Illuminati symbolism in Ring of Honor professional wrestling


I never thought I’d be able to make this post where I can talk about two loves of mine: Illuminati symbolism and professional wrestling. I’m a product of the 80’s, so wrestling has usually been a part of my life (except for a few periods in the early 2000s). I lost interest when WCW went away, but am now a casual fan of Ring of Honor wrestling as I find WWE a bit too mainstream.

So without further delay, here’s what I found.


I’m an avid fan of the low(er) budget wrestling of Ring of Honor (ROH). If you aren’t hip to this brand of wrestling then you’re in for a treat because it’s pretty good at high flying action (unlike WWE which in my opinion is too much talk, too much flash, not enough good stuff).

In ROH, there is a three man group that calls themselves The Decade. This group of wrestlers consists of Jimmy Jacobs, Roderick Strong, and B.J. Whitmer, and their logo is the Illuminati pyramid with the All Seeing Eye atop:


When Roderick Strong wrestles you can see him sporting the pink panties that have the ‘X’ on it which some could argue is the Roman numeral for 10 (or the decade), but let’s conjecture that it might also be the mark of the beast, as I point out in Kabbalah conspiracy theories & Illuminati symbolism in pop culture:

The concept of the Kabbalah and the demons within the Qliphoth are further explained by theorist Freeman Fly in his book Weird Stuff: Operation Culture Creation. He goes into detail on how the entertainment industry and even politicians are take part of this ritual of invoking the fallen angels through the extensive use of the number 66. Freeman asserts that there are 66 fallen angels in the Qliphoth, and we see the Hebrew numerology play that out as the English combinations of ‘F’s, ‘O’s, and ‘X’s


In fact, all of the members of The Decade wear the symbol of the demons of the Qlipoth, even the X with the circle around it like the X-Men:


The fusion of the X and the O is another level of the Illuminati agenda, as I point out in the Illuminati symbolism of the “Mark of the Beast”. We also see the wrestler Chris Daniels sporting a similar X and O:

IlluminatiWatcher Mark of the Beast ROH X O Chris Daniels


C’mon ref that was a three count!” Or maybe that’s the 666 hand gesture


That is all for now. If you see any Illuminati symbolism in wrestling hit me up. I’ve also got a post about the Ultimate Warrior’s predicting the Illuminati sacrifice if you’re into the 80’s stuff.


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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. I also like the more old-school style low budget wrestling – reminds me of when I used to watch Houston Wrestling with my granddad after the news on Saturday nights when I was VERY little. I don’t doubt that the symbols used in ROH are influenced by the Illuminati symbolism pervading our culture in general, but I wonder if it’s intentional or just following “fashion” trends.

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    • I took a look at the ROH website (never heard of them before) and it does look like there’s a considerable amount of Illuminati symbolism in some of the poses and clothing people are doing/wearing on the “roster” of wrestlers. For example, one of the girls is doing the devil horns symbol with her hands and sticking her tongue out…I know Freeman Fly has mentioned how the tongue out pose is indicative of the Goddess Kali (see also Miley Cyrus). Incidentally, this girl is also named “Ms. Chif” (mischief = chaos = war?). One of the more sexy, centerfold type women has an upside down cross on her hoodie. Many of the guys are giving hand signals of various kinds (some of the guys are also incredibly hot, including the still adorable Matt Hardy…yes, I’m a girl). I do see Illuminati influence here but again, not sure if they’re just trying to follow trends or if the powers that be are really behind this.

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  2. Checkout the symbolism in the new wwe tag team “The Ascension” entrance video. Noticed this last night

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  3. Almost ev’rything is infiltrated by mind control/MK ULTRA so no wonder

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  4. I love wrestling and will watch anything but wwe but when it comes to Roy I noticed a guy wereing eye of Horus to he goes by beam in tan and look at cena hand sign 666 and look at cm punk he used x to maybe someone above them is making them do that but who knows I hate that’d even watch a cartoon that I thought was save I saw curious gourge do two 666 over each eye at the same time it happen quick but I saw it it makes me said nothing is safe from iluminati symbols

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    • Cartoons, especially children’s cartoons, are one of the main targets for their symbolism. I have 2 children, 3 & 5, and I have limited them to almost no T.V. watching due to this subconscious onslaught. It is literally EVERYWHERE!…and not even hidden anymore. Disney junior, the sprout network, etc…nothing but witchcraft, satanic symbolism, esoteric symbology.
      Well, Walt Disney was a 33rd degree freemason and you can only achieve that degree by furthering the “Great Work”…and he sure did in a big way.

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  5. Haha wrestling is a guilty pleasure for many I expect. WWE is rubbish now though you’re right. Wrestling has long been ahead of the curve with this stuff though it’s kind of like the rock and roll lifestyle without the music. Many people still think the NWO is just a tag team lol. Check out this video of Hogan and Macho man from 1989 predicting 9/11:

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    • Haha, great find! That was the Brother Love skit, I remember those. But yea- that was during Macho Man’s prime time with the Mega Powers. Good stuff.

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    • As an aside, I have never understood the term “guilty pleasures”.

      Why on earth would anyone feel guilty (or ashamed as I assume it means) about what gives them pleasure?

      Totally don’t get it.

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  6. hey nice post . I’ve really learnt a lot from them , I just have a puzzling question. I play basketball and do the 666 handsign unconsciously to tell my teammates to shoot a three. I’m wondering if I’m doing some kind of wrong, if I am is there an alternative way of signalling 3s without occult ties?

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    • No- you’re fine. These artists aren’t using it to shoot 3 pointers, they’re doing it for an entirely different reason.

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    • Its all about intention

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  7. We can talk about symbols all day long, but have you ever thought about WWE and ROH’s conspiracy to further monopolize the wrestling business?

    Unless you are living under a rock, WWE’s NXT is gaining a lot of popularity recently. WWE scouts a lot of indie talents, and most of them come from ROH. As most of us are aware, indy wrestling fans despise WWE, mostly due to brand association, so Vince and Paul had to devise a brilliant strategy: slowly eat up indy talents and make indy their own brand.

    I’ve been browsing forums and social media lately, and I have noticed that more and more indy wrestling fans are becoming NXT (or WWE) converts. Yes, NXT gives us great wrestling shows but at the expense of ROH’s talents and audience reach. It’s as if the fans are unaware that they selling their integrity from what they despise in the first place.

    And it’s not only indy promotions that are affected. I have thought of another conspiracy: WWE and indy promotions are screwing TNA’s reputation through social media spinning. As wrestling fans who frequently browse the Internet, I’m sure you guys are aware that people have been dissing TNA for years now. Yes, TNA’s product has taken a plunge since Hogan and Bischoff came to the company and they are still having difficulty to reclaim their former glory, but in my opinion, the amount of hate TNA gets is just brutal. For example, several wrestling news sites have made countless bogus reports on the company’s downfall. Also, CEO Dixie Carter has received death threats for running the company to the ground. Like seriously, wanting to kill a business leader for not pleasing your free entertainment. Give me a break. Despite all the shenanigans, TNA managed to recover in 2015, and their product has shown signs of improvement.

    After monitoring all the news and opinions TNA got from 2013-14, I just can’t help to think that there’s some sort of authority behind this to cause wrestling journalists and anonymous internet users to spew hate and bogus reports. I assume WWE, with the help of mindless indy fans, want to knock TNA out of the game because TNA’s brand hovers between mainstream and indy. WWE sees this as a threat.

    Look, I’m not pushing that these are facts. In fact, my conspiracies are just a product of my imagination. My message is that wrestling fans need to be more conscious of what is going on in the big picture. We need to stop picking sides, blindly following our favorites, and just enjoy the show for what it is (and not what it stands for).

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    • Whether you think TNA can be considered as a competition or not, it continues to be popular among wrestling fans to some degree. I don’t seen to cite statistics and ratings, because people taking the time to criticize them say in and day out says a lot. Same as NXT getting praise despite still having a rather small fanbase.

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    • There’s a lot of truth there. I haven’t followed WWE for some time now, but there was definitely a monopoly agenda there. Similar to how cigarette companies are now buying up the vapor companies- they want to control everything. Just like the Illuminati.

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  8. Hi Issac, this is an older article that you shared but the ROH is now all over TV. I often come across it late at night. Also, I just signed up for another fall/winter season of CBS All Access so I can view Season 2 of “Strange Angel”. Wasn’t going to but I sincerely like period/historic dramas & movies. Also, we all know how JPL goes deep into the dark abyss of Aleister Crowley. If you haven’t taken the time to watch it, I highly recommend the show. For those with eyes to see, it’s blatantly obvious what’s going on. Thanks, for all you do. Darlene

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