Illuminati symbolism in Travis Scott’s “QUINTANA” music video

Hello and welcome back to Today we’ll be taking a look at a video from up and coming rapper Travis Scott.

I’ll be exposing Scott’s entire catalog of satanic works in a dedicated post that should be posted soon, but for now let’s take a look at one video that features a decent amount of symbolism that supports this ‘devilish’ conspiracy…


The song in question is called Quintana, and it was featured on a mixtape album of Scott’s called Owl Pharaoh that featured some owl symbolism that most of you are already aware of the significance

Travis Scott Owl Pharaoh Moloch


First, you’ll notice he is doing that commonplace witch hex, referred to as the Mano Cornuto:

Travis Scott Quintana Moloch horns hand


This hand gesture is commonly thought to represent rock ‘n’ roll, but even the founder of the Church of Satan, Anton LaVey, knows its powers:

Anton-LaVey-Illuminati-Mano-Cornuto-Horns-hand WO


Continuing on with the video, you’ll also notice that he’s got the Monster energy drink, which I’ve already explored in full detail in the article about the Monster drink and Peace Tea Illuminati symbolism:

Travis Scott Quintana Monster


Here’s a disturbing sequence that supports the idea that “Monster” is referring to the Antichrist, or Satan.

You’ll notice Travis Scott is wearing a shirt with an inverted pentagram logo on it…

Travis Scott Quintana Pentagram shirt


…and then you’ll see the foreshadowing of Scott covered in flames…

Travis Scott Quintana Glasses of Fire


…and finally we see Scott on fire, while he’s doing the Freemason Grand Hailing Sign of Distress (further supporting my half-cocked conspiracy theory on the resurfacing of Charles Manson’s Helter Skelter through the ‘Hands Up Don’t Shoot’ race war stuff):

Travis Scott Quintana Pentagram on fire Hands Up Dont Shoot


For one last piece of symbolism, we see Scott pretending that he’s hanging from his gold ropes, which is a piece of symbolism I cover in my hip hop conspiracy book SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC:

Travis Scott Quintana Rope hang



Thanks for reading and be sure to stay tuned for my comprehensive post on Travis Scott which should be out any time now…


For now, you’ve really got to read that SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC book because it covers the dark forces that are infiltrating hip hop, which is precisely what we’re seeing with Travis Scott. This agenda is being pushed upon us from all angles, and hip hop is just the most recent to fall victim to it.



Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Buy my book. Its all in my book. My book this, my book that. No ones gonna buy it. Sorry Issac.

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    • It kind of is all in his book. They’re a flipping million pages long and actually well-written, so fair play to Isaac.

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    • I reference the book because I can’t take 300 pages and explain it in a few posts. If you want to get serious about learning things you have to invest the time and money into it- not troll the internet like a cheap douchebag.

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      • well said & long overdue for many lol..

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    • Dude. Sure the man is selling books. Whats the problem ??? If you dont wanna buy his book , dont buy it. No need to slam the man

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  2. I keep meaning to tell you that I have seen Miley and Madonna wearing an M necklace that looks just like the M for monster energy. I’m really bad at posting links but I’ll try to find the photos I’ve seen. Also, in the 2015 nickelodeon kid’s choice awards they used the x over the o in the 2015. I keep seeing thing everywhere.

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    • One of those Illuminati Roundup articles has the NKCA X and O- but yea, send whatever you find! Thanks

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  3. You should check out tonights (5/12) Pharell and Snoop Dogg performance. A ton of lit up triangles, a bunch of pyramids and some skinny ones with symbols on it

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  4. Yep, “This agenda is being pushed upon us from all angles.” And it leaves young impressionable people confused as to who God really is. Ironically the few months leading up to Robin Williams apparent “suicide,” I was having reoccurring thoughts about him. It was so odd to me that next all the sudden he committed suicide. Was I somehow a psychic or fortune teller? After his suicide I next searched for illuminati Freemason conspiracies on him, and this is how I learned about their occult practice of numerology. Entertainment executives will arrogantly numerological encode their hit list contracts into flattering news reports. Reporting on which actor they want sacrifice next, using numbers such as 33, 42 and 59 for blacks, 47, and 93 “Do what thy wilt.” And next you get these Hollywood entertainers signing up for the job, wearing that Kabbalah red string, “Pay me a lot of money, next suicide me.”

    God does not approve of these human blood sacrifices. Every human life is sacred in God’s eyes. The absolute most sacred human life is the unborn baby, while the absolute least valuable is the gay man. Because kids haven’t hit puberty, it’s impossible for kids to be gay. But there is good prophetic news: . Gay men are throwaways, because all gay men are going to hell anyways. GOD H8S FAGS

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    • damn that’s cold…God loves all men, even the ones that don’t love back. Don’t judge so harshly….

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  5. Woah! I’m really digging the template/theme of this site.
    It’s simple, yet effective. A lot of times it’s challenging to get that “perfect balance” between user friendliness and visual appeal.
    I must say you have done a fantastic job with this. Also, the blog loads very fast for
    me on Safari. Exceptional Blog!

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  6. I live in Scotland, and this symbolism is everywhere, on buildings, sign posts, basically everywhere you look , and has been for a long time. It only starts to make sense when you understand what it actually is. It`s amazing how things can be in plain sight for decades and people never notice them. People do not even question if the sun, and moon are actually what we are told they are. And they stare at us every day. They also walk around with giant symbols on their clothes, never stopping to realise that those symbols signify their coming doom.

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  7. In watching the season finale of the TV series SURVIVOR I noticed some odd hand gestures by the host at the very end of the show. Praying hands toward the audience, then downward, and then a triangle formed by opening the hands and overlapping the thumbs. Coincidence???

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