Illuminati symbolism in ft Justin Bieber thatPOWER music video and Beebs are branded Illuminati puppets and here’s another video pushing the visuals and subliminal messages that they want everyone to absorb.




The video basically pushes’s transhuman agenda because him and his robotic slaves go marching around the world (dancing like robots) and then use this Saturn worship cube to do something mysterious at the end (I’m sure we’ll see what it is doing in the next video).


So here’s what we’ve got:

First shot of the Saturn Worship cube. This symbol is an ancient occult throwback to show us that the Archons (or reptilian shape shifters, or Illuminati) are demonically controlling the world through a three dimensional manipulation. We are ‘trapped in the cube’ which is has emphasis on material, three dimensional values. Of course Beebs pops out of this cube, showing us that he is truly a creation of Illuminati manipulation and deception:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Bieber William ThatPower 1

Here’s more cubes for you; I go into further detail on the importance of Saturn and cube symbolism in the Decoding Illuminati Symbolism: Saturn and the Black Cube post:

The cube is merely the three dimensional version of the four-sided square, which corresponds to the physical realm and material world; yet another link to the cube being the building block of nature (with ‘nature’ being the material world). We can also logically see that the number four is represented in many forms of our established world. There are the four seasons, the elements (air, fire, earth, and water), signs of the zodiac, cardinal directions, and countless other places.

The Tetractys, or tetrad, is the triangular shape composed of ten points which was a secret, mystical symbol to Pythagoras. It appears in various forms, one of which is arguably the Kabbalah. The ten Sephirots of the Kabbalah correspond to the ten points of the Tetractys. If you take 7 of the 10 points to form a cube, you are left with three dots that represent the ethereal invisible nature of the world, while the 7 of the cube represent the material, three dimensional world.


There’s a bunch of the standard pyramids in the video, here’s Willy in front of a couple of inverted pyramids (satanic Illuminati types loves reversing and inverting):

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Bieber William ThatPower 2

More pyramids; I go into further detail on the importance of triangles, pyramids, and the sun in the Decoding Illuminati Symbolism: Triangles, Pyramids, and the Sun post:

The symbol of the triangle is commonly held to have a much deeper and esoteric meaning than the basic geometric shape we common-folk see. The symbolism, or meaning, of the triangle is usually viewed as one of spiritual importance. The Christian faith views the three sides of the triangle as the Holy Trinity; God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Ancient Egyptians believed the right sided triangle represented their form of the Trinity with the hypotenuse being the child god Horus, the upright side being the sacred feminine goddess Isis, and the base is the male Osiris. This concept was kept in a sort of ‘chain of custody’ when the Greek mathematician Pythagoras learned much from the ancient Egyptians and then applied it to geometry. He even went as far as to set up one of the first schools of mystery with a religious sect that practiced his philosophy, mathematics, and conferring of esoteric principles. In theory, the secret societies, cults, occultists, and other nefarious groups, collectively known as the Illuminati, maintain all of this knowledge and use it in a much different manner.

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Bieber William ThatPower 3


Back to the cube, we see Willy pulling the cube out of this briefcase before it recreates Beebs again:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Bieber William ThatPower 4

A good shot of an Illuminati all-seeing Eye of Horus (that one-eye symbol is in practically every Illuminati video):

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Bieber William ThatPower 5

And the final shot shows us Willy in front of what appears to be a UFO type craft before he pulls this powerful cube out and shoots it into space. I have no clue what that’s supposed to mean, please comment below if you can figure that one out. I think he’s alluding to a continuation in the next video.

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Bieber William ThatPower 6

Youtuber ‘TheGroxt1’ posted up his analysis on the video that goes into a Jesuit and God conspiracy theory from this video:

Here’s the official video, check it out:


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. i think at the end he is either sending beebs up to the gods or he is askin for power from the gods

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    • at the end we can see 6 people wearing black with W.illiam ( Devil ) and 6 people wearing white ( Angels ) fighting and the Angels Died …. and there are a lot of another 6 s like the demi circles around the horus eye …

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    • i think he is telling bieber to go to the “light” the “true” salvation and the last step to become a full Illuminati puppet… to understand more read about MK Ultra or u can see this in another Illuminati movie ( Sucker Punch) the puppet needs to go by himself to the light= freedom but not a true freedom but indeed the final step to become a full puppet they cannot force them into the “light” they have to want it so they make it atractive alluring with false freedom and salvation…

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    • In the song there is a message listen for it After the word power. “Let project death Commence” That’s what i hear anyway.

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  2. That one picture doesn’t look like a UFO to me. more like an Eye

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  3. Possibly bieber was portrayed a a sacrifice to show good faith at the end. That he surrendered himself to whatever entity that beam was going to. Just a thought/interpretation

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    • look up illuminati and light on top of the pyramid. can also be a person or an eye. katey perry dark horse and keshas die young are very symbolic

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  4. You need to know that many things in this music video got copied or taken by a Japanese Dance Group called World Order. They are Grade 13 Freemasons and promote the Illuminati Agenda. I wonder what this has all in common, Japan and USA working together? Please make a new post analyzing the World Order Group, as nobody has done anything against them yet!

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  5. hi dears.
    my english is weak.but i can tell u
    this video mean illuminate defeated at usa…now they going to china !
    u see justin come out from cube and tell we:
    oooo. i am alive i am alive iam alive
    nooooowwww .i can fly…..
    and at other section will i am say
    i got the power! power = china!
    in china many people dont belive God…
    and he continue tell us:
    but ever dose not kill u
    only makes u stronger (dajal-anti christ become stronger)
    so i am get stronger !( demons start again and they become stronger) in next section justin again coming out of cube (justin =anti christ at this video ) and tell us i am alive and every second minute ,hour i become bigger better stronger !
    that eye is satan eye or in islamic religious is dajal in christ they tell anti christ…
    that eye real meaning is knowledge!but they say that is horus eye!
    u know horus is old egyptian Gods
    and pyramid is power. and eye at a pyramid mean big god!u know 3 pyramids of egypt builded under of 3 power star of milky galaxy.
    at end u see will i am raise the cube and tell us now horus house is china!(that cube= egypt peramid and horus eye)
    i write alot 🙂

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    • thank you! well said 🙂

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    • fuck bro, aliens??? dude, i do believe in aliens kinda…but it was the black slaves who built them…but you might be right they got help from demons(aliens or some non-human but smart being, or in Islam, we like to call em al- jin), to my dear brother vahid, they’ve got the whole world in their hands…every single country..but they won’t just get this over with, cos if a burglar runs in a house, they owner will wake up and shoot a hole in his body…but if the burglar tip-toes..and if the owner is deeply gone into a dream-world(matrix of materialism),eventually he can take every last thing in his home…leave him with nothing…these ppl have lot of patience..ALOT,they’ve been planning for 1000s of years, Nostradamus..bullshit, he didn’t predict the future he planned it, who knows if he existed?? mybe just a character made by these ppl to spread fear,

      anyways, they’re waiting for something or some1(most possibly dajal the anti-Christ) and the war on syria is just the beginning..NWO will most probably be introduced by the UN, overthrowing everyone saying religion is the cause of problems and u know the rest…G2G but ‘ll be back!!!

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      • Very well said KCC, I really don’t believe in ‘alien’s’ though. I believe they are fallen angels. Seriously if there are aliens from other galaxies, what purpose would it serve them to come to this planet and do what people have been claiming they do….I think they are fallen angels or as you stated demons. I have seen pictures of the ‘aliens’ that they have inside the pyramids. If that’s what you wanna call them, I don’t. Why would inter-planetary beings do all this??? That would make more sense than an ‘alien’ from another planet coming all the way here to do all this.

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  6. What does.the China like ak symbol mean??

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  7. in my very humble opinion , i think that all these satanic and illuminati symbols are just inserted in videos to only increase number of views, but that does not mean there is no such thing called freemasons or illuminati . they do exist and they do control a lot of industries in the world . but what was mentioned above is just a way of benifit .

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  8. Thanks for the article, I had a good laugh!
    Gotta be careful with all those triangles around us.

    You probably think i’m an illuminati or gov agent now :)))

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  9. I think the reference in the end of the video is for the blue beam illuminati project try to do a google search about it -_-

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  10. I think his sending the beebs to mars

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  11. That is Genesis 11. The construction of the tower of Babel but this time with success in the construction of the tower. Bieber reaching to the sky is indicative of the success of completing their task.

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  12. パ ワ ー = pa wa , katakana japanese

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