Illuminati Symbolism in Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer

Hello everyone; welcome back to! I’m your host Isaac Weishaupt and today I’ll be talking about my latest obsession; Star Wars.

I’ve been talking about this on countless radio shows podcasts, and even wrote an entire book on the subject (*it’ll be free on May 4th for a few days on Amazon- sign up for the free email newsletter to get the details closer to time).


Many of you are familiar with these topics of the Force and it’s New Age global consciousness agenda, but today I’ll cover the latest symbols that we saw in the trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi.


The Takeover of Religion

The big idea here is that the film is boasting its release on Christmas and the sci-fi genre is the key weapon being used to destroy this Christian holiday.


Many people don’t see the harm in tales of super heroes and science fiction, but I assure you this is the agenda’s source of manipulation (I’ve got hundreds of articles on the topic). The early occultists were obsessed with sci-fi and rightfully so- they are paving the way for the destruction of religion and the installment of a Luciferian world view and the belief in humans evolving into super-beings (which is all a deception).

Another example of this “hijack” was found by a friend I follow on Facebook and Instagram (Michael Szymborski). You’ll notice when they say the Jedi must end you’ll see Luke Skywalker exiting the cave:

The obvious conflation here is that Luke is somehow akin to Jesus Christ (since this trailer was released on Holy Friday).


Another consideration is that he is leaving the womb and will be officially “reborn” nine months later- on Christmas day when The Last Jedi releases.


Star of Semiramis

If you noticed the map on the trailer has 8 points; congratulations!


This is the symbol utilized in Chaos Magick (the 8 of wands) and hidden all throughout the last film by Stanley Kubrick; Eyes Wide Shut (see Kubrick’s Code for more).


The All Seeing Eye

In the movie poster for this film, we see the classic symbol of the All Seeing Eye:

I’ve covered this in the past in the Decoding Illuminati Symbolism series; so check that out if you’re not familiar with this esoteric symbol!


It’s been utilized in the Disney Star Wars productions for good reason– only the “Illuminati” and your subconscious understand…


Just like the trailer tells us; this is a tale about reconciling the opposites and learning that “evil” (the dark side) is not a path that should be condemned, but rather considered as an option. Another consideration I don’t go into here (or my book) is the connections to be had with Charles Manson’s HELTER SKELTER theory; a concept I’ve broken down much further in the past, but you can make the connections for yourself when you consider a possible source text from which Manson got his race war theories:

” …preparation for the Battle of Armageddon, which they believed would be the final struggle between… black and white.” MansonBlog(see for more on this source text)

If you’re not aware of the agenda happening; I’d highly advise you to keep an open mind and learn more. They are accelerating the pace of the goals for destroying the world as we know it through nihilism and entertainment. The Roman Empire was brought down in a similar manner with the “Bread and Circus” tactics so don’t be surprised when it happens…

I made a VERY short video on this trailer that you can check out on the IlluminatiWatcher1 YouTube channel (*be sure to subscribe). I’d advise you to watch the more in-depth Illuminati Symbolism of Star Wars video though- it’s got the information you want:


Thanks for reading and sign up for my free email newsletter for MANY more examples of how this is being conducted! If you’re interested in Star Wars specifically- I’ve got just the thing for you in my latest book (which like I said before; it will be FREE on May 4th for a few days on If you get on that email list you’ll get the details- so please do so.

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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Just noticed that on the movie poster the star of semiramis with the light saber and Rey resembles an upside down cross.

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      • The last Star Wars movie that came out was Rogue One btw

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        • It’s a side plot. Not even a spin off since all the main characters are not from tri-trilogy

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  2. A planet that is awakened to the vibration of love is a magical time and place to be alive, congratulations what you have in store will deliver so much more than what came before. It will be impossible to ignore forever more the glory of our story. Light and Dark dancing together in the ark, a grey baby is born out of the storm, delivering us something out of the norm.

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