Illuminati symbolism in & Miley Cyrus’ ‘Feelin Myself’ video is mostly known for providing the symbolism related to the transhumanism movement (e.g. sending his single Reach For the Stars from Mars). This new video, however, seems to be lacking the traditional robotic themes we see from and leans more towards Freemasonry.

Some of the stances stand out as Masonic in nature. For instance, take a look at the Freemason pose of the oath we see in the promo for the video:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom illuminati feelin myself freemason 1

The LDS religion (which has a lot in common with the Freemasons) takes this pose up in blood and oath rituals as well:

In the Mormonism, a penalty was an oath made by participants of the original Nauvoo Endowment instituted by Joseph Smith, Jr. in 1843 and further developed by Brigham Young after Smith’s death. Mormon critics refer to the penalty as a blood oath, because it required the participant to swear never to reveal certain key symbols of the Endowment ceremony, including the penalty itself, while symbolically enacting ways in which a person may be executed. The penalties were similar to oaths made as part of a particular rite of freemasonry practiced in Western New York at the time the Endowment was developed.


Freemason stances LDS mason poses 2

Here’s some of the futuristic/transhuman stuff that is more familiar from; you can also find the All Seeing Eye on the right hand side (and maybe a pyramid triangle at the bottom if you want to get a wee bit paranoid):

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom illuminati feelin myself eye pyramid 4

In the entire video we see the square floating around (which could be tied into cubes & Saturn worship, or possibly the Freemason compass and “square”)…

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom illuminati feelin myself square cube 6


mason square compass

…but I think that might be a bit of a stretch. We then see that Miley comes out and we switch to the Illuminati calling card of the pyramid:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom illuminati feelin myself Miley Cyrus pyramid 5

And towards the end of the video we see plugging the Dr. Dre Beats headphone (see my post on the Illuminati-Satanic found from that devilish product):

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom illuminati feelin myself Beats 6

Honestly, with all of the more familiar Illuminati sponsored pop stars in this video, I’m shocked we didn’t see more.

Super big ups to Sophia for pointing out that the logo on’s hat is for Ekocycle, a company that works with others to establish recycling into products (not too shabby, well played). Note that Beats and Adidas are on the company rolodex, both have Illuminati symbolism:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom illuminati feelin myself hat

I looked “ apparel” and this website with practically nothing came up. The only thing that really came up was this symbol that seems to be connected to (although I’ve read he has nothing to do with said apparel as well, so I don’t know):

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom illuminati feelin myself moloch 2

It’s our familiar owl deity, Moloch. We’ve seen this tied into Drake with his October’s Very Own label as well, and the mascot makes an appearance in his Moloch-filled music video, Worst Behavior:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Drake Illuminati Moloch Worst Behavior 1

Here’s that video, featuring Miley, French Montana, and Wiz Khalifa:



Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. The logo is a new brand called Ekocycle which seems to have a part in the creation of. It makes suits and other clothes out of old coke bottles.

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  2. Idiots like and the director of this music video are going to be surprised when they find out that transhumanism is new age garbage. There is no evolution in man become part machine. There is no true immortality that exists unless you become a machine, a computer, where you’re thoughts aren’t biological and limitless but electronic and limited. Humanity is an existence of and amongst the universe. Transhumanism, ultimately, is a life in shell where you’re “body” will be owned by patents and patented procedures of corporatist entities.

    Transhumanists’ ruminations are nothing more than thoughts by those begging for a new slavery with them being the slaves.

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  3. That logo on Will.I.AM’s website: you failed to notice the Baphomet torch in the middle of the owl. Look up Baphomet on google, and look at the torch coming out of his head: it is undeniably that same torch. They also made the bottom of the torch look the same as the top, which is meant to signify “as above: so below,” an occult philosophy and belief.

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  4. If you pay attention at 1:40 of the video you can hear Will saying “I see the hole game from my third IRIS” and his voice changes when the word IRIS is pronounced !

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  5. L’esperimento consiste nell’esporre artificial intelligence raggi del bottom, premier recipiente coperto hoax una o più lastre di vetro, molto trasparente, e collocato posting una certa distanza 1 sopra l’altro. L’interno del recipiente è dotata di premier rivestimento di spessore di sughero nero, adatto each are generally ricezione e are generally conservazione di calore. L’aria riscaldata è contenuto on tutte the parti, sia all’interno della nave e negli spazi tra the piastre. Termometri poste nel recipiente stesso e negli intervalli di cui sopra, segnano illinois in grado di calore on ogni spazio. Questo strumento è stato posto ing bottom di mezzogiorno, e illinois termometro nel recipiente è stato visto salire some 60, 40.Seventy-five.110, (Reaumur,) e verso l’alto. I just termometri collocati negli intervalli fra the piastre, signify molto più bassi gradi di calore, e illinois calore diminuito dal fondo del recipiente each l’intervallo più elevato.

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  6. The Freemasons are not bad, they were a group of men who wanted to do good in the world, service, philanthropy, etc. They had a commonality, God, though they were from different religions. Their names, symbols, rituals were stolen in some areas and twisted. Think of the Star of David how it has been transformed into the pentagram. It was a religious Hebrew or Jewish symbol and as the adversary deals treacherously, he stole it and turned it into an evil symbol. Just as he takes innocence and youth then taints, destroys, sexualizes and manipulates that which is good into evil. Mormon temples and covenants are good and unfairly misrepresented in this article, as they usually are. Remember satan takes that which is good and twists it to fit his agenda. I do believe in the war on earth which is good vs. evil and satan does use both subtle and loud examples, but research fully and fairly before stating opinion or agenda as factual.

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