Illuminati symbolism in Eminem ft Rihanna ‘The Monster’ video


Eminem dropped visuals on the track featuring Rihanna entitled The Monster. Said video snuck a couple of quick shots of Illuminati symbolism so I thought I’d post them in case you missed them.

The video starts out with Eminem in what is presumably a psychiatrist (played by Rihanna) office and being shown various themes that his life has revolved around, like violence, family, insanity, etc.:



IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Eminem Rihanna Monster TV


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Eminem Rihanna Monster TV2


This is where we find the first piece of symbolism (there were only a couple so I’m gonna stretch this one out a bit 😉 ). So we are shown Eminem being confronted with his past demons, when all of a sudden we get a shot of the All Seeing Eye of Horus:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Eminem Rihanna Monster All Seeing Eye


This eye is shown because it is a part of Eminem’s dark past (and potential present since we don’t know where he stands on the Illuminati at the moment; we explored this more in the Eminem ‘Berzerk’ symbolism). This eye is sandwiched between the themes of ‘Insanity’ and ‘Death’ which is also telling of the grip the Illuminati had on him during older tracks such as Rainman (which makes another appearance in this new album as well):

Cause I ain’t got no legs! Or no brain, nice to meet you Hi, my name is… I forgot my name! My name was not to become what I became with this level of fame My soul is possessed by this devil my new name is…. Rain Man

The eye is tied into all of the entertainment industry (hence the reason we see it all of the time) through the occult and magick rituals played out by the modern day Thelemite-followers of Aleister Crowley. In fact, Eminem is literally playing out the duality that Crowley believed in with his two complementary concepts of ‘Do What Thou Wilt’ and ‘Love is the law, love under will’. I say this because he has showed us the side of him that is dark and demonic (the Rainman stuff), and also the Recovery album period where he was trying to bear the light of good. While we’re talking about the occult and Crowley, is it any coincidence that Eminem’s real last name is Mathers, when the founder of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn was Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers?




The other symbolism that I noticed (it flashes by quickly) is Rihanna throwing up the pyramid diamond:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Eminem Rihanna Monster All Seeing Eye Pyramid


I’m not sure why she did these besides the claim of Illuminati symbolism. The pyramid is one of the geometric shapes that represent the phallus, light, or ‘talisman of universal application’ as Kenneth Grant claimed. He also claims the builders of the Great Pyramid of Egypt were worshipers of Set (Satan). She did this recently on the AMAs as well (with a ‘666’ symbol):


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Rihanna AMA Illuminati

It’s no surprise that we see symbolism that points to the Illuminati and/or worship of Satan since the track is entitled The Monster. The entertainment industry and Illuminati love to soak us with mentions of the Beast or Monster (e.g. energy drinks, Dre’s BeatsBeast headphones, countless songs named after monsters, etc.).

Here’s the video (explicit lyrics):



Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. At 1:54 Rihanna’s eye turn white like that of a ‘possessed’ person after Eminem say’s “I’m crazier than you think”.Also I noticed they’re using the motif of Inception in that Eminem is going inside his mind but what caught my attention is that the monster at the end is wearing white and Eminem is wearing black.He also gives Eminem something,maybe lyrics.

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  2. +1 courage, Good remark, about the eyes of Rihanna, as on the end of the clip.

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  3. This whole video takes place in Em’s head. It has so many different levels (no pun intended.) The beginning reminds me of what a lot of Illuminati theories talk about. How these stars have handlers and have to go to “mental hospitals” to be put under more “medication” to keep them in check. Some might say this vid displays split personality disorder which some believe is common among the entertainment industry. They hear voices inside they’re minds, then are given a shit load of meds and test run on them. Never curing them, just making them friends with the “monster under they’re bed”. MK ULTRA rings a bell (Google it).

    Just how he was sat in front of a TV reminded me a lot brainwashing/programming. And of course they had to show the one eye on the screen . As soon the song starts Eminem is in a state of psychosis. He’s having a out of body experience. You can tell because right when the elevator starts going down you see him looking at him self still laying on the couch. He’s in a dream state and relives his past. All the pain and turmoil. Things mentioned earlier in the video like violence, family and fame. Until he literally gets to the bottom of it all. Face to face with his own subconscious. His own monster. Maybe Marshall only visits him when he needs a new verse because rapping is the only real part of himself he might have left. Which is sad because I think that monster is the real him.

    Forever trapped forced to be “Eminem/Slim Shady” writing lyrics and constantly being watched by his masters. He’ll wake back up in Rihannas (his handler) office and go back to the fame and lights with fans calling his name while the monster inside his mind stays caged in. Awesome video…but such a sad one.

    “How much for your soul?”- J Cole.

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    • This video has multiple messages in it, i already knew about mk ultra, these goverment trials are novices at mind control, interdimensional beings (aliens) are expert at it, who do you think the govermental puppets got this technology from? its pretty obvious, i am in contact with interdimensional beings most of the time, these i am in contact with have been my gardian angels,so to speak, i have been tricked and lied to by others also, it can be dificult to tell them appart, because the bad ones are VERY good at conning you to believe they are good, in the end you have to go on instinct to tell the difference. tv brain washing has been going on since tv became available to the masses, i dont watch tv programs, just RT news, its the only half truthful media we have, but brainwashing is happening on this also, take note how much the colour RED is being used on ALL tv channels, its subliminal programing, i am immune to it, because i know its happening and choose to ignore it 🙂

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    • Eish they ar trying bcz they need help…although they afraid 2 say so

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    • I also am very curious about the sign language, i wish i could interprite it all, im pretty sure he was grassing up obama to the people, one of the symbols he used was deffo the pyramid system, and he was telling the people not to believe or trust this man,im sure of it 🙂

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  4. From the start all those flicks contain symbols used by illuminati.And also the lyrics.And also the voice on eminems second verse.So creepy

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  5. Have you ever thought that they were referring to Saturn/ The Devil when Rihanna says ‘I’m friends with the monster under my bed’ ??? Under my bed my refer to hell…just an idea

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  6. Almost sounds like these celebrities are crying out for help

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  7. You guys are crazier than the song.
    STUPID! The song has nothing to do with illuminati.
    It’s all about people suffering over high levels of dopamine in their brain resulting them from the thinking of having evil inside them. The lyrics says he/she wants to get rid of it because its difficult of having evil and yourself as one.
    It’s a symptom of Schizo and OCD.

    Im suffering from mild schiophrenia and the first time I heard the song I completely relate to it (It’s also in the lyrics if you will listen carefully)

    You guys are even more evil than who you think they are!

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  8. Yeah Akie, Eminem and associates wrote the song for people just like you *sarcasm* you and people who have mental illnesses are what, maybe 5% of the population (that’s being generous). He didn’t write the song for the 95% who are the majority of his listeners, the majority who generate his income and that he influences. Please, you are retarded as well as crazy… being schizo does not mean you are evil WTF!!!?!?!?! Evil is associated with the devil, demons and other BAD things… because you’re schizo that automatically makes you evil???? The funny thing is you just admitted your mental incapacity and you call US crazy??? I cannot over emphasize your stupidity and blindness! The song is not about people like you, he is talking about himself and the life he has been living. If you have ever heard eminem speak, you would know he is anything but schizo, he is intelligent, coherent and consistent… He is ALWAYS the same person. Ill say it again so that now your other persona can also read that YOU are retarded!

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  9. This has got to be a joke…anytime you guys see an eyeball or triangle you scream illuminati….quit looking for shut that ain’t there and take off the tin foil hat.

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  10. Em riding the elevator is programming symbolism (going up and down in levels of consciousness) and then the very last part of the vid shows another “EM” – probably his “Core Self” – trapped in a box and throws lyrics on post-its out to the Em that was created to be in the spotlight.. Oh and the box was on the roof of this building, symbolizing his Higher Conscious (dream interpretation).

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  11. The song might even have deeper meanings than this…who knows?
    This world is getting scarier

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