Illuminati symbolism in Lily Allen ‘Sheezus’ music video


Lily Allen dropped some nasty occult visuals for the song Sheezus and I’m fittin’ to expose them so hold tight.

First, let’s look at the lyrics of the song; she is primarily trying to say that she’s taking over the female-Illuminati-musician top spot, by attacking Rihanna, Gaga, Beyonce, etc. And then by the end of the song we hear her true intentions of being the top-Illuminati pawn:


I am born again, now run along and tell
All your friends to come and join us

I am your leader
“Let me be Sheezus”


Of course all of this is nothing new in the music industry. Several rappers and pop stars get off on thinking they are some reincarnation of Jesus (who couldn’t be more appalled I’m sure). This all ties into the occult beliefs that man can find god and actually turn into god without the help of established religion. Whether or not you believe that is whatever, but these Illuminati types truly devote themselves to concepts of Kabbalastic ritual and Crowley’s religion of Thelema. Here’s an excerpt from the post about Aleister Crowley and the Illuminati magick trance on the entertainment industry:

Followers should seek and follow their own true path in life, and following their “True Will” and fulfilling any desires or purpose of life without the aid of God or authority.  To find your “True Will” you should perform magick. The magick and rituals help find this True Will and include daily sun devotions, yoga, and sexual activities such as Tantric sex.

Crowley believed that Horus wanted him to be the prophet that was to inform the human race of the entrance into this Aeon of Horus era, ushering in the 20th century. Thelema religion says human history can be divided into eras of different magical and religious expressions. The first era was the Aeon of Isis; the second was Aeon of Osiris, and the third is the Aeon of Horus (what we’re experiencing now; since Crowley’s introduction into it). 

We’ve seen Kanye proclaim himself as Yeezus, Beyonce replace Jesus as Beezus, Lil Wayne thinks he’s an alien, and the list goes on and on. We know the entertainment industry is definitely in love with Crowley, as is evident with Jay-Z sporting the ‘Do What Thou Wilt’ mantra…


…and also the Occult tattoos of Dave Navarro:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Illuminati Tattoos 14 Dave Navarro


So let’s see what Lily is up to because we already saw in her Illuminati symbolism filled video for Hard Out Here that she’s down to ride for the Illuminati cause.

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Lilly Allen Illuminati HOH 1

First off, let me mention that you’re gonna find a TON of pyramids, triangles, etc. but I’ll gloss over a few in particular and try to incorporate some of the more hidden symbols that the lamestreamers will miss.

Notice the running theme of the ‘X’ you’ll find throughout. The ‘X’ is the Mark of the Beast and I cover this in much further detail in the Kabbalah conspiracy theories and Illuminati symbolism in pop culture post:

The concept of the Kabbalah and the demons within the Qliphoth are further explained by theorist Freeman Fly in his book Weird Stuff: Operation Culture Creation. He goes into detail on how the entertainment industry and even politicians are take part of this ritual of invoking the fallen angels through the extensive use of the number 66. Freeman asserts that there are 66 fallen angels in the Qliphoth, and we see the Hebrew numerology play that out as the English combinations of ‘F’s, ‘O’s, and ‘X’s:

‘F’= ‘6’

‘O’ = ‘15’ = ‘1+5’ = ‘6’.

‘X’ = ‘24’ = ‘2+4’ = ‘6’.


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Lily Allen Sheezus Illuminati X Beast Mark


Here you’ll see the ‘X’ over her one eye; yet again Illuminati symbolism of the All Seeing Eye and the mark of the beast:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Lily Allen Sheezus Illuminati X Mark of Beast


You’ve seen this mark of the beast elsewhere too…



Take a look at the Freemasonry symbolism of cutting one’s throat if they ‘tell the secrets’ of the initiation rituals:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Lily Allen Sheezus Illuminati Vow of Silence Freemason


This concept is covered in Freemasonry and also the LDS Mormon faith, who hold the similar belief that one should not reveal the inner-workings and secrets of their respective groups. Here’s what wiki claims about the LDS penalties, established by former Freemason Joseph Smith:


Stage 1: The participant placed his or her right hand palm-down with the thumb extended and the tip of the thumb just under the left ear. The execution of the gesture was made by drawing the tip of the thumb swiftly across the throat until the thumb was just under the right ear, then dropping the hand and arm quickly to the side of the participant’s body

We’ve also seen this before in that dirty little Ke$ha video for Die Young that got pulled after the Sandy Hook shootings revealed that this form of predictive programming came a little bit TOO real:



Here’s more Lily with the ‘X’ over the All Seeing Eye:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Lily Allen Sheezus Illuminati All Seeing Eye X


A more traditional triangle/pyramid shape with the illuminated apex:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Lily Allen Sheezus Illuminati Pyramid


You can learn more about the illuminated apex of the pyramid in the post on Decoding Illuminati Symbolism: Triangles, Pyramids and The Sun:

Naturally, the triangle has the same meaning in symbolism as the three dimensional version; the pyramid. In its three dimensional form it is meant to symbolize the world’s axis, with the highest point representing the enlightenment, or the highest point of attainment one can get to. These are seen on the Great Seal of the dollar bill; again, mentioned in the Decoding Illuminati Symbolism: All Seeing Eye:

The US dollar bill has the Great Seal on its reverse which was designed by Pierre-Eugene du Simitiere in 1776, who also included the Latin phrase E pluribus unum (“Out of many, one”). Pierre was a member of the American Philosophical Society along with Benjamin Franklin. This social club included many of the American founders who all supported this theme of liberty, freedom, and justice for all.

Great Seal


Texe Marrs wrote a book called Codex Magica and in said book he has a devoted chapter (Chapter 25) to the peace symbol. You can (and should) buy his book to support his work, but here is a small bit out of the chapter Victory for the Devil that goes into SEVERAL examples:

A remarkable thing occurred with the hand so lifted, is that its shadow resembles the head and horns of the Goat of Baphomet..the symbol of black magic. -The Complete Book of Witchcraft

Britain’ s legendary World War II Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill, made the “V” sign famous. It was standard for the cigar-smoking, paunchy politician; he flashed the “V” sign every chance he got, and news photographers captured hundreds of photographs of Churchill giving the sign. It was generally thought that in doing so, the pugnacious Churchill was signaling confidence in eventual victory over the Nazi foe across the channel. So, the sign of two fingers pointed upward in a “V’shape became universally accepted as a sign for victory.

Sign of the Horned God, Pan

But what the majority of people believe to be conventional wisdom is often wrong. Such is the case here, too, for this sign, in reality, is of ancient origins. It is, in fact, a sign of Satan, of malediction, of the horned God, Pan, and worse.

Paranoia magazine, an interesting publication which bills itself as “the conspiracy reader” had a picture some years back of Churchill displaying the “V.” An astute reader knowledgeable of dark things wrote a letter to the editor in the next issue commenting on Churchill and his sign.

Nigel A. Cornwall of Britain wrote,

“The sign I believe has its origins as a symbol for a pagan horned God.”

Cornwall also suggested that when the sign is given with the palm inside, it is recognized as a horribly vulgar and offensive gesture—signifying penetration of both body orifices.

Done in the typical fashion, this sign literally means intercourse by the devil—to be violated sexually by the horned God. The thumb holding down the fingers creates the “vulva,” while the two largest fingers pointed up are the horns of the God (Satan).

So if you read through you’ll get the point, and then you’ll see it in the video. Here’s an inverted peace sign:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Lily Allen Sheezus Illuminati Peace


And here she shows us the peace sign in the ‘V’ formation for ‘vav’ which is also the sixth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, so if we see any two or three letter combinations of ‘V’ we can also conclude this as the mark of the beast as well (along with the three 6’s we are all familiar with):

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Lily Allen Sheezus Illuminati Peace 2


Here’s another bit from Codex Magica that I screen grabbed for you that goes into god and goddess worship (which I’ll skip for now so this article doesn’t go overboard):

Texe Marrs Codex Magica Moon Vav Peace


So now that you’re aware of the horns and ‘V’ stuff, take a look at how this video ends when Lily transforms into none other than the horned goddess (aka Moloch, aka Satan, etc.):

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Lily Allen Sheezus Illuminati Horns of Moloch


On Youtube you can see commenters are stating the obvious about this video and some are pretty humurous and crude.

Here’s Sonia D commenting:

“another illuminati bitch……….i used to like you lily…..youve just been washed down the plughole love!”

Hide your wife, hide your kids, here’s the video:



I’ve got more on all of these topics in my book A Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory: The Illuminati, Ancient Aliens, and Pop Culture:






Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Shit, she’s an illuminati!

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  2. I am a university student, and as such I have studied quite a few philosophies/histories/religions ( existentialism, strange books of the Christian bible, shambhala, Greco-Roman history, etc.) it is interesting. However, it is easy to manipulate sources to fit your reasoning, it is in my case anyhow. My question for the blogger is “how do you qualify as an authority on the subject? PhD, academic background, religious affiliations?” All affect how “reliable” you are as a source. Also, given that the “awareness” and speculations of illuminati occult theories are rampant in pop culture these days, has it ever crossed your mind that the media is capitalizing on these fantastic ideas? I honestly would like to know your opinions, as I do find the topic fascinating! I’m not religious, in fact I’m an atheist, but I do love academia – finding patterns in material (books, faiths, histories…) You seem to have an equation to your posts and beliefs. Would you mind touching on my inquiries? Thank you much.

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    • lzxander; No PhD here, I have a Masters in Systems Engineering that approaches all things from “the whole” and see where things fit together and affect each other. Background on the specific info like religion and the occult is flimsy. I read through conspiracy theories from all of the theorists and try to fact check for the most part. I’ve got a decent library of resources that I read through from all of the relevant subjects. I’m not interested in sensationalizing so much as making connections to materials into pop culture. This world is odd and strange and it feels like the cards are stacked against the common man and I truly think SOMETHING is going on.

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      • Thank you for that response. I am not a supporter of the supernatural, I think our species hasn’t even begun to understand the world around us and I feel that crediting mystical undertoe/ beings is dismissive. However, your “stacked against the common man” comment is something that I’d like to learn a bit more about. I feel the US may be on a similar trajectory as Athens as far as power and wealth, and it is no longer so far fetched. As you are an educated man, I’d like to know what convinced you of these theories? I’m sure you didn’t just jump on board and there was some sort of deliberation. You also mentioned kabala, which is some branch of Judaism, I’m assuming it is more along the lines of Hebrew mythology? Do you have any suggestions on sources for this topic?

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  3. I am not so sure that Lily Allen is part of the entertainment industry “Illuminati”,
    however, I would hasten to guess (a very educated and experienced guess) that Lily and many others of the entertainment industry are obsessed with black occult which is definitely leaning towards not only Crowley but also Nazi Occultism.

    The reasons why Allen in particular is obsessed with such delusional sadistic practice is likely due to the influence of her parents and the UK entertainer family which she grew up with.

    Her name in itself is significant. I would hasten to guess that both her forenames are Crowley influenced. Lilith being the first name of Crowley’s first child and Rose being the first name of his daughter.

    If you were to track her and her peers activities for even a short period of time, such as a couple of months. I am almost certain that you will track them to numerous crimes including a number of set up suicides which occur on “MagicKally significant” dates. Although, getting a police force to recognise these crimes is another matter, as, where such rich and famous “connected” people are concerned, normal people’s Lives comes cheap.

    Also, the way that the victims die are usually not straight forward murder cases, in that, a victim may be found hanging from a tree, after taking an overdose, or after being accused of rape or child molesting from a slanderous women or child.

    The victims often suffer a series of co-ordinated attacks from numerous different parties and often experience several bad life changing events in a short period of time. These life changing events can also be orchestrated by the rich, influential and famous

    These events are often planned by the malicious instigators again on “Magickally significant” days, such as full moons, satanic numerical dates i.e. 13th, 9+11 in combination, 20th (6.666+6.666+6.666=20).

    Other “Magickally” significant dates include birth days, anniversaries and meaning full holidays such as religious holidays although given twisted meanings (the Nazi party was founded on Christmas day, to ruin the holiday, and to give it a different meaning).

    Lily and her family are most definitely malicious, not to mention her extended family such as the members of Take That (her brother is Mark Owen).
    Her father also is known as one of the biggest cunts in the entertainment industry. Her mother, Alison Owen, film director, is also known to be a complete liar and bitch, not to mention sycophants who manipulates royalty.

    So, from her own family alone, Lily has access to almost all the entertainment industry, British Royalty and influential members of UK politics (as celebs are the modern assassins used by the political scum), and that’s without mentioning journalists.

    I know more than most about the BS that these people get up to, haven been targeted by the entire entertainment industry, the global political players and journalism for doing nothing more than saving the ex-UK-prime ministers bacon when the shit hit the fan during the economic crisis and the 2010 election.

    I was unpaid. I was voluntary. I was and am for the most part altruistic in nature.
    I acted out of compassion and because no one else did, as the entire world was in panic.

    I have been paid by all the parties mentioned above with smear, slander and wrongful persecution. I have had my reputation completely ruined. My career ruined. My creative and intellectual works stolen and used by the thieves to make millions, while I live on benefits or struggle to do menial work even though I am well educated and experienced.

    When I do get work, I am victimised based on the slander that the people above have spread.
    This is how I am repaid by people such as Gordon Brown, who regained a good reputation after following my advice, speaking on such topics of honesty, moral integrity and loyalty.

    Every word he spoke was a lie on his part. He who would murder his saviour.
    This is how I know. I am the man they labelled the Ghost (the ghost writer).
    I did not ask for fame, for glory, for money, for any type of gain. I did not ask people to write songs about me, to cast me as characters in their shows, soap operas or films.
    I was simply trying to help a world in panic.

    People forget all too quick and once you have saved their bacon, they are even quicker to lie about real events and to sign your death certificate. This is what Gordon Brown did for me, with the help of his spin doctors, Alison Owen, Keith Allen, Lily Allen, members of TAKE THAT and the members of Blur.

    Trust no one in the entertainment industry. They are the modern Nazi’s.

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  4. Correction:
    Rose was the name of Crowley’s first wife.
    Crowley’s first wife and child both died.
    Possibly at his own hands. Sick sadistic delusional bastard!

    I used to think that the unfortunate untimely deaths of Politicians children was down to opposition.
    I am starting to think that these high society powermongers are even sicker than I first thought.

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  5. At first I thought the same that you, but I think she’s being ironic about this stuff, I don’t think she’s saying “let me be your leader” and then use the horns cause she’s an Illuminati, I think she’s trying to say the truth about all the artists… I don’t know…

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  6. No talent whatsoever! Trashy a$$ music.

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