Illuminati symbolism in Lana Del Rey’s ‘Born to Die’ music video


This is yet another old topic that I missed out on in 2011 (ok, so sue me for being behind the times), but pop singer Lana Del Rey released a video called Born to Die that has freemasonry symbolism throughout.

The video was shot at the French Palace of Fontainebleau, which has its links to Freemasonry solely based on its location within France. The Merovingian Franks were entangled in Illuminati and Freemasonry, as I point in my book (you haven’t bought it yet!? Go ahead and follow the link). Wiki tells us that the palace was referenced by none other than Illuminati goddess Madonna in her song Secret Garden.



Del Rey gives us a sign of Freemasonry known as the ‘sign of preservation’ with one finger pointing up:

IlluminatiWatcherdotCom lana del ray

Here’s a shot where she puts her hand over one eye, emphasizing the Illuminati all seeing- one eye of Horus; yet another Freemasonry reference:

IlluminatiWatcherdotCom lana del ray 2

The tatted up boyfriend is in the background as he gives motion of slicing one’s throat, another symbol of Freemasonry:

IlluminatiWatcherdotCom lana del ray 3

And Lana also does the same throat cutting motion, which is indicative to induction/promotion in the secret society and the acknowledgment of death if she tells any secrets:

IlluminatiWatcherdotCom lana del ray 4

Ke$ha did this in her satanic symbolism filled Die Young video (“Born to Die” and “Die Young”?…):


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Kesha DY16



At the end of the video we see her dead in his arms, a sacrifice:

IlluminatiWatcherdotCom lana del ray 5

And then the parting shot is the flag of America, showing the connection between the Illuminati and those who control the images of countries around the world:

IlluminatiWatcherdotCom lana del ray 8

She has a recurring theme of America and the flag, and there will be more on that to come in a separate post I’m building.

flag lana del ray

Here’s the video:


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. It’s also worth noting that the one picture with the tattooed boyfriend in the background is VERY similar to an inverted Hanged Man (per Tarot) which, for one, can indicate sacrifice.

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  2. Really? Really?
    So, maybe all stars should cut their hands off, because everything what they are doing is freemasonry or Illuminati.. You are getting paranoid, she is normal singer and her songs are just sad. Palace is beautiful, she is cutting her throat because she is singing about “born to die”, guy who stands in back think the same as she does and at the end she is dead cuz se f***ing sing about that..
    I really understand your hobby, but this is too much.

    sorry for my english

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    • I can understand that viewpoint, however I’ve been seeing this stuff in practically everything. They are surrounding us with it. Be careful it doesn’t ensnare you.

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  3. also good to note that she is dressed like the “virgin mary” with her white dress and blue flowers on her head. Very symbolic to mary in the catholic religion whom is derived from the goddess diana or roman mythology, and she is taken from goddess artemis of greek mythology which goes way back to egyptian satanic pegan beliefs

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  4. Here’s a suggestion: Take your heads out of the sand and look behind the masks refered to as “Illuminati” , “Freemasons” and all the rest of it and understand that these have been created by Talmudic Jews !

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