Illuminati Symbolism in Justice League film: Gnosticism, Goddess and Saturnian Cubes

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Today we’ll take a look at the DC super hero film Justice League. While it wasn’t received as that great of a film; it shows us Gnostic principles and pushes the narrative that man can evolve into something “better.” Join along as we explore the Illuminati symbolism contained within this film…


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Goddess Archetypes

Wonder Woman is a Greek goddess and we see her make the initial appearance atop Lady Justice.

Justice here has the illuminated cap that we see with the Statue of Liberty which embodies Semiramis. All of these goddesses reflect the feminine principle that so many celebrities have emulated (for one reason or another).

Wonder Woman in particular is related to Diana the moon goddess (her alter ego name is “Diana Prince”). This is significant since “The Gospel of the Witches” spells out the goddess Diana as the mother of Aradia- the first witch (to whom her father is cited as Lucifer- the “illuminator” of mankind). Diana is much like Wonder Woman in that she sympathizes for the oppressed (Justice) and Diana wanted to give mankind a “gift” to fight against the Catholic Church through the first witch to teach witchcraft.

Another theory is that they are actually channeling a goddess spirit from another dimension…


Mark of the Beast

One symbol that we see hidden in plain sight is that of the “Mark of the Beast.” This is the fusion of the X and O (as described in my article on the subject).

X and O merged (lower middle of image)

Kenneth Grant suggests that fusing the X and O together calls upon the goddess archetype of Isis (see the Wonder Woman section on goddess archetypes). This makes sense when we see the reference to the Whore of Babylon in Metropolis (analysis on that film is HERE):

Curious enough there is a 2018-film about Slenderman that is coming out and this evil entity also embodied this X and O…

Chaos Sigil

A quick image on the screen that I captured shows us an 8-pointed star; the symbol of Chaos Magick.

Chaos 8 pointed star (difficult to see but it’s on left-most screen on yellow paper)

This is important because in the world of Chaos Magick one can draw energies upon any sort of character or archetype they desire. In this example we could argue that one could use Chaos Magick to call upon the forces of Aqua Man to talk to fish.


When we see goddess archetypes combined with the 8-pointed Star of Ishtar/Semiramis (goddess entities) we must wonder if there is an occult link…

Cubes of Saturn

The overall plot of this film is to show us the pursuit of the three “Mother Cubes.”

The cube represents Saturn- a symbolic representation of the “Other.” It’s an odd concept; but the “Illuminati” occult belief of Saturn is such that they recognize it as a necessary evil. Saturn’s powers are used to transform and create the world through the introduction of material concepts (such as time; or “Chronos”).

We see Steppenwolf arrive when the first cube cracks open- which is no coincidence because his horns make him look like Moloch- the deity of sacrifice.

Furthermore we find out that Steppenwolf (aka Moloch) has “parademons” that are creatures that feed on fear. This is very much in line with the Gnostic idea of Archons- demonic entities that feed on fear and created our world through the Demiurge (the Saturnian force).

Towards the end we see the sequence that shows the cubes for the true powers to “transform” the world.




In Conclusion

Justice League is much like the other super hero films we’ve seen. Tales of further evolved humans synced into Gnostic visions of the world’s creation. All of these things would make occultists like Helena Blavatsky or Aleister Crowley proud because they push the “Aeon of Horus” further down the line…

Again- for more detail on this subject check out the Conspiracy Theories and Unpopular Culture podcast for this episode!

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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. A real shame that this movie was butchered (with a sacrifice in the middle) and made awful, i wonder if Snyder original cut revealed too much and that is why they had to get him out of the way or releasing this movie…

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