Illuminati symbolism in Kid Ink ft DeJ Loaf ‘Be Real’ music video

It’s been awhile since I made an entire post dedicated to the symbolism of one music video (I usually throw them into the “Illuminati Roundup” posts), but I saw one of recent that employs a few angles of symbolism so I thought I’d fire this one off.

The video in mention is Kid Ink ft DeJ Loaf Be Real. I’ve covered Kid Ink in the past- long before he became more popular because he was doing the symbolism that seems to point to “Illuminati” allegiance. This includes the All Seeing Eye:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Kid Ink All Seeing Eye WO


He was also showing us symbolism that seem to indicate he took the Illuminati Vow of Silence:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom kid ink vow of silence Illuminati 2


So let’s see what he’s been up to in the last one to two years…

In his new video he depicts women playing around in someone’s blood; indicative of satanic ritual:

Kid Ink DeJ Loaf Be Real Blood Vampire


They are even taking baths in the blood:

Kid Ink DeJ Loaf Be Real Blood Vampire Tub


We also saw this in my analysis of Maroon 5’s Animals video (which I revealed its Church of Satan roots):

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Maroon 5 V of blood 3


The reason the blood-play is important is because the occultists believe it contains the essential energy of the human and they can somehow harness it. In fact I just watched Robert Hendrickson’s 1973 documentary Manson, in which some people close to “The Manson Family’ alleged that Sharon Tate drank the blood from a dead man’s mouth (right after he shot himself, while they were having sex- both at his request; and people tell me demons can’t possess you… Sure…).

This subject is covered in detail in my hip hop conspiracy book SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC where I explore the controversial subject of the human blood sacrifice.

We also see that he is still pushing the All Seeing Eye symbolism (he’s rapping about a tattoo by his eye):

Kid Ink DeJ Loaf Be Real Left All Seeing Eye


And again with the Vow of Silence:

Kid Ink DeJ Loaf Be Real Vow of Silence


So what do you think? Does this expand upon this conspiracy theory that “The Illuminati” have infiltrated the music industry- particularly hip hop? Sound off on the comments and let me know!






Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. The blood thing is also important in Thelema – Aleister Crowley wrote that when an occultist moves up the dark side of the kabbalistic Tree of Life in his bid to become an immortal god, he or she must cross Da’ath, the gate to the Abyss. There the guardian of the underworld Babalon, aka Lilith, Ereshkigal, the dark goddess, etc demands a sacrifice of every drop of blood of the seeker and pours it out into her grail. Crowley got that from Revelation 17:6.

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    • He is practically the establishment of the O. T. O His beliefs don’t originate from the same corruption used to deceive nations So the whole Revelations part is off in your comment I always appreciate & ride w/ what I already know that Isaac presents but when the religion subject is used as a reasoning the points lose credibility because if the council, the extraterrestrials, or whoever created thesr illusions & myths how could it be true that they also believe in them? That’s a paradox & definitely inaccurate My assumption is that the earliest form of praise & worship by humans were for the Sun & the Moon Not in magic Telepathy was 1nce a language The gap between that age & now is I believe what you & Isaac haven’t set firmly on within yourselves yet

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    • Also I would recommend Liber 777 for the most purest form of his words Wikipedia? Google? Is that your trusty source? I have what I think are all of his writings & for your knowledge I would never hold back on supplying you w/ the pdfs if ever you desire Solely because I’d rather you spread the truth than misconstrued media controlled information

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  2. Doh Captain Obvious!! Of course they are involved! What normal human being would do such horrible things, since when art and music needs blood baths?! This guy is also in a video “Ride out” the soundtrack for Furious 7,and he does the all seeing eye and 666 which I find creepy cause scenes with Paul Walker are in that video, if you know what I mean 🙂 maybe I exagerate, but is like mocking him… Not a fan of the genre, what’s more of the guy, hope you enjoy it Ink Whatever ’cause it’s not going to last for to long 😉

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    • Those who are truly aware knew better than to support that series since Furious 5

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    • He has always told the truth That’s why they attempted to reprogram him for “alcoholism”

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  3. Laverne cox covers allure magazine nude doing the all seeing eye.I don’t want to criticize trans people but when did she get so famous just for starring in ‘OITNB’,just saying people

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    • It’s the pushing & force feeding of a not so secret but blatant agenda

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  4. Hi Mr.Isaac.
    Thank you for this post.

    Very disturbing images… I can’t believe that there are actually people all over the world who still see these as “entertainment”! What else should they be shown in their “entertainment” to finally ask themselves that are these conspiracy “theories” only theories?! Maybe in 21 century someone should re-define “entertainment” because I’ve become very confused myself!

    “some people close to “The Manson Family’ alleged that Sharon Tate drank the blood from a dead man’s mouth (right after he shot himself, while they were having sex- both at his request; and people tell me demons can’t possess you… Sure…).”
    Now that there is GoT hype I was automatically reminded of Tyrion Lannister’s dialogue with Jaime in GoT Mountain VS Oberyn episode last season: “Far too much has been written about great men and not nearly enough about morons!”

    No doubt Satan has physical dominance over his worshipers.. I really don’t think even the most evil of evils would take pleasure in blood sacrifice of infants. No one but devils themselves would demand something like this because of their deep hatred and grudge against us humans. But then again I think some people are even worse than devils. They don’t need to be possessed to do inhuman things. They can teach Satan a thing or two. And at this very moment they are committing atrocities by bombarding children in their home.. Yes I’m talking about Saudi lunatics… they may not worship Satan but I’m sure he could learn a great deal from House of Saud!

    (BTW there is a famous conspiracy “theory” about House of Saud belonging to the Donmeh sect! Which is mentioned even in political analysis like this for example from Dr.Kevin Barrett:
    “the Ibn Saud family and their Wahhabist supporters belong to the Donmeh sect of satanic “Jewish” heretics. If so, Mecca and Medina are in the hands of a family that engages in ritual orgies and is dedicated to the rise of a false messiah. Israeli investigative reporter Barry Chamish agrees with that analysis, and adds that the Rothschild family are part of the same heretical group. This hypothesis would explain the alliance between the Ibn Sauds and their Rothschild masters, who control the usury-based bankster petrodollar through their control of Saudi Arabia.” [source: Have you heard about this Mr.Isaac?)

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    • BTW sorry that was too much off-topic lol…

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    • Its true, the house of Saud is Crypto-Jewish. Ppl have been thrown in prison and killed for telling that.

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      • The more I read your posts. I believe you are smarter than most. Keep it up. God bless.

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  5. Leviticus 17:11 – For the life of the flesh is in the blood: and I have given it to you upon the altar to make an atonement for your souls: for it is the blood that maketh an atonement for your soul.
    Turn to God. Yeshua saves Jn 14:6

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  6. That Satan stuff is gibberish to me Why would these elitist worship their own fairy tale? I thought Egyptians explained that in hieroglyphics for us

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    • May he and you rot in heaven.

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    • It was not posted, trick.

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  8. And if you look on his hand on the cover of “Full speed”, he has a tattoo of a star and 3 X’s in the star. Not to mention, the tattoo is of a skeleton on his own skin.

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  9. Must have hit a truth.

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  10. My bad. Did not refresh. Good work on this site. May God bless.

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