Illuminati symbolism in ‘Prisoners’ film

I haven’t seen it, nor did I have any intentions of seeing it, but the film Prisoners has me intrigued to go after reading through various posts about it and the symbolism found within.

The film is about two young girls who get abducted and a Detective played by Jake Gyllenhaal named Loki chases the first suspect who goes by the name of Alex Jones (see the subtle programming of labeling a man named Alex Jones as the crazy one…). The other player in the film is Hugh Jackman’s character, named Keller Dover.



Prisoners Poster

Without going further in and giving away anything, Hugh Jackman is a carpenter, and that is analogous to Jesus Christ. The film is supposed to have an underlying thread of Christianity throughout, as SplashFromAbove  points out in its fairly detailed breakdown of the film:

The clearest symbolism throughout the novel was based upon Christianity. The first shot involved the main character reciting a Biblical verse, while his son shoots a deer. Immediately following the scene, the camera focuses on a cross (I couldn’t tell if it was a cross or a crucifix) swaying from the rearview mirror of the character’s (Dover) truck. We soon learn that Dover is a carpenter. Because he’s played by Hugh Jackman, we know that the movie will focus on him, on his sorrow, his grief, his turmoil. The message is clear: this is our Messianic character.

A little more is learned about Dover — that he stockpiles in his basement, is prepared for anything, loves Springsteen and the Star-Spangled banner. This is a man who sees in black and white. His faith does not align with the Judaic tradition of questioning — it is a stark world of good and evil

There are also supposed to be a ton of symbolism regarding wood and trees, which that same website mentions is found in Pagan forest gods. The film also prominently displays several crosses throughout (again, I haven’t seen it so I’ve got to take it from face value).

The Trinity also finds its way in there:

There are three suspects throughout the movie. The first suspect is an RV-driving man with the intelligence of a ten year old (Alex Jones). We know next to nothing about him, at the beginning — everything that we learn is through the words of his aunt, who adopted him and raised him. The second suspect is a priest, with a mysterious hidden basement who confesses to having killed at least two men. There is, then, a suspect who is a Father, and a suspect who is a Son. Sure enough, about an hour into the film, another suspect emerges — a man whose name we do not know, whose backstory we do not know — a man who flees when we first meet him, but somehow sneaks into houses and elude the cops. A ghost.

We also get symbolism by way of the serpent and Roman soldiers, as is pointed out by that post.

We can move onto the obvious draw to Nordic mythology with Gyllenhall’s character’s name of Loki, which is the Nordic God that we saw in the film Thor.


His is tatted up with symbols found in Freemasonry and the Zodiac (Gyllenhall was in the film Zodiac as well; not sure how that plays in there). Loki/Gyllenhall wears a ring with a Masonic symbol, and has hand tattoos that include a cross, neck tattoo of a star, and zodiac signs.


We also know that there are shots of the single eye in the film, with Alex Jones’ beating that left him with only one good eye. There are supposed to be shots throughout that emphasize this (I’ll post them when/if I ever obtain them).  The one eye is more along the lines of the Nordic mythology, which is Anthony Hopkins character in Thor as Odin.

Thor eye Loki

I’d like to point out that the horns found on Loki and Odin are symbolism for the stag god (while Odin features the one- all seeing eye as well). Without going too far off track, check out the Occult & Illuminati holiday traditions post for more on the stag god (aka the horned god, aka Moloch). We see one eye imagery in Thor elsewhere too:

Thor eye

More to come on this post, I’ll update with images once I get them…





Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Heres a movie Ive never seen, and let me tell you about it. Jeez common man.

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    • Awful post. You didn’t even bother to see the film, or make a claim on the symbolism within it. You list some blatant facts and that’s it. You should feel bad.

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  2. In the scene where Loki is on the computer, he is wearing a clearly masonic compass ring on his pinky. BOOOYAH! Damn im good

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  3. Another NWO/Illuminati element not mentioned here: The opening scene features Hugh Jackman hunting with his son, and his son shoots a deer. The son, when recounting the incident later to a friend who has asked him if he felt bad about shooting the deer, states that his father said it was important to control the deer population…”Culling the herd”/depopulation is known to be high on the list of the agenda of NWO through various means.

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  4. the ring that the detective is wearing sometimes in the film is illuminati

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