Illuminati symbolism in Justin Timberlake’s ‘Mirrors’ official video


Justin Timberlake dropped his second video from his 20/20 Experience album and this one’s called ‘Mirrors.’ The video is downright adorable and at least the song is much better than that first release Suit and Tie that even Jay-Z couldn’t save. But don’t think Timberlake didn’t get a chance to throw in a couple of Illuminati symbols into this one…


The first one, that is admittedly somewhat of a stretch, is the ancient civilization tie-ins. We see a collection of photos on the wall in the bedroom of the couple when they’re young. They look just like Sumerian/Babylonian statues (which I would guess tie into the Illuminati/Anunnaki that we hear about on David Icke or Ancient Aliens):



IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Mirrors Justin Timberlake 1

Next up, we can see that this same couple continues with the Pagan worship theme and throws up an owl statue to represent Moloch or Ba’al:  (*An Infowars video (posted at the very bottom) says this is a Baphomet, and after taking a second look, I’d have to concur that it is a Baphomet/Goat head; not the owl. My bad):

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Mirrors Justin Timberlake 3

And don’t think we’d miss out on the classics, an all-seeing eye and JT doing that ‘666’ hand gesture:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Mirrors Justin Timberlake 2

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Mirrors Justin Timberlake 5

In case you thought it was coincidental:

JustinTimberlake illuminati 666

Infowars’ Paul Watson posted up a breakdown also that’s worth taking a look at. He references with JT’s 666 hand gesture too, so that’s cool.

Thanks for reading and be sure to check out my START HERE page for more resources that will help unfold the conspiracies all around us.

-Isaac Weishaupt


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. alright just one simple question what will an eye symbol in a corney music vid do and one that the majority wont notice anyway whats the point I though its about promoting and r y saying that justin is one of them he is obviously just a clueless misguided kid I cant imagine him killing ppl for the devil

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    • It’s not simplly about promoting. It’s for intimidation and a show of power. For those who can see what is boldly displayed in front of their eyes, it is meant to instill fear in all of us. For the masses, it is more of a subtle brainwashing of the subconscious mind.

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  2. Please, will all of you apocolypse fearing, OMG the worlds being taken over people, go to Utah and live with your friends the mormons. You all can swap your great ideas of illuminati, and jesus being from america. You are all a detriment to human beings becoming more inteligent and less f***ing crazy. How about you live your life and try to do things to further us as inteligent people, and less analyzing music videos by people that im sure dont have the combined brain power to solve the sunday crossword puzzle. If we are all going to die by people that believe in a “god” or a “devil” then mabye its just time to start this whole evelutionary process over. Hopefully after the “devil killers” try to wipe us all out and nothing comes of it, we can all come to the realization that we are not special. We do not have a predestined future. Why can’t we live our lives as good people without the overwhelming fear that we are going to burn in a lake of fire. The bible was composed by people that thought lightning was of gods doing, and if you killed a lamb and spread the blood on your door that the arc angel wouldn’t kill your first born son. Can we please get past this sexist, racist, outdated, uninteligent novel and figure out real problems like the distruction of our planet by rich religous people. No need to worry about the enviornment when the white savior is going to come down any day now and scoop up the ones that believe. Whatever, it’s pointless to try and convince the people that are already “basking in the light of the lord”. All I ask is to try to use inteligence and not follow the crowd of people that only know how to follow. – Sean

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    • @Sean; I know that you really think that you said something important in your pooh-pooh comment above. It is a real insult to ask any blood bought believer in the Lord Jesus Christ to move to Utah which is where the Mormans live; they believe that Satan and Jesus are brother; but.. you wouldn’t know anything about that since you believe in Evilotion (yes; I spelled it wrong on purpose) “you” have bought into the Brainwahing hook/line and sinker; try doing a
      bit of research before spouting off about things you know nothing about or better yet: try reading a Bible for a real challenge. This site is filled with information as well; if you don’t believe in this stuff then why are you here? Im sorry but you will be the first in line to accept the Mark of the Beast and I pray that you may educate yourself BEFORE the proverbial shite his the fan and you.

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  3. Try to look at 02.58 (the floor pattern), 03.34 (the ornament in grandma dress look like baphomet), 06.27 (JT hand move create triangle with the help of the reflection in mirror and 07.27-07.42 too, am i little over it..i am not antis, i love JT’s songs but this “things” start to annoyed me..

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    • Please, Dhee, read the above post and get a f***ing life. Mabye an education too, watching jt videos for crypic messages wont pay the rent.

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  4. For someone so ‘intelligent’ (correct spelling) you have actually proved just how blissfully unaware most of the population is. If you do the correct research on viable websites such as the vigilant citizen, and this one, perhaps even took the time to read David Icke’s work – you might be surprised on how much EVIDENCE is out there. There are no conspiracies anymore this is blatant symbolism displayed to us mockingly. If you choose to believe that there is nothing going on then you are just another oblivious ‘sheep’.
    No there’s no money to be paid by doing much of this research but those who make sites like these have a genuine vested interest in the population and their rights. We all deserve to know. The more people whose eyes are opened to their f*cked up agenda the more we can resist it. So go and put your rose tinted glasses on while they blind your mind and take your soul

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  5. You didn’t take note of the baphomet embroidery on the old lady’s blouse.

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  6. The album cover…I was looking at it and I was like…the machine in front of his face just looks like the baphomet face to me…is like the way the colors and the shadows were made/placed…is so evident

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  7. the song also begins with this melody from a toy from mcdonalds and disney, coincidence? I think they want to control our minds by our emotions. This is a significative toy from my childhood and when I heard the song it was so nice to me because of the bond with the toy…

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  8. There are Baphomet heads patterned in the grain of the wood dresser.(note the picture above)

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