Illuminati symbolism in Sochi Olympics opening ceremony


The 2014 Winter Olympic Games started up, and the opening ceremony was put on by the Russians in their newly built Fisht Olympic Stadium. It was mostly a visual telling of Russia’s history through the use of various symbolism and scenes. But of course it wouldn’t have been a worldwide event (aka ritual) without some Illuminati symbolism being sprinkled into the mix.

The first thing I noticed during the ‘pre-game’ with Bob Costas was the double headed eagle that was splashed across the screen among various Russian symbols:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Olympics Sochi Opening Ceremony Mason Eagle


The double headed eagle goes back to the Byzantine Empires, and can arguably get traced back even further to the secret schools of mystery and also the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. The double headed eagle is found on many Russian symbols, including its Coat of Arms:

Russia Coat of Arms Eagle


The Freemasons call the double headed eagle the Eagle of Lagash, and some Freemason websites claim that Scottish Freemason Albert Pike once said:

“As the Adept knows, the double-headed eagle is a Hermetic Symbol, representing the Divine Generative Potency, and Productive Capacity of Nature. like the human figure with two heads, one male the other female, – God and Nature; the Egypian Osiris and Isis.”

Moving on to the actual opening ceremony, the first feature were the three horses which were symbolic for the ‘troika-bird’ which is a cultural icon of Russia:
IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Olympics Sochi Opening Ceremony Horse

However, you know we like to approach all of this from a different angle…so… these horses are symbolism for Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death. Why do I say that? Because there is just too much coincidental information happening this week. As I point out in the post about the Illuminati sacrifice of Philip Seymour Hoffman on Imbolg occult holiday:

There are several odd coincidences to point out as well; they are more like loose ends that could be tied up together. Today is the 33rd day of the year; a number important to Freemasonry with the 33rd degree being the highest an initiate can attain, so that supports some numerology theories. The Super Bowl featured a performer by the name of Phillip Phillips (some American Idol winner) singing during the Tailgate party.  Check out this video that points out a whole lot of odd coincidences (e.g. Broncos=Horse=Heroin=Apocalypse Horsemen, etc.):

So now, not even a week later, we see more horse symbolism. Tie that in with the definition of the name ‘Philip’ as one who is fond of horses, or ‘horse lover’; you have a lot of synchronicity there.

Next we saw the horses pulling a sun:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Olympics Sochi Opening Ceremony Sun Horse


This seemed to even confuse NPR:

In the darkened stadium, three horses gallop across the interior, with a red/yellow disc representing the sun (?) trailing behind them.

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that the sun was symbolism for solar deities, since that is one of the main tenants of Illuminati and occult beliefs. They’ve worshiped solar deities like Horus and have continued to show adoration through symbolism to this day. From my post about Beyonce and her Drunk in Love Illuminati symbolism:

For the noobs the All Seeing Eye is a symbol for the Illuminati for a variety of reasons. The one I prefer to use is the occult beliefs that have been held close to their cold little hearts since the time of the ancient Egyptians (and further back I’m sure). That belief is that the eye is symbolic of the Eye of Horus (as seen on the dollar bill). This ties into Aleister Crowley and his introduction of the Aeon of Horus. He communicated with a demon in Egypt who claimed to be communicating via the deity Horus. The preceding Aeon of Osiris was one in which Set (aka Satan) was considered evil. This was supposedly a misconception because Satan is the true form of illumination, and calling it evil was only a way of concealing how holy Satan truly is. It was a way of suppressing our desire to seek our true inner-selves and to look to an external god for power. This concept is conveyed through the eye (e.g. opening the Eye of Shiva, the Eye of Set, the All Seeing Eye) because it absorbs all of the light that the solar deity Horus projects.

And speaking of eyes, did you notice the formation of the eye during the opening ceremony?:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Olympics Sochi Opening Ceremony Eye



Speaking of eyes; Bob Costas sort of went viral because one of his eyes was swollen and red, giving him the opportunity to claim that it was as ‘red as the old Soviet flag’, and prompting its own article/post about the potential of Bob being an MK ULTRA mind control victim:



Bob Costas Eye


And finally, there was also some not-so-subtle references to the actual history of Russia and the Orwellian Soviet Union which was represented by the uniformity and gears in motion:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Olympics Sochi Opening Ceremony Orwell


There’s also the infamous lighting of the five Olympic rings that failed to complete. The fifth ring didn’t expand out, and even Huffington Post suggested a conspiracy:

But in order to answer that question I’d ask a different one altogether: Is there a hidden message behind the failure?

Please consider that prior to 1951, each Olympic ring corresponded with a particular continent: blue represented Europe, yellow represented Asia, black represented Africa, green represented Australia and red — the fifth circle — represented the Americas.

Keep that in mind as you think about how Russia and America aren’t exactly on the best of terms: accusations of espionage, clashes over Syria, the Edward Snowden affair, tension over Gay Rights, Russia’s anti-America adoption laws, and–like icing on the cake–President Obama’s refusal to attend the Sochi Opening Ceremony.

Indeed, given our rather icy relationship, the fact that the fifth circle didn’t open up and join the others looks less and less coincidental.

That’s about all that I could see during this opening ceremony. It’s kind of weak, which was surprising considering the rest of the Illuminati symbolism around the Sochi Olympic Games.



Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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    Best regards 😉
    By the way, try letting the light in your life and better days will come 😉

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      • Simply funny ! .. Checking the other replies yours seems the less interesting one .. This site should be called : “Superstitious Weirdoes” .. Good luck 😉

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    • Those are the 3 of the 4 horses of Revelation – which means “unveiling”. And that is no “sun” it is an ANUS. Which is the fad of the day aka sodomy. That is what caused YHWH to flood the rats and also torch the fags in the 5 cities of SODOM. NB paul/saul was a FALSE “apostle”.
      Pls visit CluesForum and VigilantCitizen.

      PS get rid of the annoying AD with audio errrrr

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      • Thanks Alan. I’ll work on the annoying ad; just gotta find the code and delete. I try not to get those annoying ads but that one slipped in

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      • Got rid of that audio/sound enabled ad. Should be gone once the browsers refresh the cache. That thing was annoying.

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    • There is NOTHING and I repeat FUCKING NOTHING normal about a system where few benefit off the back of majority. Where corporations earn millions by dumping toxic wastes into the ocean. Poisoning of the enviroment, where government sends young imature kids to war, where banks benefit from selling weapons, where poverty rate is rising.

      “When rich steal from poor, it’s called business, when poor fights back it’s called crime”

      Every time I hear someone say “well that’s life” I want to slap him across his fucking face. The idiocy, life has nothing to do with the system. Life is a gift. System is a poison. To live free. Realise how corrupt and grosely overused, abused and misused humans are in the system. Let them drown in their own stupidity. Spread information. If they have what it takes they will slowly ask more questions if not. Let them fall. Maybe that will be a wakeup call if it isn’t too late. It’s not our job to do thinking for them. They need to do it themselves! Period!

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      • Top words ,that’s the way I think ,out of the system ,free of sin ,fuck the government ,its not my evil its there’s ,i’ll never be pure or stupid enough for religion .

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    • tortillas are round you silly rabbit. that is becuase of the global jewish nwo conspiracy, but the incas who will arise from the ashes with heirloom seeds will save us from Monsanto the nephilim beast

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    • wot a sad person u r ,I hate the repression we find are selfs in but you have lost the plot .Quick look to the sky ….see that cloud….it looks like the satan …were all doomed ,run for you life …….TWAT

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      • Hahahaha funniest reply ever .. Well said bro 😉

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      • Learn to spell, and use grammar correctly.
        YOU are the TWAT with your 2nd grade education.
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  2. I thought maybe there was some symbolism to the superbowl. The horse… I was born the year of the horse, a Sagittarius, raised a Broncos fan. The year of the horse that the broncos go to the superbowl and get so royally stomped that it looks like a rigged game…

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    • And when I was posting this comment Mozilla sent me some error too, but nevermind…

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    • Problem fixed, sorry about the confusion. See my post for details but the bottom line is the site is clean.

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  4. The double headed Hapsburg eagle is a symbol of the bloodline royal power of Europe, one continent united by centuries of dynastic intermarriage. Its use here recalls the Phoenix at the London Olympics, which hung over the field whole One Direction sang We Can Rule the World. The two headed eagle is also a solar symbol, the heads representing the sunrise and sunset. Also at London when the Pet Shop Boys played the singer Neil Tennant rode a sun chariot pulled by a bicycle, I think with similar dual symbolism. It can also refer back to Horus, with one eye as the sun and one as the moon. And the PSB’s played West End Girl, which could also mysticalley refer to sunrise and -set – East End boys and West End girls. I commented on Vigilant Citizen at the time that that song also refers to the train ride “from Lake Geneva to the Finland Station” that Lenin took at the start of communism, which is supposed to
    have been a NWO plot.

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    • Cont.- I think it’s interesting that similar symbolism carried over from one opening ceremony to another with the additional connection on a mention of the origins of communism. I’ve also commented on VC that I think the darker occult use of Phoenix imagery refers to a Near Eastern mythological bird called the zu or anzu, a Luciferian bird that tried to block out the sun with its wings at the beginning of
      creation. It’s referred to in the Sumerian Huluppu Tree story which I believe is a reference to the qliphoth, the tree of death. Thus the anzu refers to some force that comes from the darkness to steal the divine light.

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      • Cont. – communism was supposed to bring a workers’ paradise but was a shellgame that traded one despotic elite for another. I’d be interested to know if Lenin was actually of royal Euro bloodline.

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    • PS. Thinking Also about a fairy tale called East of the Sun and West of the Moon which is a Nordic version of the tale of Eros and Psyche,, a blueprint for how a mortal can become a god by uniting the Pingala (solar) and Ida (lunar) streams of kundalini energy. Tye West End Girls lyrics reminded me of that story.

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      • Most of these posters need to learn to spell.
        Read a book.

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        • Did i upset your feelings ,make your blood boil like Satan ,you must be suffering with delusion too . ,,,mmmmm con”troll” freak

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    • You should have had him pay for an education for you. Maybe you would be rich in intelligence and know how to write so people could understand you. Sounds like it could be an interesting tale. Too bad I can’t figure out what you’re saying.

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