Illuminati Symbolism in Ghostbusters: Ritual Magick and Spiritual Contact

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Today we’ll examine the 2016 reboot of the Ghostbusters film, because a friend of the website sent me some info about it that I wanted to share. @KBMangweni contacted me on Twitter and sent me several images from this film that support the themes of occultism I’ve suggested in the past.


I watched the film and was actually surprised at how entertaining it was! The reality, however, is that it showed us the dangers of dabbling into the realm of the occult. For us there are no ghostbusters so perhaps we should heed the warning…

Let’s take a look…


Thinning the Veil

The film is about breaking the barrier that exists between our world and that of the spirits. When we see the advent of ghost & UFO hunting shows we can see how our modern day culture is far more obsessed with the occult than it realizes.

Ghostbusters follows this same theme (obviously). In the film the spirits are trapped behind the mirrors…

Akin to the entrance to the other dimension seen in Alice in Wonderland (a tale that earned its own FULL ANALYSIS on


In Ghostbusters we see the aim of breaking through to the other side, which seems to be the esoteric beliefs of those in CERN with the Shiva deity outside its building.

All Seeing Eye

I found this image in the book (seen above when she’s looking at the “OPEN THE BARRIER” drawing). Those of you ‘in the know‘ already understand why this is important…


X Marks the Spot

In the film we see the marked out paths which are found along the ley lines (another concept of occultism in the belief that the earth has hidden lines of energy).

What’s curious is this image provided that shows the circular explosion at the center of the X:


I say it’s curious because it supports Kenneth Grant’s occult world view in that fusing the X with the O will call upon Isis to provide energy to the practitioner of magick (see my article on the Illuminati Mark of the Beast for more).



Moloch Spirits

The horned deity is important to many occultists and pagans. In this film we apparently see its place on the spirits:

The characters even perpetuate the witch hex of the Mano Cornuto, which is also believed to be the symbol of worship of Moloch:

For more on this concept, please read Decoding Illuminati Symbolism: Moloch and the Horns of Satan.

Rowan North & Ritual Magick

The villain of this film is named Rowan North and he is openly cited as an “occultist” in the film’s description.

The name Rowan connects into the pagan witches and neo-druids. Wikipedia asserts that the Rowan Tree is also known as the Portal Tree that signifies the entrance to another dimension. The film Wicker Man from 1973 shows us a pagan island in which a young girl named Rowan Morrison is missing and the detective spots the Rowan Tree above a grave and seems to understand its significance…

Rowan says that “…the universe shall bend for your will” which is the main concept of occult magicians who subscribe to the Hermetic axiom “As Above So Below.” (*he actually repeats it twice in a row on the film to emphasize the point).



In Conclusion

It seems that the esoteric concepts of ritual magick make itself known in this reboot. It demonstrates many of the real-world examples of how some people seek to make contact with entities from another dimension.

All of these works of entertainment can arguably lead its viewers down a path. The Dark Path…

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