Illuminati symbolism in Miller High Life beer ad


The July 2014 issue of Rolling Stone featured an image of the All Seeing Eye on the cover, as I alluded to in the Illuminati symbolism on Lana Del Rey’s Rolling Stone cover post…


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Lana Del Rey Rolling Stone All Seeing Eye


…but there was actually more Illuminati symbolism to be found in the magazine. On the back cover there is an ad for Miller Genuine Draft and in it you can clearly see more of the same stuff I’ve covered here in the past (like the All Seeing Eye):




You’ll notice that he’s holding the bottle so that he’s doing the All Seeing Eye thing, but also aligning the ‘X’s; symbolism for Satan or the Mark of the Beast, as I mentioned in Illuminati symbolism in Lily Allen Sheezus music video:

Notice the running theme of the ‘X’ you’ll find throughout. The ‘X’ is the Mark of the Beast and I cover this in much further detail in the Kabbalah conspiracy theories and Illuminati symbolism in pop culture post:

The concept of the Kabbalah and the demons within the Qliphoth are further explained by theorist Freeman Fly in his book Weird Stuff: Operation Culture Creation. He goes into detail on how the entertainment industry and even politicians are take part of this ritual of invoking the fallen angels through the extensive use of the number 66. Freeman asserts that there are 66 fallen angels in the Qliphoth, and we see the Hebrew numerology play that out as the English combinations of ‘F’s, ‘O’s, and ‘X’s:

‘F’= ‘6’

‘O’ = ‘15’ = ‘1+5’ = ‘6’.

‘X’ = ‘24’ = ‘2+4’ = ‘6’.

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Lily Allen Sheezus Illuminati X Beast Mark


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Lily Allen Sheezus Illuminati X Mark of Beast


“A clear American icon” indeed…

You’ll also notice it says #IAmRich at the bottom; that my friends, is the symbol of a higher purpose of occult symbolism (HINT: It’s the “I AM” portion). I lay this out in the hip hop conspiracy book SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC  where you’ll learn about the real meaning behind these occult practices…

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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Y’all motherfuckers are crazy.

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  2. Disney….Just like big tobacco,get them
    young and have them for life.
    Don’t be fooled by this evil junk.There’s no room for this carp
    in my life.Let Hollywood sheep be drawn into this,and when they figure it isn’t anything but evil
    GARBAGE it will to late.

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    • Hey IW, there is Going to be an Up Rise in mental health (specifically) AA and treatment centers. PLEASE look into the AZ political system 4-5 Congress are leaving on medical terms seeking AA Rehab??? Weird hun? Trump always says he Doesn’t Drink??? What do u think that means??? Lol 😂😎😘

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