Illuminati symbolism of Meghan Trainor’s ‘All About that Bass’ music video


Meghan Trainor is a new face in the music industry and honestly I couldn’t find a whole lot about her but I watched her video for All About That Bass and noticed just a couple of things worth mentioning. We’ll just see if any of this plays out in future symbolism from Trainor. Here’s what I see…

First you’ll notice the use of the dollhouse in the video. While this isn’t particularly evil, it could potentially be a reference for the mind control sub programs of the CIA’s MKULTRA (an actual mind control program that was supposedly disbanded):



IlluminatiWatcher Meghan Trainor All About That Bass dollhouse


You’ll recall that there was a TV show called Dollhouse that featured Eliza Dushku as an imprintable agent of a corporation who was into this type of thing. Here’s Wiki’s breakdown of the show:

The show revolves around a corporation running numerous underground establishments (known as “Dollhouses”) around the globe which program individuals referred to as Actives (or Dolls) with temporary personalities and skills. Wealthy clients hire Actives from Dollhouses at great expense for various purposes. The series primarily follows the Active known as Echo, played by Eliza Dushku, on her journey towards self-awareness.

“Wealthy clients hire Actives for various purposes”?… Sounds creepy. During the show they were able to wipe the memories clean from these Actives as well. Strangely enough the US run of the show didn’t air the final season of season one, which apparently had this in it:

Epitaph One“, the final episode of season one, which was not aired as part of the show’s original run on US television, depicts a post-apocalyptic future where the mind-wiping technology of the Dollhouse has developed to the extent that vast numbers of people can be remotely wiped and have new personalities implanted, which has brought about the end of civilization.

Fritz Springmeier wrote The Illuminati Formula to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Control Slave and in it he details some of the supposed hypnosis recollections of some victims:

The Illuminati has been using a large dollhouse with 26 rooms using 13 colors of paint, giving two rooms per color. Each room is a computer. In accord with the practice of double coding, each letter of the alphabet is given its sequence number, so the names for the computers are Al, B2, C3, D4, E5, F6, G7, H8, 19, J10, K11, L12, M13–the thirteenth is assigned the 1st main computer. N1, O2, P3, Q4, R5, S6, T7, U8, V9, W10, X11, Y12, Z13. Rather, than use the number 13, the number 0 will be assigned, thus changing things to M0, and Z0. This is simple enough for a child’s learning mind, but difficult enough that it serves as a viable code. As codes are assigned, the bottom of the alphabet is assigned the top (front side) of the system. The middle point MO, is the normal access point for all the computers for the handler. The code for this is associated with the name of an airplane hanger, so that the concept of taking off into the sky (trancing can be associated with it.) Each computer needs an access code to go along with its alpha-numeric name. A deck of cards lends itself well to a code of 13. Bear in mind each computer has a color assigned to it. Colored scarfs and dollhouse rooms were used with electroshock to teach the child his color coding.

Does this all tie together? No clue. It could just literally be a dollhouse in a music video. But notice this; another musician named Melanie Martinez has a song called Dollhouse that features some very disturbing imagery as well (big ups to Watcher Laura for sending me this video).

Melanie Martinez Dollhouse 2


In it you’ll notice a dollhouse with the Freemason checkered floor:

Melanie Martinez Dollhouse




We’ve seen this in other music videos as well; like 2 Chainz and Kreayshawn:





This is the creepy Dollhouse video:


To get back to the TV show Dollhouse, you can see in this Hulu commercial with Eliza Dushku  that they are revealing it all. In it she talks about how the entertainers are aliens (shape shifting reptilians) who seek to brainwash the public. This plays into the idea that the Illuminati practice magic rituals with all of us as the audience and “willing participants”:



Eliza Dushku All Seeing Eye Illuminati


So we’ve got all of that mind control stuff linked into dollhouses, so take that for what you will.

The other thing I noticed was the blatant All Seeing Eye:


IlluminatiWatcher Meghan Trainor All About That Bass All Seeing Eye


So it seems that she is not only ‘all about that bass’ but she’s ‘all about that Illuminati‘ perhaps…

Check out the album artwork for the EP this song comes from with the triangle grid:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Meghan Trainor Title Triangle


For more (much more) see the Decoding Illuminati Symbolism: The All Seeing Eye and 666 Hand Gesture post:

Theorists such as David Icke hint that the Watchers and/or Nephilim are part of the Illuminati shape shifting reptilian bloodline (and I can’t forget to mention L.A. Marzulli; arguably the most ‘expert’ theorist on the Nephilim). The symbol of the eye is actually satanic in nature since the reptilian bloodline is evil in nature (reptilians are also known as the Archons in Gnosticism). Many cultures believed in a malevolent ‘evil eye’ that was able to place a curse on another person. This evil eye is the antithesis of the ‘third eye’ (which is discussed later). The Greek Medusa mythological character was known for turning people into stone upon seeing her, and this was because she was the physical incarnation of the evil eye.


Here’s the actual music video:







Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Hey Isaac! Thanks for the great post and the “shout out” to me! Glad to contribute! Interesting how the dollhouse theme is in both of these videos. I did not notice the checkerboard floor the first time so thanks for pointing that out! I saw the Meghan Trainor video and right away noticed the one-eyed symbolism. It’s hard to read the text on the magazine cover called “Bass”. I’m curious if there is something there! Meghan was intereviewed on VH1 and she mentioned how L.A. Reid is the one who “discovered” her. He also “discovered” Rihanna and many other young pop girls so it will be interesting to see where Trainor’s career goes and if she turns to the dark side. What do you make of the former X-Factor contestant, Simone Battle of GRL, committing suicide? Also saw today that two girls from a Kpop group called Ladies Club died in a car crash. Keep up the good work!

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    • Already posted links to these 🙂

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    • Wow the kpop group crash news is on western news sites now? Do you think the widespread rise of kpop in the Western world has something to do with the Illuminati agenda? I mean, people treat it as if it’s the best foreign music influx since The Beatles, but in reality, it’s no better if not worse than mainstream American pop (see: Psy and Gangnam Style, no one was praising that song for how good it was), almost all of the groups and “idols” are manufactured (even their hair and eye colors are fake, don’t even go on about plastic surgery) and often overworked by the record companies that “own” them. You can read about the dark side of kpop (and negative responses to it, you don’t have to read through the mindless fangirl fodder)
      on various blogs and sites. Also, you may already know about Vigilant Citizen’s posts on kpop. It might be an interesting thing to do research on. Jpop, too.

      Thinking about it, I’m learning Chinese and am into Mando-pop (only the good stuff… No “idols” or girl/boy bands. .. They exist in most Asian music, but guess which countries have the more popular ones?). The Mandarin/Chinese market is larger than the Korean or Japanese market is, but from my experience, the other two are larger, the businesses are bigger, there’s more foreign interest and the videos are more rife with symbolism. I haven’t seen any Illuminati/shady seemingly things in Chinese music as far as I know. If someone can find me a picture of a Chinese singer (i.e. Jay Chou) doing an one eye sign I’ll be surprised and retract my statements. But yeah, it makes me wonder if the Agenda will ever reach those countries and their industries (kpop and Jpop are also big in those places too, so much so that dark skinned Indonesian girls want to be pale like kpop singers and so on, I read it on a blog from an American living in Korea who dislikes the music) and if it ever does, will it boom like kpop and jpop has?

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  2. Girl seems like Jenna Bush or someone.

    Sorority girls, for the most part, make Paris Hilton seem legitimately magnetic in comparison.

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    • Er, Society girls. Farking Nyquil!

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  3. I have a dollshouse. And not one, but two eyes. Does this all tie together? No clue. It could just literally be a dollshouse and two eyes.

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  4. Look at her newest video for “lips are moving”. Just take a look at the ring she’s wearing

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  5. music is getting more and more blantly occult related, there has always been the occult in music but its now by incorporated 100% into the music , image, and how much imagery is displayed in the cover and the music videos have so much ever since the early 90’s freemasonry symbolism has really taken off with pop music being the most brainwashing but any form of music is mind control some more blantent then others rap is especially evil cause you get gangs, prostitution , drug dealing and food chain of ‘respect’ and “dissing”

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    • And just look at the little bastards that are growing up on the heels of our generation. When I was growing up society and churches called us “generation X” because they thought we were the most useless and even the last generation of humanity. But uh… yeah, just look at these little millennial freaks. They all eat up evil like it’s friggin’ cocaine coated in ecstasy and honey with caramel drizzle and sprinkles! They wholeheartedly go after every thinly veiled song and product from ANY “artist” especially in the form of “music.” These millennials are overwhelmingly subjecting themselves to music that does no elevate them contrary to their belief and breaks their minds after much repetition and makes them susceptible to occultism and thoughts of dark arts practices, and now what do we see which we knew was coming? These little sh-ts are becoming Satanists and witches, some are even doing all the ancient evils combined, like a girl I used to know. The true question is this: how to defeat and conquer and eradicate the Freemasons and Illuminati in our lifetime so we may secure the future and take back our national and global destiny? To find the answer to that requires more or less than we realise.

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  6. Oh my is meghan trainor is really evil do you guys believe?

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    • Nah- she’s just being used to push the symbols. None of these artists know/care they’re being used. They’re just along for the money and fame.

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  7. Can anyone debunk the meaning of the name : Trainor


    It sounds sexual!!!

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  8. I am not sure what to do with all this knowledge. I have visited European countries for the past 4 years and believe that they are doing better than the U. S. is in many respects. I instinctively don’t like many whiny singers such as Lana Del Rey. I never knew why, though. I guess the best thing to do is not buy any music. Except Bob Dylan.

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