Illuminati symbolism in Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” music video

Welcome to your home for pop culture conspiracy theories and Illuminati symbolism hidden in films, television, and in this case; music videos.

This video by Taylor Swift was ‘much anticipated’ with every gossip and entertainment site devoted to promoting its release for several weeks prior to its unveiling at the Billboard Music Awards. The video is loaded with celebs and other Illuminati-affiliated musicians, but that won’t be the focus here. Rather, I’d like to point out something that supports a theory I derived from one of Taylor Swift’s previous works…


First, let’s cover the basics of what most of are able to easily identify. The video is full of references to sci-fi films like The Fifth Element, The Matrix, and Minority Report. While most find these references humorous, the true nature of science fiction is to push the same occult ideals I’ve been telling you about for years: technology, destruction of religion, and man becoming god.

For instance, in the video you see a reference to Minority Report but you’ll notice the mocking of the Christian Trinity:

Taylor Swift Bad Blood Trinity Minority report

We also see the merging of bubblegum pop with rap- something I delved into with my hip hop conspiracy book SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC


Take note of the ‘All Seeing Eye‘ imagery that was employed in the video as well:

Taylor Swift Bad Blood Kendrick Lamar All Seeing Eye

Another common aspect is the crossover of fashion with Illuminati symbolism, which was continued with the inclusion of fashion model Cara Delevingne in the video:


Cara Delevingne Taylor Swift Bad Blood

She is being used all over the place (including the 2016 film Suicide Squad, which I’m guaranteeing has some kind of occult connection):

cara delevingne black white illuminatiwatcherdotcom WO

The song is all about her manufactured feud with Katy Perry- another Illuminati initiate who gave us similar apocalyptic ‘Whore of Babylon’ symbolism at the 2015 Super Bowl (that will make more sense by the time you finish this article):

Katy Perry V All Seeing Eye Call of Typhon Nodens


This final point is the main one I’m interested in driving home. I’ll admit that at first I thought it was a bit of a paranoid stretch but then I watched the video a second time and noticed multiple symbols pointing to the same idea. This idea is the Illuminati Mark of the Beast

While many of you may laugh at the idea that innocent Taylor Swift would push a symbol that references of the End of Days and the rise of the Antichrist; I’d argue that she is being used as a pawn by the music industry (i.e. the Illuminati) to promote this into the subconscious of everyone.

First, you’ll see her start this entire end of days sequence by calling upon the creature from the Abyss; Nodens aka Typhon by using the “V” symbol on her helmet in the Tron sequence:


Taylor Swift Bad Blood Typhon Nodens V

Take notice to one of the characters in this video who is named Destructa X and she has the “X” marked on the end of her RPG:

Destructa X Taylor Swift Bad Blood Mark of Beast

This ‘X’ is something I’ve noticed in many other avenues (see my article on Illuminati Mark of the Beast where you’ll also read about the Typhon-Nodens link), and this is what grabbed my attention. Reviewing the video again led me to notice Swift making the ‘X’ gesture in another frame as well (not to mention the Freemasonic oath of silence with the promise of slitting one’s throat if you reveal the secrets):

Taylor Swift Bad Blood Mark of Beast X Masonic Throat Slit

This isn’t the first time she’s done this- I covered the same type of symbolism in her video for Style:

IlluminatiwatcherDotCom Taylor Swift Style Mark of the Beast X arms

Towards the end of the video we see Destructa X unleash the RPG and it initiates an end-of-the-world type sequence which looks very apocalyptic in nature:

Taylor Swift Bad Blood Apocalypse

If you look carefully; you’ll see Swift shows her final version of herself as a the red headed Whore of Babylon (not to mention the All Seeing Eye and Triangle symbolism):

Taylor Swift Bad Blood All Seeing Eye Triangle apocalypse

There are simply too many symbols to ignore my friends. Plus, when you consider the uncanny resemblance of Swift with the Church of Satan’s founder Anton LaVey’s daughter; one has to wonder if she isn’t in “the” bloodline herself:

Taylor Swift Zeena LaVey

Before the end of the video we see the blending of rap music with pop on another shot of Kendrick Lamar with Swift- further suggesting the theories I’ve laid out in SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC could perhaps hold true (which makes me wonder if I should be scared or proud?…):

Taylor Swift Bad Blood Kendrick Lamar All Seeing Eye 2

Thanks for reading and be sure to check out the bundled book deals I have going on right now (you’ll save up to 50%+):


-Isaac Weishaupt




Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Thanks for posting this. Yes, I agree about TS. A lot of people can’t accept her as being sinister. She has a song on one of her cd’s called “Style”, where she is singing about her male alter ego. Most people would think of it as a song about a soulmate, but if you further analyze the video, it is clearly monarch programming.

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    • And what does all of this stuff about gay men have to do with my post about TS and monarch programming? Please don’t distract from the original post and stay on the subject matter!

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    • Find The.Luciferian.Doctrine.pdf

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  2. You don’t want to have bad blood, you want to have good blood. Because if you have bad blood, then the Red Cross won’t take your blood. The FDA is insane for allowing gay men MSMs to donate blood. Under liberal Obama HIV rates have gone up, and going up only because of gay men MSMs. All gay men have HIV. I believe in healthcare reform, including free HIV treatment for druggie hookers. But gay men belong in prison, and gay men must be prohibited from all healthcare, no matter how much they pay. GOD H8S FAGS

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    • but nothing we cn do coz thr iz a big support 4rm west 2 the gayz

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        • Pray the gay away?

          There are many more sins/struggles that we need to pray for. I do not agree with the homosexual lifestyle, but I do believe that we are all sinners and that we all need a Savior and we ALL need prayer.

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          • Well, I’m gay and gues what: I do not have HIV. You better reconsider your brain usage, ms. And well, I really don’t get why do gay people annoy so much this biggots. May I add: a christian spreading hate is not a christian. Gob bless you.

          • I hope you realize that I wasn’t the originator of this comment. I only posted my feelings. I have family and friends that are homosexuals. I did not speak against homosexuality. I just stated that we are all in need of prayer. I am a Christian and I love. I am not judging. I am not even sure this person commented on homosexuals. I did not mean to offend.

          • In early March 2015 the Lord God gave me the following prophetic word: “Within 3 years and 3 months all gay men will be annihilated from Southern California, and upon your death (Taylor,) there will be NO gay men in the entire world. All of these gay men will go to hell, because GOD H8S FAGS.”

          • Mao,Stalin,Hitler were a sinner’s… is genocide ok ???

        • You are very off topic. You were asked nicely to lay off of this.

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          • Untouchable Queers on this blog too… time for me to unsubscribe !

        • You’re doing exactly the same thing they want.. Drive humanity apart and become an animal. You really don’t realize what you’re saying and when you do, it’ll be too late. You are not to judge over who lives and who dies, are you really saying you’d become a murderer and to play god instead? Because then please make yourself known and I’ll get you caught as a potential terrorist.

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        • Wow, that escalated quickly…

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  3. I was literally gonna email you about this, but of course it’s already on your website!

    Agreed with all of the symbolism, I managed to spot it upon first viewing too.

    Another aspect that I think is worth noting is near the start, when Taylor gets pushed out the window. There’s a big focus on the glass shattering- almost identical to the stuff you’ve brought up in one if her past videos.
    They also slip in the eye at the end, courtesy of selena gomez and then followed by taylor from the screenshot u provided

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      • Ryan, I skipped over this a couple of times because, at that moment that I was looking at recent posts, it wasn’t a good time or place to watch it. I’m so glad I went back and viewed it. That is so interesting and amazing. I need to go back, put on my reading glasses (so I can see all the detail he is pointing out) and watch it again because there is so much in it. The concept that this is all being controlled from the spiritual realm is something I have thought about before but never even mentioned to anyone for fear of people thinking I’m crazy. When I watch TV, I wonder why so much of the programming is going a certain direction. The way it is explained in this you tube is more than I could have imagined. As I mentioned before, I’m very new to all of this so I need to order Isaac’s books and get up-to-speed but I wanted to thank you for posting this. In my opinion, it is well worth everyone’s time to watch it.

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    • Glass shattering is one of the triggers for MK Ultra and Monarch programming. Listen closely to many pop songs (eg Blurred Lines, Justin Timberlake..) and you will hear shattering glass.

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  4. thx for yo effort 2wardz ths

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  5. The Trinity – also hint to main actress (Hailee Steinfeld)/character’s split personality

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  6. Not to mention that the vid is also a man-hating piece of pretentious shit

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  7. I’m not going to keep commenting w/ debates but I definitely don’t think any videos are about religion & Christians I believe they are subconscious mind fücks to condition us for acceptance What most see as Satanic blatant images I see ancient double meanings The new age is almost the “Antichrist” that they’ve brainwashed the willless spiritual zombies to fear This entire video highlighted transhumanism & degrees As she got deeper into the base she not yet the Scarlett Witch crossed paths w/ the “head mistress” That has nothing to do w/ any religion ever created You know that Are you convinced there is a live deity concoction or the channeling of cosmic Aeons? Please You’re confusing me on wether you are awake by default or truly enlightened w/ knowledge

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  8. I really appreciate your articles. I watched the video and saw exactly what you mention but I also noticed Zendaya, who started out very sweet and innocent on Disney, is now taking on the same look as Britney Speara, Miley Cyrus and many more. The scene where she throws a knife at a white teddy bears looks to me as a statement of innocence lost. Like death of the “sweet” girl that she used to be.

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    • Good point The suppression of the alter more so

      Definitely not the death because even though all programming breaks down It still resides in the shattered scattered core Like The Matrix, a program, & it’s virus

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      • I thought the same when I saw that teddy bear… everytime I see one in this type of music videos I feel really bad about it.

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  9. I’d easily believe the worst of Taylor Swift. I know she’s the ideal of beauty for a lot of folks in the West, but I personally think she looks and acts as mean as a snake. And her music is so bad it’s almost unbelievable. I truly do not understand how so many people have such wretchedly bad taste that they buy this kind of soulless crap.

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    • Agreed. Some of her songs are catchy (they’re still garbage; but catchy at least), while this one is simply awful.

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    • most deadly snakes are have beautiful skins…… beware !

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  10. I’m kind of new to all this. When Isaac says it might be that she is “being used as a pawn by the music industry”, does that mean that she understands what messages are being sent in this video or that she doesn’t understand or that she just doesn’t have a choice? It’s disappointing because it seems it is hard to find anyone who is successful and NOT involved in this type of symbolism in the entertainment industry.
    It made me sad to read the very un-Christian hate filled message above telling who God hates and who needs to be put in prison. Yes, people who commit crimes against others must be put in prison but if everyone who sins should be put in prison, we’d all be there! That is why many people think so poorly about Christians these days. I agree with Marci…..I’m well aware of what the Bible says about it but it is not for me to judge the sins of others. I have enough of my own to worry about. It is between that person and God.

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    • Not too far back Isaac wrote about Katy Perry’s Tour Some1 asked the exact questions of also doubted how some1 who was 1nce Catholic can be a devout mockery of such w/ no acknowledgement of either like a pink elephant I responded w/

      how instances like Britney Spears shaving her head to break free from her handler’s programming versus others like her parents still having conservativeship are clear signs of cries for help

      Yes their soul is aware but all of their rituals & torture have dismantled that soul Distracted w/ insomnia & hypnotism 1 can be lobotomized like Britney or completely stolen of their will through world masses like Beyoncé Either way they end up becoming host like puppets reacting what is formatted & updated 1nce out of date they are prepped for death or self-destruct martyr like & wind up dead w/ next generations on hitlists for the same “tradition”

      Even sometimes More than not the subliminal messages are warnings serving as predictive programming So that when what we subconsciously already knew would happen happens we receive exactly how we’ve been conditioned to for proper propaganda & secret agendas Like a death that you Déjà vu It proves not just media is a counter intelligence tactic to induce psychological warfare for control but also everything that media promotes & so on & so on like a matryoshka doll

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  11. What was up with the last performance of the night? Kanya West and/or whomever? Very evil rap. All fire and smoke. Couldn’t understand a word. Left me feeling very sick and unnerved. Nauseous even. I had been looking for and seeing other Illuminati puppets through the night, but the last was dark and evil. Can anyone add some imput to what I’m refering to? The camera shot of the crowd looked as though they were acting weird, disoriented after it was over as well.

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    • I can’t really give you any input except to totally agree. It was SO dark and there was so much of the sound that was bleeped out in our area. It went completely silent for 5 seconds or so quite a few times. Even my husband who knows nothing about the Illuminati asked why they even bothered to put him on. I did notice that while they panned to Taylor and her friends dancing all night long, they didn’t do that when Kanye was on….which made me curious what she was doing while he was on. Of course they have that situation that happened in the past and that might be why they didn’t put the camera on her.

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  12. Taylor Swift is a try hard loser and her music sucks. She is using dark marketing techniques and mass mind control. This isn’t a fantasy or paranoia it is real. Disney is basically American Fascism and operates as a “joy division” for the pig Nazi’s pedophiles and Satanic cabalists pedophiles. Never call these mongoloid cousin f@ckers “elites”. They are not “elite” they are debased soul sellers and swine people. They have sold their souls so they are no longer human. They are sub-humans. Taylor Swift is too stupid to even know she is a puppet. And her music is just terrible, worthless and unlistenable.

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    • I agree, but don’t insult the swine! 🙂

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    • Everyone agrees she was more digerable when she used to sing country. But her handlers/programmers decided smth else and here she is the “new” Taylor, shittier than ever.

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  13. Is it just me or has anyone seen laverne cox nude in allure magazine doing the all seeing eye?.Not trying to judge but her popularity is going global just for starring in ‘OITNB’

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    • Its been mentioned here

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  14. Also, I’ve noticed a lot of these illuminati artists take on alter egos once they’ve become fully involved with the occult. Nicki Minaj has Roman, Britney had the alters in “toxic”, Beyoncé as Sasha fierce etc. now we have “Catastrophe” from Swift. Things that make you go hmmm..

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    • Yes, I find the alter ego thing disturbing especially when one can watch Beyonce online talk about how she lifted up her arms and something just came down into her body and took over before she performed. Also, that she remembers nothing about the performance after it is over. That really makes me go “Hmmmm.”! I’m not that familiar with the others yet except I saw something where Manaj was talking about “him” and how he won’t go away. I am amazed that people, in general, aren’t bothered by these statements.

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      • Yes, I agree Donna and I had even posted it on fb where Beyonce talks about being possessed by ‘Sasha Fierce”. Most people just said she was probably drugged or saying that to get people’s attention. They don’t pay any attention. With a lot of people I’ve observed though, the truth could be right in front of them and they would never see it and just keep denying

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  15. Oh no triangles, RUN FOR THE HILLS!!!!1111111

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    • Every uprising has it’s trolls I suppose

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      • If this is an uprising, lol epic fail.

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        • The epic fail is your lack of will to move on Either you are here to discuss or troll We understand your purpose

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    • I certainly wouldn’t run for the hills. If anything they’ll push it to the point where the only way to rebel against santaic “pop culture” and be subversive again is to be a fucking Republican or something. I’m so fucking over this shit. Wooooo, I’m so cool and alternative I have an occult video and occult clothing, wooooo.

      Once something becomes “pop” it stops being cool. Now, it’s just sad and pathetic. When Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift do it, it’s over. On to something else.

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  16. I remember when TW rented an apt with a special indoor birdcage that she had to have (Monarch). Seriously who rents a giant birdcage?

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  17. 3:06, The City of London….Does not N M Rothschilds & Sons work out of this building?

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  18. In the video, Paradise Stolen- The myth of overpopulation, there is an excerpt about a certain mouse experiment, where they made a home for about 300 rats, and put 4 to start. over time, they populated, and populated, and populated, and populated to the point where there was almost no room. at that point came a generation of mouse which was very beautiful,m and very stupid. not long after that, the mouse started killing one another over stress of not having enough resources, and tired of being around so many other mice, until they eventually killed themselves off through fighting one another. This is the point of ” Bad Blood.” ive got all the money and power and you have to live with the bad blood now They, corporate elite, us, this generation and the next if these reproducing monkeys do not stop the proliferation of negative, false propaganda into the minds of their offspring.

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  19. if you are a real christian you wouldn’t judge gay people.

    The BIBLE says do not judge.Only GOD knows why there are such things

    The only thing we all need to do is pray for ourselves to be forgiven for ours sins and the LORD to come and save us.

    So stop focusing on useless issues that you can never know the answers to and pray that you be forgiven for judging others while we are all siners.We are not perfect too.

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    • Yes, we are sinners. However, we are to judge “sin” not the sinner as all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God. However, if you don’t judge “sinful behavior” and speak out against it, how does a person hear the word of God and conclude they are sinners and in need of a Savior? The Bible clearly states that homosexuality is wrong, a man sinning against his own body, and goes against the natural order of creation. Another man’s sin maybe being a thief, or a murderer, or a liar, or waster of time. We all have our sins and our chronic sinners. You see, it’s not wrong to call out sin. In fact we need to in order to bring about repentance in the sinner…so they then can realize they need a Savior and forgiveness. According to your logic, you would also say, “Don’t judge that person who murdered his spouse” or “Don’t judge that thief who stole money as we shouldn’t judge!” Ridiculous. We all make judgements every single day and are called to make those judgements based on what God’s Word has to say about right and wrong. This leaves the door right open to hear that Jesus died for sinners. Homosexuals, murders, thieves, you and me. You minimize the impact of sin and how it leads to hell, you minimize the saving work of Jesus on the cross for your salvation. It’s a loving thing to do to convict a sinner to repentance with the Word of God’s Law, and to then proclaim God’s grace through forgiveness in Jesus.

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      • I truly agree with you Joy…well written God loves the sinner but hates sins. How I wish that all the people may know the goodness of being in the Lord. This illuminati thing is preventing God’s people not to inherit His kingdom … sad!!!!

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  20. Especially interesting if you’re familiar with the Back To The Future decoded video on youtube, 1989 syncs up with Back To The Future 2, Red syncs up with Back To The Future 1, Speak Now syncs up with Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and Fearless syncs up with Fearless. Example montages –

    BTTF decoded –

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  21. What if….Taylor Swift is Zeena LaVey’s daughter?

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  22. Im not sure if this will be read, or just another dead post. I became fascinated in the occultist symbology, perpetuated throughout the world, via a plethora of platforms (social media, film, music etc…). However, I am saddened to see likeminded people ferociously attacking each others orientation and preference. Ones sexual practice should not be the dominant factor that defines them as a human being. while you have all bashed each others carnal indulgences, and lost the thread of what this post was about, you have inevitably played in to their hands. To quote a US President ” A house divided is a house that falls”. They will if we can not get over our differences, why do think they are so powerful? Yes money, power and mind control are major contributively factors but also, they accept one another. Gay, straight, black white, (lizard), man, woman, American, British, Christian, jewish, muslim…… they win because they do not fight against themselves, so lets not make it easier for them them.

    Also. You point out the trinity and red hair being the scarlet woman but don’t point out the metamorphosis of this from the blonde hair i.e a pure breed will bring about the destruction of man.

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    • Just want you to know….I read your post! And I wholeheartedly agree. Very well said.

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