Illuminati symbolism on Lana Del Rey Rolling Stone magazine cover


Lana Del Rey dropped a new album and covered the July 16th, 2014 issue of Rolling Stone. Lo and behold, it’s the All Seeing Eye:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Lana Del Rey Rolling Stone All Seeing Eye



In the issue she talks about the comments of her “I wish I were already dead” stuff (which led theorists to claim she wanted to be in the celebrity 27 club):


On her state of mind: “Well, I feel fucking crazy,” she says. “But I don’t think I am. People make me feel crazy.” She blames her much-publicized “I wish I were dead” quotes on leading questions, but adds, “I find that most people I meet figure I kind of want to kill myself anyway. So, it comes up every time.”

I’ve covered much more on Lana Del Rey pieces of symbolism so peep those too, especially the Project MONARCH-mind control post:


Lana Del Rey mind control illuminati


Lana Del Rey All Seeing Eye Illuminati


IlluminatiWatcherdotCom lana del ray 2


flag lana del ray








Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. you know i really think she is really beautiful such a shame her father sold her to the illuminati aka Freemasons since she was a little girl ALSO did you know that her father works in that famous marketing agency called GREY.

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  2. is it really them being controlled, or are they acting like they are to control everyone.

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  3. they are being controled by Them…and They are controling masses through them…

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