Illuminati symbolism in Katy Perry’s Prismatic World Tour concert

That ol’ Katy Perry is hard at it, pushing the Illuminati symbolism further into the subconscious minds of the willing. She started her world tour in Belfast, Ireland and it’s based off the many themes of Illuminati symbolism found on her latest effort Prism.

We should’ve known this was coming since the first piece of news dropped about this album with its artwork and NSA program affiliation.


PRISM Katy Perry Prismatic Tour IlluminatiWatcher

Doesn’t she look horrified on that album artwork? There will be more on that later in this article when I demonstrate how she asks for help during her shows…

During the Prismatic concert show, Katy Perry provides the main symbol of the Illuminati: the triangle. If you watch this show you’ll see the triangle is the main stage and video shape. It appears on many stage props and all of these things flash by at a dizzying pace.

This triangle symbol has been controversial in that the mainstreamers play it off as if it’s silly but in all reality it’s anything but. The Illuminati believe it holds magical energy and use it for manifestation of their will. It gets used so often that the normal observer wouldn’t think anything of it, but the Illuminati know its purpose for manifesting their agenda in whatever form that may be. So long as the fans accept it and don’t really understand what it means, they’ll continue to use them as part of their ritual, thereby increasing the energy involved.

I’ll be providing an explanation for precisely what it is the Illuminati are trying to manifest in this article: The goddess of Isis.

Let’s see what I’m talking about; I’ll provide a few examples and then we’ll go deeper into it.

Triangles with a weird seance looking thing while Katy Perry levitates away?… Check.

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom-Katy-Perry-triangle-prism-sacrifice WO

Sex-kitten MK ULTRA mind control?… Check.

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom-Katy-Perry-Cat-Prism-concert WO


How many triangles do you want?…

IlluminatiWatcher Katy Perry Prismatic Fireworks Triangle

IlluminatiWatcher Katy Perry Prismatic Triangle

And of course don’t miss the timing of the bait and switch where they get all the youth to be into Katy Perry and her music and then, BAM! Out of nowhere here’s precious Katy making S&M sexual poses with the Illuminati high priestess, Madonna (Katy also performs some of Madonna’s music during her concert).

This is important for the theory I’m about to present, in that Katy Perry is being turned into the ‘next’ Madonna. The occult practitioners believe they can transmit this Isis goddess spirit into different channels, and I believe they are trying to force Katy Perry to harness this entity. If none of that makes sense yet, hang in there and I’ll show you later what I’m talking about.


First, let’s explore this Madonna/Katy Perry photo shoot because it provides a basis for this argument:

Never mind the ‘V’ is the symbolism for Hebrew gematria and the mark of the beast. (see my post on the Illuminati Mark of the Beast for more on that). The sixth letter of the Hebrew alphabet is ‘vav’, so if we see any two or three letter combinations of ‘V’ we can also conclude this as the mark of the beast as well (along with the three 6’s we are all familiar with). We see three V’s because the giant letter ‘V’ with Katy Perry’s hand making two other ‘V’s as well.

If you watch the concert, you’ll see she does this many times:

Katy Perry Prismatic Tour V Nodens Finale

There were even more racy pics in that ‘V’ magazine photo shoot; how do you think little Johnny and Suzy will react when they see these types of images someday?… They grow up thinking these artists are their idols or friends, and then see them doing provocative things that suggest they should also follow in their footsteps:

Don’t let them read the jewelery between their lips (it says “F*ck Me”):

And here is Madonna doing the All Seeing Eye:

Madonna All Seeing Eye Katy Perry

Now let me add in my two cents and just say that these are consenting adults and I personally have no beef with their raciness. However, Katy Perry is aimed towards the kids so it is pretty deceitful to just throw this one out there. The parents nowadays have to be extra vigilant if they want to shelter their kids. Or better yet just explain it to them if they see it (which hopefully they won’t, I can’t imagine this would make a ton of sense to them).

During the Prismatic concert tour there appear to be MANY children in the audience, so they are definitely being exposed to this stuff. When I watched the show (on television) I was appalled at the number of kids that were extremely young (8-12 years old).

They were led down this path of occult symbolism as Katy Perry donned several get-ups that had Illuminati symbolism. Of course, this is Illuminati practice for conducting the high profile ritual in front of so many people. It’s the contractual magic agreement. The audience must participate.

Perhaps that is why the kids all seemed to have these lit up magic wands in their hand during the show:

IlluminatiWatcher Katy Perry Prismatic Magic Wands

Ironically (or maybe not so much?…) during her concert she pops up from the apex of a giant triangle and starts flailing her S&M whip at the crowd, drawing us back to this ‘V’ magazine shoot:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Katy Perry Prismatic Concert Apex Pyramid Triangle

So let’s get back to the Prismatic show itself; we saw several things that can be compiled into this idea that Katy Perry is being used by the Illuminati to channel the spirit of Isis into our world. First, just like I talked about in SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC, she is using an alter ego.

This alter ego is important because magicians all use this concept to keep their real name and identity away from the ritual. You can see she uses ‘Kitty Purry’ here while she is showing us the MKULTRA sex kitten symbolism, suggesting she might’ve been subjected to the mind control experiments theorized by others as the sex magick rituals:

IlluminatiWatcher Katy Perry Prismatic Alter Ego Kitty Purry Program

There were several symbols of this show that featured the ‘X’. This concept is integral to the evoking of Isis, as I explained in the Illuminati Mark of the Beast post. The mark of the ‘X’ is believed to call upon the goddess, or perhaps the beast of the abyss (depending on how you read into it).

Here we see the ‘X’ over one eye on her outfit, drawing attention to the ‘X’ and All Seeing Eye as well:

IlluminatiWatcher Katy Perry Prismatic Mark of the Beast X Eye

Here is more of the same:

IlluminatiWatcher Katy Perry Prismatic Mark of the Beast X Fish Eye

Katy Perry also makes the symbol of the ‘X’ with her arms which marks the entrance to the unknown:

IlluminatiWatcher Katy Perry Prismatic Tour Mark of the Beast X

Here is an example that should make your skin crawl. During the show, they have a moment where the team is rigging her up to the diamond before they appear to make her levitate (a sign of darkness in and of itself).

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom-Katy-Perry-triangle-prism-sacrifice WO

Shortly before she levitates you can see that she is being fitted into some sort of mask. A friend of mine online told me he went to a few of her shows and noticed this. However, he was unable to see what it was they were doing (it’s true- I’ve scoured YouTube videos to try and find a good shot of it, but to no avail).

They don’t ever show a close up on the video screens during the show, so I thought it was just some kind of protective head gear or something. However, when I watched the show on television, they zoomed in on it, but the crowd never sees what it is; only the camera above the floating Katy Perry that took this shot sees it:

IlluminatiWatcher Katy Perry Prismatic Tour Levitation mask

It appears to be some form of facial cloak that I believe possesses some form of negative energy and is used to draw in this goddess character. Recall that this Isis goddess is being evoked so that the Illuminati can use her powers to grant them their ‘every wish and desire.’ Some also claim they want to put this spirit inside of Katy so they can impregnate her and have a child that will be the Antichrist.

You can see more feminine occult beliefs being played out during show when she repeatedly uses the All Seeing Eye and 666 hand gesture that represents the feminine principles:

IlluminatiWatcher Katy Perry Prismatic Tour All Seeing Eye 666

And again during an occult riddled song called Legendary Lovers she does while reciting the following lyrics:

I never knew I could see something so clearly looking through my third eye
Never knew karma could be so rewarding and bring me to your light
Maybe this is the beginning of something so magical tonight

IlluminatiWatcher Katy Perry Prismatic Tour Legendary Lovers 666

Here a whole group of them do it, as you can see Katy looking to the skies towards the goddess’ spirit:

IlluminatiWatcher Katy Perry Prismatic Tour 666 to goddess

Finally, the most disturbing thing I saw was this flash on the screen (literally; it flashes by in half a second) where you can see that she looks very upset and the words ‘HELP ME’ appear:

IlluminatiWatcher Katy Perry Prismatic Teenage Dream HELP ME

This seems to me that she is crying out for help. They are using her to evoke this entity (like in her song for E.T. as I explain in my comprehensive post about Katy Perry called Is Katy Perry in the Illuminati?… ABSOLUTELY).

What do you think? Is she being used by the Illuminati to evoke this entity of Isis in order to fulfill the antichrist obsession by the occult? She appears to need our help, but how can we do that?

Please comment below and let me know your thoughts. Thanks for looking and sign up for the free email newsletter for the latest on pop culture conspiracy theories.















Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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    • Katy Perry isn’t “the Illuminati”… she’s a pawn. And to ignore the signs and symbols surrounding what she does or finding them coincidental is ridiculous.

      Nevermind, why am I even replying to this… it’s obviously a worthless spam post to promote a lame link.

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  1. This illuminati bitch scares me now

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  2. “Will work for worms” – says it all.

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  3. She’s obviously joined the satanic bloodsuckers because they are still pushing her music! She sighned in blood alright!

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    • This is freaking ridiculous at first you had me believing this crap but then it comes down to the antichrist B.S. I doubt very much Katy Perry coming from a christian home would allow such nonsense. not only that the antichrist already exsists. She may be using all these signs and symbols to prmote the illuminati crap in the meantime shes getting rich

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      • Getting rich, being stalked, losing sleep Ever seen “Eyes Wide Shut” “Rosemary’s Baby”

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        • Yes i have n i dont see how it has anything to do with Katy Perry. She has a tatoo of Jesus on her arm n sees it everytime to remind her where she came from. If she was a satan worshipping she would even acknowledge Jesus or would have it removed.

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          • I don’t know the process of the rites & degrees nor if you have to renounce your past faiths because it is enlightenment New knowledge isn’t cancelled out by old & vice versa She is definitely devoted but alike majority of actors & entertainers they are controlled through trauma & drugs Which is why I compared those movies Have you seen Britney Spears Have you read or listened to what most celebrity kids have grown up to believe Corey Feldman told his truth Amanda Bynes told her truth That they were sold & manipulated Amanda said she had a chip implanted in her brain to have her thoughts read by her father Corey Haim & Corey Feldman were a sx slave team Courntey Love opted to report Britney was molested by her dad & more & Sam Lufti & Mr. Spears had Courtney’s daughter, France’s Bean, taken out of her custody which is why they made that huge public red carpet appearance together to prove the estrangement is a smear My point is the loss of all will is how they create such a slave like we have today Therefore the ideal beginning would be birth Meaning most “stars” inevitably were born to become what they do You may think they are in control of their own everything but that’s the goal To make these “stars” appear human when their entire form of “civilization” is as animalistic as the wild Merging illusions w/ reality Confusing our conditioning Hotwiring our programming making us as docile as a celeb when they come out of “rehab” Obviously the deity worshipped by these Bildergroup foot soldiers isn’t make believe They created the Satan Jesus paperback How could it even be considered that that’s who they channel & do all this for? It’s ignorance to say such I understand your own allegiance & religion because I was born Catholic but the spirit doesn’t need a label Feel what you feel If you feel something or some1 protecting you to guide you to progression then so be it I believe that person is myself, the Sun, & the Moon I don’t fear death because we are just living the lives of yesterday That’s what their warfare has done to you Instilled fear & anxiety to meet a judge to determine your afterlife instead of living it now Wasting & wasting “time” for a fairy tale The initial intention is rational but you have to ask yourself why must evil exist w/ good Why is déjà vú the common denominator of every false flags It’s not because the pale horse indicated so it’s because they wrote those exaggerations to control, categorize, & have even more blueprints to come that they know you’ll call a prophecy before you recognize it’s truly propaganda Ever seen The Matrix? Those unplugged don’t run back to rant about how terrible believing what they did before No They attempt to revolutionize w/ action That’s exactly what these elitists do just for completely different benefits Kanye West Madonna They all rock crucifixes but they don’t worship the same deity He’s Ancient She’s the Tree of Life Barack Obama rants about God all the time Guarantee he doesn’t mean the God you do Guarantee he’s not even a Hawaiin Islamic I feel what you’re saying w/ the whole double agent Playing the field Fooling the nation but keeping her soul intact thing but there’s still an immense amount rituals you have to participate in to even be accept & pushed So she’s definitely not as normal as you make her out to be w/ the whole grew up w/ crosses You sound like a fan I used to be that way w/ Rihanna before I ever heard the word Illuminati but I awoke I mean Lady Gaga was the exact exact EXACT same way before she killed Lina Morgana Minds change Traditions don’t

  4. Ok, I understand what she’s all about and that she is being used, but why would they let her write “Help me” when:
    1. They are all watching and managing what she’s doing and the concert presentation is supposed to be checked and monitored by them.
    2. If she’s being mind controlled how come she knows about it and writes that message?
    Great post by the way, thanks for keeping us informed.

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    • Sooner than later is good but just that you’ve became aware is great Remember Britney telling paparazzi to let her sit on her curb & go away before they smeared her w/ psychosis She successfully had broken free from her programming proving her torture to no avail Yet she was confined to rehab Which is Monarch code for reprogramming They reenter wonderland & have more personalities created & their true identity completely broken down to lobotomy like so Britney is dead & a puppet & they put the subliminal images begging for an escape to condition us properly It is reverse psychology Common knowledge used for manipulation established during the Holocaust Adapted by the CIA NsA & ultimately the Bloodline to create Mk- Ultra It’s Counter Intelligence & it’s basic proof that laws are illusions even the gods could never enforce w/ a straight face

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    • Y’know; those were thoughts that went through my head as well. IF that was in fact what we saw, then perhaps it’s just like any other form of magic. You must first let the audience know they are witnessing something awful. Once they are aware of it, then they are ACTIVE participants in the ritual, which equals more energy.

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      • EXACTLY ISAAC Making us not just the audience but the volunteers to participate in live rituals for ceremonies even at home watching the program

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  5. That mask is definitely something I won’t forget even though I can’t decipher the meaning

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  7. These celebrities are insane. The Devil is real and he HATES everyone. All the heirarchies of demons They are summoning will only take their souls straight to Hell. ETERNAL DAMNATION. So what if they are rich and famous and powerful… Our IMMORTAL soul is the most valuable possession we have. Jesus Christ is the Lord of Good. Through his blood we are saved and can connect back to God. THERE IS NO OTHER WAY. Follow Him and God. There is a spiritual war taking place. Pick a side. Jesus Christ wins it has already been foretold. The evidence speaks for itself. THE END IS NIGH.

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    • Bless You, Luke! You are so right! Jesus Christ is King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and GOD, the Father Almighty, has put ALL THINGS (Heaven, Earth, Angels, all “beings,” ALL…things)…under the feet of OUR LORD and Savior, Jesus Christ…for JUDGMENT! He came the FIRST time to save and reconcile man to GOD,and to DIE for OUR sinfulness… but He’s coming BACK (very SOON, I pray)…in GLORY, HONOR, and JUDGMENT! I am looking forward to spending eternity with Jesus Christ! Thanks for your post…(right behind that poor soul who advertised for the devil…we should pray for his EYES to be opened to the TRUTH! He told a big, fat lie on his post…that “there’s no turning back”…from the DARK SIDE! That’s A LIE! Jesus Christ came to SEEK AND SAVE SINNERS!!!! There’s always repentance and “turning” from dark to the TRUE LIGHT!!

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  8. This is so stupid. The ‘Help Me’ thing is a callback to the California Dreams tour, when there was a whole video in that style and there was a creepy kidnapper guy. The ‘V’s were literally just hand positions, one was a peace symbol, the other was the way her hand was on her face, the third one was the name of the magazine. I don’t necessarily agree with the sexuality in the shoots or in her shows, but whatever. That’s her decision. Okay, I’ll admit the mask thing is a little odd, but I feel like they wouldn’t let the cameras show it or anything if any of this were true. Which I don’t believe it is. The triangles are ‘Prismatic’, as in, ‘Letting the light in’. Which is what a prism does, it lets the light in and refracts it to make a rainbow which is supposed to be inspirational, but obviously you can take anything and twist it into something bad. She is just tying to stick with the Prism theme with the triangles. ‘Kitty Purry’ is the name of her cat, it’s a freaking pun, and don’t feed me any of that cats are a symbol of the illuminati crap or Taylor Swift is illuminati, everyone who has ever posted a cat video is illuminati, everyone who has ever owned or petted a cat is illuminati. So basically the whole world. The whole thing about impregnating her with the antichrist or whatever you were saying is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. No, she does not look horrified in the Prism shoot, she looks like she is trying (and failing) to look all dramatic and stuff. For another thing, I doubt a ‘Satan worshiping’ woman would write a song with the lyrics ‘By the grace of God, I picked myself back up, I put one foot in front of the other and I looked in the mirror and decided to stay, wasn’t gonna let love take me out that way’ or keep the ‘Jesus’ tattoo on her wrist. Sorry, I just went in all out rant mode there, and I could go on but I need to go study because I have plans to do something with my life other than waste my time researching and trying overly hard to find illuminati symbolism in everything. Seriously, Get a life. One that does not involve conspiracy theories and occults that may or may not exist.

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  9. I learned something new. I didn’t realize that I have indeed been an active participant of their ritual’s by watching MTV video music awards in the past. Like the Britney and Madonna kiss.. That was some sort of ritual. Makes me feel very deceived by these people but that’s what they do.

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  10. Madonna has been the handlers for many young ones that need that first Illuminati boost. Madonna did the same for all the young blonde singers – remember the stage Lesbo kiss she did with Brittany Spears and the other one on stage with them. Madonna does shocking things on stage or video to get tongues wagging and that is what gets the name of that person known. Those girls have to show in public outrageous things to prove themselves to the Illuminati. They are part of their handling and it’s a test too. Madonna has done this with many of them; she is one of the handlers.
    But Katy does not look happy at all – they always find out AFTER that they made a BIG mistake. Too late then.


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  11. i kinda knew she went thru programming from the video for ‘wide awake.’ I think that was filled with a lot of symbolism plus she sees a younger purer version of herself in the ‘labyrinth or maze’ hat she was in. so this doesn’t really surprise except for the mask thing. that was creepy.

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  12. Whatever is going on with her,she looks fair unhappy in most of the pictures,to me anyway. I should imagine her parents would be heartbroken by some of the carry-on,especially the photos with Madonna where they are got up like a pair of prostitutes; I know I would be if she was my daughter.I expect they are praying for her and perhaps we should too; she has never seemed to me as hard as Rhianna and some of the others and although I can’t stand the main-stream pop or rap “music” most of these ” pawn” and “puppet” types produce, I sort of can’t help thinking she’s a quite nice girl underneath it all.

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  13. Like ” most “….. I said ” most” are controlled….. by handlers, managers, the music industry fat cat rich pen pushing ceo’s and owners of major record companies….. whom ever she is with…….
    They are puppets for the music industry….. the media uses them to sell their channels ( tv. ) or website ( internet sites. ) or brand name products like coke a cola , Pepsi, beat earphones etc. etc. etc…… some may be aware of what there into like I think say Jay z , may be kayne west, Madonna the big ones……. some are aware that their being used for agendas I think of Angelina or brad Pitt or Wil Smith or other a-listers……. many are under mind control and haven’t a clue to what is really going in their own life because they are handled all the time…… if you wanna stay in the industry or play the games you gotta know the rules and stick with them…..
    Sell your soul, keep a secret, push yourself past the limit, work for us not create for yourself, satan will give you anything your heart desires……. but you must give your soul to him or sacrifice another soul…….. many come from military families lots of Satanism, witchcraft and mind controlled there……. ” not all branches and not everyone from any branch “…….. there is a connection among many things enterainment, companies, business, military branch, churches-vatican,politics, etc. …… agenda pushing, Satanism pushing, new world order pushing, sex pushing, mind control pushing, trans humanism pushing, you name it all from entertain under mind control or belonging to a a secretive group that wants to control the world, or minds, hearts and souls……. I think some might belong to a group ” illuminati ” say…… but are under mind control still like Kathy Perry…… with beta sex kitten and monarch mind control and Marilyn Monroe or other forms…… there are many symbols not just v signs with fingers, not just devil hand signs or one eye symbols, there’s butterflies, tattoos, mirrors, cracked mirrors, chandeliers, animal prints, bird cages, Alice in wonderland, wizard of oz etc. etc. etc……. yes I think she is in a group and under mind control…… I saw a video of billy idol…….(whom I like his music)……. in the video maybe about half way through the video thebmirror shatters in the shape of a triangle…….. with one eye shown……. a close up and for a few seconds..why ?
    On purpose …….. I’m sure of that…….

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  14. Check out also, the weird demonic looking facial design on her dress in the “facial cloak” photo.

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  15. Why did you not explicitly mention the woman in the background of the second to last pic you shared? She is clearly making a mark of the ‘X’ with her hands while in a revolting sexual pose. And that is at the same time that Katy is doing the All Seeing Eye/666 hand gesture. Add on top of that that the men are both dressed to be Pharaoh, and are holding up Katy, who is dressed to be an Egyptian goddess, and you’re left with a pretty damning case. Way too much to be coincidence, all happening at the same time.

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