Illuminati symbolism in Justin Timberlake ft Jay-Z ‘Suit and Tie’



Justin Timberlake dropped the single for ‘Suit and Tie‘ which I personally think is weak, even though I have a lack of interest in Timberlake anyhow. I think there’s more yet to be found in the video because JT blows smoke for about a minute while Jay-Z raps (I guess Hova didn’t want to be in this atrocious song’s video). Here’s what I’ve got, I’ll keep an eye open elsewhere for more and update this site if/when more comes.

Here we see some Masonic black skull (Skull & Bones):


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Justin Timberlake Suit and Tie 1


Here’s the one thing I could find in the smoke, it appears to be an ‘S-e-x’ being blown out while what appears to be two figures on the right side of the screen, one whispering towards the other. People could say it’s some of that similar Disney symbolism where they put the letters ‘S-E-X’ in the Lion King or whatever. They’re trying to corrupt the youth. All this stuff goes into the subconscious when our third eye sees it:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Justin Timberlake Suit and Tie 2

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Justin Timberlake Suit and Tie 3


The album cover tells it all with Timberlake showing us his all-seeing Illuminati eye:




JT was on SNL and ‘Ran’ commented and claimed JT made the diamond/Roc sign, and sure as hell he did it right around 3:31 mark. Good catch Ran. The image is grainy, sorry:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom JT


And here’s the video:


I did an analysis for his song, ‘Mirrors‘ here:


Also, posted up a reverse version of the song in which there are some demonic sounds, check it out:

1. Audible Demon Growling:

Throughout the entire track you can literally hear Demons growling!
Unfortunately people are so godless that they don’t even notice it for what it is.
Wake up and open your ears!!!

* Listen to it with bass boost and louder to hear the growling even better *

2. Foul Language:

Justin says the “S Word” repeatedly throughout the song. Impressionable youths may feel that to be Rich and Famous like Justin Timberlake that they must also use the “S Word”.

3. Demonic Message When Played Backwards:

I played the audio backwards and this is what I repeatedly heard:

“Oh Satan I Need You. Oh Satan I Need You. Nothing Without You. Kill For You.”

The rest was inaudible but was clearly the language of the Demons heard in many other popular tracks such as Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven”.

Here’s the reversed version of the video (it’s not that accurate in my opinion but for what it’s worth check it out):


And just for the hell of it, someone put the song on youtube played backwards. I can’t grab anything out of it, maybe someone else hears something on it?


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. I see a white horse in the frame with the smoke.

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    • The roulette wheel. The flaming ball seems to land on number 6.

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  2. JT did flash the illuminati sign last night during his first performance. About 15 seconds after Jay Z comes out, JT flashes the sign…right before he makes a camera with his hands

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  3. Hahahahahahaha oooohhhhh my f***ing god. Get a life. Oh satan i need you? Where was that in your reversed version? Hahahahahaha if you could take your head out of that evil fiction novel you call the bible, mabye we could accomplish somthing in this world. It’s called audio matrixing, and no i don’t mean out of the scary devil movie on the on the demon box in your house, it means you hear what you want to hear. It is your brains response to audio it cant understand. Your brain tries to match up what it hears with words you already know, or justin timberlake is trying to take over the world and kill for the devil. Hahahahaha you decide. Ooohhhoooohhhhhooooooo illuminati hooo hooo hooo hoooo haaa haaa haaa haaaa. Demon grooooowwwwllllll. Rooooaaaaarrrrr.

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    • You just completely discredited yourself with your obvious lack of writing skills. Maybe you need to read the Bible to learn how to write.

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  4. This week CitySide Records released the first original song in piggyback to Justin Timberlake’s

    The 20/20 Experience in order to win souls to Christ and to give them the truth on the artist they say are part of the Illuminati. In the song he explained who is not part and who is really the Illuminati. Minister Stevie Tee of which we speak is an apostle called to follow after Christ who has a heart like the Apostle Paul who was also called to preach the gospel and expose the evil doers.

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  5. If u watch the lyric video he flashes the 6 symbol at about the 40second mark!!!!

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  6. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahaha hahahahahahaha hahahahahahhahahahahahahahaha hahahahahah hahaha hahaha roooooooaaaaaaaaaar

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  7. Start the backwards video at 00:58 and listen you can audibly hear a CLEAN representation of back masking “Stay under me lucifer” during the chorus section. Thoughts?

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  8. I noticed you said that the song repeatedly uses the word “sh!t”. What does that mean? How is that satanic? People say “sh!t” all the time and also in songs, that’s not illuminati symbolism. It’s nothing compared to actual satanic messages in various music. Just saying; I don’t know why you even included that. And Mr. So-Called “intelegent rational human being” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you can’t even spell “intelligent” you dumba$$ just stfu you made yourself look like the dumbest piece of crap on the planet. You are ignorant and pathetic if you can’t see the blatant symbolism in songs/videos. Lmao, intelligent my a$$.

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  9. I wanted to subscribe on CardsApp but couldnt find you . what’s your cbn number? Your help is appreciated

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  10. Sorry but this is way too stupid to believe

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    • Its either that (NOT) or you’re way too stupid to believe?

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  11. False prophets come in all shapes and sizes. Even movie stars and musicians can be used to lead Christians a stray, don’t be fooled for the devil does not care about you.

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