Illuminati symbolism in Neon Trees ‘Sleeping With a Friend’ video


The band Neon Trees released a video for Sleeping With a Friend and it’s chocked full of Illuminati and Freemason symbolism. This could’ve been seen coming from a mile away since the band is comprised of LDS Mormons from Utah, and the LDS faith shares much in common with Freemasonry (by way of symbolism; thanks to its founder Joseph Smith who was a former Freemason). The song is kind of disturbing because it sounds so awful and pop-py that I’m sure it will be on the radio (if it isn’t already; I wouldn’t know because I don’t do Top 40) infecting kids and making them watch their video.

So let’s see what we’ve got…


First, approaching from the top level, this song seems to be referring to a sexual orgy. The lyrics are suggesting that two friends sleep together, and then potentially all of the friends sleep together, in what I believe is a sex magick ritual:

We are both young, hot-blooded people
We don’t wanna die alone
Two become one, it could be lethal
Sleeping with a friend

All my friends
All my friends
All my friends
All my friends

Sex magick is important to the occult and Illuminati, as is pointed out by the forefathers of this latest Illuminati movement (e.g. Aleister Crowley, Kenneth Grant, etc.). Here’s a snippet from my post on Aleister Crowley & the Illuminati magick trance on the entertainment industry:

Getting back to Crowley, his interest in the occult and magick continued and he proceeded in seemingly innocuous activities such as yoga and Tantra. These activities are practiced by celebrities and are viewed as some kind of New Age, peaceful actions; but their roots are more evil than that. Even though yoga is good for clearing the mind, it pushes an anti-Christian concept of finding God within you, which abandons Christian teachings of following the true Creator and glorifies the person themselves. The Tantric practices are another form of sex magick, which is simply a ritual. These themes will come up again, since Crowley was able to push this agenda of promoting the importance of “self” over religion.

We see this sex ritual play out (in part) during the video with the male represented by the upright pyramid (the symbol for the phallus):

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Neon Trees Illuminati symbolism eye pyramid


And the woman represented by an inverted pyramid (symbolizing the female, or moon goddess). Here it is a cupcake but you can still see it:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Neon Trees Illuminati symbolism inverted pyramid

The first major symbol worth pointing out is the All Seeing Eye of Horus. Crowley used this (as did the Freemasons who put it on the U.S. Dollar bill) to convey a representation of who is running things. He communicated with the spirit of the Egyptian god Horus to dictate his Thelema religion (of which many entertainers are members of). More from that Crowley post above:

What I find most interesting about all of this, is that the Aeon of Horus that Crowley prophesied about is coming through in the entertainment industry through their use of the symbolism of the one eye and also the rising popularity of younger aged stars which supports the worship of children as gods found in the Aeon of Horus. Acts such as Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, and Willow Smith are all common household names, and this isn’t without reason. The entertainment industry is riddled with occult worshippers and Crowley followers embedded in groups such as Freemasonry, OTO, Thelema, A.:A.:, etc. and the evidence is all around us.

Take a look at the many ‘eyes’ in the video:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Neon Trees Illuminati symbolism eye 2

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Neon Trees Illuminati symbolism eye


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Neon Trees Illuminati symbolism eye 3

Here’s one that adds the ‘666’ hand gesture to the Eye:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Neon Trees Illuminati symbolism 666 eye

In case you didn’t get that:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Neon Trees Illuminati symbolism 666 eye 2

There’s also crazy eyes, indicative of mind control:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Neon Trees Illuminati symbolism eye mind control

And finally we can see that the floor is checkered, which is symbolism for Freemasonry (tying us back to that LDS-Freemasonry link). There’s also a cube with eyes on it floating around. That cube is symbolism for Saturn Worship; another esoteric form of worship for these Illuminati types.

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Neon Trees Illuminati symbolism Mason cube eye


Here’s the video:





Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Neon Tree could refer to the Tree of Life in kabbalah. The sephirot are referred to as lights. The fact that the name is Neon Trees, plural, might also include the Qliphoth, the dualistic dark side of the Tree.

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    • Um, you’re trying way too hard. The band name has been explained in a hundred interviews (at least). The Neon Trees is a referrence to the neon trees in the logo of In n Out Burgers. The lead singer’s father worked for a sign company that installed them.

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  2. My comment on your Rihanna post did not show?…

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    • Anmari- it might be cuz of caching issues. I’m going through a third party to host my site right now and the cache times are goofy. The layout and theme overall is still in an experimental phase, so you’ll see that comment soon. Thanks

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  3. I just watched the full video on YouTube and I can now confirm that it is a load of shit. However you didn’t mention the knives hanging from parachutes. This reminds me of ” the Sword of
    Damocles”. Could represent the delicacy of power maby.

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  4. “Hi. Our new video has nothing to do with the Illuminati. I happen to like eyeballs and pyramids and colors. God is good.”
    -To quote the lead singer of the band.

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  5. Um, I’m not sure I’m buying it. And what good does it do if teenagers have no clue about the illuminati? Obviously the influences of music can’t be avoided. As parents, we have to guide them. Song lyrics are just words, and videos just moving pictures.

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    • Music and pictures have a greater influence on people than you think. It is true that parents have to guide them, and influences of music cannot be avoided, but if teenagers have no idea what the Illuminati is, it’s up to the parents to inform them the best way they know how.

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