Illuminati symbolism in Eminem’s ‘Rap God’ music video


Eminem released the music video for Rap God and it has just a couple things worth noting in terms of Illuminati symbolism. Like I always point out, some of the videos hold weaker connections than others, and this is one of them. I’ll still post and let you be the judge of how far you want to take it. The MMLP2 image is steeped in Illuminati symbolism with the All Seeing Eye of Horus and Moloch horns, as we’ve already seen…


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Eminem Illuminati

…but this video is a bit more subtle.


Let’s take a look at some of the lyrics:

So you be Thor and I’ll be Odin, you rodent, I’m omnipotent

He chooses an interesting mythological deity to represent himself. Odin is known for having a crown of horns (a reference to the horned, stag god which is represented by Moloch, or Ba’al- see my Occult & Illuminati holiday traditions post for more on that):

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon had a temple of Nimrod (with the single or double horns; represented as aka Moloch) where sacrifices were given, as referred to in 2nd Kings 23:10:

He also defiled Topheth, which is in the valley of the son of Hinnom, that no man might make his son or his daughter pass through the fire for Molech.

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Occult Holiday Moloch

Here’s Odin from the movie Thor, notice the horns and also the emphasis on the one eye with the patch, showing us the Aleister Crowley All Seeing Eye of Horus symbolism:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Eminem Rap God Illuminati Odin Horned God

Em also references sacrificing virgins (the ideal sacrifice according to David Icke and others who claim the Illuminati/shape shifters feed off the prepubescent energy of young virgins):

Prove that if you were half as nice at songs
You could sacrifice virgins too

And here are some lyrics that represent both the age old dichotomy of man’s struggle against evil, but also the dissociative identity disorder that we commonly find in MK ULTRA victims inside of the music industry:

But in my head there’s something I can feel tugging and struggling
Angels fight with devils and here’s what they want from me

We also see an odd choice of words flashing by on the television set, given the lyrics above. It’s says “Pagan – not Christian”:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Eminem Rap God Illuminati Pagan

Lastly (yes, we’re already at the end, I told you this one had weaker connections) we need to acknowledge that Eminem was trapped inside of a three dimensional cube. While this is a pop culture reference to the ’80s and Max Headroom, it is undeniable that he is literally trapped inside the cube. The occult symbolism behind the cube is pointed out in my Saturn Worship Beginner’s Guide (which has morphed into an ad for my book because I took a lot of material out of the post in order to create the Moon & Saturn Matrix chapter):


And here is Eminem trapped inside the Archon cube, symbolism for the three dimensional fake reality that the forces of evil have trapped us all inside, especially Eminem since he has affiliated himself with the entertainment industry:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Eminem Rap God Illuminati Saturn Cube

The video also features Eminem taking on some magical god-like powers and levitating and the such, which occurs after he has a battle between good and evil. What’s eery is that he is shown with the halo (symbolizing good), and then with the devil horns (symbolizing bad), and the very next image is him possessing super powers:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Eminem Rap God Illuminati devil

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Eminem Rap God Illuminati levitate

Does this indicate that he’s given up his battle for good? He previously rapped about trying to break free from the entertainment industry and the Illuminati in his song Not Afraid off his Recovery album. Here’s a decent explanation alongside the lyrics from a Youtuber (go to 2:03):



Here’s the video:


UPDATE 02DEC2013: Here’s Mark Dice’s take on the transhumanism symbolism:


Also, as a side note for anyone who’s too young to hear the reference, that part where Eminem goes off and raps all fast stems from J.J. Fad’s Supersonic (go to 3:20):




Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Eminem is one messed up dude.When i listened to his not afraid..I thought he was breaking up with the illuminati.But then his songs after Recovery album just confirmed that he is all in

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    • Hi.
      Dear admin of this absolutely great website

      Dude believe me i know what’s ur sayin he’s battling for the other side which i honestly don’t know is good or bad all i know he’s literally is an superhuman fu**in paranormality and ican’t adore him enough he’s a one only rap god of our univers big bang till the end and you should worship him if you know this art . throw all other argues over and look at him as a art,as a artist and I’ll promis you can’t get enough of him and pls for pet’s sake’s cut the crap good or bad, god or satan, true or false, you can’t do shit about it just live along and relax fu** da whole universe please just think about it and let me know your idea

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      • Check out ALL of the material I have posted on and tell me you don’t see a common thread?…

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        • Im don’t deny signs that you find im just sayin so what?! What do you want from your follower’s to do, they have whole world in they’re controll and there’s nothin anybody can do about it.
          There’s so much bigger things goin on. music industry is just do the sambolism for them and searchin in this kind of music videos just helping them to show sambols to people who doesn’t aware of it in first place.did you understand my point now when im sayin you helping them? If i wanted to waste my time and take side against them i would’ve fucus on politics main ting is goin on in there . . .

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      • Ya I am his biggest fan.. I don’t give a damn illuminati or not . Thus dude is great !!!!

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      • But hes fucking terrible imo lol Ive never liked him…

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    • Listen “dude”, you don’t have a fckng idea what your talking about
      eminem is not a part of the illuminati,
      this whole site is full of constant bullshit
      i don’t know who the fuck came up with this but this person has absolutely no fckng life at all
      It’s not even proven the illuminati really exists and i don’t believe in it, why?
      because of the bullcrap written on this and all other sites about the illuminati
      you dumbass motherfckrs, fckng think normal lifeless dumb retarted creatures

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        • I wish I could like this comment. It was funny. Something else I want to say is, I honestly don’t care if Eminem is in the Illuminati (if it is real). His music and his story has helped me and millions like me so I’m willing to overlook any satanic things going on in his music. I, and anyone else in their right mind, know what is right and what is wrong. Eminem can rap about murder and sex all he wants; just because he raps about it in the music I listen to, doesn’t mean I’m going to go outside and do the same. And if you want to say that the evil things are subliminal, I have a way to defend that also. I’ve listened to waaaayyyyyyyy more Eminem music that people probably should and I still haven’t been changed by it in any negative way. All his music has done for me is give me confidence. So, Illuminati or not, he’s still great. Remember, if he is involved in that stuff, he’s a victim also. He is probably suffering for it much more than you or I ever will understand (if it is, in fact, real).

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      • If this is pure bullshit then why would one look into it, make the choice to click and read, then waste time bashing people just because you think differently and get a ‘high’ from drama, and the thought of overpowering others as their superior. I agree that it is a lot to take in, but man, when was it where many people lost the understanding that everyone has the right to think and express, and be as abstract as they want to be. Here is a tip for the future my friend…instead of bashing people, why not read what you want, and stick with that. Obviously many have not been able to escape out of the box and break away from this non-consistent mainstream science world. When something is wrong, or not the truth, patterns will break and what are we seeing time after time again? Lies, false promises, mind games, over and over and the majority of people just go with it.

        Okay, I am not saying that this is all 100% true though I do observe and look at both sides to learn more…but, think about this, we just keep looping around doing the same things over and over…has that led us anywhere well?! No, it is at least time to look at the problems at a different angle and stop repeating history like broken records. Last, if you disagree with something then why waste time basically arguing with yourself, saying that people are dumb to think something you do not agree with is not going to convince either side to give in, unless there is peer reviewed evidence, comes from somebody who does not just read and respond, but actually researches with an OPEN MIND before rambling on and being rude…

        Just writing this seemed like a waste of time as I know this will be laughed off by the unfortunate people whom I feel bad for – but, that is okay, I wanted to spend the time to write this because I see negatively all around; why be mean when you can talk differences out (you learn more too) and agree to disagree… listen, observe, research, be kind, and respect and treat others so they feel happy; positives as well as negativity are contagious, and one will be amazed as to how positive people attract positive long term outcomes, where negatives just lead to a short burst of adrenaline because you won the argument (in some legit cases it can be good but when it is out of pure ignorance it is wrong), but in the end it is a chain reaction that results in a lose / lose.

        Stay positive – problem resolved. I used to give into the bad vibes and doing that over the course of more than 10 years did not work, so I chose to not partake any longer, and in my grams words “Keep your eyes open and your mouth shut, observe to preserve!” …and this is false, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” NO it is “stick and stones may break your bones, but words can leave negative tones for those who feel empathy. Peace love and harmony to all, sending positive vibes to all 🙂

        …this was actually not a waste of time, I know that many will agree that making people happy, rather than sad, is a win win for everyone. We are all original and unique in one way or form, many have just lost touch, and know that yes they have brilliant ideas…but, are silenced through fear of being shunned. You know what? I like to be the odd ball, that is what makes me, me, and you, you 😀 thank you reading and no worries, feel free to bash me if you want, I wont respond if it is not a reasonable and thought out reply. If it is, I will respect your thoughts and honor your actions and reactions <3

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    • Eminem isnt as you say “fucked” up. He is VERY talented. Yes maybe he likes Illuminati but so what? it’s his choice!! So quit judging him! So maybe he raps about the devil sometimes. But its not illegal! Go judge someone else. #i_love_you_so_much_Eminem !!!!!

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      • Great post yes, people that are just going to be rude should not even post 🙂 have a nice day!!!

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    • It is highly likely that eminem and many others artist, food chains, business, schools, government officials and so on are illuminati but what are we to do when everything from the money we use to the clothes on our back are illuminati related…we have to eat and live in this illuminati filled world, I mean i thank you for being someone who points these things out, I mean personally when I was watching the video I saw and heard things that had me thinking wow, “that’s suspicious” and Im a big em fan…but you must consider that wow they corporates and satanist may have a evil vendetta it doesnt always work that way, for example many of eminem songs help me through tough moments..[maybe thats what they want me to think XD] in anycase all we can do is live life and try our best to do good by what we believe is right and if one day they flip a switch and we go crazy and do bad things then god should understand that we had no control over it…

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  2. I suppose it’s appropriate he’d be dressed up like Max Headroom. He was a puppet mouthpiece, too.

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  3. Odin and Norse mythology was around a LONG time before Aleister Crowley

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    • i know this is an old post i jus wanted to chime in as iv been studying up on this lately and started watching some videos that i read about first i want to talk about em’s song like toy soldiers being about proofs death i read i havent found sure evidence yet that that song came out in 04 and proof died in 06? if true em saw this coming or used proof as further prove it in the video hes stnding over the grave and does the hand cross over his chest like catholics but if you notice he does an upside down cross and then along with the other pointed out signs from rap god above in the song he says stuck in a timewarp from 2004 could that be a dirrect point where em joined and signed his soul over? i cant directly prove the dates of the songs and am using info on that from gathered info but listen to lyrics and watch the videos its clear if illuminita is real em is still part of it and i hate to say that as i am i diehard em fan and jus started to realize what happened to him

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      • So I really want to know Why was he against the war on Iraq? and why does the clip of “mosh” song contains the symbol of illuminati like a sign to show that it’s the cause of the war???
        I feel sometimes that he regrets being a part of illuminati but can’t leave it because he said: “I sold my soul to the devil I’ll never get it back”

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      • you should go listen to em song “my darling” he explains when he signed over his soul there. like me I was a diehard em fan as well. but the light is shinning on the truth. God is the ultimate truth and His word is that as well.

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      • Ray I’d like first point to your taste of art & sayin that’s amazing if you really feel Eminem’s art i gotta say that your up for a quite fun of times with his music & in other hand as somebody who knows almost every thing about the concept that you recently got in I’m gonna advice you learn about it it’s fun concept & very important to know but not this geeky crap about celeberties about the main concept and i repeat just for learning & knowing not to judging & taking side because i can only put it this way(there’s nothin can you or anybody and I mean anyyyybody do about it and it’s pure wasting time to even think about it anymore than just knowin what’s up.)
        No offense to this website and it’s followers you know only the ting’s that they want’s you to know so if you really want to be helpfull don’t be part of their new world order and controoling world and just cut the crap and just live your life usefull the world is not your’s to save just deal with it
        And you harry keep it up dude he really doesn’t have bad song make his art your drug and enjoy

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        • Somewhere in all of your comments you actually make a valid point- live your life and don’t focus on the entertainment industry for your pleasure. However, you should take that advice and stop fascinating and defending Eminem.

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          • Hi all im sayin is you want to be against illuminates but i belive all you tink you know about them is things that they wants you to know and that’s they’re strategy to control people like you and i belive you’r work is help they’re progress to achieve whatever they want don’t you see

      • And one last ting don’t you dare accusing eminem to havin some to do with deshun’s death that’s without question biggest teragedy in his life.those are simply coansidens you just have to listen to him and hear his point without tryin to find freakish sign in his video’s just don’t take a side and you gonna get it.

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      • Like i said to other idiot who is judging Eminem. MAYBE YOU SHOULD STFU? Eminem is the most amazinest thing that has walked this Earth. BEST RAPPER EVER. And even if he IS into devil worship, so what? Its his choice. And i honestly don’t think he is into the devil worshipping shit. But like i said even if he is its up to him and so what he made an “upside down” cross? or the illuminate sign? xD God you people are fucking retarted.

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        • O m g ! I don’t see why they don’t get it you know what maybe im the real retarded who trying to prove the point to rest of this freaky dum asses

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  5. can you explain for me what does the image between 3:32 and 3:33? why did he put that image in his video?

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  6. People are not connecting these dots right about Eminem. Eminem’s Recovery CD is all about dissing the powers to be, dissing the puppets, he know longer takes drugs, he is fearful for his life at this time. The horned symbolism is not what you think. That symbolism is mocking them because he is covering up his 3rd eye to ward off the evil spirits. Eminem has been putting messages in his music from the beginning and in the backwards video version of the video he is telling the listener to not worry about the Illuminati as they already lost. He is telling people there is only 1 god which is Jesus. He is telling you that we all belong in Heaven. He is the “glitch” in the matrix. He has been dissing all the Illuminati puppets and with his new song GUTS OVER FEAR you should understand that he is on our side and remember to not mistake him for Satan, he states in this song. On Rhyme or Reason he states stop looking for things that are not there.

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    • Ya know, maybe IlluminatiWatcher is only disinformator, who like to see things that are not there where they ate?

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    • Pls for love of god Eminem’s recovery is simply about drug rehab not anything els and not afraid is about his not afraid to take the stand front his addiction and invite everyone in his previous place to join him and quite don’t make it somthin complicated

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    • I understand you did a quit full reserche about sign’s in Eminem’s video my question is have you ever tried to do somthin that actually means anything!
      dude what are you using you absolutely need help. Eminem making history in art and that’s what’s you get from his music?! Really!?? Pls as courtesy to his fan’s im beggin you don’t talk about eminem never ever again thank you. . .

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      • Coming from a “non-conspiracy” opinion- I used to be a fan of Eminem back in the day but his last few albums have been garbage.

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        • That’s your idea took me 2years to understand new eminem you never gonna because you have been taking side against him

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          • Like I said, I was a huge Em fan back in the day. His music has been getting worse and worse and the real message has been spilling out that he’s been under possession. These are things HE is saying (e.g. “Rain Man”, “3AM”, etc.).

    • You are correct. Eminem has been putting messages in his songs and music videos. But he has said in his Rap God song “Satan take the wheel” but yet in other songs he says we all belong in heaven and that he believes in God.
      He does believe in God. I kinda believe in God and the Devil. 🙂 So what? God damn stupid idiots these days.

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  7. I love all illuminated artist

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    • i love Illuminati symbolism and also Eminem song ,, i am not afraid ,,

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  8. sometingz not ryt, he wants out and in. which does he wnt us to believe? if he is not being used by satan den well see.

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  9. Hi yeah its me again! Sorry it’s just that ilove eminem and adore his art & simply ima harcore fan of him and i read this post and i didn’t see any thing about the song all i see is somethin pointless somthin that really doesn’t matter i would like the admin answer my comments thank you

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  10. Im sorry I’ve had network problem and i didn’t realize that I’ve sent 1comment 3 or 4 times not to mention so many other comments that i already made however I’d like to havin chat with you maybe theres tings that i don’t know and your goal is somtin that i don’t know if you up for it let me know thanks

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  11. Ok but i don’t see the answer of my question?! Or maybe i do . . .

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  12. There is also a place where he walks on top of water comparing himself with Jesus Christ(God The Son)

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  13. Hi ,it is me agin , Sorry it’s just that ilove eminem and adore his art & simply ima harcore fan of him and i read this post and i didn’t see any thing about the song all i see is somethin pointless somthin that really doesn’t matter i would like the admin answer my comments thank you

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  14. we’ll is lil bit surprise from my point of knowledge we thought how omnipotent GOD is, if this illuminati seems to be botherin the world as it seems why dont GOD use his power to eliminate or destroye this movement or probably there is somethin we are not been told of?

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    • We’re given free will to make our own choices. It’s up to you. Do you want to be the pawn of an agenda that benefits others at your expense? If you don’t think music affects you, you’ve already been deceived…

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  15. Y’all stupid the ones who commented rude things…if he’s apart of the “Illuminati” oh well don’t deny it XD

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  16. Basically copied some one elses work, made it his own.

    that’s a leader.
    ( I think not )

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  17. Actually, I’m not really leaving comments on posts like that, but I just have to say something now: So, no matter what you wanna call ’em: Illuminati, NWO, or even Satan himself! It’s really “just” 13 families, all over the world, the Elite, earning all the money of the world, the media, controlling the film idustry AND the music industry. (google Rothschild f.ex. and do some research!)
    And once upon a time there was a young, white, but very talented rapper, who people were ACTUALLY LISTENING to! So the music industry thought “hey, why not, give that guy more money, more fame, ’cause since we’re controlling both, money and media, we can! and he’ll rap about whatever the f*ck we want him to” – and so they did. They told him what to say, how to say it and what his videos should look like. (It’s funny, I just read in another comment, that the admin of this site liked the “Old Eminem”, which doesn’t make any sense to me, since he was with the “Illuminati” back then 😉 But whateverrrrr) You know why? To tell the world that the world is NOT good, that the government is shitty, to send their message (in a SUBLIMINAL way!) to every single person, who was listening to Eminem – that the world “needs” a One-World-Government (maybe you should do some research on that).
    What then happend, was really f*cked up. They weren’t really satisfied with what Em did, cause he didn’t JUST say, what they wanted – also, but not ONLY that. So, they sent him a message, which he, unfortunately, didn’t understand immediately. They told him how to produce the video to Toy Soldiers in 2004 (remember? It’s that very video in which his best friend Proof gets shot on the street) – and vois-là! What happend two years later? 2006 Proof did actually got shot on the street (in broad daylight? I don’t remember – but unimportant) – a total HYPE in the media!
    Eminem was destroyed, he started taking drugs, more pills, started drinking, tried to kill himself. Eminem disappeared for almost 4 years. In the meantime he woke up. He went on rehab, got clean and came back, but in a way better shape and condition than before. And so, they wanted to try it with him again. Because, hey, why not using a drug addict for our personal advantage? So, they made Relapse and Em didn’t know anything else than following their orders.
    Until someone told him to break free, someone he consulted almost everyday since he was sober, someone he trusted, someone we all know: Elton John 😉
    That’s when Recovery was produced. If you’d listen to the lyrics or do more research, then you would know, that he’s actually telling the people that everything including Relapse was bullshit and he’s never going back to that, and he means to that what the music industry wants from him! So many people are still wondering why his style changed so dramatically. Hm, yah, here’s your answer.
    On the MMLP2 he is finally independent and says what HE wants to say. He is mocking them, he shows the people what they want. They want to reduce the population, they want the transhumanism, the singularity, and Eminem just shows it. Rap God is actually a really good example for him NOT being with them anymore. Because, do you really think, that they would like us to know what they’re planning to do with the world? This is just so far away from subliminally!
    In another part of the song he mentions a few artists, including Tupac (hmm), having a lot influence on him. Tupac… there was something… oh yah! The FOUNDER of the Killuminati (short for Kill Illuminati, in case you didn’t now)! Why should the Rap God, who is soooo obviously “WITH” (sarcasm) the Illuminati, mention the founder of the Anti-Illuminati-Group? Doesn’t make any sense, does it? Oh, and what happend to Tupac? 😉
    Listen to other tracks and you’ll see. In Survival f.ex. he literally says “This is survival of the fittest” and “This is it, it’s what you eat, sleep, piss and shit. Live, breathe, your whole existence just consists of this refuse to quit…” – he doesn’t mean them, he means us. Everybody. The World. Because we’re breathing in the chemicals, we’re eating them, we’re destroying the nature with them. Oh, no, not just the Elite, but every single person on the planet!
    Okay, this comment is way longer than I planned it to be, but there are so many informations and it was kind of a must now, sorry.
    And in the end, just a tip for all you Eminem-is-with-the-Illuminati-people: Listen to this song and watch the video: Best Friend – Yelawolf feat. Eminem – Maybe you’ll wake up then 😉
    “Still got a best friend, shout it out like there’s never been a louder mouth, should have never been allowed, I’m out, now that I got a higher power, now with a black out power, out is out” (oh, ehm, with higher power he means GOD, and with out he means OUT, btw – and who was his best friend again and got killed by them?)

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    • Roxy,

      Thank you for your comment. I found what you wrote extremely interesting. Very curious on your interpretation of Kings Never Die.

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  18. I like his songs, and i love him, co’z i saw him in my dream kissing so sweetly…I know eminem’s personal life, and i appreciate it.Facing alot of struggling, problems.Yeah, it’s hard to choose da right part, o eminem,..
    i really appreciated yor life, god love u.. …god didn’t allow anyone to go to hell, it’s us who made a wrong decisions before asking god,
    O God, please do not allow your children to go to hell..

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  19. Good analysis bro.. There is even more to this video… In this video there are some TVs… All the verses are quotes from the book “Paradise Lost from John Milton”. The first clue I had is at this scene where the TV says “Pagan – Not Ch” I assumed “Pagan Not Christian”…. Then I got one of the verses and googled to find out that they were in this book… Basically not only Eminem’s but everyone else’s songs are talking about the great controversy…. Which see satan as the hero, and portray God as the evil. GBU bro!

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  20. hello, I would like to hear the music at a slower speed and faster, clearly realizes that he is trying to get some information hidden message. Send the translation, I am Brazilian!

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  21. I’ve followed allot of your writings, have also signed up for emails . I just wanted to send a quick shout out, from one awaken to an other. Thanks for all you do. I run several groups . I try and awaken others ; its not an easy job, to say the least. Most of your findings I agree with, very rare do I disagree; I figure interpretation is key. Research can be tricky in that way. Anyway , Im aware this is an older post, so you may not see this. . Hopefully, I can give you a shout out again on a more relevant article. You know, it would make sense, if in fact, he was cloned , as to why his messages are not consistent . He has / had a lot of work that he never released , this can be used to make albums. The thing with EM is , he could never keep a secret, I believe he got involved and it went bad, really , bad. There was a constant pull. At the end , he probably tried to fight back, and he was killed. I say this because rehab is always used for MKULTRA and cloning code words. Theres many reasons why I’m stating this . Also, I found the death of his ex wife sister suspect as well( theres a reason I’m stating this, not just tin foil ). Thanks for all you do, Not many awakens to talk to about this stuff ; it can feel lonely in this world with all the sheep . WELL, again , thanks for all you do from one awaken to the next !

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