminati. good lord. r u that scared? go out. go to the bar. get laid…

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    • Scott

      Clearly you are blinded by the late. Why dont you take Drake’s c8ck out of your mouth long enough to WAKE UP. Everything in music videos is put “under the microscope” by the production so everything is INTENTIONAL. So those hand signs are real. Why dont you read some books and learn something instead of being a pop culture facebook zombie?

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      • I call it what it IS and that is OCCULT! The writer of this blog endorses the OCCULTIST David Icke who is part of the theosophic society started by OCCULTIST Alice Bailey. The term “Illuminati” is just a smoke screen to digress away from the REAL issue in that this is all rank OCCULTISM/SATANISM. I am NOT denying that the Illuminati exists, before you put words into my mouth, but the real issue is the OCCULTISM and folks like David Icke paving the way with “an answer” which is basically leading folks to the same crap. Just cause someone “exposes” stuff doesn’t mean they are leading you right.

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        • You know, I’ve actually learned a lot since starting this website, and I support the idea that Icke has some kind of occult aspect (given the New Age type message he pushes). BUT, I listen to any and all theories with an open mind; even occultists. I don’t try to steer anyone to believe one thing or another. I’m merely exploring ideas to truly come up with a unified theory on what the agenda is. That’s the one thing I believe whole-heartedly- there IS an agenda. With all of the smoke screens and disinfo it’s hard to find the truth but I think we’re all getting closer…

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        • Donna
          Indeed, but Ive gone through loads of tripe to get to the truth. I did not appreciate icke until I subscribe to this cat. Ill have to touch a reptillian bevore I can acccept that, but what they represent is as real as itz opposite LOVE.

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    • I concur with what Billy said. These artists don’t have any of our best interests in mind. It’s all a sham.

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    • Getting drunk and having sex with a random person doesn’t make a person’s life better (it’s just sad and pathetic) than trying to be conscious and aware of what’s going on in mass media… you can definitely tell who’s been brainwashed by the values media tries to promote and you’re one of them…

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    • Life is not always about getting laid my dear….u need to recognize deception wen u see it……….. Try going to church today instead of a bar

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    • Scott
      Your fear is palpable to those of us who no longer sleep. You are prolly best with your head in the sand. Atb.

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    • Are you serious Scotty??
      You must be pretty bloody blind mate!!

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  2. When I watched this video I knew this was going to be on the website! I noticed #5 will be one.

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  3. 1. One eye symbolism. 2. Masonic twin pillars of Solomon. 3. Monarch programming. 4. Demon horns. 5. I think giving into the beast ( hence one eye symbolism with beats wrapped around his neck) and 5. Bhophamet

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  4. What we need to remember our host is telling us is that we are “watchers” that entails a lot. But, what is most important is that regardless of belief or faith, we try to help each other nonetheless. We must thus, realize that we aren’t pointing fingers at each other on matters or right and wrong, but be aware of those concepts being consistently manipulated. In the end we must realize for ourselves what is “true” because that is the nature of the manipulation. If you are Christian you are raised to believe that Satan is the “ultimate deceiver” and whether he exist or god (of any form) does as well then it doesn’t hurt to be educated on what is really happening whether your conscious aware or not. Look at these articles from both an academic/realistic/spiritual perspective but also consider how they are interpreted to ALL. Maintain an OPEN mind and always question authority, and think for yourself.

    Saturn comes back around to show you everything
    Let’s you choose what you will not see and then
    Drags you down like a stone or lifts you up again
    Spits you out like a child, light and innocent.

    Never stop seeking the truth, and whatever your faith may be, be prepared to accept your wrong because of the influence of man. Truth will never contradict, but simply allow you to see a grander purpose. That is why we “watch” to be aware and draw our lines where we see fit

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  5. Come on, IW, i told u from the very start that at 0:46 u can see a legless and armless Nicki Minaj doll/moulage up on a prop, why didnt u post the pic. Ure dissapointing me:)

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  6. Mine may be a bit streched but here I go, LOL

    1. Back against the wall/beaten into submission to the all seeing eye (mk ultra-ish?)

    2. Praise to the masonic pillars

    3. mk ultra/monarch programming

    4. praise to the baphomet, awaiting his return????

    5. Again beaten into submission, and he HAS to promote the music they want him too (beats around his neck) they push him around, they control him

    6. baphomet horns (classic, lol)

    Please tell me what you think, thanks!

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  7. What’s up with the Beats by Dre being pushed so heavily in these music videos?

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  8. 1. Man being torture. The mark over his right eye, if i remember correctly that is the moon eye and the left eye is the sun eye which is a symbol of Horus. If you look closely at his eyes they look like he is being controlled or maybe even possessed – creepy.

    2. Pillars of Solomon. The pillar in the back makes it look like he is standing in a triangle. There is a face on his t-shirt and I’m pretty sure there is a triangle on it, just below the right eye.

    3. Butterfly = transformation. Not a Monarch though. And it’s upside down or in an inverted position.

    4. Horns of Baphomet right at the top of the shot. Girl with Molech horns. A lot of people doing suspicious hand signs. Looks like there underground and if you follow the line of the trees…it’s the all-seeing eye.

    5. Looks like the man in the wheelchair is being bound (like with an evil spell) by the monster box which is also in Nicki’s other videos. Dare I say that the number on the box looks like a six. Would really like to know what’s painted on his face, it almost looks like a Batman mask. Then there is the woman with her back against the camera. It looks like she is carrying the beaten head of a man in her arms…like a baby.

    6. It’s Drake, proving to us once again that the devil exists because let’s be real…how can someone actually be so famous for doing nothing. And Nicki is in the background. It looks like her right eye is being blocked but that might be the freeze frame.

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